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Tuttle Chiropractic Center, P.S.

1205 2nd Ave 120
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 330-0283
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Tuttle Chiropractic Center, P.S. - Seattle, WA
Tuttle Chiropractic Center, P.S. - Seattle, WA
Tuttle Chiropractic Center, P.S. - Seattle, WA
Tuttle Chiropractic Center, P.S. - Seattle, WA


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Since i was 6 years old, i had ALWAYS had back problems, as well as neck, shoulder, knee, ankle and rib problems, since I've been in a couple accidents, and got hit by a car on my...


All reviews seem positive

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/5/2012

Twenty years ago a friend referred me to Dr. Tuttle, which was life-changing for me because when I first entered his doors I could barely walk and was in intense pain every moment of every day.\r \r My spine issues started with a bulging L-5 disk, which my surgeon repaired with a discectomy. Two years later, a truck ran into my car, which sent me back to the hospital with ruptured L-3 and L-4 disks. My surgeon advised me to avoid further surgery because he would have to fuse my disks, which would result in very limited mobility. For a woman who enjoys daily exercise, travel and outdoor sports, the inability to bend or move freely would have been unbearable. That was when I was introduced to Dr. Tuttle.\r \r During my first visit, he told me Chiropractic would improve my mobility and help diminish the pain, and that is exactly what happened. Within two months, I could walk with little pain, and within four months, I was back into my daily workout. Now, twenty years later, at age 62, I still drop in every two weeks for an adjustment and always leave feeling better than when I entered his office. When I tweak a knee, a shoulder or a hip, or wake up with a painful migraine, I see Dr. Tuttle first because I know if he can’t fix it nobody can.\r \r I value Dr. Tuttle's knowledge as a Chiropractor and an athlete, the unwavering positive energy he greets me with every time I walk through his doors at 6:30 in the morning, and the care and time he spends with every adjustment. The fact that I am mobile at my age still surprises me because I know things could have gone differently. \r \r I sincerely appreciate Dr. Tuttle for all he has done to keep me upright and healthy. I wouldn’t drive from Auburn to Seattle and home again through rush hour traffic for anyone else.\r \r more

BEST RESULTS out of the THOUSANDS! 11/17/2011

Since i was 6 years old, i had ALWAYS had back problems, as well as neck, shoulder, knee, ankle and rib problems, since I've been in a couple accidents, and got hit by a car on my bike a week after.. I have been seeing Chiropractors, Doctors, Massage Therapists, even going to a Professional in Canada for a month, and yet even though the treatments helped a little bit.. I have never had results like i do with Dr. Tuttle. I Moved to Seattle from Spokane Specifically just to have Dr. Tuttle as my Chiropractor, i have to say he is by far the best Doctor i have ever met. He Gets the job done right, he informs you of everything he is doing, how it helps, how things will go in the short and long run, and what he wants to do next. You are never in the blue with Dr. Tuttle and aside all his wonderful techniques, he does everything extremely Professional, yet still with care and love. Easy to talk to, Always makes correct evaluations, and always available, in two different locations for your convenience! Craig Tuttle, Thank You SOO Much for helping me with my back, neck, and all my other Painful problems! more

Priceless Help for Healthcare 7/31/2011

My husband had a chiropractor that he swore by up North who gave us a recommendation for a closer located Chiropractor that he had actually trained with, so in June he started to go to Dr Tuttle. My husband trusted in and was really impressed with Dr Tuttle and his entire office immediately. After explaining some of my struggles with a shoulder injury and arthritis Dr Tuttle suggested that I come and get a consult, directly after, I became a patient and we are both so thrilled with the results, knowledge and level of helpfulness that Dr Tuttle and his awesome team offer. We both appreciate the level of education we get on what is happening, how and what we can do to aid the healing process, also his use of technology to give us further tools to use on his website for stretching exercises, diet impact etc. is priceless and well worth utilising. Who knew that chiropractic care can cover so many facets of your health! more

Alive again!! 6/16/2011

I was told many times I needed to go to a chiropractor due to my serious neck and upper back problems. I suffered on and off from TMJ and chronic pain. I tried a few chiropractors with no results and almost gave up in till I met Dr. Tuttle!! He took the time to explain exactly what was going on with me, something that no else had been able to do. He got me in right away and I have never felt this good! TRUELY!! more

The best thing you can do for yourself! 6/15/2011

I started going to Dr. Tuttle over two years ago. My shoulders, back and neck were constantly sore and I felt stressed out. I could barely turn my neck and my posture was horrible, but after going to see Dr. Tuttle for a few months, it was amazing how much better I felt. It no longer hurt just to get out of bed in the morning -- and I slept better. I now get weekly adjustments and I feel better through the week. I'm rarely sick and I have far fewer migraines than before I would see Dr. Tuttle. Best of all, Dr. Tuttle is about the nicest person you could ever meet -- even though he has hundreds of patients, he treats you like you're the only one he has. We recommend our friends to see him! more

Great Chiropractor, Trustworthy, Friendly and Amazing 6/5/2011

When I started as a patient several months ago I suffered from severe back pain due to scoliosis and years of working in bars and recycling. Now my back is feeling better then ever and getting better by the week! He has not only explained problems with my back in a practical way but has giving me practical advice and exercises to strengthen my back and makes me feel like my health is in my hands. I'd recommend him to all my friends and anyone looking for recovery and relief from pain! more

Very trustworthy, family friendly 4/13/2011

Me my mom and my sister have been going to DR Tuttle or about 5 or so years now. The visits tend to be sparatic since we move and travel a lot, but he always remembers us, by name and asks how the family is as well. He's friendly, he knows your name, your face, he's a doctor, and an opinion to trust. My favorite part, being a bottom line kinda person is, he seems to be too. He's never given me the run around like some other doctors. He's practical, he explains everything in easy terms, and gives easy practical advice. Im always recommending him. He gets my vote, and trust every time more

Dr Tuttle is tops in my opinion 4/8/2011

I have had many many chiropractors over the years and all of them were just ok for the moment, but with Dr Tuttle the experience last a lot longer than just several minutes. I find myself telling all my friends about my amazing chiropractor. His techniques and explanations of his adjustments gives you and education and understanding of your situation that is amazingly different that any I have ever experienced. He is definitely worth visiting. I vote highly in his honor. more

Dr. Tuttle is absolutely fabulous 4/5/2011

BEST CHIROPRACTOR EVER!!! I've seen other chiropractors before and to be honest after my accident i wasnt really stoked to see another one. I was so fortunate to be recommended to him and im so glad i see him twice a week. I can just tell after each adjustment that my back is getting better. My posture has improved tremendously and i would say ive seen him probably a total of 10 times. The thing that is great about Dr. Tuttle is he explains everything to you that you want to know, after each apt with him i leave feeling great and a little bit smarter. He is a very smart man and will talk and answer pretty much anything you ask :) Im always asking him about diet tips or stretches and he is always so helpful. He is a great guy, makes you feel very comfortable when you are there. I will be seeing him forever now and would HIGHLY recommend that you do the same :) more

Seattle's Best hiropractor 3/15/2011

Dr. Tuttle is the best Chiropractor, I have been to many chiropractors throughout the years, but let me say I have never been to one that can immediately pinpoint where you need adjusting and then maneuvers your body in such a way that you easily and effectively adjust without hurting you in any way. If you need Chiropractic care please go to him. You will not regret it, I promise you that he will be the only one, that you will allow to adjust you for the rest of your life. more

Effective Care 3/11/2011

I've been seeing Dr. Tuttle for treatment since 2004 for various sports injuries and whiplash from a car accident. I've tried other chiropractors, but find that Dr. Tuttle's adjustments are more effective and provide greater pain relief. I've had such great treatment, I referred my whole family. Now, my mom, dad and sister are all patients. more

You Can Trust Dr. Tuttle 2/15/2011

I've been a patient of Dr. Tuttle's since the mid-90's when I was suffering from chronic neck pain. It was great to stop living on ibuprophen and after that experience, I became a believer in chiropractic. Over the years I've tried other chiropractors (because going to downtown Seattle is a hassle for me) but I always come back to Dr. Tuttle. There's no one better. more

Best Adjustments! 2/4/2011

Dr. Tuttle is simply the best chiropractor I have ever had adjustments from. I have seen several doctors over the years, as my parents introduced me to chiropractic when I was 13, I'm now 32. I've been going to his practice since 2003, and will see him as long as I'm in Seattle. I play, umpire and coach baseball, and he puts me back together after I try to make diving plays like an 18 year-old. He answers questions, enjoys inquisitive patients, and is a good guy. Go see him, then relax. You'll understand after you go. more

Saving My Health 1/16/2011

I first started coming to Dr. Tuttle in 2002 when I had a tailbone injury after a chair was pulled out from under me. Not only did he nurse me back to health with his adjustments, but he also referred me to a specialist to correct my bent tailbone. Even after I was healed from that injury, I have continued my care with Dr. Tuttle. The practice of chiropractic care of of being beneficial for your total and all-around health is something he taught me and I believe to this day. You see, when you receive adjustments he not only is helping your back but any other ailment you may have as well. I have gotten all my family to see him and they all love him just as much as me! Dr. Tuttle is a top of the line chiropractor and human being and I cherish every visit to his office! more

Would travel 50 miles to see Dr. Craig if we had to! 1/5/2011

I lived away from Seattle for 7 yrs. and was working for a great chiropractor. When I was preparing to move back to Seattle, I asked him, ""Who is the best chiropractor you know of in the Greater Seattle Area?"" \r \r Hands down, he said it was Dr. Craig Tuttle. He had met and heard of him many times at the national chiropractic events. I immediately sought Dr. Craig out when I returned. I was pregnant with my (now 12 yr. old) son. I was adjusted regularly throughout my pregnancy, and that made my pregnancy so much more comfortable. In addition, I was ready to deliver after only 2 hrs. of easy labor (1st & only child!). \r \r My son who has been adjusted since birth, has never had an earrache, is rarely ever sick and has perfect posture. He loves going to get his adjustment from Dr. Craig, we both do. Dr. Craig has always carefully explained everything he is doing to him so he understands, even though he has been adjusted regularly his entire life. He could probably tell his school class more than most adults understand about chiropractic!\r \r In our family, when we get hurt or are sick, we go to Dr. Craig unless we're bleeding or have a broken limb or need stitches! Our adjustments boost our immune system helping us fight colds and viruses better (when we actually get one!) and allergies, headaches, reflux and so many things our MD would just throw pills at are helped & healed naturally by having our nerve pathways free from being squished by an out of place vertebrae!\r \r Thanks Dr. Craig,..and please don't ever take that teaching job!! We need you HERE!\r \r Debbie & Gage D. \r more

A gift to yourself. 1/5/2011

Unquestionably the best chiropractor in the city, the area, perhaps the world! I have been a dedicated patient since 1995 and throughout the years he has provided me excellent chiropractic adjustments as well as an education on how to live a healthier and therefore, happier life. more

Great Chiropractic Care! 12/30/2010

I've been visiting Dr. Craig Tuttle for over 10 years of living in Seattle. He has really helped me get over persistent back/sciatic issues and has continuosly given me tips to help myself. His interest has always been in helping me feel better and my tenure as a patient is testament enough to his professionalism and care. Highly recommended! more

10 years of help. 12/17/2010

Both my husband and I have benifited greatly from the care and advice of Dr. Tuttle. We feel he shows a genuine interest in our well-being and provides the best chiropractic care available. Our recent move to Oregon caused us to seek a new provider, we found no one that equalled Dr. Tuttle and now we take the trip to Seattle for our ""Chiro"" weekends as needed. more

My Best Wellness Care Family Doctor! 12/2/2010

Our family began seeing Dr. Tuttle about a couple months ago after hearing about his great treatment services from my co-worker. I wish we didn't wait this long to see him! We are so thankful that we have him as our trusted well-being doctor who looks out for us! more

Best in the Northwest 11/10/2010

Dr. Tuttle offers fabulous, person-centered treatments. His bedside manner is beyond compare. I feel comfortable and confident in his years of experience and training. more
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  • **Offers massage therapy for most all insurances except Regence insurance** Dr. Craig Tuttle has been a admired chiropractor in Seattle for over 29 years. His mission is to provide the highest quality care to his patients dedicating his Seattle chiropractic office to providing safe, gentle, effective natural wellness care for thousands of families.As an honors graduate from the esteemed Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Tuttle is certified by the Motion Palpation Institution in motion palpation and adjusting. He runs a family practice located in Seattle, and has treated many of the University of Washington Husky players. Your body is the most amazing machine in the history of the world and has spectacular abilities. All nerves from the brain travel down a row of interlocking bones called the vertebrae. They branch off and pass through openings along the spine to get to their destinations. The brain sends messages to cells in the body, telling them what they need to do in specific parts of the body and these messages travel through our nervous system. Think about what would happen if there was interference to that nervous system that controls all the functions of the body—your heart, respiratory system, muscles, brain, stomach, skin, hands, and feet. When the vertebrae are misaligned and you have this nerve interference, your body can’t perform efficiently because it isn’t getting the right messages from the brain. When they run into interference, some messages may take detours; others slow down or lose their way. Misalignment of the vertebrae can often exist undetected and slowly undermine one’s health and thus our body does not always function at optimum performance. Occasionally, one or more of your vertebrae will move out of alignment; we call this nerve interference or a subluxation. Where misalignments occur, the spinal openings narrow distorting the flow of innate energy throughout the body. If the nerve flow is disturbed because of nerve interference, chemical imbalance occurs and the body will function less efficiently. Its ability to fight off infection is weakened and your immune system is compromised—this can result in fever, dizziness, coughing, upset stomach, and many other conditions. Often these conditions are our body’s way of attempting to restore health. Correcting nerve interference will help your body return to normal function. The more you understand the way your body functions, the more you will be motivated to take care of yourself.

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