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Day Five: Golden (And Oh So Sinfully-Delicious!) Rings! - Review by Ainsley Jo P | Nick's Donuts & Pizza

Nick's Donuts & Pizza

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Day Five: Golden (And Oh So Sinfully-Delicious!) Rings! 12/27/2006

A few years ago, I had some letters to mail out at the main post office on Raible Avenue, so I called my folks to see if one or both of them wanted to ride out with me. My dad was already in bed--he'd had a rough day with his Parkinson's--but my mom was more than ready to get out of the house and go somewhere. After we had put the letters and bills in the drive-up mailbox, we decided to go to one of our favorite places for a between-meals snack: Nick's Donuts & Pizza. As I mentioned in my last review ( ), Nick's is right across the highway from where one should go if his/her true love gifts him/her with outdoor birds of any kind--for instance, if he/she has no garage or carport, and must park next to the pear tree where the partridge likes to roost. One of our favorite items to get from there has been what's called a French Krull (the last word a kind of take-off on "cruller"--and I believe that Nick's got to the place where the employees called this item a cruller instead of a krull). It looks like a miniature tractor tire in a light, golden-brown shade, and the taste has always reminded me somewhat of Day Three fare ( ). Often, when both my folks and I were driving around here and there, we often WOULD end up ordering Fifth-Day-Of-Christmas-style when it came to these delightful treats: Five Golden (And Oh So Sinfully-Delicious!) Rings! This would be one apiece for instant gratification, plus two more take-home-for-later treats divided like this: a whole one for me, and a whole one that my folks would split. Sadly, Mike (who was the one who knew the most about making those krulls/crullers/whatever) ended up working somewhere else, so this treat is no longer offered. Not to worry, though, because Nick's offers plenty of other selections in the way of donuts, rolls, cookies, etc. A couple of our favorites when it comes to donuts these cays are the Bostons that are cream-filled, round puffs that are topped with chocolate icing and Long Johns, which are shaped like very wide hot dog buns, cream-filled, and topped with caramel icing. When it comes to those sinfully-delightful rings, our favorite is probably buttercrumb (or is that buttercrunch--can't remember right now, but I do remember that it's great)--which brings me back to that night when we had gone to deposit some mail, and our car just kinda made its own way to Nick's, and we just drifted along for the ride. Oh yes! If you believe what I've just now said (re: the car just kinda drifting to Nick's on its own), I have some swamp land in Antarctica to sell to you so you can build some condos on it! Anyway, it was one of those nights when either Mike hadn't been baking the night before or else they had run out of the French rings, so we were looking for something else that might hit the spot perfectly. That was when the lady at the drive-up window (Nick's offers both indoor dining and carry-out/pick-up) described something that sounded absolutely delicious. So delicious that I hissed and gave a little moan while listening to the description. Of course, we ordered it--and, when the lady went to get it, my mom told me that I sounded as if I were having an orgasm. This got me laughing so much that I could hardly stop laughing to exchange money for treats. Take notice that the name of this place is Nick's Donuts & Pizza. Although we mostly go there for donuts and other pastries, we do occasionally get pizza from there, too. The only two kinds we've tried from there so far are Round The World and Hays. Both of those are wonderful, combination pizzas, and the biggest difference between the two pizzas is that the Hays has freshly-sliced tomatoes for one of its many toppings, though I suppose that there are other differences, too. No matter! They're both delicious--and very reasonably-priced with this being especially true considering both the quality and the quantity. Finally, here's a bit of trivia: The building that has, for many years, been home to Nick's Pizza & Donuts was once the location of Ken's Kitchen, which made absolutely-wonderful tacos. When I was in high school, my folks and I were regular customers there. Before it became Ken's Kitchen, it was a filling station. As for Nick's, they opened two drive-in restaurants back when I was in grade school (I'm guessing fifth grade). One of them was located on Scatterfield Road, and the other one was on North Broadway. The one on Scatterfield was converted to a laundromat, and the one on North Broadway is now a dine-in restaurant (also offering carry-out, but you need to go in to get it, as it's a place with neither a drive-in nor a drive-up/drive-through) and is still Nick's. The one in Edgewood offers pizza and donuts (and, of course, other pastries as well as coffee and soft drinks), and the one on North Broadway offers short orders, full dinners, and pizzas. more
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