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Tmj & Orogacial Pain Ctr

200 W Silver Spring Dr Ste 310
Milwaukee, WI 53217
(414) 964-6666
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Dr. Karkow is one of the nicest doctors I have ever had. She is personable, she does a thorough job examining you, asking you questions and prescribes accurate treatment for your...


These splints absolutely work but please if you go to this clinic request one of the other dentists instead of Dr. Karkow. She doesn't allow any patient input even if that input i...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/8/2013

Rude, demeaning office and billing staff, grossly misquoted the price (by $400) and dealt with lies from the Doctor herself. Don't bother with this place. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/6/2012

I just came back from TMJ of Milwaukee, and I should have listened to most of the reviews. While Dr. Mackman was courteous, he didn't take the time to listen to my symptoms. The office staff was rude and essentially lied about being in network. I contacted my health insurance company, and the providers never called to verify benefits. I was then sent on other referrals to other doctors with no calls back. I would highly recommend seeking help outside of the Milwaukee market. I've dealt with more professionals in other areas of the country. Milwaukee is in dire need of TMJ care. more

Treatment works but pick one of the other doctors 2/19/2011

These splints absolutely work but please if you go to this clinic request one of the other dentists instead of Dr. Karkow. She doesn't allow any patient input even if that input is gently suggested nor when it turns out that the input was correct. more

Dr. Karkow 12/7/2010

The first appointment I had with Dr. Karkow I knew she was pretty much a nut. I had never met her before and was sitting in a chair in the lobby. She asked the receptionist about a patient who must have been scheduled before me. When told the patient hadn't shown up or called, in a very snide way she said ""Well, I guess so and so just doesn't want to get well. That's just fine."" I saw her that day, and like another person who made comments I tried to get along with her despite her issues. I had the same experiences as others. I saw her for about 8 months I think. I too had her speak to me like I was a child and the power trip attitude. After I cancelled an appointment, she chastised me for that, for not wearing the splint enough, in a bullying way. Then when I said that I was leaving, she beat me to the door and held it closed and told me that she is my doctor and I have to do what she says. On my way out the receptionist said I needed to schedule my next appointment and I replied I don't want to do that right now and of course never did. Its great that she helps some people and its unfortunate that her personality issues interfere with her ability to get along with others. more

Excellent Doctor 11/16/2008

Dr. Karkow is one of the nicest doctors I have ever had. She is personable, she does a thorough job examining you, asking you questions and prescribes accurate treatment for your TMJ/ TMD problems. She tries to avoid surgery at all costs; with healthcare costs high, this is good news for me. I have never had a bad visit and I am happy that I came upon this site because I was incredibly disconcerted by the negative comments of some people. However, I was not entirely surprised because, in general, people are more likely to complain about things than express their contentment with them. \r \r I felt as though I needed to defend her because I wouldn't want someone with TMJ/D problems to decide not to see her based on complaints of very FEW patients. Her main goal is to get her patients feeling better as soon as possible, which is what I look for in a good doctor. I highly recommend her if you have jaw-related problems. Pros: Quality treatment, on-time, personable more

Recent Experience? 9/28/2008

Hello. Has anyone had any recent experience with Dr. Randall McDaniel at TMJ Orofacial Pain Center? How about with Dr. Richard Seymour at Chronic Pain Solution Center? I am looking for suggestions about TMJ practitioners to avoid or receive treatment with? Also, regarding TMJ - has anyone had any experience with upper versus lower splints for TMJ treatment? Thank you! more

Go anywhere but . . . 2/26/2008

I have heard good things about Dr. Karkow from other migraine sufferers but beyond that I have no first hand experience with her. I did see an associate of hers in the Milwaukee office and was pleased.\r All I can add to this is that I would avoid the Chronic Pain Solution Center, Dr. Seymour at all cost. See Dr. Karkow or see Dr. Frankenstein but don't go there. To say the experience there was horrible and a nightmare would be the understatement of the year. Pros: She's not Dr. Seymour Cons: None more

Dr. Karkow is great! 12/10/2007

I've been a patient for about a year now and not once have I had any problems with this office.... Dr. Kakow is always super nice and personable and takes time to talk to you. I'm reading these reviews and wondering if some of you are even talking about the same Doc.... as for the staff, I will admit that the receptionist may give off a vibe of being a little snooty but to be perfectly honest she has never once been rude or anything but nice. The dental assistant also mumbles a little when she talks but big deal. \r All in all I have had a good experience with Dr. Karkows office and would recommend it to anyone looking for TMJ treatment.\r \r Be aware tho --- You will most likley have to fight with your medical inscurance for coverage but just be persistant....Inscurance companies are jerks! How can treatment for loss of jaw function not be covered????? Pros: I really feel like Im getting good care more

Respnse 10/31/2007

First\r To the ignorant person who left a post insulting people with TMD. You shouldnt be so opinionated regarding topics you know nothing about. As a patient of Dr. Karkow..and a TMD sufferer for 16 years... I have the right to speak because I know what I'm talking about. What you don't realize is that people with TMD also experience neck pain, headaches, and back pain because it's all related. What else you are ignorant about is where your jaw connects to your skull you have soft discs that protect your jaw bone when you open and close your mouth (which you do ALOT of obviously) and if the discs are damaged.. leaking... slide out of place... your jaw bone grinds against your skull.. bone on bone... causing a crackling.. popping..and damaging your bones and joints in multiple ways..\r So if you want to experience TMD I have no problem knocking your jaw out of place so you can feel\r FIRST HAND the pain and turmoil of living with this on a daily basis...\r Oh..and for the record... I am NOT middle aged... NOT take anti depressants.. and my life is wonderful................. so again.. maybe you should leave your opinions to subjects you are more familiar with.............. like having no life.....\r \r Secondly... to the person who had a bad experiece with Dr. Karkow... I'm really sorry and shocked. Dr. Karkow has always been nothing but caring and extensive with her care... she looks at all angles of your life to see how she can improve your quality of life....she looks at how you sleep.. do you need physical therapy.. pain therapy.. etc. Maybe her proding questions makes you feel uncomfortable? \r I'm glad to have found her... I have seen sooooo many Doctors through the last 16 years and not has been able to offer me relief like she has because of her extensive knowledge and caring nature.\r I hope you decide to give her another chance....\r Pros: extensive knowledge.. caring nature Cons: office locations more

people with tmj are psychosomatic weirdos! 9/26/2007

Most people with TMJ pain are a bunch of wimps! And, for all you idiots out there, when you have pain in your temporalis region by your jaw joint, it's call TMD not TMJ. Everyone on the plant has TMJ, in fact they have 2 of them, TMJ stands for TemproMandibular Joint. Everyone has two jaw joints, one on the left side and one on the right side. The proper term for you retards out there is TMD, TemproMandibular Disfunction. Most people with TMD are middle aged divorce women and occasionally men. Who's lives stink and their job stinks and they're usually on antidepressant medication, as well as medical history and medication list a mile long. So for all of you TMD patients out there, quit your pissing and moning and get a life or try to improve your life, cause going to the dentist is the least of your problems. I think you need your heads examined at a ""shrink"", not a joint/tooth doctor! Sincerely, from A Normal Person Pros: building Cons: ?? more

Unprofessional; rude, and rather unpleasant 7/24/2007

Being in a professional field myself, and educated, I am highly dissapointed. I would have expected the docter-patient relationship to have gone smoothly. I was recommended, knowing of TMJ problems, to Dr. Karkow since she was local (Racine, WI). \r Typically, I am not one to make small talk. Yet, on the 1st meeting I asked questions that seemed out of the ordinary. She even quesioned my own choices, upon hearing of them, when deciding upon certain medications OUTSIDE of those in the dental medications. She was clever in asking prying questions. Mind you, I was in piercing pain during those months; my headaches turned into migraines. I was directed to her Milwaukee location for x-ray's, and then given a splint. The questionable 'grey' area is when I asked her what kind of splint I would be given. Knowing I wasn't covered under insurance, she DID give me a better upgraded version of it, minus the extra costs. However, after leaving her location, I was billed several visits (10 min visits to check on my splint) that were NOT billed before. They backtracked 2-3 months. \r The last visit I had with her was VERY uncomfortable. I had some back pain that day so I was unable to sit in the dentist chair. The visit was to check on the splint and make any adjustments. There was no reason I HAD to sit in the char, considering the circumstances. I told the assistant of the pain and she merely shrugged it off. In a power trip, she came into the room and became rather rude, as well condescending. She spoke to me like a 10 year old. I told her I was in pain and I wasn't able to sit in the chair, but I am willing to do anything else. She said I could leave if I could not. Shocked at this remark, I painfully slid in, while she merely sat behind and fixed my splint. I canceled my other appointments. \r Did she do her job well? Yes! Was she unprofessional? Absolutely! She did have a know-it-all attitude that bordered egotistical. Pros: Decent/Good Care Cons: Staff unorganized; doctor unprofessional more

Best TMJ treatment around 7/10/2007

First of all I must defend Dr. Karkow from the accusations that she is not a good doctor for your tmj. I have seen her for a couple years for the treatment of my tmj. I have not had to see her for awhile now because she is such a great doctor and took the time to explain that it would take time for this to work. She has been nothing but professional to me at all times when ever I saw her. \r Why are you people knocking down the doctor for something the staff at the office is doing???? Maybe if you would tell her your concerns about the staff she could address them with the other physican there. Instead of whinning and companing about the customer service, stop and take a look at what she had done for you and your tmj!!! \r If it wouldn't have been for her and her time and effort I would still be suffering from headaches and not knowing why or how to get rid of them. I for one will go back to her until the day she leaves this area!! Great work Dr. Karkow and I will stand behind you at all times. Pros: Knows her stuff Cons: office staff is not helpful at all!!! more

Dr Karkow? You deserve better! 6/3/2007

I would not recommend Dr Karkow to anyone expecting professionalism from their dentist, although I have tolerated both the doctor and her staff for years due to lack of alternatives in the Milw area. One receptionist at the Wauwatosa office has made scheduling appointments difficult, was rude and easily exasperated. Office also sent me back home rather than seeing the doc when unavoidably 15 minutes late (only time ever late), but doc is often very late, ""late driving from Racine office"" etc.\r Communicating and relating with Dr K herself is more challenging and less rewarding. She seems sympathetic, draws you out, and then disagrees with you or puts you down. I have never left the office without feeling like my self-worth was under attack. She will seek feedback about splint adjustment - if you can't tell, she chastizes. If you can tell and want more adjustments, she may refuse.\r \r One time when I was really trying to keep it light, she gave me a new splint case, so I said, ""How nice, this case is even a little smaller for my purse - thank you!"" Her immediate response was (paraphrasing) Oh, no, the case was BIGGER, because her business partner wanted that big clunky style but she wanted a smaller case, so she was sure it was bigger. So much for keeping it light - and why should I have to listen to that? Just be prepared - she is always right and if you don't like that, you will leave feeling like something isn't quite right about the doc-patient relationship.\r \r Lastly, Dr K would frequently complain (yes, that''s the word) to me that the professional who referred me to her was not sending reports about my progress. That's a fair concern, but when I mentioned it to the other professional, he said he was sending her regular reports, and that she was not communicating with him. Go figure.\r \r I myself find Dr K to be difficult to communicate with, sweet on the surface but an emotional ""put-down"", and I question some of her professional behaviors. Pros: No billing problems Cons: Staff rude, doc always right and you leave feeling emotionally trampled every time! more

Not recommended for jaw problems 5/4/2007

Dr Karkow's office in Racine, WI is the last place I want to visit at this time. I had the worst experience I've ever had in a Doctors office and it will be the last. I spent my 1st visit (2/28/07) their and felt the tension in this office as soon as I walked in the door only because the Doctor was upset that she had to talk to a patient about the billing issues. I thought it was just a little mix up until it happened to me. My visit with Dr Karkow was very pleasant, but once I had to set up an appointment for an X-ray in the Wauwautosa clinic that's when all the problems began. I was up front with them when I said, I have Medical/Dental Insurance but they do not cover this TMJ treatment. Dr Karkows secretary said ""Pay the Xray upfront we can make your appointment for next week,or wait 4 weeks until we submit through your insurance company"". I waited the 4 weeks (3/19/07) until I could speak to the billing department. I called billing several times during those few weeks and left several messages but no response. The day before my X-ray the X-ray receptionist called to confirm my appointment and before we hung up I wanted the cost of this X-ray so I can pay it upfront"", she transferred me to billing and I left another message. Well the X-ray was done without me paying for them and my next and last appointment with Dr Karkow was on April 4th, I arrived 1/2 hour early for 6 PM appointment and the staff wasn't happy. Around 6:30 PM Dr Karkows assistant called me in and said ""since you didn;t make arrangements with biling we cannot treat you without the money upfront and it's been noted on your chart that Kelly from billing called you 5 times and received no response from you. Dr Karkow saw how upset I was and said we cannot worry about payment you need treatment stat. At the receptions desk the assitant said ""no payment, no splint and you can cancel the next appointment April 11th 2007"". I am now going to Dr Monteagudo in West Allis. Pros: Possible best place for TMJ treatment. Cons: Staff treats people like dirt. more

I had a great experience at Dr Karkow's office and I feel great! 4/13/2007

Dr Karkow was very helpful with my jaw pain and headaches. She helped me a lot and I feel wonderful right now. I would recommend her to anyone for treatment more

Good Dentist?, but poor treatment. 11/14/2006

My wife is seeing Dr. Karkow for treatment of TMJ. While Dr. Karkow seems competent, her therapist (actually the receptionist!) made my wife extremely uncomfortable. Dr. Karkow was not sympathetic to her concerns, and refuses to continue treatment for my wife. Others may never have this problem, but we are now faced with driving to Madison for treatment. more
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