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Salerno Service Station

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451 Lorimer St
Brooklyn, NY 11206

(718) 384-4880
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Viva la Team Salerno!!! 500 STARS !!! PROFESSIONALISM. PERSONABILITY. PERFECTION. PERIOD. There is no rating that could describe the Salerno experience, because it's in a di...


I live right around the corner from Salerno's so it is obviously very convenient, and the staff is extremely friendly!! They always try to assure you they're giving you a great de...


Viva la Team Salerno!!! 500 STARS !!! PROFESSIONALISM. PERSONABILITY. PERFECTION. PERIOD. There is no rating that could describe the Salerno experience, because it's in a different (much higher) category. In the automotive maintenance industry, fraught with fraud, rip-offs, rudeness and third-word unprofessionalism, it is extremely difficult to find reasonable, honest, intelligent, and professional people. Salerno Team is the rarest breed of just such people! On top of everything, Salerno folks are AMAZING PERFECTIONISTS. Their labor is the work of art. The parts and assembly quality they provide is such that automobile manufacturers should envy and learn from them! This is written by someone who has experienced just about everything negative in the Auto repair industry, including being ripped off for almost the amount of the price of a car for oil/fluid change that absolutely did not address any underlying problems with the car. Disappointed, yours truly delved into online research on cars - how to diagnose problems and how to fix them. The research yielded positive results with an old laptop, ElmScan 5 OBD II USB scan interface, and OBDWiz, ProScan, ScanMaster ELM, ScanXL ELM software. Knowing what is wrong with my car and how to go about fixing it, as well as what I've learned from my previously horrendous experience with New York City auto mechanics, I started researching the auto shops. I short-listed about 20 of them throughout the New York City and called each and every one of them with professional repair questions, related to my car's problems. The answers I received ranged from ""I don't know what the hell you're talking about"" to ""Gotta replace your engine or get a new car - we have one"" to ""It's very complicated and might take a month to determine the problem"". Salerno was the farthest on my list. I thought: ""Let's make one last call."" Lo and behold - I did. Bingo!!!!!!! Sal picked up the phone, and as I started reading the trouble codes and their descriptions to him, he continued my phrases, already knowing and telling me how to get each problem resolved! This was positively surreal! As I drove in to the Team Salerno station, I was greeted and helped by each and every member of the team and personally entertained by a lovely-lovely-lovely doggie. :-) The rest, as they say, is history. I drove in a dying car to their shop. I drove out in a beautiful car I could not recognize! Simply put - Salerno Service Station is mechanics from paradise for your new or old car. If your car is new and needs something, - fine, Salerno Service will keep it NEW. If your car is old, then... Salerno Service will make it running LIKE NEW for many years to come! Don't go to car dealerships or local rip-off shops for repairs or esoteric parts. In case you need or insist upon installing specific parts, Salerno will gladly do it for you a lot better than in any brand-name car dealership. Aside from the highest degree of professionalism, Salerno folks are extremely kind and personable. Don't take my word for it - try Salerno yourselves! Wherever you live in the tri-state area, on an American continent, or in the world, go to this address in New York City's East Williamsburg: 451 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211. You won't regret it. You'll get three times your money's worth EXTREMELY PROFESSIONALLY AND INEXPENSIVELY! Salerno Team are VERY GOOD PEOPLE, approaching every customer (no matter how small or big a car problem is, notwithstanding the repair cost, even if it is $0) as a KING. You simply cannot find such treatment anywhere else. In the XXIst Century, all but devoid of ethics, Salerno Service Station keeps the stability of an old-school American business ethics. Keep America rolling, Molto Grazie, Salerno! more

Great work 7/19/2011

The guys at Salerno's have repaired my Volvo only once, but they offered some great advice the second time I needed help, and I know I'll be back. My car recently overheated in Manhattan and was towed to a shop I didn't know much about. I was unsure of the price the other shop was quoting me so I called called Salerno's to get a second opinion. I described the last time (and only time) I was there and they remembered me and my car, which is just cool. They did some homework and called me back fifteen minutes later to run through some options. Ultimately they said the other shop's price sounded square. They went the extra mile for me, kept it no-nonsense, and treated me with total respect. What more would can I expect from three generations of old school Brooklyn Italians running a family business? Another experience or two like the ones I've already had with them and I'm happy to bump my 4 stars to 5. more

bad service high prices 12/22/2010

worst mechanic, this guy has a bunch of underpaid un certified mechanics who dont know what they are doing, and they acted like there giving you a good price but in reality the prices are through the roof when compared to other places, they fix one thing and break another one, and dont complain to the boss about bad work his form of customer services is threating to punch you and beat you up more

Convenient & Friendly, but not sure I can trust them! 3/30/2010

I live right around the corner from Salerno's so it is obviously very convenient, and the staff is extremely friendly!! They always try to assure you they're giving you a great deal. However, I always leave with this feeling that they are overcharging and/ or performing services that aren't 100% necessary. There oil changes are more costly than Jiffy Lube and they usually forget to refill my fluids and always forget to put a sticker in my windshield (reminding me of when I should get my next oil change). Last year, I got my NY State Inspection done here. They ended up having to do a lot of work and charging me around $400. About a month later, the sticker fell off my windshield (b/c it was not sticky enough). I went back and they made me pay another $40 to get another sticker. They said I should complain to NY State for making crappy stickers. I don't know why they would charge me the full $40 when that is the fee for running the diagnostic tests, etc... and not the cost of the actual sticker. And this year, when I brought in my car for my NY State Inspection Sticker I again felt really gypped. They told me I needed all of these services, and that I HAD to get them or else I would fail my inspection. This included wiper blades (which were already recently replaced), an oil change, belt, etc.... They ended up charging me $400 for everything and I felt stuck. Unfortunately, I didn't have to time to get a second opinion because my sticker was going to expire the next day. So, I was trapped with them and what they told me I had to do to get the sticker. Maybe I should be blaming NY State Law as opposed to Salerno's, b/c of strict car regulations... but either way, it leaves people in a bad situation when they are forced to get all of these things fixed on their car upon inspection time- and don't have the luxury of shopping around. It seems like an opportune time for Auto Shops to make a lot of money (and probably overcharging because the customer needs the sticker). Again, let me stress that this place is really convenient and they will go out of their way to help you. The place is definitely hilarious with Mario running around in his velour suit and eager to show you where he lifts weights in his shop... but I can't help feeling a little uneasy about the services and prices. Everytime I get my car inspected at Salerno's, I end up with services costing around $400. Coincidence or scam? I will probably go elsewhere next time I need my NY State Inspection to see if this is something everyone has to do, or if its Salerno that is taking advantage. Pros: Convenient location, hours, and friendly! Cons: Overcharging/Unnecessary services for NY Inspection Sticker more

Salerno Does is Right 5/18/2009

I took my old Subaru to get the bumper serviced. I was expecting to pay between $50 and $150 and leave my car for a few days. All told, the fix took about 20 minutes, it looks great, and the price was less then I had expected. This is a great place to take your car, a model for the industry in fact. I highly recommend Salerno to anyone living in Booklyn, and I look forward to the next time I have to do business with them. Pros: Great Service, Personable Staff Cons: There aren't enough places like it more

Good, fast work at fair prices 9/11/2008

Brought my car in after having been to 2 other spots in the neighborhood, and got the best service here. These guys helped me out right away and only fixed what was wrong - my right wheel hub bearing needed to be replaced. Another shop wouldn't even talk to me because they were on lunch break, and the second shop wanted to replace both of my front bearings (unnecessary expense). Salerno fixed my problem, saving me money, and did the job quickly. Before charging me, they let me drive around to make sure the shaking and noise had stopped. They had. I will definitely go back here and would recommend them to anyone. Pros: fast service, good work, honest more

Love My Car 5/20/2008

Just want to say I now love my car, it was driving me crazy with all the banging noses it was making, looks like you did the job, the tire rotation was good also. more

Ultimate 5/20/2008

It was a truly ultimate experience getting to know this crowd, I want to thank them for a job will done, I will tell my friends about the great service you provide. more

BrooklynRocks 5/20/2008

The best service, staff, kind people I ever saw, the area is still wonderful and gets better each day, I go back and forth from my office in Jay St and think this area is the best in the world and they will do whatever they can to get the job done. more

Wonderful 5/20/2008

I want to thank the staff for helping me with a window that was stuck on my car and when it rained I would get wet, they finally got it to work, thank you so much. more

originallyfrombrooklyn 5/20/2008

I was here visiting my cousin who still lives in the area and remember coming to you guys, I was here for the big show and want to tell everyone how wonderful it was and you guys are still the best. more

SuzySez 5/20/2008

Hi Guys, I just heard about the best car place on Earth, we loved all the festivities and will be back for more. It has been an amazing concept. The area is the best. more

Nice place to visit 5/20/2008

We all want to express our thanks for the great job you did on the school bus that broke down, when we came in for the Auto Show it was great to have someone help us right away. more

Awesome 5/20/2008

Was here for the shopping during the big early holiday, what a down Brooklyn! Keep up the good work guys. more

More than Average 5/20/2008

We had a totally cool experience with you guys and meeting all the people that come to your place, it is a cool experience, just wanted to tell you that, Totally Cool! more

The Service is the best! 5/20/2008

I have come here many times and each time it gets better, we will never move away from Brooklyn, enjoy the big holidays coming up, God Bless America, God Bless out troops that are fighting for us and this wonderful country, we want to bring them all back and tell them how much we love them all. more

The real deal 5/20/2008

I just want to say although I have not seen the show that took place in the area everyone is talking about I will say that I have never met a nicer group of polite people and they will do all they can to satisfy you all more

TheRightExample 5/20/2008

If ever I saw a show that was nicer than this one, I cannot saw, I ate so much pie that day I must have put on weight, it is all in the sauce, delicious. more

Johnnyistheman 5/20/2008

During the greatest show on Earth I a was lucky enough to run into these guys and they fixed my fender that was broke forever, Thank you. Nothing like the best. more

TowTruckMan 5/20/2008

I used to drive a tow truck for another company, then I was introduced to this wonderful crew and they showed me the ropes, I was lucky enough to be part of the fesitities. more
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