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Katy West Houston Ob-Gyn Association - 8 Reviews - 1260 Pin Oak Rd #110, Katy, TX - Gynecologist Reviews - Phone 77494
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Katy West Houston Ob-Gyn Association

1260 Pin Oak Rd #110
Katy, TX 77494
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Friendly, competent doctor and staff. His PA is also caring and one I will see again.


I must add my review. Dr. Rockman treated me very well during my pregnancy, and I was happy to have him as my doctor. I ended up needing a c-section at the last minute, and that w...

Dr. Ronen 1/6/2011

Friendly, competent doctor and staff. His PA is also caring and one I will see again. more

Dr. Ronen is the best 11/6/2009

I was referred by a friend to the Katy West Houston OBGYN offices to a totally different doctor (don't even remember the name), but since I needed to see someone pretty quickly, I was "assigned" to Dr. Ronen. I have never even considered going to another doctor, and he has been wonderful for the last 10 years I have been a patient. I went through a rough patch with a now ex-boyfriend who was involved with multiple "unclean" women behind my back. I was terrified of what he may have given me and Dr. Ronen was so compassionate and reassured me throughout the stressful process of being tested for every STD under the sun. Thankfully, everything came back fine. He also has walked me through a bout of cancerous cells and he's currently helping me with a thyroid issue that's hindering me from getting pregnant. Dr. Ronen is the only doctor I've ever trusted to be honest with me and help me through medical issues that can be very scary and depressing. Thank you Dr. Ronen! more

Dr Frank Ronen 7/22/2009

I started seeing Dr Ronen in 1999...I was 18 and pregnant with my first child. He made me feel so comfortable. I had some complications and he was very concerned when insurance almost stopped me from getting the healthcare I needed. He dealt with the insurance for me.He is the best doctor ever!! Then in 2003 I had an abnormal papsmear which ended up needing cryotherapy to get rid of precancerous cells. During the procedure he made me laugh with jokes he told! And believe it or not that's just what I needed. In 2004 I had another healthy child delivered by him. He also delivered my sister's child in 2001.I recently moved to another city, and I still drive almost an hour just to see MY Dr...He is that good. I just went this year for female issues and he diagnosed me with pcos. I also was concerned about my weight, which he said might be causing my problems. I tried a medicine he suggested with some excerise and diet and lost 20 lbs in two months!!It worked! Great Doctor! He now has his own practice in Katy and Memorial areas. :) more

Dr. Patronella 9/27/2007

First and foremost, I have to say I love Dr. Patronella. I too had to find a doctor just by looking at a bunch of names that my insurance provided. With my husband being Italian and raised in Houston, he had certainly heard the name Patronella, so I chose her. We both went in for my first visit and were pleasantly surprised by the amount of time she spent with us discussing my pregnancy. I am 38 and had several concerns about conceiving later in life. She put all of my concerns at ease and walked me through every test that had to be taken. She was on top of everything. I had several complications during the pregnancy and had to be put on bed rest. She was always willing and available to help any time I needed her. Because I was high risk, I had to go into the office every week, and by doing so, I really got to know Dr. Patronella and her staff. They are all very sweet, kind and very very thorough.. Because of the care I received I have a beautiful healthy baby boy.....I will forever be grateful to Dr. Patronella, her staff and Dr. Andrews who actually was with me the day of delivery........emergency C-section I might add! more

Dr. Pinky Frank Ronen (I love this man!) 9/24/2007

I was pregnant with my 1st child when I was 18 and a senior in High school. I was of course on Medicaid. I thought that I would get a crappy Dr. being a "state patient" and tried my hardest to pick a good Dr., and since a Dr. from this office delivered my baby sister I figured I was safe! I chose Dr. Ronen honestly because I was going on name alone and wanted a female and I was almost POSITIVE that someone named PINKY HAD to be a woman! Boy was I shocked on my first appointment to see a man!! LOL! Anyway, Dr. Ronen was the BEST I could have asked for! I had a LOT of issues while pregnant and Dr. Ronen was sure to see that I was taken care of promptly! If I had ANY questions, he answered them! My pregnancy went on gracefully (as a dumptruck on ice! LOL) but Dr. Ronen made me feel so comfortable EVERY time I was in his office! SO much so that I had him as by OB when I got pregnant with my 2nd. He delivered both of my children, and I wouldn't have had it any other way! (Dr. Sobarzo tho in the same clinic had seen me a few nights before in the ER and was a total SPAZ! VERY RUDE!) I am now pregnant with # 3 and I WILL MOST DEFINATELY choose Dr. Ronen to see me through this pregnancy as well! He's the best Dr. I could have ever asked for... EVER! Instead of having to call the 24 line for the office, in case of emergencies this man gave me his PERSONAL CELL PHONE NUMBER! He wanted to make sure that if I went into labor unexpectedly I could get in touch with HIM and not whatever Dr. in his office was ON CALL that night!!! His nurse Melissa is the best also! She and I were both pregnant @ the same time when I was pregnant with my 1st. It was fun going through that with her... everytime I came in we were both comparing tummies! I don't know if any of you have had to deal with Dr. Ronen, but I suggest you try him before you knock the whole clinic!! more

As a former patient of Dr. Rockman... 9/13/2006

I must add my review. Dr. Rockman treated me very well during my pregnancy, and I was happy to have him as my doctor. I ended up needing a c-section at the last minute, and that was very scary for me. I had planned on a natural birth and my pregnancy had been trouble-free until the last month. I was comfortable with him until the day of my c-section. He refused to let my husband cut the cord, even though in the office during our consult about the surgery he assured us it would be possible. He also refused to let any kind of camera into the operating room, so those first precious pictures of new life were lost forever. We had no intentions of taking pictures of the surgery itself, just a picture of him holding the baby up over the curtain for a quick snapshot, and one of the first time Dad got to hold him. I was so heavily sedated that I could not hear my son's first cry, and I was terrified that something was wrong. Rather than assure me he was fine, I was told to be quiet so the doctor could work on closing me back up. I had a terrible reaction to the anesthesia and spent 4 hours in recovery with the shakes and no feeling in my lower body. My c-section scar is enormous and crooked; he literally cut me from hip to hip. My other friends who have had c-sections teeny tiny straight scars that are well hidden in their bikini line. Mine is gnarled, large and very ugly. Half of the scar is hyper-sensitive, the other half is dead to all feeling. My son was scheduled for a circumcision with Dr. Rockman the day after his birth. Instead he sent Dr. Patronella from his practice, for reasons never explained to me. She botched the circumcision so badly, that my son spent the first year of his life enduring painful urologist visits to repair the damage. During my first visit after giving birth, he was back to the same "caring" doctor he was previously, although he made me feel silly for asking questions about my newborn. This was my first pregnancy and childbirth, and everything was new for me. I needed his reassurance and advice, but he seemed to have none. 6 weeks after delivery, I was still feeling depressed and out of sorts, and although I mentioned it to him in appointments and phone messages, he insisted that I simply had a "tiny case of the baby blues, every Mom gets it". He ignored my pleas for help. I gave up and didn't see him again after my staples were removed. When my son was about 1.5, I decided it was time to find a new doctor, because I was still feeling depressed and needed to get back on track with examinations. I found Dr. Holt, and he has been amazing to me. I wish I had found him before I got pregnant. Dr. Holt and his staff are kind and they CARE. I was tested and found to be severely hormonally imbalanced, which was causing my acne, weight gain, and depression. I was immediately placed on medications and within 2 months I felt like myself again. I still continue to see these wonderful people, and I highly recommend them. I would not go to any doctor at Katy West Houston OB/GYN if my life depended on it. It was a terrible birth experience. more

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Dr Rockman OB Gyn 5/13/2006

I have had dealings with Katy West Houston OB-GYN. I saw 3 different Dr's in the office over 1- 1/2 yrs time.Dr Rockman was assigned as my primary physician. We had recently been transferred back to Katy The West Houston Ob-Gyn who delivered my son had retired/closed his practice while we were away from Houston area for less thn 1 yr.I no longer wanted to drive to the TX Medical Center. While gone I had my gallbladder removed and other female issues. Dr Rockman's manner was friendly but extremely demeaning. Every statement was started with you have... you are experiencing. My reaction was NO!!! That is NOT what I'm experiencing, feeling or thinking! How would you know?You're a man!!! I thought I had taken a step back into the 1950's South. I realized that I would never get, quality, reasonable care from a person with this narrow minded attitude. I was extremely frustrated. My Dad is older than this man and more openminded! Dr Rockman does NOT take the time to LISTEN to female patients and instead jumps to conclusions from 1 or 2 test results or circumstances at the time. He does not take the time to ASK questions and LISTEN to the answers. His mind is made up before he starts treatment. A few months later I quietly had a conversation with a neighbor of ours who had seen Dr Rockman and Dr Tal a few years before when she needed an emergency historectomy. This now 70+ yr old gracious, caring, TX southern woman said she too had switched Doctor's immediately as she was put off by the same style of sexist, demeaning treatment. (This is a person who never speaks poorly of anyone! She reinforced the idea that I made the right decision to change Doctor's immediately). more

Stay away from this Ob-Gyn 8/19/2005

I went to Allyson Patronella at the Katy West Houston Ob-Gyn Association and had a positive first time experience. Dr. Patronella listned to my history and realized that she was going to be in for a hard time as I have struggled with regular periods throughout my life, and once again the birth control I was on wasn't working. She prescribed a new birth control for me to try. Well after 3 months the new birth control was horrible and so I called to see her again. When I went in, she said that there was nothing else she could do and I should just live with the problem. Sorry but I had a few health problems associated with doing that. She was very short with me and made me feel this was just soemthing wrong with me. I also was given the feeling that she just wanted to deal with delivering babies and not helping everyone. So I began to request my files. I made 3 written requests and several phone calls all of which I was made to feel like a bother. They never did send my files to my new doctor to this day, three years later. I think Dr. Patronella might be a great doctor if you were pregnant, but I would not recommend her. more
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