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As a former patient of Dr. Rockman... - Review by Christy L | Katy West Houston Ob-Gyn Association

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As a former patient of Dr. Rockman... 9/13/2006

I must add my review. Dr. Rockman treated me very well during my pregnancy, and I was happy to have him as my doctor. I ended up needing a c-section at the last minute, and that was very scary for me. I had planned on a natural birth and my pregnancy had been trouble-free until the last month. I was comfortable with him until the day of my c-section. He refused to let my husband cut the cord, even though in the office during our consult about the surgery he assured us it would be possible. He also refused to let any kind of camera into the operating room, so those first precious pictures of new life were lost forever. We had no intentions of taking pictures of the surgery itself, just a picture of him holding the baby up over the curtain for a quick snapshot, and one of the first time Dad got to hold him. I was so heavily sedated that I could not hear my son's first cry, and I was terrified that something was wrong. Rather than assure me he was fine, I was told to be quiet so the doctor could work on closing me back up. I had a terrible reaction to the anesthesia and spent 4 hours in recovery with the shakes and no feeling in my lower body. My c-section scar is enormous and crooked; he literally cut me from hip to hip. My other friends who have had c-sections teeny tiny straight scars that are well hidden in their bikini line. Mine is gnarled, large and very ugly. Half of the scar is hyper-sensitive, the other half is dead to all feeling. My son was scheduled for a circumcision with Dr. Rockman the day after his birth. Instead he sent Dr. Patronella from his practice, for reasons never explained to me. She botched the circumcision so badly, that my son spent the first year of his life enduring painful urologist visits to repair the damage. During my first visit after giving birth, he was back to the same "caring" doctor he was previously, although he made me feel silly for asking questions about my newborn. This was my first pregnancy and childbirth, and everything was new for me. I needed his reassurance and advice, but he seemed to have none. 6 weeks after delivery, I was still feeling depressed and out of sorts, and although I mentioned it to him in appointments and phone messages, he insisted that I simply had a "tiny case of the baby blues, every Mom gets it". He ignored my pleas for help. I gave up and didn't see him again after my staples were removed. When my son was about 1.5, I decided it was time to find a new doctor, because I was still feeling depressed and needed to get back on track with examinations. I found Dr. Holt, and he has been amazing to me. I wish I had found him before I got pregnant. Dr. Holt and his staff are kind and they CARE. I was tested and found to be severely hormonally imbalanced, which was causing my acne, weight gain, and depression. I was immediately placed on medications and within 2 months I felt like myself again. I still continue to see these wonderful people, and I highly recommend them. I would not go to any doctor at Katy West Houston OB/GYN if my life depended on it. It was a terrible birth experience. more
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