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323 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

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Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
Seattle Life Chiropractic - Seattle, WA
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I was suffering from severe back pain and no other standard treatment methods were helping. Then I found you and I began to hope. I had been in so much pain for many months, but w...


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headaches seattle wa 6/8/2011

I suffered from fibromyalgia. Before I started adjustments, my muscles were so seized up it hurt to move I would try to stretch and the pain would make me cry. I noticed a change in the first few weeks. My muscles would occasionally go to sleep and cause a numb tingly feeling. It was mostly happening in my leg. That symptom was one of the first to ease with adjustments. Now with Chiropractic care I can move with little discomfort. I have mobility in my neck again! Today I have less migraine headaches than I used to. I have more mobility. I can move freely without pain. I even attempted to play volleyball last summer. It helped my emotional well being by easing the constant pain. I feel adjustments are necessary to maintain the level of health I possess at the moment. I never want to lapse back into the state my body was in before I started chiropractic care. more

back pain seattle wa 6/8/2011

I started seeing Dr. Suver when I was 19 weeks pregnant. I came in with severe back pain. He always welcomed me and took the time to explain the problem again and again. I didn’t need pain killers or medicated rubs. Dr. Suver gave me a list of exercises and stretches that I could do at home. Consistency also played a huge role in my ongoing treatment. Thanks to her I was able to walk and enjoy my pregnancy. It is funny how there are a lot of misconception about chiropractors. Some people fear that adjustments will hurt or are dangerous. I want to assure everyone that it is not true. Give them a chance and be consistent with your care, you won't regret it! more

Fantastic! Just ... 5/18/2011

I was recommended to Dr. Suver by my primary care doctor because of head, neck and shoulder pain. It affected my concentration daily both at work and at home. I tried to ignore it and forget about it, but it was always there and became my primary focus each and every day. The pain has reduced dramatically, I can focus and concentrate and don't think about it. Since seeing him, I'm happier, less anxious, reduced stress and my focus is on more important things. the changes without medications is fantastic! more

Migrain is gone, I love you 5/18/2011

I have been having migraine-type headaches for years. My family doctor recommended Dr. Suver, as he felt Dr. Suver could help these headaches and that I could avoid medications. I've had two treatments and the range of motion in my neck is greatly improved. The headaches decreased after one one treatment and I'm very impressed by that. Everyone in the office is very kind and understanding. It has been a very positive experience and I look forward to coming in and getting better and better. more

Greatly relieved 5/18/2011

I have suffered from constant pain, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, fibromyalgia, muscle weakness, inconsistent sleep and gained weight every year. It was so bad I wasn't able to climb stairs. I had seen Dr. Suver 7 years earlier and experienced great results. But I stopped. Over the course of those 7 years, I was prescribed many different medications. I still merely got worse and worse. I decided to see Dr. Suver again. Boy I'm glad I did. In a short time my pain is much less. My focus is better, my immune system seems to be stronger. Sleep is getting better and is more restful. My headaches are gone! I feel that I have found the path to regain my health completely. more

Recommended! 5/18/2011

I was a Type II Diabetic when I started Dr. Suver's nutritional program called enzyme replacement therapy. I began the program 1 year ago and have lost 37 lbs. Last week when I had my 3 month visit with my primary care physician, I was informed I'm no longer diabetic. I personally recommend Dr. Suver to anybody for excellent results. more

After the 4th treatment - No more pain! 5/18/2011

I had a herniated disc due to an injury when I was lifting a Christmas tree. Immediately after Dr. Suver recommended spinal decompression. I didn't follow his initial recommendation because I thought it was too expensive. However, one day at work I fell and was taken to the emergency room. I was bed ridden, out of work and couldn't even take care of myself. The ER doctor referred me to my PCP who stated I should just be on bed rest and that these problems would take care of themselves. That is when I decided I had to follow Dr. Suver 's recommendations. After the 4th treatment on the DRX-9000 I was able to walk and move without pain. The expenditure for the DRX-9000 was more than worth it. After all good health is priceless. more

Great services, no more pain 5/18/2011

I starting seeing Dr. Suver because of a sore shoulder and neck pain. Within one week I noticed results and I can sleep better with more restful. I recommend everyone that will listen to see Dr. Suver. I have learned so much about my body thanks to him. He is an inspiration to our better health and overall being. more

My pain went from 8 to 1 5/18/2011

I was referred to Dr. Suver by primary care physician because I woke up each morning hurting all over. I could barely move and walk without pain in my back, hips, neck and shoulders. I hurt all day at work and would take between 600-1200mg of Ibuprofen depending on the severity of soreness and pain. After only 10 treatments I have fewer bad days, I feel better and can move much better. My pain went from 8 to 1. I now have hope and my quality of life is improving day by day. more

I feel 100% better 5/18/2011

I started seeing Dr. Suver because of neck pain, back pain and problems sleeping. I feel 100% better and it only took two weeks. He has a great staff and atmosphere. By the way, every year I get sick around winter time. This year I happy to say that since seeing him, I haven't gotten sick. more

Two weeks - the pain was gone 5/18/2011

I came into the office because I was suffering from upper, lower and mid-back pain. It was sharp and I felt it all the time. In about two weeks the pain was gone. more

Back and legs pain are gone! 5/18/2011

I came into his office because I had pain in my back, hips and legs. As well as numbness in my hands and feet. After the third visit I was feeling better. This in unlike any other experience I've had in a chiropractic office. more

Seattle Life Chiropractic 5/18/2011

I came to see Seattle Life Chiropractic because I was suffering from weak legs and sore joints. In about 3-4 weeks I noticed my leg pain dramatically decreased and my legs are stronger. I have gained so much knowledge about how to help myself. more

Above & Beyond 12/26/2008

Seattle Life Chiropractic now has 2 chiropractors on duty. Dr. Jeff Suver & Dr. Lisa Grassman. They have both been helping me tremendously with a chrnoic pain syndrome that I have acquired and without them, I would have lost any strand of hope that I had left. Dr. Lisa (as she likes to be called by her first name) went out of her way to speak to nutritionists to learn more about my condition and help me to understand it too. Her techniques are intuitive and calming - she knows what she's doing and won't attempt anything she's uncertain about. Dr. Suver is very cautious and helpful as well. He goes out of his way any time I go out of town to find a trustworthy and reputable chiropractor that will help me and not try to just rob me. He has also taken into account a terrible financial situation that I am in and is helping me tremendously with a payment plan that I can afford - so I can pay rent... and eat. The only thing I would say negatively about this place is the fact that while they have a very wonderful massage therapist who does wonders for many people, she is not experienced in people with my particular problem and has never done me any good - and each time has only made the pain much worse (and sometimes for days). But for normal people with injuries and regular pain, she can really help turn their lives around! I strongly recommend Seattle Life Chiropractic for anyone - even if you're just looking to be healthy. :) more

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Absolutely Great! 11/1/2006

I have been seeing Dr. Suver for neck and back injuries that I had suffered from an auto accident. He has been extremely helpful in improving my condition and making me feel better. He is very attentive and skilled. He also employs two massage therapists. Ali is wonderful. I would recommend paying him and his massage therapists a visit if you are in need of care for your back and neck injuries. more

Wonderful chiropractor 8/17/2005

I've been going to the chiropractor for many years and this is by far the best one I've found yet. He really knows his stuff and takes time to evaluate your situation and your needs. They do not suggest services that you don't need only to get a buck. He has many different types of equipment to suit your needs. The staff is exceptionally friendly and appointments are easy to get - they work with your schedule. Parking is hard to find, on street parking. he reviews with you the length of service you need so you know up front what to expect. more
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