The Field Museum of Natural History


1400 S Lake Shore Dr (at off 18th St)
Chicago, IL 60605

(312) 922-9410
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The Field Museum of Natural History - Chicago, IL
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For the Kids, highlights of this museum are Dinosaur trail where they can watch the technicians work on fossils, see the ice age and more, at Inside Ancient Egypt kids can unravel...


I cried when I went to the Field museum in Chicago because they had no Greeco- Roman art. The best thing about my time there was probobly getting a discont on admission (If you do...

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Editorial Review 10/28/2011

For the Kids, highlights of this museum are Dinosaur trail where they can watch the technicians work on fossils, see the ice age and more, at Inside Ancient Egypt kids can unravel the mysteries of the mummies, the Underground Adventure where kids can learn about soils and the diverse creatures living in the soil. The Nature walk, where you can explore the ecosystems. more

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Not Just For Field Trips 5/27/2006

The Field Museum is more than a storehouse for biological and historical items; it's a place to learn without feeling like you're being instructed. The exhibits are really well put together, from shoes to dinosaurs. Be sure to see the King Tut exhibit, open through January 2007. Admission extra. City Pass saves you 50% on regular admission. A good trip for families, friends and, of course, school groups. more

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Grown to Enjoy this Museum As I Have Gotten Older 5/23/2006

I remember being taken to this museum for class trips when I was younger. I don't recally liking it that much. This is one of those museums where you see a lot of displays with stuffed animals in fake habitats. When you are a kid and have been taken to the Museum of Science and Industry where you can play with some of the exhibits, looking at a bunch of stuffed animals was not very fun. This has changed as I have gotten older. I went to the museum with a friend and his two young children about a year ago and I loved it. It was great to see the Savo lions, for example. The legendary man-eating lions that the movie "The Ghost and the Darkness" was based on. They have redesigned the Egypt exhibit as well. All of the mummies are really cool and kinda spooky. Even the animal exhibits seems more interesting and exciting since I have gotten older. The displays are well done and well lit. We had a lot of fun the whole day. Maybe the smaller kids will be a little bored. There is a lot of reading to be done to really learn anything here. However, if you have older kids and are looking for a fun time in a cool old building with great architecture in downtown Chicago...this is the place. more

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T-Rex, Is that a musician 5/17/2006

Giant bones, skeletons everywhere! pretty wierd huh? Well it has a purpose; to teach everyone about the past. A giant skeleton of a dinasaur named Sue greets you as you walk in. They just discovered recently that Sue might be have been a boy! A boy named Sue! The museum campus is also the home of the Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium and now Northerley Island. This location offers one of the best views of the city's sklyine. Bring your cameras! The Field Museum is a cool place indeed! I think it is free on Wed. more

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Great! 5/3/2006

We could easily spend a week at this museum and still not see it all! The dinosaur exhibit is by far the favorite around here, but we really like it all! If you live in the area and think you'll go a few times, it's more economical to purchase a year-long pass which pays for itself after only a couple of visits. This museum is a favorite Chicago activity! more

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Best Museum in Chicago 4/19/2006

The Field really is the best museum in Chicago. It has some of the most comprehensive exhibits and great collections. I spend way too much of my time there. My favorite permanent exhibits are the Hall of Jade and the Tibetan collection. I'm not a huge dinosaur person, but even I am awed by Sue. The special exhibits they have are awesome. I love the Chinese dinosaur exhibit and the Pompeii exhibit was interesting too. The King Tut exhibit is going to be amazing!! I can't wait to see it! Definitely dedicate a whole day when you decide to check out this place. more

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Mummies and Lions and Dinosaurs, OH MY!!! 4/15/2006

I cried when I went to the Field museum in Chicago because they had no Greeco- Roman art. The best thing about my time there was probobly getting a discont on admission (If you don't want to see one of the special exhibits, you can save $7 a person) Instead I saw the "Evolving Planet" display. It gave a really liberal veiw of how the world was created, but they had cool pictures of animals that don't exist anymore. I went on the tour of "Ancient Egypt" which was good, but very impersonal. The "Auswitch Diaries" was probobly my favorite part. All in all I was disapointed by this museum, but it would be great to take young kids to meet Sally! more

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The Field Museum 4/8/2006

Spend a full day here to take it all in. I love the animal exhibits on all continents in natural habitat type environments, the dinosaurs - Sue, the anthropology collections. (The largest preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex ever discovered is Sue). So much history. And don't forget to check out the regularly changing feature presentations. I've seen everything from Chocolate to Egypt and am always impressed. The Field Museum is so big, you can practically spend the entire day just going through all the exhibits. They also have new exhibits each year as last year they had the Jackie Kennedy exhibit. A must place to visit in Chicago more

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Great for history fans 3/31/2006

The Field Museum is one of the most popular and famous museums in Chicago. It is best to find out when the free days are, and attend then. Otherwise, admission can be very expensive. The displays are both educational and inspiring. You can truly spend an entire day in the museum. It is probably not good to bring young children; they will get bored. However, it is a wonderful experience for anyone even slightly interested in natural history. more

Interesting place to spend a Sunday afternoon 3/21/2006

The Field Museum is not the best of Chicago's museums, but it is still an interesting place to go once in a while, especially if you want to see the T-Rex. These days, I usually only go there when there's a special traveling exhibit in town. For example, there's going to be a King Tut exhibit from May 2006 to January 2007, and I will definitely be there for it. Although this is certainly a family museum that everyone can enjoy, I would recommend taking very young children to the museum of science and industry instead, as they have more interactive displays to keep the young ones entertained. more

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Great Museum 3/19/2006

This is one of Chicago's finest museums. It smells like moth balls so you pretty much know everything is well preserved. As a child my favorite part about this place was to count all the steps on the way up to the door. There are a lot of them. The field museum traces the evolution of man, beast and earth. You will see a sample of hundreds of mammals, birds, rocks and earthenware. The mammals are stuffed and positioned in mock natural settings to give you an idea of their home environments. You can also tour samples of every continent. It's a very interesting place.! more

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A Boy Named Sue 3/19/2006

Yes it's true that's what I recently heard on the news. Sue may indeed have been a boy. Johnny Cash would haved loved to hear this. Sue the largest skeleton of a T-Rex that's intact welcomes you as you enter thru the massive front entrance. If you don't mind looking at skeletons, stuffed preserved animals and relics from in some cases thousands of years ago than this is the place for you. I know this creeps some folks out, but hey it won't hurt you, you can learn alot, get in alot of good walking(this place is huge) and spend some cash at their cafe or gift shop too. more

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Dinosaurs and more at Field Museum 3/18/2006

The Field Museum is one of the Big Three of the Museum Campus, just north of Soldier Field. The Field has been living off its mega-shows like the recent Pompeii exhibition, with King Tut on deck for a busy summer in 2006. This neoclassical building houses lots of other exhibits too, so feel free to wander around and explore but don’t get too lost or you will be locked in with some scary-looking artifacts. more

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Check Out Sue 3/17/2006

You should see this T-Rex! The head alone is about the size of me. This place is very interesting. You can see meteors that were found all over the world. They also have an indoor walkway that leads you through all of these display animals. There is also a few decent places to get a sandwich inside here and a large McDonald’s at the base. more

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Good Museum 3/16/2006

I enjoy the Field Museum but I wasn't wowed by the place. The regular exhibits were fine, but the special exhibits you pay extra for didn't impress me, especially their "Underground" exhibit, where you see life through a bug's eyes. I felt they should have specified it was a kids exhibit, because that's what it seemed like - with big plastic bugs moving up and down. more

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Not that Great 2/20/2006

This is one of the most popular museums in Chicago. It is always busy. But when I visited, I was not very impressed. For one, they charged 18 dollars per person to enter. And then inside, most of the exhibits required us to purchase extra tickets. For the basic price, there was nothing really impressive to see. Most of the exhibits were sparse and many were closed or "under construction." I would have rather spent my money somewhere more fun. more

The BEST Museum in Chicago 12/31/2005

The Field Museum: A Geek's Paradise! I am a geek and I can tell you straight off, there is no better way to spend a day in Chicago than at the Field Museum. There is something for everyone here: dinosaur fossils, ancient civilizations, an extensive [and regretfully macabre] collection of stuffed animal specimens - including the lions that inspired the film 'The Ghost and the Darkness'. You could spend hours getting lost among the artifacts and fossils; the Egyptian exhibit alone, which includes a replica Egyptian tomb AND ship, could be a full day adventure. Each time you go, there is something new to browse, and always some traveling exhibit - ranging from artifacts from the famous King Tut to items from China's Forbidden City. The Field Mueseum is a gateway to another time, another place... high recommended! more

History...Made Interesting 12/13/2005

I'm really not a history person - I'm more of a math oriented person, but the exhibits at the Field Museum are another reason why Chicago truly has the best museums around. Just walking in the front door, you realize what a small part of this world we really are. And then looking at cavemen to ancient dinosaurs, you realize that there really is more to this world than what we see in our day to day lives. It's truly something to appreciate. more

One Of The Great Landmark In Chicago 10/14/2005

Field Museum of Natural Industry is an educational museum of nature. They have several exhibits including dinosaurs, mammals, Africa, Asia and mummies to name a few. It is located on the Lake Shore right next to Lake Michigan. It is a excellent place to bring your children to learn natural history with several displays. The Field Museum is so big, you can practically spend the entire day just going through all the exhibits. They also have new exhibits each year as last year they had the Jackie Kennedy exhibit. A must place to visit in Chicago! more

A dinosaur and other exhibits 8/21/2005

The Field Museum is one of the most famous museums in Chicago—recently due to Sue the Dinosaur. This huge tyrannosaurus is prominently featured near the entrance and has to be the most popular display, but there is plenty more to see. Children might become bored with some of the artifacts on display, but it is fascinating for adults. more
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    The Field Museum has made a name for itself with media splashes like the Tyrannosaurus rex (aka ""Sue"") exhibit as well as mainstays like the permanent Underground Adventure...

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