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LUNAR GOLF......POST UPDATE!!!! :-( - Review by XXX X | Lunar Mini Golf Store One Hundred Seventeen

Lunar Mini Golf Store One Hundred Seventeen


LUNAR GOLF......POST UPDATE!!!! :-( 3/21/2006

The following review is no longer valid simply because the business is no longer there! Nonalee G. frought to my attention ( and I have since verified) that the business is in fact "out of business" with another business being created as I write this post. I will endeavor to rate the new business when it opens it's door but for now I regretfully rate this business as "poor" because it is no more! :-( If someone wold have told me 20 years ago that I would have passed the time in an otherwise black room, surrounded by day glo decorations while trying to put a little white ball into a cup the size of the ones pills come in in hospitals I would have booked them a room at the nearest "funny farm" and if the would have added that I would actually had FUN whilst there...I would have asked them what illegal substance they had recently partaken of. BUT times change and apparently so did I. For when my boys asked me awhile ago to take them to Lunar Golf I readily agreed. I mean come on, what's so hard about hitting a little white ball into a cup? This can't be took hard....the course is short (unlike some of the mountainous ranges some of my golf fanatic friends partake of) and the best part....because it IS so dark no one will be able to see me if I mess up! Off we went and I must say that an hour later we were not only finished but we were laughing as well! For not only is this NOT as easy as it sounds, (try to hit that crazy ball into the cup with limited vision due to the tears of laughter rolling down your face!) it is a hoot to see others mess up as badly as you do...and not care one little bit! The next time you are in Coralridge mall, head for the west end by Barnes and Noble and Express. There you will find Lunar Golf with its black and day glo color scheme it would drive Paris Hilton running screaming into the streets, but for's just an afternoon of simple fun. Try it yourself...I think you're going to like it as much as we do! more
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