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Toureiffel - 27 partner Reviews - 23504 Calabasas Rd, Calabasas, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (818) 223-3467
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23504 Calabasas Rd (at Mullholland & Valley Circle)
Calabasas, CA 91302
(818) 223-3467
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Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA
Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA
Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA
Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA
Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA
Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA
Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA
Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA
Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA
Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA
Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA
Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA
Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA
Toureiffel - Calabasas, CA


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I live in Woodland Hills and I received a flyer from the restaurant TOUREIFFEL who took the place of FIN'S since October. I had to try this new restaurant. It was a great mom...


Fins used to be one of my favorite restaurants. I had not been in a while and went there on Saturday and was very disappointed. To start, there was a really strange smell in the...

Toureiffel leaves much to be desired 3/22/2011

We had reservations for lunch but never got a chance to dine because the restaurant decided to lock their doors and not bother to call the person who had made the reservation. They didn't even have the courtesy to leave a note on the door stating why they were closed. I had called them in the morning to confirm, and they told me they were opened - this was an hour before I got there. There are too many other restaurants with owners who are couteous and care about their customers. It's obvious Toureiffel is not one of them. They offered NO excuse for their classless behavior. more

GREAT FOOD 1/26/2011

I recently had dinner at the New TourEiffel restaurant and I had an amazing experience! Not only was the atmosphere great, but the food is phenomenal! I had the Seared Scallops with truffles and Mushroom Risotto, the dish could not have been any better! The fish was amazing and the risotto was very delcious! The service was great, and we had time to enjoy our meal without being rushed out. At the end of our meal, the owner came out and asked how we enjoyed our meal. After we told them how much we loved it, they gace us a taste of a French Champagne. I can't wait to go back! It's about time Calabasas has a delicious French Restaurant in town! more


I live in Woodland Hills and I received a flyer from the restaurant TOUREIFFEL who took the place of FIN'S since October. I had to try this new restaurant. It was a great moment. The halibut I ordered was perfectly cooked, my husband chose the filet mignon with foie gras. All accompanied by an excellent bottle of BORDEAUX SAINT EMILION. The service was perfect and the music group has given us an unforgettable moment. We highly recommend this restaurant. more

GREAT FOOD! 1/26/2011

live locally in calabasas and I usually go to the commons for dinner but I got a flyer for a new restaurant called Toureiffel. I found out that it was the restaurant that replaced Fins. So I thought i should give it a try. First off it was nice to see the new chairs and tables. The red chairs and red roses on every table felt very romantic. The first time i went was with my husband cause i said i wanted to go to have a romantic night out. We stared with a nice bottle of French wine, i don't know what it was my husband picked it out. For and app we got a couple things. I had the Salmon Tartar and my husband had the French Onion Soup and we enjoyed those very much. for our entrees the server was very helpful guiding us through the menu and I had chose the halibut, which was cooked perfectly and my husband had the Fillet Mignon Rossini. The server did not mention that there was foie gra with the fillet but .. but when we tried it we didn't know what it was .. (our first experience with Foie Gra) and we loved it! after our entrees we had dessert! now let me tell you .. they came out like a work of art! so beautiful and so delicious you have to try them! we split the mille feuille it was so good!!! I give this place a five star because this place needs help and they were so nice to us and we can't wait to go back... -Barbara more

Bad food and service 1/21/2011

TourEiffel is not the place to go for a good meal. The fish is over cooked and lacks flavor. We went there to celebrate a birthday and it was a huge mistake. When we returned the halibut the manager refused to take it off the bill. Even though my fiancé had one bite when he sent it back. We ended up having to pay for the dish we sent back and the new one they brought in its place. I later called the owner Evelyn; she said “it is not the owner’s fault if a customer doesn’t like a dish.” She said, “I have noticed Americans don’t take responsibility. Americans think they can just taste a dish then send it back if they don’t like it.” I said, “I enjoyed my meal however, my fiancé did not, his was lacking taste and over cooked. “ She replied, “I don’t know if you have ever been to Europe, but if we don’t like a dish we still pay for it. In Europe we take responsibly for what we order.” I let her know I have been to many upscale restaurants and have never heard of this. She said, “I own restaurants in Europe and the customers their take responsibility. I wish Americans would change and be more responsible.” Then she threw in how “Americans like to say they are celebrating a birthday just to get free stuff. “ That was just really upsetting to me. We were celebrating my fiancé 40th birthday, which in America is a big day. If a customer doesn’t like e a dish and doesn’t eat the dish and returns it, we have the right in America to not have to pay for it! I have never experienced this kind of treatment in places like Mr. Chow or Nobu. Even Les Chefs de France in Disney world has 100 times incredibly better tasting French food and customer service, than TourEiffel. more


BE WARNED !! THIS IS NOT FINS - THEY MOVED!!! I went here w my girl for my bday and BOY was that a big mistake. We made a rsvp for this place (why?), showed up and there was only one other party there. Jen was our waitress and was the ONLY pleasant thing there - probably because shes the only AMERICAN. THE REVIEW: My girl ordered Lobster Ravioli bisque to start. She tried it and it was stomach turning. A layer of oil covered the top and it was very thick - like an over-reduced custard. I took a spoonful of the same after my girl took one and pushed it away. We told Jen it was terrible. She apologized and took it off the table. Let me tell you right now, we are the type of people that wont send something back unless there is something really wrong. This was REALLY wrong. Next dish to arrive was the steak tartar for my girl and the halibut for me. Hers was good. Mine was like rubber - tasteless and VERY VERY chewy. I said to Jen I know halibut is like a steak but this is ridiculous. She said she understood and asked was there something else I would like. I still wanted fish so I figured the Black COD ; they couldnt screw that up right? Guess again. Fish should not be cooked to end up chewy hard like calamari. After this I lost my appetite and didnt eat anything. I didnt bother to send the cod back - I just wanted to get out of this dump fast. We asked Jen for the check. Shockingly, unlike here in AMERICA, they billed us for the 2 plates we sent back. Jen said her mgr would not take them off and asked if we would like to talk to the mgr. Needless to say, the mgr came and says " You AMERICANS, think you can just order anything and send it back if you dont like it. In EUROPE they are responsible and pay for what they order". I responded, we barely touched it and what we sent back was NOT edible. He said there was nothing wrong with the dishes we were served. I said well then YOU eat it if YOU like it. He says he called the owner and asked her what he should do(?), and she said we should be billed for all. Im thinking why does a "mgr" have to get approval to remove $45 of food that wasnt eaten - another first in my 40 years. Our waitress Jen was befuddled and was definitely not happy her mgr wouldnt offer any kind of comp as customer service. I said I take it this happens very often; at least here it does!!!! See the other reviews. These people have never heard of when in ROME do as the ROMANS. THESE frenchies think they can serve crap on a plate any way they want and we Americans are gonna love it - not today frenchy. Why do they come here in the first place and expect everyone to be like them? GO BACK TO FRANCE! TAKE YOUR CRAP FOOD WITH YOU. My girl wasted more time calling the Owner - Evelyn or whatever. My girl explained the issue and literally she kept repeating over and over the exact same words as the MGR had said, "YOU AMERICANS....etc etc" and that "Americans always say its their BDAY to get something free" - seriously evelyn???!?. she even said that our waiter Jen would do anything for a tip including side with the customer. Well Evelyn surprise surprise I know you have no clue at all what you are talking about now because you didnt know JEN was embarrassed and REFUSED OUR TIP. WE had to literally grab her hand and put cash in it - so wheres your big ANTI-American comment now EVELYN?. In conclusion, this has to be the worst place I have EVER been to-EVER! and I have been to alot including a 5* french restaurant that has a 6 month waiting list. I have also worked at 4* restaurants in Bev Hills. I know my food. This was the most culturally illiterate group of Frenchies I have ever met. FYI evelyn - I am a Euro who has been to every country in the EU. I have never experienced such a lack of responsibility for customer service in a small restaurant business. Stay away.. this place is a hazardous landfill. I ADDED a PIC of the 2.5 oz halibut-rock I paid $30 for - that I couldnt eat. more

Not great 12/13/2010

Saw it on OpenTable and had to try it, we love French food... We were surprised that Fins was gone in place of TourEiffel when we got there, they said Fins was only gone for a week and they opened. We were seated in the corner and the only table without a light above it. The wine list is horrible, very small. We had the escargot appetizer, which was good, but different being served with mashed potatoes... We read a couple reviews prior to going and it said the food was bland, so... my wife ordered the seafood risotto, which was, well, bland, I got the steak tartare which was good, I would have tired the Filet but I didn't feel like spending $38.95 on it and the rest of the meat was mostly duck or had Foie Gras, which my wife won't let me eat... the waitress seemed pre-occupied and not all that friendly. Another review said they got complimentary soup, and now that I look back, everyone we saw had it but us, so now i'm even more mad. I read another review that the owner wouldn't talk to the not so happy customer, which is too bad, maybe if they listened to the customers they could make the place a little better and stay in business, the way it is now, they won't last long and I don't think that they should be able to keep the old "good" reviews from Fins, people could get the wrong idea.... more

Tour Eiffel - Food Awful 11/13/2010

After many years in Calabasas, we looked forward to a new dining experience. We were surprised to get a reservation in minutes on a Friday night. After eating at Tour Eiffel, we are now understand why the restaurant was nearly empty on a Friday night. It was probably the worst meal we ever had. Food was cold and tasteless. Our server was confused and it was clear that she wasn't happy to be working there. There was an obvious issue with every dish we had down to a desert that we could not even cut into it was so hard. Even the "French" beard was stale. We were told that he owner didn't care if we liked the food or not and she didn't want to hear what we had to say. We were not angry or acting in any way other than the desire to express our displeasure. As a matter of fact, we were being very nice and felt that as a new restaurant, the owner would like some feedback from new customers. When the dessert came, we actually laughed at how bad everything was from start to finish. I mean, who can make a chocolate dessert bad? Answer: Tour Eiffel. Well, I guess it's true that the owner just didn't care, because we never saw her come out to speak to us or any of the other less than happy customers. So, save your cash and skip Tour Eiffel. You would be better off with a burger at Islands or Red Robin. Or, a taco combo across the street at Sagebrush. The food may not be what you want at these places, but I guarantee it will be better than Tour Eiffel. more

Yay for yummy food 7/7/2010

The BoyToy and I went here for my bday and we have gone back at least 5 times since... we love this place now Pros: tasty, good service more

Great, Year after Year 1/28/2010

My wife and I have been going to Fins for years now. They are perfectly consistent in making every effort to insure we have a great time. We experiment with different choices on the menu and rely on their recommendations fairly often, they never let us down. Its always been perfect service and food. I'm sorry to see that someone else had a bad time, they are truly nice people who care about their patrons. Pros: Perfect Service and Food Cons: none more

great ambience at night 10/6/2008

i think the ambience at night for this place is great. i've had better seafood for sure but this is the only seafood place in the valley. if ur too lazy to drive then u have to settle for this. more

Average food, nice ambience 5/18/2008

Went on a friday night...parking is horrible and the valet treats your car like Sh*t. The food was not very good and reading their website as well as this one, I thought it was the best seafood in the valley, NOT AT ALL! I do not recommend this place at all. more

Finally, these guys are back on track! 5/11/2008

I had written a poor review on this restaurant about a month back. Well, I had a friend that wanted to have dinner here. I take back all the bad things I said! It was SOOOOO much better. I had the Bangkok Jumbo Prawns and Calamari appetizer and the Macadamia Halibut. The appetizer was good, but the halibut was off the chain! I am a huge foodie and I was very pleased. The fish was crispy on the outside and moist underneath the macadamia nuts. And the peanut sauce is insane. The service, ambience and food were great! It looks like these guys may be back on track! more

I would have tried the filet mignon or the steak but the... 8/28/2007

jisook Provided by Partner
I would have tried the filet mignon or the steak but they're known for their seafood so I ordered the lobster. The only thing that "wow'ed" me wer... more

Not as good as it used to be! 8/19/2007

I eat out alot so I do expect good food and service, but I am also fair. I usually don't do the review thing but my friends said I should since I am such a foodie. I recently ate at Fins and found I agree with a previous reviewer. The food is not nearly as good as I recall from past visits. I had the ahi and my friend the salmon. The salmon was dry and the ahi lacked flavor which was surprising since it used to be one of my favorite dishes. I tried to get our servers attention to request a replacement but this took quite awhile as eye contact seemed to be lacking. The overall energy of the place seemed to be 'off'. I'll wait a month or so and try again, in the meantime I recommend you try the Buddah Lounge in Agoura, same owner, different food with much better taste! Pros: Decor nice, patio great on warm nights Cons: food not what it used to be more

Classy, Romantic and Relaxing Ambiance 11/1/2006

This is a great restaurant for all occassions. I have had the pleasure of dining here with another couple on the patio, a party in a private room and we have even gone to a couple of the wine dinner. In each case I was impressed with the food and service. My favorite entree is the Edamame Seared Ahi and my husband really enjoys the Baked Seafood and to finish it off we love the death by chocolate cake. This restaurant is a wonderful place to go with anyone for any reason. more

BEST SEAFOOD PASTA EVER... in the WORLD!!! 10/22/2006

Nice setup, a very romantic place for dinner. Food is affordable and very good. Quality and quantity is good. Good service. Pros: Nice romantic place with great food Cons: More space between tables more

Not like it used to be 10/22/2006

Fins used to be one of my favorite restaurants. I had not been in a while and went there on Saturday and was very disappointed. To start, there was a really strange smell in the restaurant that we could not identify. We think it may have been the olives but it was not a pleasing smell. We ordered the king crab and the scallops. The crab was oversteamed which made it stringy and hard to remove from the shells. The scallops consisted of 5 medium-sized scallops swimming in sauce. For the cost, I would not go here again or recommend it to anyone. Pros: cute patio area Cons: below average food for the price more

Won't be back, spare yourself! 8/27/2006

I ate here recently with some fellow physicians that were here from out of town and I was quite honestly embarrassed by the service and food. It had been awhile since I had eaten at Fins and I was surprised at how mediocre this once nice restaurant had become. I had Scallops which were overcooked and chewy. The Steak was ordinary for the price and the quality of the Ahi Tuna was questionable. The service was OK but for a restaurant that has been around for so long I would expect much better from their chef and staff. Pros: ambience is still nice Cons: food, service and menu need major attention more

A Wonderful Dining Experience! 8/20/2006

My girlfriend and I were celebrating a special occasion, and had read good reviews of Fins so we decided to give it a shot. We could not have had a better experience. First off we were running a little late, so we called and they were able to accomodate us by moving back our reservation by an hour. The valet parking outside is very convenient, and only costs $2.50. When we arrived we were seated at a table on the patio--very romantic on a beautiful, warm evening. The service was excellent. Our server, Jennifer was friendly, helpful, and attentive without being obtrusive. I had the Sea Bass which was out of this world. The sauce is an amazing, homemade creation. It was creamy and spicy and really pulled the entre together. I would definitely order this again, although next time I am going to try the macadamia crusted halibut. My girlfriend had the peppered salmon with spinach and potatoes, which was also very good, but we both could not get over the sauce on the sea bass. We started with a bottle of wine, and oysters on the half shell. Before the entre, we each had a house salad, which is pretty large for a dinner salad, but was delicious. It had slices of tomato, garbonzo beans, red onion, and feta or gorgonzola cheese. For desert we had the fresh fruit fondue. Strawberries, boisenberries, slices of banana, oranges, and chunks of pound cake served with a dish of chocolate sauce which is warmed over a tea candle. We had a wonderful experience at Fins. They have a large menu, with many interesting looking entres. We will definitely be back. Pros: Menu, Ambience, Service Cons: Cannot here the live music on the Patio more
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French Restaurant, Continental, Seafood

Owner Message

  • TourEiffel is a fine French restaurant located in the city of Calabasas serving exceptional lunch and dinner. The French owners Hubert and Evelyne came to the United States from France along with 2 French chefs (Thibaut and Remi) who worked for their 2 restaurants located in Lyon, France. They have created a french selection menu with entries from Foie Gras or Escargot to Scallops with Truffles or Picatta de Veau. All of the courses are house-made and cooked to order with olive oil. TourEiffel has a contemporary modern style with 2 dining romms and a back patio along side a running creek . The fireplace in 1 of the dining rooms creates a romantic setting. TourEiffel is a perfect place to hold private parties or events working with customers to set up a price fixed menu.

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    Mon- Fri 11am-2:30pm; Sat-Sun 10am-2:30, Mon- Thu- 5:30pm-10:00pm; Fri-Sun 6pm-11pm
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    American Express, Visa, Master Card