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Wax On Wax Off

1044 W Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 226-1473
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Wax On Wax Off - Chicago, IL
Wax On Wax Off - Chicago, IL


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I have been going to wax on wax off for a long time, I get the best treatment here. Whether i am getting my eyebrows threaded or getting a hair cut, they do the best. They have a ...


I am a black Brazilian man and I chose to go to this saloon before reading all these reviews here. Well, I'm surprised that I agree with some people who found the staff very unfri...

Amazing service! Great price! 3/14/2012

I have been going to wax on wax off for a long time, I get the best treatment here. Whether i am getting my eyebrows threaded or getting a hair cut, they do the best. They have a great selection of beauty, hair and nail treatments. They are considerate of you, and always try to fit me in their schedule. Monika, the owner who also does my hair is great at it; i have dry-wavy hair and she always gives me good tips on managing the hair and ofcourse an amazing haircut. more

Rudest Woman I Have Ever Encountered 11/17/2011

When I actually saw ""Doctor"" Sawan walk in, I should have known to walk right out the door. Her lips were the size of balloons, and she looked like a 60 year woman trying to look 30, and failing miserably. She obviously didn't know much about beauty.\r \r I had an appointment at 5:30 pm for a laser hair removal treatment with Dr. Randa Sawan. I'm from Los Angeles and had three treatemnts there and wanted to get one more done here in Chicago before I went back home for winter break. I spoke with Sawan on the phone earlier and she agreed to match my prices that I got back home for my treatments.\r \r The receptionist was very friendly, but explained that Dr. Sawan would be a half hour late. She went to go get Sawan so I could talk to her and ask her any questions. Dr. Sawan finally came storming in and asked who needed to talk to her. So she came over to me and it took me 5 minutes to explain to her who I was and then she finally said ""oh. you."" She practically bitched at me for wanting to talk to her and I explained that I simply wanted to know what time she would be ready because I had somewhere to be after and I could come back another time. After she left, I nearly left. But I stupidly decided to stay since I needed to get that treatment done.\r \r After crticizing me for leaving my makeup on for the treatment (I never had to remove it back home), she rushed through the treatment. First of all, the machine looked so run down and old compared to the ones I'm used to. She also had to smear gel all over me, which you don't have to do with the newer machines. Not to mention, it was extrememly painful. \r \r We agreed on a price before she started the treatment and when we left she told me it was a hundred bucks. We specifically said that it would 70 before, and when I tried to remind her of that she looked at me and said, ""the prices you have on this list (I printed out a price list for her of my salon) are dirt cheap. I'm rounding up all the numbers. I'm not arguing with you about this."" I ended up paying 30 bucks more for a crappy, rushed treatment. I'm from LA, and I've met my fair share of rude people, but Dr. Sawan takes the cake.\r \r You can barely call her a doctor either. Check out the other reviews she has online. I should have read them more carefully. more

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT 10/22/2009

They take the time to tell me a haircut will not work, I get the best color here. They really make me beautiful! They take the time to really do a good job. They always ask how I am doing and what is new in my life, its nice to walk into a place like that. \r The rewiew about the beard waxing............must I say more? Who gets their beard waxed (drag much)? Get over yourself. more

I LOVE this place!! Loyal customer! 5/3/2009

I am a long time customer of Wax On Wax Off and I have absolutely nothing but good things to say. I have gotten the $100 waxes from other salons and they take 40 minutes and are just horrible. Then I moved to Little Italy and stumbled across this place and have never looked back. The ladies here are done in about 10 min or less every time! They are amazing! They always do great, barely painful waxing, in addition to eyebrow threading. Monika always remembers me, and fits me in whenever I call to say I'm on my way. And they even give UIC students a great discount; I believe its 10%? The salon here is great too. I always see girls walk out with fantastic color and cute cuts too. Amazing waxing and threading, and they are always warm and welcoming to me and the dozen or so friends that now use them on my recommendation. Oh and its easy to find metered parking. One time, I did not have any quarters and they gave me a few! They are always so nice and friendly. I am extremely surprised and thoroughly offended by the racial accusations that are on some other reviews. As for the Brazilian man - he clearly needs to get over himself! The employees here would never lie and say they don't do men if they didn't. From his story, both employees were just being honest and admitting they do not do those waxes. It shows they are not a money-grubbing salon that would experiment on their customers just to make a buck. And he is not at all justified in saying they are ""gay unfriendly."" One of their stylists is gay and very much respected by the owners and loved by the customers. Posting such inflammatory remarks when a person doesn't even know what goes on is just ignorant. And to Reg104's review - people like this should be ashamed of themselves for posting such hateful things. How typical that the person claiming racism would resort to calling people names and making fun of their heritage. Really? ""Racism at its best""??? All because she couldn't do your hair? She was honest that she wasn't experienced with that type. I think we can all agree that even the person making the post wouldn't want her to just give it the old college try and hope it turned out ok. If that person were at all reasonable they would see that she was actually RESPECTING them and not trusting herself to work on hair that she was not familiar with. And of course any person can see that Reg104 is herself a racial biggot calling the employee ""Olga"" simply because she has an Eastern European accent. Thought she left without losing her class?? Yeah right - you can't lose class when you don't have any. So everyone, do yourself a favor and start getting affordable, nearly pain free, SUPER quick waxes and threading done here! You will never switch again! Pros: Best wax in the city; affordable; nice employees; threading more

Rude and unfriendly staff 1/17/2009

I am a black Brazilian man and I chose to go to this saloon before reading all these reviews here. Well, I'm surprised that I agree with some people who found the staff very unfriendly and slightly anti-ethnic, but it's not an open racis t stablishment. I just believe they are not prepared to deal with black beauty (although they are not in Poland so they should be). The brunette girl is ok. I asked a lot of things on the phone, and she said she could do the facial threading, but when she saw me in personal she said she couldnt do because my hair is too thick.(Actually, it's not very much because I do waxing for 5 years in brazil and my beard is not thick). I took that as a simple opinion of hers, not as racism. If she wasnt prepared to do it, she was right telling me so. The blonde, Monika, was the one who waxed my face. She is definately unhappy :(, she said she never did waxing on men because ""they don't do it"", but I doubt there never been any men there. In short, the service did not attend my expectancy (in brazil is much better, but I dont wanna compare) because there are some smal thin hairs on my face yet. I would never come back there, because although I am very cheerfull, I left that place feeling depressed. Pros: Price, not painful, clean Cons: unfriendly staff, anti-ethnic service, gay unfriendly more


I have to disagree with all the comments about the racism in this salon, I'm african american and I went to this salon to get a manicure because my nails were really damaged from the wear and tear of being a medical student. I walked in and was greeted warmly by one of the ladies that own the salon she was very freidnly and explained to me everything I needed to know before I waited to get my manicure including the wait time and the kind of services they offered for nail care. While waitng I got to look at pictures of a customers new puppy and the other owner of the salon(blonde bombshell should be her name she was gorgoueos), everyone was nice never felt out of my element and I'm not even from Chicago I'm from North Carolina. The blonde bombshell started my manicure everything was set it and ready for me (very clean salon). She took her time and really gave me the best manicure I ever had but for half the price I couldnt belive it the manicure took 30min at the least and she only charged me 11 dollars. In NC you might get 10mins of pampering but double the price!!! My nails looked better than they have looked in months. When I come back to Chicago I know exatcly where to go to get my mani/pedi, message, facial, eyelash extensions, and waxing done, WAX ON WAX OFF!! and as far as the comment goes with the lady who said there were racism because they didn't know how to do her hair, thats not racism thats telling the truth I have a sister thats mixed (half black, half white) and my hair is more finer than hers, alot of people don't know what to do with her hair icluding my mother. Just go somewhere that specializes in doing your type of hair so you can be happy with your results. Pros: Everything was nice about my experience at this salon!!! more

Waxing no..... threading yes. 12/29/2008

Went for the first time for a bikini wax and eyebrow threading. Lets start with the wax: The owner used the same stick to constantly double dip into the communal wax bowl. That is completely unsanitary. I was too shocked and grossed out to say anything. To top it off the wax job wasn't so great. I have hair left in obvious places that should have been removed from the waxing.\r \r On the other hand the eye brow threading was painless (as painless as threading can be). She did a great job of shaping my brows and my skin didn't turn red as I sometimes do after threading. \r \r I'd recommend the place for threading (much more sanitary - she used new string for each client) and skip the waxing here. more

very rude staff...will never visit them again 8/16/2008

I was almost about to enter the salon and get my threading done before one of the staff members met me outside and said"" sorry we cant do threading today,come back next week"" . All this without giving any explanation. I could have gone further and asked for an explanation but i did not even bother to waste my time anymore on a salon like that that does not respect their customer. I am not claiming racism as a factor but the lady was definitely rude. Luckily I visited the salon across the street which started my threading in just 2 mins inspite of being busy. I recommend nobody visit this place unless you want to be mistreated. Cons: Rude Staff more

First-timer 2/25/2008

I visited this salon not long ago. I had my eyebrows threaded and my hair cut. The threading was great, I'm really happy with the way my brows look.\r The haircut was another certainly was not the worst haircut I've ever had, but it definitely was not the best. \r Going in, I wanted a trim to my textured bob.\r I feel like the stylist was good about offering her opinion, which I like...but it just wasn't the quality cut I was looking for - very choppy and the ends are extremely blunt. I went to a higher-end salon for years and I was looking for a lower-cost option, I definitely got what I paid for.\r Depending on how my hair looks after it's grown for a couple of weeks, I will probably return - with more specific requests and a better understanding of how to ask for what I want.\r I feel like this salon is good for people on a budget who want easier (longer) haircuts.\r I also felt like the women at the salon were nice, the chairs were full when I arrived and several women came in while I was there. They were all greeted warmly and seemed happy when they left. Pros: Threading Cons: Time will tell more

Great service & excellent work!!!!! 9/15/2007

Wax on Wax off has a staff of talented women. These women do a beautiful job. When I walk in, I always get greeted and feel welcomed. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to come in after a stressful day of work and get pampered. Great place, wonderful service and beautiful work.... Pros: Excellent eyebrow work Cons: Need more locations.... more

Friendly and comfortable. 8/21/2007

I've been a regular customer there for a long time, and there's a reason why. Both the women are really friendly and helpful when it comes to services and answering questions. Threading there is quick, easy, and painless, and they're really gentle when it comes to Brazilian waxing. The price is affordable and the environment is cozy. What else can you ask for?\r \r I read another review that mentioned that they were prejudice against minorities, but I can't see them as being that way at all. When I went in today, they were coloring an Asian person's hair and threading an African-American woman's eyebrows. I'm Asian myself, and I have never felt any negativity from the ladies that work there. They are nothing but warm and inviting.\r \r I strongly recommend going there, especially if you're a student at UIC. It's so close you can get your waxing and threading done between classes. :) Pros: Good price, friendly staff Cons: Street parking only, but that's the case with 90% of salons in Chicago more

Anti-""Ethnic"" East European Stylist 6/16/2007

So, I'm researching a salon to get my hair done. I found this salon on this website and it seemed like they might do good work. What I didn't realize is that I was walking into some Arian establishment. This 'hole in the wall' place is just that. Some girl greets me from the back and says she'll get the 'hair stylist'. This mole-rat-looking women with over-plucked eyebrows comes out & I start to tell her what I want. Before I could finish, She cuts me off and says she cant' do ""my kind of hair"". I told her I didn't understand. She went on to explain that she didn't do ""Black peoples'"" hair. ""It's too difficult. I only do European hair,"" she says. Wow. Racism at it's best. What's even worse is that she had no shame. She suggested going across the street. Lucky for her, I cut Olga off and left before I lost any of my class. \r She took one look at me and had her mind made up; didn't even look at my hair.\r So, unless you're a pure WASP, don't come within feet of this place. \r As a matter of fact, I propose that no one give them any kind of business with a goal of getting them closed. Pros: Completely empty (Should have been my first tip off.) Cons: The size of a large bathroom. more

Cozy and Lovely Designed 5/19/2007

The place is lovely and cozy. The workers made me feel comfortable about brazilian waxing. And the prices are not bad for waxing. Plus, the salon is nearby my university and metered parking is available. If all the parking spots are full, just drive around and you'll find a parking soon. The disadvantage about this place is that it is small and sometimes the wait could be long. To get around the wait, make an appointment or go during the time when most students are not around. I would still recommend Wax on Wax off to women. Pros: Cozy, Clean, Friendly, Skillful Cons: Metered Parking, Small Salon more
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