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Place Pigalle - Pike Place Market - 54 Reviews - 81 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101, Seattle, WA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (206) 624-1756

Place Pigalle - Pike Place Market

81 Pike St (at Post Alley)
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 624-1756
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Place Pigalle - Pike Place Market - Seattle, WA
Place Pigalle - Pike Place Market - Seattle, WA
Place Pigalle - Pike Place Market - Seattle, WA
Place Pigalle - Pike Place Market - Seattle, WA
Place Pigalle - Pike Place Market - Seattle, WA
Place Pigalle - Pike Place Market - Seattle, WA
Place Pigalle - Pike Place Market - Seattle, WA


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loved it from the moment go and have been back 3 times in 5 weeks so what does that tell you.I have to recommend the mussels pigalle and any glass of wine from the house list will...


This is placed under seafood restaurants,and just b/c you have some seafood on the menu, you are not necessarily a seafood restaurant. The food is good, the view was pretty good,...

Romantic Seattle Restaurant Place Pigalle 3/11/2011

I am member of a daily deal site called Tippr and I bought the Place Pigalle voucher. I finally got around to getting my wife out of the house to a romantic dinner and used my voucher for the meal. I was welcomed warmly and seated quickly and all I can say is that the food was better than described on the website. The owner stopped by my table shook my hand and asked if we needed anything.My wife was amazed that i went through the trouble of finding such a romantic restaurant that had so of the best food.I wanted to say that this restaurant is one that deserves more attention and is worth the money.I have recommendation that you try the mussells pigalle and the roast duck. more

Best Seattle Restaurant 3/7/2011

i want to leave a glowing review for one of the best restaurants in all of seattle. Place Pialle has gone out of their way to make my dining experience a pleasurable one. They executed on preparing dishes and created a aptomsphere in which one can lose track of time.I love that wine list was extensive,service was great not over the top and that i had a great time with my loved ones. I will surely visit this place again and recommend the french onion soup to all who will listen. more

Seattle French Restaurant 2/27/2011

I wanted to try something I never tried before which was French food. I looked around on the net and asked for some recommendations from friends and happened to upon Place Pigalle. I made a reservation and was prepared for nice evening with my girlfriend. I arrived at place pigalle to see romantic and charming restaurant in the heart of pike place market. We had only short before being seated,so we sat at the bar for a glass of wine and just enjoyed the surrondings.When seated the server recommended the mussells pigalle and a another special wine which was her favorite. My girlfriend and I enjoyed the french onion soup and salad with scallops. The main dish that was prepared was roasted duck which was a first for me and I really liked alot. Anyways i would recommend this nice restaurant to anyone looking for a new experience downtown seattle more

Place Pigalle Downtown Seattle 2/22/2011

This is one of finest and most romantic restaurants in all of Seattle. We went there for Valentines day and had a fabulous meal and evening.The service was fantastic,and the food was prepared with great detail. I will recommend to anybody who needs to be pampered for a evening. The only problem I had was finding the restaurant,but once i was very happy i found it.i give thumbs up to place pigalle restaurant more

Place Pigalle has a great service 10/20/2010

Me and friends went to place pigalle yesterday and really like the food that we were served. The wine list was extensive and the atomsphere was laid back for a fine dining restaurant. I really enjoyed myself and would recommend this place to anyone looking for a hidden gem more

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Overrated and for tourists ONLY 12/12/2006

I used to live a few blocks from this place and I was SO first. Ugh, I was so turned off by all the damn tourists who don't know how to walk, the pricey ingredients, the lackluster quality of the food, and overall uselessness of the place. It's a giant souvenir pavillion! We went there several times to get seafood, fruits, breads, cheese, etc but we felt pretty gyped each time we got home and saw what we got for the amount of money we paid. One time, we paid $100 for these giant Australian lobster tails and they had the taste of chemical FUNK. No amount of salt and butter could salvage it. We got crab multiple times and there was a 50% chance that they would give us one with a rotted off leg. As for produce, sometimes they'd let you pick but most times they'd do it for you and it's never consistent. We bascially had to toss batches of fruits and veggies cause they janked us SO BAD. Go there to experience "Seattle" or whatever, but don't go there to buy anything fresh or edible. more

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Pike Place--Best Place to get Fresh Seasonal Flowers and Fruits! 5/16/2006

I love Pike Place, they have all the fresh seasonal flowers and fruits here! I love the crowdedness of the place and the market feel of it. You can't complain when a bouquet of fresh flowers will only cost you $5-$10 only! You can't beat that! The fruits are a bit pricey compared to your normal grocery store, but it's so fresh and tasty! Very well worth it. Oh, don't forget to visit the seafood section, they have the freshest fish of every season. The only thing is freshness can be pricey, but if you don't mind spending the extra money and the pain of looking for parking, you should definitely get your groceries here. Since I work in downtown, it's easy for me to go to the market to pick up some produce on my way home! My absolutely favorite place in the Summer! more

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Heart of the city 5/8/2006

If you are visiting Seattle this is the one place you don't want to miss. I like to shop all the way through the market at least once a year because as much as it is timeless it is ever evolving. If you live downtown this place has everything. Shoe shine, groceries, hardware, healthfood and supplements, books, and really interesting people. It is one of the things that makes Seattle special. If you haven't been to the market in awhile check it out this weekend. I was down there yesterday and the tulips are off the hook! more

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Farmers' Market and Crafts Fair 4/26/2006

Though I’ve lived in Seattle most of my life, I didn’t really get to know our most historic attraction until my husband and I became buskers there in 1997. Soon we knew the names and favorite songs of more than a hundred other street performers ("Brown-Eyed Girl" is the song played by more buskers there than any other), as well as vendors of Real Change (the fundraising newspaper of Seattle’s homeless) and of produce, breads, crafts, and coffee. Though the Market is widely dismissed as a tourist attraction, it’s also a community that includes Seattle’s working poor and homeless. more

fun fun 4/8/2006

I went during the week and this place was just buzzing with people everywhere! It's like a huge flea market with everything and anything! I couldn't believe some of the flower arrangements; so gorgeous and SO EXTREMELY CHEAP. It's a must-see for every tourist and make sure you go and check out the flying fish! It's a great experience. more

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Pike Place Market 3/18/2006

Known as the oldest farmer's market in the nation, this place is a must see. I can easily get lost for hours here. From the variety of fresh locally grown produce available (some with samplings), to the local craftspeople with their wares - words can't describe this place. There's so much to see and experience. I love the street performers who entertain so well. A magician here has me boggled as to how he did that card trick in which I held the card. Walking up from the waterfront, however, sure does give one a workout. :). This place is walking distance from Coleman Dock. No negative comments about Pike Place here. :) more

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Like to watch fish being thrown through the air 3/9/2006

Pike Place Market is a place where tourists think they are getting the FULL Seattle experience and local "Seattlelites" avoid like the plague. When I first moved up to Seattle I had to take the tourist route and explore Pike Place Market. After 7 years I have never been back. I cant stand this area of Seattle because of all the tourists. For fresh flowers, fruit and etc. I usually head to Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Pike Place is overrated and to be honest I don't really even know what the big deal is? Men throwing fish is exciting? Ok. more

Very Romantic 12/7/2005

While it is pricey it is a great spot for a date or special occaision. The food is beautifully prepared and service excellent. Try to get a table with a view! more

best place in seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/25/2005

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! the pike place market is one of the liveliest, and at the same time one of the most peaceful places in the city, or the world for that matter! there is soo much to see, so much to do, so much to buy!!! whether you are on the lookout for fruit, fish, jewelry, a jacket, ANYTHING, you'll find it here! one of my favorite spots is the huge row of flower vendors. you can get a "small" bouquet, which isn't small at all for five buck!!! have fun, and dont forget to watch the fish fly! more

Great experience for locals & tourists 10/22/2005

Pike Place Market is not only a tourist attraction (Try convincing the locals of that). It is an actually functioning market that locals DO shop at. So therefore, if you're a tourist visiting the Market, please be aware that locals do attempt to use the market as much as possible. Don't stand in the narrow aisles gawking at the fruit. Please move to the side so that others can pass. Also, don't try to walk with your entire group through the market. Be polite and walk in a front-to-back line, instead of a side-by-side line which again, blocks the narrow passageways. If you want to talk to your friends or gab on the cellphone, please be polite and not only move out of the center of the aisle where people are walking, but maybe step outside so that you're not blocking the stalls which rely on sales to stay open. Do not try to park at Pike Place Market. It is impossible. Park in the public parking garages on Western Ave. Do not get feisty with the locals who are just trying to buy flowers or some veggies. We have just as much right to be here as you do. Please be respectful of others and don't block the aisles. I knwo there's alot to see here, and you want pictures of everything, but if you must take pictures, do it from the edges of the aisle, not the middle. Do not stand in the middle of the aisle and talk with your friends. Do not allow your small children to run around the market unattended. No, they can't have 'just one flower' for free---the flower ladies and gentlemen are dependent upon people buying their flowers. Please realize that Pike Place Market is no more a tourist attraction than Safeway is. It is a functional, operational market. It is very interesting and very diverse, but please be a respectful tourist and understand that blocking the aisles and gathering around the booths does not do any service for the local merchants. more

Perfect Place for Out of Town Guests 10/17/2005

We go to Pike's Place every time we have family come from out of town. It's a fun place that is unique to Seattle. Don't forget to get some freshly made donuts, watch the fish throwers, eat where Tom Hanks ate on Sleepless In Seattle and buy some super cheap beautiful fresh flower bouquets! Parking is hard and there's always a ton of people around, but that's what makes it more fun. Lots of vendors with a variety of items for sale. more

Have to go here if you're in Seattle 9/30/2005

The Pike Place Market---Oh! I just love it. I could spend all day there. See, I'm from South Carolina. Not too much in the way of huge outdoor markets there (well, besides the big market in Downtown Charleston....but it's NOTHING like Pike Place). They really do have the guys that throw the fish at each other and they always catch it. The market has many levels and different parts to it. There's the main market with the fish guys, and across the street is another set of market shops that go up and down a few levels. The thing I like about Pike Place Market is that it's functional and meant for locals as well as tourists--even though during tourist season there's so many people you can't walk because the crowds are so thick. But my kid & her hubby go there to shop and buy cheap flowers and veggies fresh from the farmer. It's a very neat microcosm look into Seattle Life. And the views from the parking garage are to DIE for. Bring your camera! more

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A must see for tourists, Nice place for locals 9/9/2005

Oh the joys that can be had at Pike Place Market! Food, Flowers, Fish, Singing People---so much to see and do. If you want really cheap, really nice fresh flowers, go to Pike Place Market, where you can get HUGE bouquets for usually $5. And I'm talking HUGE bouquets of flowers. Next time your supervisor wants to order expensive flowers from one of those "delivery places" tell that supervisor to give you the $90 bucks they'd spend on overpriced roses and you'll spend $10 of your own for enough flowers to choke a pig. There are tasty delights to be had here as well. There's the fresh donut place that you can smell a mile away, Pike Place Bakery (See my separate review on that), the guys that talk in unison and throw fish at each other---bring your camera for that to be sure! Make sure to check out the alternate levels. Most of the tourists stay on the main level with the fish people, but go down the stairs and there are TONS of little stores shoe-horned into corners and here and there and so much stuff and such neat stores. You can rest assured that when you shop at Pike Place Market, you are TOTALLY supporting 100% local Seattle businesses---most people who have booths there are just regular Joes and Janes like you and I, only they're willing to get up at 4am to set up a booth to sell funny flutes. more

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a Seattle institution 8/21/2005

The Pike Place Market - probably on almost as many post cards as the Space Needle, but a lot more fun. The market is seriously HUGE. If you bring your out of town visitors make sure you allot enough time so they aren't rushed. Booths extend outside, and there are several levels below as well. Plenty of nice shops nearby - Post Alley is interesting. Sundays can be atrociously crowded on a nice day - tell 'em to meet you by the big brass pig if you get separated! more

Had to go just because... 8/20/2005

I wasn't too impressed with this market. I guess I'm just not a market kind of person. We were doing a day in Seattle and the must sees are the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. I think we spent maybe an hour in the Market. We strolled through the market, not really interested in any of the shops. We came the the fish stand and waited around a bit for them to start throwing the fish. You see them do it all the time on tv. But, I guess no one was in the mood to buy fish. We waited about 5 minutes and decided to leave. Wasn't anything special...but I can at least say that I've been there. more
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Fresh, elegant seafood and a rustic-yet-romantic setting make this one of Pike Place Market's best-kept secrets.


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