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Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio

1949 Hillhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 913-9563
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I really enjoy my Meisner training with Wayne. I have been studying with him for almost a year and plan on continuing my training with him. The classes are small, so you get ple...


Okay - you want to be real - that is what Wayne Dvorak teaches - how to be real - how to not act, and how to respond to another persons words and behaviors. His class is good, h...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/21/2013

I moved to LA from NYC in April. Looking for an acting class (or more specifically, a Meisner class) to continue my studies, I came across the Wayne Dvorak Studio. I like studying with Wayne because I've improved (and continue to improve), becoming more grounded and real in my acting work. My classmates range from early-career professionals, working in and auditioning for national commercials, regional theatre, and a variety of TV shows to very new actors (for a few of them, this is the first acting class they've ever taken). In the few months I've been in the class, everyone has improved loads, and I improve by working with actors both more and less experienced than myself. Also, as the class is kept small, we all get to work multiple times per evening.\r \r It reminds me a bit of high school, of this program called BFS. Athletes of all sports and skill levels trained year-round to get ""bigger, faster, and stronger."" Wayne's class is like BFS, except replace ""athletes"" with ""actors"" and ""bigger, faster, and stronger"" with ""more grounded and real, able to go deeper, and more creative in your preparation and your approach to your work."" more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/10/2013

Wayne is an exceptional acting instructor. He knows how to critique yet stay stay positive, and he is very knowledgeable about acting technique since he's been around for so long. He is one of the few acting coaches that will help you with all aspects of your career, not just technique. Taking Waynes class has improved my understanding of myself and acting tremendously...which is really, invaluable. It's not like the many other studios around the town where they promises you stardom in a short period of time. Don't buy that snake oil. Every night of his class is a grind, but you come out of it with a feeling of completion and growth week after week. If you put in the work and effort, you'll get something out of his class every single week. The Meisner technique will help you communicate with other actors/directors and understand how emotions work along with your scene and how to get the most out of every scene. It helps give you direction through preparation. There is really so much more to it than just a review, so the best thing to do is audit his class! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/10/2013

Wayne Dvorak's Acting Studio is a diamond in the ruff of all of the Meisner Technique classes you will come across, Period! Wayne Dvorak gives you a detailed but fun approach into the exploration of the Meisner Technique at a very reasonable cost! One of the major pluses to attending the Actors Studio is that Wayne is not trying to rip you off he really wants to keep the craft of Acting alive.\r \r The Actors Studio provides a safe and professional environment for you to develop and hone the Mesiner Technique. To learn the craft of acting in a comfortable space and to build the tools necessary to move forward into the professional world of acting and become a working actor.\r \r Wayne Dvorak is old school Hollywood with a new school twist. He not only provides great acting training, he provides life training. How could you not learn something from someone who is 50yrs your senior and who has been in the acting game so long? If you want a no b.s acting technique taught to you by a professional with a history of work to back him. Audit Wayne's Class for ""Free!"" I recommend Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio with 10 Stars!!!!!!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/6/2013

You get more than your money’s worth with this Meisner training! Mr. Wayne clearly enjoys what he is doing and his infectious spirit is contagious throughout his training. Whether you have never taken a Meisner training before or if you just want to refresh your skills you will definitely benefit from this training. The small class sizes are ideal for an intimate experience and creates a comfortable learning environment. The only way you won’t grow is if you don’t do the work…so you gotta do the work! This Meisner training has improved my skill level in the craft that I love and I also use aspects of it to navigate through my daily life (a benefit that was never expected). Don’t just take my word for it…contact Mr. Wayne to set up an audit of one of his classes and judge for yourself. You will not be disappointed. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/26/2013

Words cannot describe how incredible going through the Meisner training with Wayne is! His class pushes you to leave your comfort box and allow yourself to truly experience your emotions. As an actor, this class has helped deepen my emotions, understand them and respond more truthfully to them. As a teacher, Wayne is very dedicated and available to his students. He always answers the phone if you have a question, he helps you find the best ways to package yourself as an actor, and he is honest in all of his feedback during class. I am grateful to have found Wayne and this studio! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/23/2013

Mr. Wayne is the real deal, and I truly mean it. While the majority of the acting studios in Los Angeles, fill you with the bs of becoming an overnight star Mr. Wayne lets you know that the only way to success is through persistent hard work. HE KEEPS YOU ACCOUNTABLE! He could care less about collecting your monthly fee, he is truly in the business of teaching Meisner because he knows it works and wants to see his actors work. You also study directly with the man himself, no signing up for someone's studio only to work with junior instructors for years until you get to work with the person whom you initially signed up to study under. Small class sizes = more engagement and personal attention. If you want to be an exceptional actor, then you need to study with Mr. Wayne Dvorak more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/21/2013

Wayne Dvorak is an exceptional Meisner teacher. He teaches the Meisner Technique, scene study, and vocal work which many instructors fail to include in their teaching. This class is great training for anyone trying to look for the truth in themselves and can be a real eye opener. After only the first few months you will be able to read people and tell what their behaviors and reactions say about them. As far as acting goes Wayne really hones in on being in the moment and being true and connecting with the characters. With that said, if you join Wayne's class, he wants you to be commited and serious about your work because he will throw so much knowledge your way and he wants to make sure that you take in everything that he has to say and apply it to your acting. Wayne goes out of his way to make everyone connect with each other within the group which makes for a relaxing class environment. Our class is more than a group of actors, we become a family. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/16/2013

The ""Meisner"" Acting technique is wonderful for those trying to find their true in touch feelings. If your goal is to bring out the best in your abilities, whether it be: acting, writing, directing, etc... I definitely recommend Wayne Dvorak's classes. He is a profound teacher that mentors each individual accordingly. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/9/2012

I took Wayne's two year program as soon as I got to Los Angeles to pursue acting and it was the best decision I have made for my career. The Meisner Technique gave me a solid foundation to be a working actor. On top of that, Wayne was not just an acting coach, but a mentor to us; always wise, supportive and positive. He helped me with my dialect, scene analysis, preparing for auditions... I can honestly say that studying with Wayne Dvorak was life-changing. I studied with other coaches over the years, but no one had come even close. more

Meisner Training 11/8/2011

I really enjoy my Meisner training with Wayne. I have been studying with him for almost a year and plan on continuing my training with him. The classes are small, so you get plenty one on one attention. You get up in front of the class every class. He takes every one of us seriously, and pushes us to become better actors. I have taken many classes in LA, and have found a unique spot to grow. more

Want to improve your acting skills, take Wayne???s Meisner cla 11/8/2011

Wayne is the best. He knows what hes talking about, he makes you feel comfortable, the info you receive from Wayne is very valuable to your acting career. When I first started taking Waynes class, I was very nervous and shy, but after just the first few classes, I felt that this was just the place for me, where I can improve and start my acting career. Wayne is a very dedicated acting coach, who has been in the industry for a very long time. He communicates with you in a way that you will understand and can relate to. The classes are small which mean EVERYONE gets to work. He makes your reach deep down in yourself, to bring out your best acting. Not only is Wayne an acting coach, but I consider him as a mentor, someone I can trust to guide me in the right direction in life. more

Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio 11/2/2011

In LA I have only heard of a few good Meisner Classes. Wayne Dvorak's Meisner class is the only one i'v found helpful. He is a very devoted, honest teacher. He is personally one of the best teachers i'v had in LA. He knows the craft inside and out. Has been an actor basically all his life and now devotes his time to help out us actors to progress towards our careers. more

Quality Meisner training and then some. 10/31/2011

When it comes to The Meisner Method and modern acting in general Wayne Dvoraks Acting Studio is at the forefront of LA quality training. Wayne considers himself an acting coach rather than a teacher because he's not only teaching you a craft, he's coaching you through your chosen profession. I've been training with Wayne for the better part of a year now and I've personally progressed dramatically in that time. Taking Waynes class is a personal commitment between the two of you. He only takes students he believes he can help and work with. Wayne limits his classes to no more than 14 students which is a huge benefit to us: we get more personal attention, we go up and work every week, and Wayne becomes very familiar with our personalities and mannerisms. Which makes the advice he gives us all the more beneficial. Most of the classes you'll find out here will have 30 plus students, a different teacher here and there, and will be much more expensive than what Wayne charges. Which tells you two things: one, Wayne isn't trying to get rich off his students. And two, he takes his students and craft personally. He wants to make dependable actors. He doesn't want us to book a couple gigs and fade out like most actors do. I'd recommend Wayne's Meisner teachings and Studio as a complete system and a great foundation you can always come back to. If you know anything about acting you know that you're never done learning your craft and you always need a coach to work with you. I plan to work with Wayne for the extent of my career. more

True to Your Craft 10/30/2011

All actors want to ""make it big"" in Hollywood. But there are very few places where actors can face the cold, hard truth about their crafts and abilities to deliver meaningful work in the business. Fortunately, I came across Wayne Dvorak's Meisner studio seven months ago to learn the Meisner technique and I have received the greatest gift any artist or person can receive - the truth. The greatest strength Wayne possesses is his ability to discern whether I am being absolutely truthful and believable in the moment. I have never gotten by with weak preparations or shallow performances. His guidance is unbiasedly direct, yet flexible. He is critical, yet caring. This level of attentiveness has immensely helped me reach deeper into the craft. I highly recommend Wayne Dvorak's Meisner training. There are no shortcuts in the business nor the art. His class is a long-term commitment to ensure the actors' truly and tangibly develop. His studio is spacious and class sizes are small but focused. And most importantly, Wayne is a professional and a wonderful easy-going person. He is really there to share his knowledge with the actors. His class is well worth auditing. more

Highly Recommended Meisner Acting Class 4/5/2011

Wayne Dvorak?s Meisner acting class has been an excellent experience, providing a challenging and rewarding study of the craft. Working in the industry as a director, I searched for a serious and structured experience that would immerse me into the actor?s process. This class accomplished that and more. In addition to the Meisner technique, Mr. Dvorak teaches scene study, script interpretation, language, vocal exercises and other intangibles that I?ve found uniquely helpful in my work. Our class meets weekly in Los Feliz with at least two rehearsals a week completed outside the studio. We work through what Mr. Dvorak has designed as seven levels of the Meisner technique over a period of two years. Two years sounds like a huge commitment, and it is, but developing one?s acting tools takes time, work and dedication and I believe that this structure works. Many of the exercises are difficult because Mr. Dvorak challenges you to operate outside of your comfort zone until you are comfortable and adept at visiting all the key emotional aspects of yourself. Class sizes are small and reasonably priced and though the program last two years, we take a hiatus in December and July. He?s been teaching this class for many years and his experience is evident with his perceptive and honest critiques. As my class approaches the end of two years of study, I feel fortunate to have found Mr. Dvorak?s program and am very appreciative of the experience and development as an actor and as a director, writer and creative person. My respect and admiration for the craft of acting has grown exponentially as has my confidence as an actor. I cannot imagine moving forward in my career without this experience. It?s worth the time to pay a visit to Mr. Dvorak?s studio and audit a class before committing to a course of study. more

let's be in the moment 3/9/2011

The Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio.. I stumbled upon Waynes class about 6 months ago. I was looking to resume my acting training. The classes I had taken before were A. Way Overpriced! An actors gotta be able to support themself! B. Huge class size, only got to perform twice a month at MOST! C. Very scattered in their technique, focusing so much on breaking down a script and making judgments on what you think you should do rather than being open and allowing yourself to react organically. So I had been auditing several studios in the LA area. I was eager to get back into training but none of the studios I visited seemed to ""feel"" like a fit. Follow your instincts, right?! Auditing and watching the students perform, it felt more like they were being taught how to read the lines rather than actually respond to the situation. Over thinking in a way, which definitely shows up on those cameras! When I went to audit Wayne's class he had me arrive about a half hour before class and took the time to tell me about how he came into the Meisner technique. I had done a few Meisner repetition exercises before, but the way Wayne spoke about it really opened my eyes. It's really a very simplistic approach. The beginning few months are strictly repetitions. This is where a huge part of the discipline comes in. Unless you are dedicated to doing the exercises in class and the 2 rehearsals a week, it gets a little repetitive. It is when you are truly dedicated to the program that you begin to feel more aware of how you are actually feeling, even if the words aren't changing, their energy is. You begin to get out of your head and allow yourself to respond organically to your surroundings. Wayne is always very perceptive in his critiques and helps guide you by noticing the changes from week to week. You can really tell that he puts his heart into every class. I even joined the class a bit late and Wayne made time before his class to help my partner and I catch up! Oh and he also does great vocal warmups, throws in some Shakespeare for annunciation and does some exercises to really loosen you up and put that guard down! Not only within my acting, but within my life and really at the heart of it, within myself I can feel my awareness of my own being growing yet shedding more and more of the baggage, the judgements.. things that really keep you inside your own head. The funny thing is that the same things that keep you stagnant in your own life i.e. fear, over thinking what has or what will happen rather than what IS happening are the same things that shut off your creative intuition as an actor. Sooo.. Great perceptive teacher with lots of experience in the biz, affordable classes with a really comfortable atmosphere, I highly recommend this class for actors who really wish to become free within themselves and their acting. The things that make a character interesting are their own unique reactions, something which only comes from truth within the moment. Be well! more

I realy enjoy Wayne's Meiser Class! 2/10/2011

I've been studying meisner with Wayne for about a year and a half. In that time I feel like I've progressed a ton. If you're an actor you're probably going to study meisner at some point and I would definitely recommend auditing this class. This is a class where everyone gets up several times a class and works. Class isn't done until everyone has worked. I think that's something I've learned to appreciate in the past year and some change because how many teachers have kept your class a little late so everyone could finish? Most of the time the teachers are just as eager to get out of the class as the students who've already gotten up and worked. As far as the class goes, classes are small and you'll definitely bond with the other actors throughout the 2 year program if you choose to stay for the entire time. The monthly cost is by far the lowest I've payed for a class since I've been in LA. Also, Wayne really cares about his students. He's never negative towards them. I've personally met several teachers that just belittled actors in classes to ""make them better"". That's not Wayne. Not even close. In the past year and a half I've learned to really listen and respond naturally. For the class you have to meet twice a week outside of class and I'm telling you that is crucial. The more you act the more natural and easy it becomes. The classes will work much much faster for you. Also, its in a really nice area of Los Feliz. There are lots of shops restaurants nearby so it gives you a reason to check out a really nice and chill area of LA. more

Great Meisner Teacher!! 2/5/2011

I have had the privilege to work with Wayne Dvorak and all I have to say is he improved my acting as well as my respect for the craft. I came in to Wayne's class 2 yrs ago thinking I knew everything there is to know about acting. Little did I know, there was a lot more to acting then reading a script and reciting lines. You have to know the character that you are portraying inside and out. Wayne also brings out emotions inside of you that you never thought you could display. I am finishing up my 2nd year in his class and I have learned so much from Wayne that I plan on doing the professional level because it would benefit me a lot. Wayne is a serious acting teacher and if you don't come with your A game he will get on your case and let you know. He stays on top of you when you are slacking and that is one thing that a lot of acting coaches don't do, but Wayne really cares..Oh, and did I mention the fact that his class is probably the most affordable meisner class in town. If you truly focus on the exercise work that Wayne gives you and take time on your off days to practice, you will be a LEAD actor in this town. Being a professional actor in LA isn't easy but if you follow Wayne Dvorak's teaching you could become just that.....A PROFESSIONAL ACTOR! more

Highly Recommend Wayne's Meisner Class!! 2/4/2011

I have learned so much from Wayne's class; coming from production work, my first hurdle in Wayne's class was to overcome my nerves of being on stage! Wayne teaches you techniques to overcome self-consciousness...I'm now auditioning and booking small jobs (one step at a time...), and I credit that to the work I've done in Wayne's class. The other tool I've gained, is the ability to connect, and stay connected to my scene or exercise partner. This skill is something I've started using in my daily life, in auditions (with casting directors, etc) and has definitely helped me get into many people's good graces...Once you are aware, and begin practicing connecting with others, you are truly able to live moment-to-moment as an actor (at get a LOT better at it...) Wayne stresses being natural, and as a result it's taken away a lot of the fear of acting...if you just have to be yourself (at least in the first year of training...he focuses on character the second year), you always have the power to know if you are doing a good job.... Wayne reads people's emotions and pretenses very well, and he tells you exactly what critique/feedback you need to hear to take yourself to the next level...sometimes the class can be emotionally draining....but on those days you know you've done good work. It's almost like taking a medicine...sometimes it doesn't taste good, but once you start seeing the results you are immeasurable grateful...with see results...not just yours, but everybody's. As for the business side...Wayne will give you advice on your head shots, give you tips on how to take them, don insights into your casting, and shed bites of wisdom, stories and anecdotes to help you learn and make you laugh. I look forward to these each class... Lastly, Wayne starts each class with vocal exercises and diction...use these tools before any audition and it will help you go in there speaking strongly. He also knows how to use Meisner in comedy...and coming into the class with a love of humor...his ability to take a serious technique and apply it to something less dramatic (but still as truthful) is something I respect and value immensely. Great price, great'll learn a lot. more
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