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Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling

3430 Ne 45th St Ste 101
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 349-3401
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Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA
Styled.seattle Personal Shopping & Wardrobe Styling - Seattle, WA


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Darcy and Styled.Seattle are AMAZING!! Darcy has styled me many of times for photo shoots, events and more. She has giving me insight into My personal style and how to rock what...


Over the years I feel I have lost my sense of style. I read the reviews about Styled.Seattle and thought it might be a good approach for me. At first it was hard for me to justify...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/19/2012

So thankful to Sherri for helping me feel stylish and reinvented. I've worked with a personal stylist at Nordstrom before, but I realized their services are limited (then again, they are free), and I wasn't sure that paying someone to shop for me would worthwhile, but she exceeded my expectations by simply bringing me items from new stores and helping realize what went with what. Sherri made sure everything in my wardrobe had an ""outfit"" (after working with the nordstrom shopper, I had a shirt that didn't go with anything and a pair of pants I liked at the time but never wore). Sherrie spent extra time with me and I was not billed for this time (she said her priority was making sure my wardrobe was complete, even if it took a little extra work). I emailed her questions for weeks after my session, and she always responded with thoughtful answers. If you are looking for someone to take all the stress out of shopping and you want to end up with items that you mightn't have chosen on your own, try this! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/4/2012

I highly recommend this business. I was skeptical at first. Even after my first consultation I was not sure about what I was getting into. Office is beautful, a little hidden but in a great loc. by UVillage/UW. Easy to get to from Bellevue. I worked with Sherri who is the Lead Stylist. First impression was: She seems young but knows what she's doing. Glad I trusted her! She is easy to work with, got me to wear try things I wouldn't have tried and pushed me the right amount (you want to be pushed a little, that's the point). We did our shopping at Bvue Square Nordstrom, but she had items from Target and Banana Republic and a store I had never heard of. Then, she came to my house an extra time and didn't even charge me. The whole process takes about 2 weeks but the sessions are a few hours each (I had 4 sessions total). I will work with her again, but I feel like I won't need to shop again for a long time since I feel so good about my clothes. My advice is: ask a lot of questions and take notes. I didn't think I needed to take notes there's a lot of great information. Thank you to Sherri! more

Style Meltdown? Not with Styled.Seattle! 10/23/2011

Darcy and Styled.Seattle are AMAZING!! Darcy has styled me many of times for photo shoots, events and more. She has giving me insight into My personal style and how to rock what I already have! I can't thank her and her team enough - as they brought my tired, worn-out and BLAH wardrobe back to Style!!! She knows how to accentuate ANY body type and how to appropriately style you without breaking the bank! Anytime I have a ""What am I going to wear"" meltdown, Darcy boosts my confidence with her enlightened sense of style and professional attitude, and for this I can't thank her enough! I can always depend on Darcy and her team for making me look and feel Fabulous for ANY event! more

Not so styled.... 10/21/2011

Over the years I feel I have lost my sense of style. I read the reviews about Styled.Seattle and thought it might be a good approach for me. At first it was hard for me to justify paying someone to style me, especially me being a man, but I figured it was worth it. I called the number on the website and left a message. It took Sherri 1 week to return my call. Free consultation was good. Sherri is helpful. She is the men's stylist apparently. I chose the Ultimate Timesaver Package ($400). I wanted an entirely new wardrobe. My budget was $2000. There were 2 options for me trying on clothes: going to the office or her bringing the clothes to my house. I chose the office. You try on and pick clothes that you like. I found some clothes that I liked..some fit and some didn't so she took the ones that didn't quite fit back for another size. The problem with this session was the environment. Pretty office but my ""dressing room"" was the office's bathroom. There was nothing to hang my clothes on and I had to lay them on the sink or over the toilet. There were also 4 dirty champagne/wine glasses on the sink. A privacy panel or something would have been a step up and something to hang your clothes on while changing is necessary. It took a couple of weeks to get my clothes. Granted I was out of town one weekend and Sherri was out of town one weekend. It often took several days for her to respond to my emails. I finally received my clothes and some of them were missing (left at the office). It took another week to get those. The inventory of my existing wardrobe was a joke. Took 5 minutes--basically just got my shirt and pants sizes. On the website it says ""Then, we'll integrate the new style with your existing wardrobe, and purge anything that is outdated or unflattering."" This never happened. I received my clothes and that was it. There was no effort to style with my existing wardrobe and certainly nothing was purged. So basically clothes were just added to my wardrobe...which is what I do when I shop anyway. I was told that pictures were going to be taken of my purchased clothes. With these pictures Sherri could show me how to mix and match my clothes. Never happened. I do like my clothes. I wanted some new shoes for work and for going out. She brought 1 pair to the try on session. I didn't like the shoes which is fine but there was no variety. I received an email later pointing me to a website for shoes I might like. Seriously?? I also wanted a carry bag for work. Never even viewed any bags. Apparently Styled.Seattle is very popular. She said they obtained many new clients recently. Honestly, I felt insignificant and was the last on her list. She said she ""can't wait until I get help"" because she is swamped. Styled.Seattle has the potential to be great. Unfortunately, I won't recommend them to anyone at this time. I feel like I just paid someone to buy clothes for me and I didn't learn anything. I'm in the same boat as I was before the styling. It may be different for the women, so I can't comment on them. more

Find Your Style - I Did! 2/2/2010

I went to Darcy hoping to find that elusive sense of style that I envied in others but never felt I had and Darcy helped me find it. The process of finding my ""own style"" was fun and I loved how Darcy really listened to my thoughts but also challenged me to ""think outside the box."" I did the entire wardrobe cleanout and makeover and it was worth every penny. The closet cleanout was intimidating at first but I'm so glad to be free of all the stuff that was just taking up space. The personal shopping was incredibly fun and Darcy's ability to pick out things that were perfect in size, style and color is amazing. What is even more amazing is seeing how every single item I bought worked into my existing wardrobe giving me tons of new looks with relatively minimal investment. While I know it was Darcy's goal to ""empower"" me to continue on my own, the truth is that she makes everything so fun, I can't imagine not working with her again. Pros: Customized, energizing, fun more

Excellent fashion help 12/2/2009

Darcy works with you to put together a wardrobe that fits you and your lifestyle. She has a great sense of what works, and she gives helpful fashion tips. I love that I could spend three hours with Darcy and have my clothes shopping done for the season! Pros: Knowledgable, professional, stylish more

The Best Birthday Present Ever 8/26/2009

I was given a make-over gift for my birthday this year and Darcy Camden was the genie who granted my wishes. Her professional sense of style coupled with her intuition about what would work for me, personally, granted me an experience of myself that I have never had before. I see myself in a new light and I feel more knowledgeable about how to draw style together for myself now. It was more than a wardrobe make-over, it was a genuine transformation. I say ""Thank you Darcy!"" every time I look in my closet. Pros: perfect fitting clothes and Darcy's genuine spirit more

It's More than just Shopping!!!!! 11/29/2008

Working with Darcy is an incredible experience! For most of 2008 I had been feeling very frustrated about my wardrobe and style. My usual shopping experience would consist of: going shopping and maybe finding one or two items that I liked, or better yet, I would go shopping, buy clothes and then rarely/never wear them. more

Darcy is the ""super"" behind ""supermom"" 8/25/2008

I can do it all, but I can't look good doing it...I need Darcy big time! If you're facing a big interview or event as a work-at-home professional, and have nothing in your closet except pregnancy, mom or out of date clothes (i.e. cheap, easy & won't show stains) you need Darcy. A toddler is a nightmare among the racks, and worse in the dressing room...and as a professional, you seriously don't have time to run around looking at a hundred things that won't fit, won't look good on you, and won't be right for the occasion. Seriously, you need Darcy. She'll show you only what you need to see, in your size, and make getting ready fun instead of stressful. Your precious time won't be wasted, and she'll listen to you and pull clothes you will like...not what she would wear. I was sure she couldn't meet my list of needs: to look professional and yet relaxed for interviews in clothes that would fit my personality, pack down tight for travel and come out great, and still be machine washable. She did it in one short evening out & a house call - on my budget, and without making me feel at all embarrassed or self-conscous in the dressing room or at the cash register. Bonus: When I modeled the clothes for my husband, instead of giving an opinion or asking how much I spent, he moved in for a kiss from his hot wife. The kicker was, I was actually excited to tell him how little I spent! If I hadn't been forced by a deadline, I never would have found Darcy, or discovered how much time, stress and money is saved by hiring a professional. Others may offer the same services, but Darcy actually delivers them efficiently, professionally, and in your comfort zone. Who else knows how to get that fabulous scarf for less without waiting for a sale? She impressed me...and blew away the salesclerks most shoppers turn to for advice. While I signed the sales reciept, they were asking for her card. Just call...I promise you won't be sorry. Pros: Fast, efficient, fun, discreet more

Reinvent yourself without losing yourself or your money! 8/20/2008

When Darcy left after the completion of a 5 day fashion boot camp of sorts, which included ""what not to wear'ing my closet (in a kinder, gentler way), a day of shopping downtown, and another day of putting it all together and taking the old stuff away, I felt like I was waving goodbye to my fairy-godmother. I have not bought new clothes for the past 10-15 years and was still holding on to things that may or may not once have been trendy in the early-mid 90s. Yikes! With the start of a new, high paying job, I wanted to throw everything away and start all over. But without any shopping experience (actually truthfully LOATHING shopping), I had no idea how to start. Enter Darcy! She was practical yet totally stylish, she could easily work within my budget and help me to understand what fashion trends I could apply to my life. I ended up with a core of very flexible, classic, outfits that will be useful and fashionable for a long time to come. Can't recommend Darcy highly enough. Best part of the experience: she PRE-SHOPPED for me, so I just arrived and tried everything on! No diving through 20 sizes! It was great. Wonderful experience. Pros: Darcy's flexible schedule and pre-shopping Cons: it's tiring after a full day of shopping! more

Mission Accomplished! 7/24/2008

After finding myself with no time to shop and enjoying it only slightly more than a root canal I decided to get some professional help. I was hardly the worst dressed person in my office but I definitely could feel my motivation for style slipping and wanted to take control of the situation. I found Darcy through CitySearch and we set up a meeting. At first I was skeptical about hiring a personal shopper. After all, I had a lofty goal - I wanted a stylish wardrobe full of pieces that would effortlessly mix and match but it had to accommodate my painfully small closet and fluctuating waistline. After meeting Darcy for the first time I thought she was fantastic and definitely the person that I wanted to work with. I was cautiously optimistic about her reassurances that my goal was achievable. Pros: Friendly, Accommodating, Knowledgeable, Worth Every Penny Cons: You need a budget to work with more

An amazing experience! 7/11/2008

I went with Darcy for a style session because I felt clueless about what to wear. No I wasn't wearing mom jeans, but I just didn't feel that good about what I had on most days. After about 4 hours and 5 stores, I love my new wardrobe! The whole experience was fun too. I tried mostly clothes I wouldn't have tried on my own in stores I wouldn't have thought to go to (who knew J. Crew wasn't all preppy? I didn't!) and found several wonderful things at each one. Now I feel like I can at least figure out the accessories part, which used to be completely over my head. Today I even went out in one of my new outfits and picked out a belt in an opposite color (see, I learned something!) to wear with it. Darcy is incredibly encouraging too the way she cheers me on when I start to catch on! I definitely want to do this again in the fall. more

Personal Shopping At Its Finest 7/9/2008

I really appreciate the depth of knowledge Darcy brings to her clients' aid. She gets to know who people are and who they want to show the world they are through their style. Darcy is a real asset to those in pursuit of making the most of their wardrobe. Pros: She knows where the best clothes are at the best prices. more

The end of your shopping woes! 7/3/2008

I'll be honest. I hate shopping for clothes. I'm extremely choosy, extremely cheap, and extremely impatient. Not a very good recipe for being stylish. So when I ran across Darcy's website, I decided to give her a try. I was really apprehensive about it at first, but to my surprise and delight Darcy was super friendly and easy to shop with. I loved just showing up and trying on what Darcy thought would suit me (and most of it did!). The time flew by , I was completely satisfied with everything I bought (no buyer's remorse here!), and I even saved quite a bit of money. I look forward to shopping with Darcy in the future and would recommend her to anyone. more

Great personal shopper 7/2/2008

My daughters wedding was coming up and I needed help. I wanted a dress that was perfect. My friend had told me about personal shoppers, so I went on the web and looked around. Darcy was the first person I called. She was so personable. We met for coffee. Immediately, I felt comfortable, so we set up a time to meet and try on dresses. I was so nervous. Darcy was great!! Within an hour I had the perfect dress!! We went to a couple of shops, but I couldn't get that one dress out of my mind. This past weekend my daughter got married and I wore my perfect dress. Thank you Darcy... You made a mothers dream come true. more

Amazing stylist, helped me tons! 3/26/2008

I knew I needed a stylist (I'd been thinking about it for awhile), but I was skeptical that someone could really help me without costing me a fortune. Also, why hire someone to shop with me when I could just take a friend or talk to a nice salesperson? But Darcy is truly an EXPERT, and shopping with her is an experience like no other. She took me to stores I now love but didn't know existed. I actually saved money shopping with her (she came in under budget and paid for herself simply by finding many of the items I needed on sale). The whole experience was great, and I love my new wardrobe. more
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A wardrobe relief for women & men, personal shopper & stylist Darcy Camden enjoys reviving the fashion consciousness one closet at a time.


  • Styled.Seattle is a wardrobe relief for women and men in the Seattle area. Noted personal shopper and stylist Darcy Camden enjoys reviving the fashion consciousness of Seattle one closet at a time.

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