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Ravenswood Apartments - 20 Reviews - 570 N Rossmore AveApt A1, Los Angeles, CA - Apartment Building Operators Reviews - Phone (323) 469-5391

Ravenswood Apartments

570 N Rossmore AveApt A1
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(323) 469-5391
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Ravenswood Apartments - Los Angeles, CA
Ravenswood Apartments - Los Angeles, CA
Ravenswood Apartments - Los Angeles, CA


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In a year since i lived at the Ravenswood i remember it was only one time when one of the elevators was not working. It was fixed right away. I don't really know why the tenant sh...


If you are looking for a short term stay then this is your place. Everybody pays a different amount of rent. The longer you live here the more you pay. They have found a way...

Super Ghetto 12/15/2010

If you are looking for a short term stay then this is your place. Everybody pays a different amount of rent. The longer you live here the more you pay. They have found a way to get around rent control by giving you ""discounts"". For example if you rent a studio they will tell you it is $1200, then when you sign the lease it will say your rent is $1500 with an addendum that you get a $299 discount for the year. Of course they don't mention this until you go to sign your lease. They are tricky bastards. When your lease is up they will raise your rent to the amount you signed your lease for. Of course they will not tell you this until your lease is up. Also, like I mentioned earlier everyone pays a different amount. There is a girl who moved in at same time as me and has a crappier apartment pays a few hundred dollars more a month then me. Also the manager gives you different prices depending on her mood, your ethnicity, and age. The building is falling apart. Only 1 elevator works and they tell you to be grateful for that. The elevator that does work is 3 months past it's inspection due date. The pool heater works but only when the manager Gabriela wants to use it with her creepy eastern russian family. Homeless people enter the building frequently. No heat (boiler is broken and when it does work they only turn it on for a few hours). Cockroaches in the wall. The closets with the fuses are rented out for storage so if you blow a fuse don't expect to be able to change it. Parking is not secure. Laundry machines are always broken. The security cameras are broken and for show only. The lobby is constantly having stuff stolen. If I had it all to do over I would have not have moved in here. Couldn't wait to get out. The only good thing I have to say is the some of the people who live in the building are super cool. But for what I paid in rent I have moved to a much nicer cheaper building. If you are looking to rent make sure they do not charge you more then $1200 for a single or $1500 for a 1 bedroom. If you get charged more you will end up looking like a fool when you meet your neighbors. more

i would think twice before moving in 12/3/2010

7 floors, 96 units, one working elevator and apparently main supervisor ""Camilia"" thinks that we should feel lucky that at least we have one working.She will speak with you in a very disrespectful way and i'm not the only one that had to experience it. Absolutely no care for the building or the tenants that live here. I would think if you pay your rent on time every month they would like to keep tenants like that in building. Apparently not. You will be told. ""take it or leave it."" You are offered 1 year lease and once it's up they increase it by 40%. There are a lot of great people that live here but a lot of people seem to be unhappy with how the building and tenants are treated. more

Unsafe Building; Uncaring Management 8/9/2009

1. 6 cars in the 'secure' parking deck had the windows broken and contents stolen 2. There was no video of the incident and the management has done nothing to investigate this obvious 'inside' job 3. Residents saw 3 'suspect' individuals at 4am and did not call the police 4. Management did not assist victims with clean up: use of vaccum, brooms, new front door code 5. Overall, management and owners do not reinvest in building nor do they take any interest in their tenants issues with the building Pros: Historical Art Deco Look Cons: Unsafe, Uncaring management, not maintained more

Diminished Greatness 2/20/2009

This building was a great Hollywood treasure and is now wasting away. Where did these terrible owners and managers come from? They have no respect for history, architecture nor the people that call this place home. If I could buy the building and make it great again I sure would... So sad :-( more

RAVENSWOOD, beautiful old building, incompetent new management. 1/31/2009

Pros: Beautiful Art-Deco building Cons: No garbage collection in building, you have to take it to the dumpster yourself, rude management, more

YIKES 8/5/2008

I second that motion! This place scared me away. I was in the building for a couople of years and couldn't take it... managers of this building need to get some schooling! more

Sad State of Affairs 7/15/2008

What a discussion. The Ravenswood was once a classic, genteel Hollywood icon. For now, the lights have dimmed on this majestic work of art. A flea circus somewhere is missing its management team and somehow they found their way to the Ravens. Poor place is a mess. I moved out last month but do hope it's placed in better hands one day soon. more

NOT the place to be 4/8/2008

Very interesting comments! Unfortunately I agree with the negative ones... The Ravenswood is a beautiful old building but it's in the hands of uncaring, unprofessional management. I moved out a couple of months ago for this reason. The glory days are over - but only for now I hope! Pros: beautiful 1930s bldg Cons: management more

loved it - wanna come back 4/1/2008

Hi to everybody. I'm from Italy and I spent 3 weeks in LA last summer. I stayed at the ravenswood and I'm actually stunned by all the negative comments about the place. I loved it. but it was my first time in LA and probably that helped a lot... more

Only good words 3/18/2008

In a year since i lived at the Ravenswood i remember it was only one time when one of the elevators was not working. It was fixed right away. I don't really know why the tenant she or he posted that review about the elevators and the management? It is not the management fault. We don't have big problems in this building, but let's tell the truth, there are 100 units in this building, things break and are taken care of right away. And there are some tenants that have no respect for this beautiful building. Pros: Very good and friendly management more

A Great Apartment Building 3/11/2008

My wife and I have been a resident of The Ravenswood for many years. We have gone through many owners and resident managers. This management, without question has been remarkable. Pros: architecture,interesting history of building,clean, location, Hollywood history Cons: some people with no life more

Great Building 3/11/2008

I have been living at the Ravenswood for more than ten years and I am not plannig to move out. I was very surprised when I read the review about our management. By the way you can not be ""Talmadge""and is by far the best management we have ever had(have the courage to write for yourself and not under the company name). They are on top of everything and they handles all the problems very professionally. I asked around my neighbors what do they think about our management and I heard only good things, they take care of our problems immediatelly and are very kind and strict. That in my opinion is in our benefit. Pros: huge space, many closets, great pool Cons: loud more

NUT HOUSE 2/29/2008

You slammed the nail on the head, kids! The nuts running this joint are cracked! Making up rules and regs at the drop of a hat. Nothing consistent with the management. Peeps are leaving in droves and for good reason! Cons: manager, owners more

TERRIBLE 2/29/2008

I Agree! This place is managed by absolutely terrible, unprofessional, unskilled, lazy, bums that just want to make a quick buck. The place is going to hell. SAD!!! Cons: Management lives in the building bust doesn't respond to anything! more

Nightmare 2/19/2008

This is THE worst manage building in Los Angeles. If you are lulled by the gorgeous building with history and great surrounding area think twice before moving. The management is rude and unfriendly here and there is no where to turn as the higher you go the worse they are. There is NO on site management and you will wait months to have things fixed. The water gets shut off constantly, the elevators break monthly (and take months to get fixed), they have no concern for historical preservation and think ""formica"" countertops are a great ""upgrade"" to the old art deco tile. Pros: you can spill whatever you want in the building as no one will know - it will just add to all the other garbage they have never bothered cleaning Cons: everything - especially the management. more

A Piece of Hollywood History - What are these people complaining about? 11/15/2007

This is my first online review of any kind, and I'm not entirely sure why I feel compelled to write it but here goes... I live at the Ravenswood and have heard neighbors complain about how crappy the management is, how the building has gone down, etc. Honestly, I don't know what they're talking about. The building is gorgeous. It's old, so of course it has some quirks, but they only add to the building's charm in my opinion. It has character. On-site management is friendly and attentive. I've never experienced a slow response from maintenance. It's a bit pricey, but every decent apartment in L.A. is pricey. No news there. At least at the Ravenswood, I get the feeling that I'm contributing (in some small way) to keeping a beautiful old Hollywood landmark alive and thriving. Plus, it beats the HECK out of living in a prefab box like my last place which, by the way, was every bit as expensive as the Ravenswood without any of its grace or history. (And it was in the Valley. What was I thinking?) more

Disappointing Management 9/26/2007

Just came across the recent postings and had to comment. I lived at the Ravenswood for years until they changed owners/management a couple of years ago. Since that time it has changed dramatically and is run unprofessionally by incompetents. A sad situation for a glorious Hollywood building. I hope it receives the proper owner and quality staff it deserves some day soon. Pros: architecture Cons: management, price, loud more

Old Hollywood Glamour Meets Nasty Management 9/26/2007

I lived at the Ravenswood for one year and couldn't wait to move when my lease was up. The building itself is an art deco masterpiece and the apartment space beautiful. However, the architecture couldn't make up for the unprofessional management which was consistently rude, unresponsive to even the smallest request, downright nasty and constantly contradicting the terms outlined in the lease agreement. Pros: Fantastic art deco architecture and great Hancock Park locale Cons: Rude, nasty, unprofessional management more

Terrible Place To Live 7/18/2007

I lived at the Ravenswood for a short time and found that it was not well kept and the management very unhelpful. Slow to fix things, mean attitude to the tenants, overpriced rents..overall a bad experience. Pros: interesting history of building Cons: everything else more

Hollywood History 10/9/2005

I lived here for 3 years. I moved out because it was pricey for an old aprtment building. The place is clean and always kept up but it is expensive for what you should be getting. The in house manager is great and helpful. The place was home to Mae West for over 50 years but it is pricey. Pros: clean, location, Hollywood history Cons: expensive more
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