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9325 South Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28273

(704) 551-6400
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Steve Moore Chevrolet - Charlotte, NC
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I feel 4 stars is fair but will give 5 to make up for some of the haters on here. \r \r I have an older GM car and was advised to go to Steve Moore, because the problem was beyo...


Took my Saturn there to be serviced for a problem with the power door locks and keyless entry remote. The problem I have with their service is that I had to keep calling them fo...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/6/2013


Editorial review from Citysearch 11/8/2012

Great buying experience! It's so refreshing to work with car dealership and sales staff who work hard to earn your business and respect your time and busy schedules. Never have I had a more accommodating and professional car buying experience. Thanks to Ty Jaco for his dedication, professionalism and utmost attention in putting the sale together and insuring I was happy with the deal and the vehicle. Thanks to Steve Moore Chevrolet for a great deal and an awesome overall experience with my purchase of a new Tahoe. I love the vehicle! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/30/2012

I went in for Warranty Service this week and was anticipating the normal car dealer run around about warranty service, but was pleasantly surprised that I was told to bring my car in right away. I dropped my car off soon after and they had a loaner car ready for me and I was in and out in 10 minutes! I was even more thrilled when they called me within 2.5 days to tell me my car was ready to pick, I was expecting at least a whole week. Hats off to the Service Dept for turning around my repairs so quickly and making this one of the easiest transactions I've ever had at a dealership. Special thanks to Jim Guido for ""taking care of everything"" just as he promised. You've earned my business. more

Waiting for service to happen. 11/23/2011

Just had service done by this dealership for oil change and tires rotated. Person who took my information told me 45-60 minutes. No problem, but after 1 hour waiting people drove in there cars for service and were out before me. After about 1 hr and 45 minutes I went to cashier to ask if my car was ready she said she had not received any paper work that order was complete. She called service area and talked to someone and I saw they had picked my keys off service desk. If I waited another 30-45 minutes I probably would have still been there. The price of this service was supposed to be $ 29.95, billed came to 43.50. After I came home I talked to service and the said they should have given me rebate form. Guess what no rebate form. What upsets me the most is that they knew they had messed up this sevice and didn't have the decency to explain what had happen. This service manager and staff are un professional to me. The service manager called me back and appoligized but I believe it was only an act because he said I knew you had some issues at service but when I was there he didn't tell me that hoping it would just be swept under the rug. I judge car dealership by how they treat you in the service area, Again terrible customer service here. This dealer ship to me is not even rated 1 star I couldn't get the screen to show blank. more

would consider them again for specialized service 9/28/2011

I feel 4 stars is fair but will give 5 to make up for some of the haters on here. \r \r I have an older GM car and was advised to go to Steve Moore, because the problem was beyond the capability of the local repair place. It did take a day for someone to look at the car, and another day to get a verdict and the repair performed. But I will cut them some slack on that because it was a fussy problem to figure out, and they probbly had to free up a technician familiar with my vehicle (non-Chevrolet).\r \r Some of y'all complaining about needing to inquire repeatedly on the status of your car, or ripping them over oil change coupons should chill a bit. Anyone bringing a car in signs a work order. They'll get to it. I got status calls and a completion call on mine. more

Not a pleasant service experience. 8/30/2011

I received a promotional coupon from this dealer for a $9.95 oil change. Fair enough, I decided to check out their service. I arrived around 7:15, pulled into the service bay, got out of my car and waited for a minute or so for one of the porters to approach me (as seems to be the norm). No dice. After realizing no one was going to do so, I walked to one of the stations and let the gentleman know I needed an oil change. He was friendly enough, got to talking about football and such, he then decided it would be a good idea to talk with me like I was his long lost friend, Fu&% this and that s&^t's crazy and the like... Oh well, all fine and good, just horribly unprofessional. I also asked to have a bulb replaced for the front headlight. After getting the bill, the total was just over $77.00 For a ten dollar oil change and a 7 dollar bulb. I politely asked that the bulb be removed, there is no sense whatsoever in paying over sixty bucks to have a bulb replaced. Anyway, just my experience. more

Service Dedt at Steve Moore not up to par 7/9/2011

I used the service Dept on July 6,2011 and I was not happy with the outcome. The oilchange and tire rotation was suppose to be $29.95. After finishing my service I was given a bill for $50.25, and a sheet of paper that I could fill out and send in for a ten dollar rebate, I was told I could fill it out on line. Well after the rebate I still spent $40.25, not 29.95. And also after completeing the rebate on line you still have to get copies of everything and mail it in. Had I known all this up front, then I probably would have went somewhere else. If the price is listed $29.95 then that's what the service should completed for. I was told that my oil cost more than usual, but someone should have told me that up front.. I have since spoken on line with someone and made my complaint, (live chat) but never got a response from that person, who had assured me they would set things right. After three phone calls, I have finally been told my next oil change will be free, due to the problems. But we'll see. And three days later I still have not received a copy of the work order to mail in for my rebate. Oh well, live and learn. Buying my vehicle there was agood experience, but I don't think the service dept is going to measure up. DH\r \r \r more

Best experience with a dealership you can hope for 7/8/2011

Shopping for a car is a process by which you visit a ton of dealerships, try their models and get numbers to fill your head for days... But it is also a dry run on how you ""feel"" at this dealership, what your ""gut"" tells you about the place, the ""vibe"" you get when interacting with the people there. Not just the vendor, but the management, the service; people you will have to interact after a purchase. When we went to Steve Moore, we felt immediately at ease. People were friendly and kind. The place is spotless by the way. We got to try our potential purchase twice, and every time, they were patient and explained things again and again. You are not just buying a vehicule, you are buying a dealership that comes with it...a relationship for years. You got to make sure it will be a good one. The person we have the most contact with is Marc. He knows his cars and tries to help you as much as possible and even more, beyond the call of duty. He is an amazing person. His passion and first class ethics weigh for a large part in our decision. Also helpful was JJ, their finance guy and Steve, the manager were also very friendly and quite helpful. I feel very comfortable to recommend visiting the place and make an opinion of your own. Their actions will speak for themselves. In my opinion, we had a great deal, not only number wise but relationship wise. As for the car, it was ready in a flash and we love it. Do not make a car decision without visiting them's not just a car, it is a package deal and everyone deserves to get the most of both vehicule and the personnel behind it. more

Poor Customer Service 6/29/2011

The service department is a hassle to deal with. I had to take my car in twice because they had to order a replacement part. They said they would call when it was in approximately 3-4 days. I never received a call to let me know the part was in. I had to call them a week later to find out that it had been delivered. I attempted to set up an appointment only to be told a representative would call me back. Two days later I received another call to say my part was delivered and that I could pick it up?!? I told them that I was supposed to be getting a call to setup an appointment to get the part installed. I finally took my car back in to finalize everything only to wait 6 hours to get a 15 minute part installed. During the whole three week process, I changed representative's hands 5 times with no introduction to the person's name each time. Which is frustrating because every time you call or speak with someone, they specifically ask the name of the person you have been dealing with. more

People you can trust 6/29/2011

I've conducted business with the parts department and service as well. My next auto purchase will be with Steve Moore. more

Great Experience! 6/26/2011

I just bought a new Chevy Cruze and Steve Moore Chevrolet did a fantastic job with selling me the car. They exceeded my expectations! I'll definitely buy from them and recommend them to anyone. more

Didn't care for the customer service 6/24/2011

Took my Saturn there to be serviced for a problem with the power door locks and keyless entry remote. The problem I have with their service is that I had to keep calling them for the status of my car. After I called them then they would follow up with a call. But if I didn't call it seemed like they wouldn't call. Keeping me updated didn't seem to be a high priority for them. Along with the original problem I brought it in for they suggested that I needed new spark plugs. My car got a tune-up two months ago. When I brought this to their attention their comment was ""well that's what the mechanic said."" I will not take my car back for service. Times are tough and money is too short to settle for bad customer service. more

Best dealership I've ever dealt with 6/23/2011

This was by far the easiest and most straight shooting dealership I've ever been to. Typically the salesman sells you the moon and stars and as soon as the finance dept get their hands on you, it's a completly different story. So not the case. Aaron sold me on the vehicle during my lunch break and when I came back after work JJ had all the papers printed and ready to be signed. I left pretty much in shock that it happened so smoothly, especially with some hiccups on my credit. Not once did they tell me anything that wasn't also stated in black and white. Cannot recommend them enough! more

Dread talking to car salesmen, go to Steve Moore Chevolet 5/27/2011

If you don't like car salesmen, go to Steve Moore Chevolet and talk with Dennis Poletti. \r \r Dennis came highly recommended from my husbands co=worker. He made us feel at home, did not presure us, and was very patience. He called us the next day with the Malibu we wanted. \r \r The finance manager also advised us to make a correction on our credit report to increase the score and get us an even better interest rate. \r \r The next day our car came in and Dennis held it. We took our 2010 Nissan Altima with high mileage and hail damage and traded it for gorgeous 2011 Mailibu.. We got a good deal and they also paid my Altima off. \r \r We wanted to add a few things and they gave us a new car to drive until everything was done. \r \r The service department treated us like family and promised 100% satisfaction as well. Dennis drove the car to me and I drove it a few days. Again he followed up with me to see how I liked the car, any questions, etc. I mentioned that I saw a small snag in the back seat and just tied the two strings together and it was fine. He showed up with another new car filled with gas, took my car back and the service department and they changed the entire seat. Once again returned the car to my office.\r \r The Malibu is a good quality car at a great price. The customer service I received was the best! Couldn't ask for more! Recommending them to all our friends and family.\r \r Penny more

A great car shopping experience...honestly! 4/27/2011

We were greeted warmly in the parking lot by Kathryn who was amazing. I've been to numerous dealers in the past few weeks test driving many cars to find the best one for me. I had done my homework and knew exactly which car I wanted to drive, Kathryn made it happen and actually made my entire time there extremely enjoyable. She was informative, honest, and took the time to make us feel welcomed. I still have a few other cars to test drive so regrettably I didn't buy the vehicle yet (though it made the top of my list) but if it comes down to 2 or 3 cars, I will buy from Steve Moore Chevrolet because of the customer service we were given, the tour of the facility and all of the benefits the dealership offers. Thanks for an enjoyable car shopping experience! more

Stress Free Experience 4/22/2011

I went to Steve Moore to look at vehicles. I knew I had to purchase in the next few weeks, but was unsure of what I wanted. I was assisted by Sales Professional Kathryn Pegram. SHE WAS GREAT!! She answered all questions I had and was very knowledgeable on other vehicles I asked about. She did not pressure me into purchasing a vehicle and was very patient with me as I decided on what I needed to do. I had been in my previous vehicle (Nissan Pathfinder) for 10 years and taking on this responsibility was a little overwhelming for me. She reassured me that I would be well taken care of and this was evident as I was introduced to other sales professionals. I informed Kathy that I wanted to wait to make the final decision. Still no pressure! After leaving the dealership, I called back a few hours later to say that I would be in the next day to finalize the paperwork. Upon my return the following day, I continued to be greeted with a high level of professionalism. I was very emotional as I handed over keys that I had carried for the last 10 years!! Staff, again, reassured me that I would enjoy my new purchase (Chevy Equinox) and was patience with me thru the paperwork process. After leaving the lot, I knew that I was in good hands! Thank you very much Kathy (and everyone else that helped me) for your assistance, knowledge and patience! I love my Equinox and look forward to keeping it just as long as my previous vehicle! more

Great Dealership 4/21/2011

My husband went to look at vehicles and stopped into Steve Moore. He ended up buying a brand new 2011 Chevy Camaro at a fantastic price as well as getting top dollar for his trade in. We were so pleased we went in a week later and traded my vehicle in for a 2011 Equinox. We had to get state inspections on both our vehicles and the service department was fast and friendly to work with. more

3 days later and I'm still talking about it!! 4/18/2011

My boyfriend bought the new Chevy Cruze from Steve Moore last week and told me about his great experience with their whole team. I had been wanting to repace my Jetta for the part year but haven't been too excited to re live my last adventure with car salesmen (by the way, Keffer VW is the Devil). We went this past Friday to see what they had for me and at first I was very nervous and skittish. I expected every question I was asked to be a trap somehow to screw me out of money and dignity. NOT the case with Dennis. He was honestly friendly and didn't do that ""talking thing"" so I couldn't think and get confused. So, after a few minutes I relaxed and just concentrated on finding a car I was happy with. He went above and beyond what I ever imagined a good car salesman should be. He even found the Cruze that fit me in the back still wrapped in plastic, not even entered into their system yet. \r When it came time to do the deal he asked me what I expected to get from trading the Jetta. I was so relaxed with him I forgot to play it tough and told him NADA Report said average trade should be $3500 and thats what I wanted. I had MEANT to say 4k so I would end up around where I had hoped. I thought for sure I screwed myself and he woulndt offer me more that 2k. \r He gave me $3600 right off the bat. : ) I love you Dennis.\r Financing. JJ is amazing. He broke it all down for me and I didnt feel like I was leaving not knoing which end was up or where the exit was. He told me tips of the best way to pay off my car early to improve my credit score and what NOT to do. \r When I drove away in my new Cruze I didnt have a feeling of dread like I did with my Jetta. I have no buyers remorse because I bought the car at 100% MY decision because I was allowed to think about it on my terms and MY time. Not hussled into finance and thrown out the door without so much as a ""thank you, come again"". \r So that was Friday. Saturday I showed my parents the Cruze and an hour later took them to Steve Moore myself and introduced them to Dennis. They bought a Cruze that day as well and enjoyed themselves just as much as I did. \r So I will ALWAYS drive 30 miles out of my way to go to Steve Moore (hopefully Dennis will never leave) because I doubt any dealership could out do them. more

The only dealership I will ever deal with again 4/15/2011

I was needing a new car that gets great gas mileage since filling my truck up every few days was killing me. I stopped at a couple of dealerships the other weekend and wasn't really enthralled with the experience. Then one of my co-workers told my to check out Steve Moore. I went on Tuesday, just intending to browse and see what they had. They ended up having the car I was looking for in stock, 2011 Cruze Eco 6-speed (awesome car, a lot of fun with the turbo and 6-speed). I ended up getting a great deal on it. I picked the car up on Thursday since there was some hail damage that was being taken care of (one of the reasons for the deal). My girlfriend loved the car, so we went back on Friday. We ended up getting her the same car in blue. The deal they worked out for her, neither of us was expecting. They worked great deals in the finanace office for both of the cars too. \r \r We are both very satisfied with our cars and the entire experience. I would like to say thanks to Dennis Poletti, JJ John and everyone else for making our experience enjoyable and having us leave happy.\r \r If you are looking for a new car, I''d recommend the Cruze, cause it is sweet. Even if the Cruze isn't your thing though, I would (and already have) recommend Steve Moore Chevy.\r \r Thanks,\r Josh & Jillian more

No Stress Experience 4/9/2011

My wife and I have been to many dealerships in the past. For the most part everyone knows how stressful the experience can be. However this was not the case with Steve Moore. From the very begining, everyone there was friendly and helpful. At no time during our visit did we feel any stress or pressure. I have never had the privilege of going back to the same dealership for my next purchase. Simply because no dealership has ever earned that privilege. This could be a first, time will tell (I'm hopeful). more
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