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Supperclub San Francisco - 55 Reviews - 657 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA - Special Occasion Dining Reviews - Phone (415) 348-0900

Supperclub San Francisco

657 Harrison St (at between 3rd Street and Hawthorne Street)
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 348-0900
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Supperclub San Francisco - San Francisco, CA
Supperclub San Francisco - San Francisco, CA
Supperclub San Francisco - San Francisco, CA
Supperclub San Francisco - San Francisco, CA
Supperclub San Francisco - San Francisco, CA
Supperclub San Francisco - San Francisco, CA
Supperclub San Francisco - San Francisco, CA
Supperclub San Francisco - San Francisco, CA
Supperclub San Francisco - San Francisco, CA


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Good place to hang out with friends and your sweethearts!\r What I like about supperclub is its atmosphere. If I go there, I feel very comfortable, fully relax and behave myself ...


First let's start with the positive. To be fair, I must say, this definately was an experience. The decor, atmosphere, and personalities definately made the night fun. This ni...

Dirty Not Professional 11/1/2010

My husband and I were in San Francisco on our anniversary, we went to this place to celebrate our special day.. It was awfull, since the preformer started, i was throwen with a piece of meat on my table and the glasees of wine was spilled all on me. The show was so terrible not professional throwing food on people while they having dinner. I was so dissapointed ,people in The Embarcadero St preforms better than this place. I had the restaurant Manager come over to our table just to appolize, but she said that she can not do anything regarding what happen> What kind of management they have in this 5 start rest horrible.....I will never recommend this place at all..... Really bad service \r more

Eat before, or plan to eat later... 8/30/2010

First let's start with the positive. To be fair, I must say, this definately was an experience. The decor, atmosphere, and personalities definately made the night fun. This night was a surprise from my guy, I had no idea what I was getting into, so when we were greeted by a queen in drag calling us ""Sluts"" I thought what fun. We were given a bed number- so you can guess my anticipation from that point. The staff was courteous and played up the campy/burlesque vibe which dominated the evening. Again, fun. We got on our ""bed"" and waited for the show. \r Totally LOVED the performer in the checkered body stocking and her interactive dancing. But from that point, if you blinked you missed the rest of the acts. The performances were very short, and if you had a seat on the left wall behind the DJ counter you had to stand up on your bed to see while being careful not to knock over your tray. \r Now for the food and drinks. I ordered a mojito and could not drink it because it seemed like straight alcohol. So then I ordered a specialty drink with all kinds of fruits and it was just as stout. I was starving so I didn't dare drink either one and I was so glad I didn't, my boyfriend who is a retired football player got blotto on his vodka tonics (3 of them) which is usually no big deal. \r We sat down at around 7:30 and did not recieve our first course until around 8:45. The shrimp salad was sparse but tasted great. About 30 minutes later we got what seemed like lobster bisque, pretty good. At around 9:15 I got a prime rib (tough and undercooked) slathered in horseradish sauce over a smidge of mashed potatoes. I was still starving and getting tired of standing to be able to see, I just gave up and tried to sip on my watered down drink, which was still too strong. The desert tasted great, fresh fruit, a small dollop of ice cream and a light wafer. My boyfriend was slurring how he expeced Cirque de Solie and our own bed and that he was still hungry, the sweet waitress sensed that we were done with the whole thing and expedited our ticket saying that if we waited much longer it would be difficult to get out and catch a cab. I was exhausted by the end of this experience, but can say that the excitement and apprehension that lead up to the dining experience was great fun. \r A bit of advice, they would do well to put normal amounts of liquor in the drinks and spend the money on a menu selection, and more acts to perform maybe twice instead of one time it would solve alot of problems. Also, the DJ booth is a severe problem. Move that or don't seat people behind it. That is just thoughtless and a little disrespectful to patrons that pay alot to be there. more

waaaaaaaaaaaaay overrated place!!! 4/11/2010

I went to the place last night with a group of 10 pple for a bachelorett party!\r we were informed of the weitress that the menue was a secret!!!! i couldnt belive it!! when you pay 70$ just for the food, you sure want to know what they are serving you.\r I ended up paying 70 $ for : 3 piece of tofu, a small boll of green bean soup, a half cup rice seasoned with herbs and a creme brulle(wich was the only good part of the 4 course meal). the timing between each dish was bad, tok aprox. about 30-60 min between each course. was served . what they served should have costed me ca. 35 dollor if it was at a nice restaurant.\r \r I ended up spending 130$ for a simple vegeterian food and 2 glass wine( no fancy wine either).......i felt ripped off!\r I went home hungry and warmed up some lasagna after i went home....\r \r They had poor exciuse av entertainment!!!!!! \r I was kinda expected a show with a theme or some dansing or singing but all i got was a old drag doing some moves and singing an unrecognizable song.......\r and the music was so yesterdays music, they need to update their song selections! i felt i was back in 90's again!\r \r Overall, you are not getting the experience nor the food that you are paying for!!! \r Take your money and spend it some where else!!!! Pros: big bed you can sleep throu the entire evening Cons: Expencieve, no entertainment,long wait for food, poor menue more

This could be SUCH a better place 1/15/2010

Saw this restaurant on the Travel Channel so decided I wanted to go for my birthday last July. The menu was very nice we started with appetizers that was like a duck mousse, followed by a soup mushroom base soup with white truffle oil and creme fraiche (very rich) Chicken Coq au Vin was not as exciting as the rest of the menu had been but the evening ended with a very tasty Creme Brulee with a macaroon cookie. The entertainment is... entertaining without being overkill also we went on a Friday night 7/17 (my birthday) and it wasn't busy at all. The entire upstairs was empty but I think this may have been because the bondage event was the next evening. :) Service was attentive and very very nice after reading the comments and reviews regarding the errors in bills taken to the table afterward (on here and other review sites) I was curious as to what (might) happen but it was fine. Drinks prices were to be as expected. Nice atmosphere definitely a must do for at least once in your life. Respectfully Reviewed Pros: Interesting Atmosphere Cons: Very Pricey, Entertainment was lacking more

Don't go on a weeknight 9/7/2009

I have lived in SF for quite a while and was reluctant to go to the Supperclub, thinking it was more of a tourist attraction. I finally took the plunge for a friend's b-day and for the most part am glad I did. I was fairly impressed with the food, but not blown away. What I didn't appreciate was the lack luster entertainment. It was a bit of a slow weeknight and they had some tired old queen dressed in a bunny suit prancing around and being surly. It seemed like they dragged her out of an AA meeting to fill a vacant spot when they couldn't get any real entertainment for the evening. I don't know what the regular entertainment is like but if I were to go back again, it would most definitely be on a weekend. Pros: Food was good and maitre'd was adorable Cons: Sorry excuse for entertainment more

Did not live up to expectations, eat, you will leave hungry 8/25/2009

I picked this place as a special treat for my husband's birthday. I had heard rave reviews on the Travel Channel the previous week and the website looked great. I made a reservation online. The website had some kind of glitch and never sent me the confirmation code. After doing this thrice, I called and confirmed my reservation.\r \r The place was easy to find. As we entered, we were greeted by 2 guys offering popcorn and candyfloss. We moved on to the host who could not find my reservation and kept asking me for my name until someone told him to just let us in. I loved his costume though.\r \r The bar was nice, living up to the over-the-top image. However, the bartender served me wine that had turned (they need to store their wine better than just keep open bottles around). I did get a new glass of wine upon bringing to his notice. We didn't have to wait too long to be led into the main restaurant.\r \r At first, the space appears to be so much smaller than on the website or the Travel Channel. The beds were very comfortable and the decor is white and simple. I do wish they would have bigger tables so we could place our large dinner plates. Eating on a plush mattress is a little bit of a challenge....\r \r The entertainment was kind of random, but the 2 trapeze acts were both really good. Maybe it was my previous trip to Vegas and grand performances, but I didn't think the performances were out of the ordinary in terms of themes or variety. I was kind of disappointed , maybe I was expecting too much....We couldn't see some of the performances since the performer was in front of a large screen on the 2nd floor (we were seated on the 1st floor). \r \r The server did ask us about any food reservations since the first course was raw fish. The appetizer was decent, the second course was just terrible (some kind of soup in a dog bowl). The main course (chicken) was average. The only thing I really liked was the dessert (strawberries and cream). Portions were tinyyyyyy so I was left hungry and I overheard other patrons saying this too.\r \r My husband ordered a couple of drinks and he really liked them all. I also got him a massage and he said it was really good. After the end of the meal, the dance floor was opened to guests. I did not appreciate the music much (too much European techno - disco). Most people did not join us on the dance floor, it just wasn't as happening. After about 30 mins or so, we decided to leave in search of some more food!!\r \r Overall, I wish I got more value for my buck....but my husband had a blast.\r \r Pros: Cool concept, nice ambience, decent performances Cons: Poor coordinated show, below average food, overpriced more

Enjoyed atmospher for price, but beware of big overcharges!! 3/1/2009

I did enjoy the atmospher which entailed trance-like music at a comfortable volume. Apparently show changes every evening per staff, but beware it is for adults only. Food was Vegan night!! I am not a vegiterian but even I can admit, It was a well portioned and tasty. This place is certainly not for families or conservative types. Their were two shows, one small cooky clown like performance which surprisingly turn into a strip clown. 2nd show was a swinging pole acrobatic but classy performance beautifully done with fantastic music. Music similar music to Crique du solei. Beds clean and comfortable, surprised dining in them was comfortable. I did not stay for dancing. We & many others were however over billed by $100. For 3 people, dinner was $65 plus 2 drinks each & a voz of black cherry mixed drink (which was fabulous) for $55, does not total $400!. They were overcharging everybody. Staff were kind, but one apparantly in charge turned ugly diva when we challanged bill a 2nd time!! they could not get it right. We waited more than 40mn. They did offer drinks while they refigured amt, so to not offend we said ok placed an order & then they bring us shots!! I/we make great $$ and tips well. They knew what they were doing, and banking on many that probably fell for it because they were all lit. Fortunantely we can hold our drinks, we ended up requesting they void card entirely and recalculate correctly. They took even longer. We said forget it, here $210 & we walked out. I am not a complainer, but my friend used to manage La Fondue restaurant, and she was not having it, particularly when floor manager tried to argue that we were give free drinks!! She straight up pointed it out on the receipt, and the chick sarcastically said ok, but by then my friend was insulted, and we all just pulled out cash, tossed it near their register and left.. So on a scale 1-10 entertainment 7, dinner 8, music 8,atmospher 7, serv 6, and price 8, but beware overcharges. Pros: Food good, price reasonable Cons: Beware of overcharges, both parties next too us were also overcharged more

GO for the experience, not the food! 1/24/2009

My guy and I were expecting a racy Cirque du Soleil-ish experience as per their website. As the cab circled the poorly lit street, we finally found the address by a door, no signage out front. A transvestite checked us in and offered to take our coats while escorting us into the bar. Fun pleather costumes on the bartenders and who quickly got us drinks and setteled in for the long 30 minutes wait, til we would be escorted to the dining room. Already the experience was more bizarre than alluring. Obese men showing lots of skin with bits of costumes and dual gendered actors in feel-me-up boxes was bizarre not tantalizing. Finally we were allowed to enter the dining room and settle into our bed. Fun just because my guy is a complete hottie and any bed with him is good! ;) Actors roamed around with varying degrees of undress. There didn't seem to be a theme to the costumes or party tricks that they were performing. We watched as the other patrons filed in and snickered when a young couple came in with her parents! (NOT the place to bring your conservative parents while they are in town for a visit! ) As the random and sometimes creepy (grown men in diapers on roller skates?!? UGH!) acts continued, they began to serve food. We were excited because the stellar view of the steamy kitchen had our mouths watering! Unfortunately, EVERY course they brought us included raw fish/seafood!!! YUK! We were not warned that this would be the case and we not given another option! We assumed we would devour the dessert as we were both famished after a long evening and many cocktails but the banana mousse they brought us was equally inedible! Burgers later for sure! We were expecting a show of some kind but it was just actors walking around doing party tricks. Great one-time experience for the bizzare and randomness but with mediocre actors and costumes and horrendous food, that was overpriced, I would suggest that you wait til later and pay the cover to enter as a club goer! Have fun!;) Pros: Fun and fancifull experience! Cons: Horrendous RAW food! more

Very recommend it 9/17/2008

It's very cool inside. I like that circle bar in the middle, where it's always cool to chat and have a drink.\r The crowd is cool also. Good music. The place is big, which is always nice, since you gonna have planty of room. Oh, yeah! they have two dance floors. The secon one is much more smaller, but still it's cool.\r I've never been there on Friday night, but on Sat it's always full. Very recommend it. more

Avoid, Avoid, Avoid!!! 9/1/2008

Horribly overpriced. The ""bedroom"" style seating is poorly executed and results in a very uncomfortable dining experience. It misses the mark on everything: food, show, service, and especially price. The food is okay, but comparable fare normally hovers around $25 at a restaurant (in comparison to the $60 cover at supper club, drinks not included). This is not a Teatro Zinnani or Beach Blanket Babylon, so don't expect dinner theater, though it may try. The entertainment devolves in a few sloppy exhibitions which attempt to shock you with alternative lifestyle themes, but are little more than party tricks. If you ignore me and decided to go, at a minimum take this advice- do not make reservations for 4, 6, or 8 because you will be allocated the same amount of space the 2 person parties are given. Instead make several reservations for parties of 2, get there early, and ask to be seated at adjacent tables. Or just don't go, thats the safe choice. Cons: price, everything more

Birthday bash 4/25/2008

Supperclub's never appealed to me. It struck me as a glitz over substance sort of place and given that I'm about food not flash; I've had no interest in patronizing it. However, when a friend invited me recently for cocktails to celebrate her birthday, I accepted. I figured since she'd reserved a private room (on a weeknight) it would be a fairly manageable experience. \r \r We arrived even before the birthday girl, ordered a couple drinks and made ourselves comfortable in ""bed"". Along with the birthday girl came the arrival of passed hors d'oeuvres - oysters, mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tiny cups of tomato soup and truffle popcorn. Talk about decadent, grown-up treats - and all were quite tasty to boot! \r \r I'm still not likely to choose Supperclub for a night out on the town, but my recent experience there definitely left a good impression. Pros: bar, lounge, good music, beds Cons: loud, expensive more

Overrated. 2/22/2008

Over priced and not worth the time or money. We payed a premium for a table. Service was extremely poor, even with our ""VIP"" table, they made us wait a while before letting us in. The place is overrated. more

Worst dining experience I've ever had 2/6/2008

My fiancee had been looking at this place for a while, and when it showed up on Dine About Town, we decided to go with a couple friends. We were seated at 7:30 along with everyone else (despite reservations for 7) and were the last to have our drink orders taken at 8. When we tried to order a few different wines we were told each time that they were out. Note: if you have something on the menu, keep some in stock. We eventually settled on cocktails and waters. Our first course, a salad with berries, blue cheese, and some sort of cracker, arrived at 8:30. It was pretty good, but we devoured it in 5 minutes because we were all so famished. Of course, then the blue cheese made us thirsty because we still didn't have our drinks. Those arrived around 8:45. At that point, we received a 5 minute ""show"" which was at the level of a high school drama skit and did nothing to distract us from the poor service, overly loud house music preventing us from talking, or the long wait between dishes. The main dish arrived at 9:30 and was a beef dish with a side of cheesy corn meal. It was luke warm when it arrived and, at best, mediocre in flavor. Now, we were still hungry and getting angry, so we asked our waitress for the bill and for our dessert to be boxed. She insisted that we should stay and that the kitchen couldn't be rushed, but we insisted harder. And seriously?!? 2 dishes in 2 hours for a pre-set meal is nowhere near rushing. When we got the bill we were told that the card machine was broken so we'd have to pay in cash. Oh, and 18% gratuity was added for our party of 5! I repeat: Party of 5! I assume this is because she knew the service was bad and we were angry because I've never heard of this for parties less than six. When we left at 10:30, we headed for a chinese restaurant where we knew we'd get hot food quickly. Overall: mediocre food, bad service, overpriced, underportioned, and served in a bad atmosphere. Pros: maybe the club after dining on a Friday or Saturday, I wouldn't know Cons: terrible service, overpriced, underportioned, overly loud music, bad shows more


Good place to hang out with friends and your sweethearts!\r What I like about supperclub is its atmosphere. If I go there, I feel very comfortable, fully relax and behave myself as I'm at mine friend's party. The music is great (mostly house music) and it it's not too loud as in some other clubs, when you almost have a headache from it. \r I was at the supperclub's dinners several times and every time there was a performance, delicious food that made an indelible impression on me! I still can't forget the taste of roasted peking duck breast with cherries.)) more

Hot Spot with great food 1/7/2008

My boyfriend and I went there for New Years and had an amazing time. We were expecting to enjoy ourselves but this place exceeded our hopes. It was sassy, campy and fun, with that said we were surprised at how good our food was. It was a perfect place to ring in 08! Pros: comfy beds and great music more

Expensive, poor service, tourist trap, waste of time and money 8/21/2007

Overpriced. I paid for table service and ended up waiting an hour and half for my table. Then they wanted to charge an upfront gratuity which was not earned. An hour and a half! What kind a service was that??\r Failed to live up to the Supperclub experience. San Francisco tourist trap. more

A Complete Waste Of Time And Money 8/4/2007

I had the displeasure of attending supperclub San Francisco on Friday night (8/3). I can't begin to express my profound disappointment in the entire experience. I should begin by congratulating Supperclub on great marketing. The website really makes an impressive visual impression of what a visitor can expect--musical numbers, acrobatic displays, incredible costumes, etc. Unfortunately, the actual experience is nothing like the marketing--not even close. There were no real shows or displays or anything else of interest except for a nice wall projection and expensive room lighting. The dining room was too warm, the food was mediocre, the music was too loud, and the ""shows"" were absolutely lame -- a creepy guy who puts on a tie while lip synching (badly) to a Depeche Mode song at the beginning of the evening and then puts on some make-up 3 hours later, and a marginally interesting drag queen who undresses at the end of the night. Seriously, Supperclub should be ashamed of the product they provide to their guests. $70 per person? For what? From what I experienced, supperclub is nothing more than a hip-hop dance club that happens to serve dinner. If I had known that, I wouldn't have bothered. Ironically, we went to supperclub because a good friend of ours went to the one in Amsterdam and absolutely raved about it. Perhaps that venue is as exciting and interesting as he described. That certainly is not the case in San Francisco. We wound up dropping nearly $500 for the 4 of us. What a complete and total rip off! Pros: Nice wall projection and expensive lighting Cons: Everything else more

An experience I'll never forget!!!!! 4/19/2007

i went with my cousin which needed a break from her stressful job, to which we both decided to dine at Supperclub on a Friday night. It was our first time there, and the place was packed when we arrived. The popcorn which had seasoning on it was delicious (keep in mind u can get more than one bag of it), the sashimi salad refreshing and definitely delicious (i eat sashimi all the time so i know what I'm talking about when I say fresh I MEAN it), the soup very smooth, light, warm and tasty. the meat entree was filling and perfectly portioned (one size fits all). the dessert was like a donut. You'd wonder how they can make a mere donut taste so good, I actually do not know their secret donut recipe! was PERFECT, the sweetness of it, the donut's texture...this restaurant can definitely live up to it's reputation + name. I stayed there for at least FOUR hours, watching many dramatic performances which my cousin and I found extremely amusing. We also danced the night away (but that was before dessert was served) to music which sounded experimental + mysterious. Everything was trendy, waiters and waitresses social + friendly. Try it out if you have extra time and money to spend, it is definitely a one of a kind experience! COCKTAILS ARE AMAZING ALSO. DON'T FORET THE COCKTAILS. Pros: friendly staff, amusingly dramatic performances, wonderful ambience, great music, fresh food in which none contained disappointment Cons: confusing entrance for first-timers more

TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!! I do not reccomend 4/16/2007

I was more than dissapointed with the supperclub. I went there Friday w/ my boyfriend and neither of us enjoyed ourselves. The entire theme was SO sac religious I could not even enjoy myself. Nowhere on the website does it say that the people would be dressed in gothic angels, trampy nuns, the entire theme to me was mocking God and I thought it was completely inappropriate since it does not give any warning of that nature. The shows, WASTE OF TIME! The nun sang beauty and the priest, some lady sang opera as she clitched onto a bible, and some guy swang across the room after he ripped off his angel wings and basically acted out as he were a fallen angel from hell. IF i would have known or been warned of their theme I would have saved my money and stayed home. Overall the food was OK. the mystery meat hurt my stomache and the desert was a doughnut. For a table of two we spent $340. WAY OVER PRICED! Dont get me wrong, I am aware of the crazies in the city and I am very gay friendly, this was just over the line and very inappropriate, the music was not even good. I have nothing nice to say about this place and feel more than ripped off. I would only reccomend this to devil worshipers. more

That is not a show. Waste of time and money. 1/6/2007

Just went to Supperclub with a group of 4 on a Friday night. The citysearch review and photos make it look like quite a show. We were utterly disappointed. The show consisted of a motionless guy standing in the middle of the stage while another guy glued torn magazine pages to his body for about 90 minutes. Occassionally a big fat lady comes out and sings a tune and takes off most of her clothes. Then toward the end, the motionless guy comes to life, lip-syncs a song, tears off a couple of the magazine pages, and walks out the door! The food is OK, nothing amazing. Dessert was a warm doughnut with cold capuccino. After paying about $450 for a group of 4, we felt totally ripped off. The dinner show at Teatro Zinzanni, or even just a good meal at one of SF's better restaurants would have been cheaper and better. Don't waste your time. Cons: Over-priced, the show was terrible more
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