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Don't Do It! - Review by sarah k | Luna


Don't Do It! 8/7/2014

I was warned by my mother in law, who used Luna less than a year before we did, that we shouldn't use them. But, we had three other estimates and they offered the best price. HOWEVER, I have now taken off FOUR days of work as a result of this hell of an installation process. They "burnt" the carpet when they seamed it so it has slowly browned all down the seam (about six to eight inches out). In order to fix it, they had to send an inspector who only works during the week and not in the evenings (2nd day off work); he is the one who diagnosed the problem; then, for "insurance purposes" they had to send a second inspector to confirm the first inspector's diagnosis. Of course, this second inspector only works during the week and not in the evenings (3rd day off work). So here I am waiting at home having taken my 3rd day off work and I call Luna to find out what time he'll be here only for them to try and tell me that I never scheduled an appointment. Excuse me? I NEVER scheduled the appointment? You mean your unprofessional and unreliable company DID NOT properly input my appointment because believe me, I wouldn't have taken a day off of work for some imaginary appointment that I have been waiting four weeks for and that we went back and forth trying to find an available date that worked with my work schedule for. Then, in order to apologize, they tried to offer me $100 off my next purchase. That's about when I lost my cool. You seriously think I'll ever shop with Luna again. So here I am waiting for the manger to call me back so I can schedule yet another appointment and take my 4th day off work; not to mention, there is going to be another day I have to take off when they come to replace the carpet they ruined. however, it is crap! We've had it barely under a year and it looks old and worn in and even with the upgraded pad, it's not comfortable at all. You get what you pay for couldn't be more applicable than in this situation. It's my own fault for hiring them when I was warned by my MIL and the reviews. more