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Peter Stewart Steak House - 18 Reviews - 255 Northern Blvd, Great Neck, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (516) 487-8800

Peter Stewart Steak House

255 Northern Blvd (at nr. Tain Dr.)
Great Neck, NY 11021
(516) 487-8800
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Peter Stewart Steak House - Great Neck, NY
Peter Stewart Steak House - Great Neck, NY


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I have to wholeheartedly disagree with anyone who says that the quality of food at Peter Luger's has declined. It is the best steak I have ever had. It easily about a million time...


And here I thought I was going to have the ""best"" steak in the whole world! WOW, what a dissapointment! The only good thing about the restaurant is their waitstaff, very excepti...

Worst service ever! 2/14/2013

I wouldn't give them a star! Worst service ever! They brought us the burned steak, the brought next to us... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/14/2013

Worst service ever! They brought us the burned steak, the brought next to us customers cold steak. The manager's name is Costa. He said that I would be happy if I would pay a half of price. I was in their restaurant 8 times and never get such bad service. Tomorrow I call health department. This Costa was laughing on us and refused to provide us with his last name and health department id who is in charge. McDonalds has better service! shame on you Costa, you ruined the restaurant and I'll post 10 fedbacks daily before you get fired! more

Worst service ever! 2/14/2013

RomanB Provided by Partner
I wouldn't give them a star! Worst service ever! They brought us the burned steak, the brought next to us customers cold steak. The manager's name... more


We came from Texas to try this out due to its vaunted reputation. I disagree with those who feel it is overpriced, I believe we pay about the same at any fancy steakhouse in an urban area. Was the steak any better than a typical Texas fancy steakhouse? No, it simply wasn't. Was it as good as the best that Dallas has to offer (Bob's on Lemmon Avenue), no, not even close. \r But the real rub, mentioned by some other reviewers, is the rude and unaccomodating management and policies. Is there another high end restaurant, anywhere in the country, where you have to pay cash only? Of course not! You should certainly ask yourself why that is. This is not America in 1952. Their margins can not be seriously impacted by a 2% fee. The only possible reason for this unfriendly and outrageous practice is so that they, unlike you or me, do not have to pay any stinking taxes. What book is it that discusses paying unto Caesar? I am used to getting this type of profer from building contractors (the typical recipients of no-doc 'liars loans') but I expect better from a seemingly legitimate business. They should not expect their customers to support this mafia model. When I expressed this the manager, he was anything but accomodating of the concept. \r Next time, I will stick to Bob's steakhouse on Lemmon. more

Sad that it has lost it! 11/20/2010

We have been coming here for 30 years . We gave up all Westchester steak houses to drive over an hour for the consistant quality of the best steaks. The ide that a Luger's steak could be grisly was so foreign that when I couldn't cut it I asked the waiter for another knife! Affter we had to spit out half the steak we brought it to the attention of the waiter who said he would tell the manager who didn't even bother to come over to our table to see all the meat on our plates. He said we ate it so tough. We should have sent it back right away. Should Lugers have purchased such a poor quality steak? Should the chef have grilled an obviously nasty piece of meat? Should the waiter have know there was nothing wrong with the knives? I didn't expect the steak to be taken off the check but a small consideration,, perhaps %10=$10 or something to acknowledge there was a problem would have helped. It is very sad that this outstanding steakhouse has come to this. I'm sure they think they can rest on their previous reputation indefinitely. we will miss it. more

Dirtiest Kitchen I've ever worked... 4/22/2009

This is by far the most unsnitary kitchen I've ever seen. Waiters grab raw bacon with their bare hands and do not wash their hands. Raw hamburger meat is left out on the kitchen line during lunch hours. Lunch is 12 to 4. Bacteria grow in the first 20 min and multiply every 30 minutes. After 2 hours bacteria excrete all over your med rare burger. NICE! The trays that the waiters use to bus yor tables are the same ones that carry raw meat. And the worst is that dirty rag that sits in a bucket of warm, dirty, still soapy water, that the waiters use to ""clean"" your table. Not to mention that these are the grumpiest, rudest waiters I have ever encountered. I've worked in top restaurants NY and this is by far the most unsanitized. Do your health a favor and goto a diffrent steak house!! Pros: They feed the waiters well Cons: Rude, Grumpy, Slow Waiters. more

Arrogant Management 1/2/2009

Unfortunately, Peter Luger in Great Neck seems to be losing it. Once the bastion of great steaks, they have now descended to the point of arguing with its customers and trying to prevent them from even getting in the door.\r \r My wife reserved around 2 months in advance of a Saturday night for two people. Unfortunately, when they called to reconfirm the day before they claimed we booked for THREE, not two. When we mentioned that there were only two people dining, they WOULDN'T honor our reservation.\r \r ""What?"" we said. ""Can't we sit at a table for 3?""\r \r No.\r \r ""But it's not our fault. We made a reservation for 2"".\r \r You must have, because we show a reservation for 3.\r \r After several minutes of this, my wife asked to speak with the manager. ""I am the manager"", the caller stated, rather arrogantly.\r \r The net-net - either we were to show up, LIE that the 3rd diner wasn't showing up (which could result in our reservation being canceled) or being placed on a WAITLIST for a 2-person table. ""We're trying to accommodate you"", the manager said, ""but no guarantees"".\r \r To paraphrase Seinfeld - what's the point of a reservation if they don't honor it?\r \r Well, we'll eat somewhere else. Thanks Peter Luger.\r \r My in-laws, who have eaten there for over 20 years, were astounded and called up to speak with the same manager. Their opinion is that the guy is a completely arrogant person.\r \r Times must be good for Peter Luger, because one would think that in this economy (much less the rest of the time) they would actually WANT people to dine there.\r \r Unfortunately not. They've now lost at least a couple of patrons, and I will be spreading the word amongst my friends. \r \r If you're a loyal diner of Peter Luger in Great Neck I hope you enjoy your meal and the service, because this review is not meant to take anything away from the wait staff or the chefs. However, I hope that the ownership reads this and gives their manager(s) an education on how to treat customers. Pros: Steaks Cons: Arrogance when it comes to accommodating their mistakes more

Tradition and style at a hefty price (cash only) 10/12/2008

\r The fact that you need reservations well in advance is already annoying. Having its own parking lot however, is a big plus. The traditional German Steakhouse decor is to be expected, so no surprise there. Prices are unjustifiably high; here you are paying for name and tradition, not for quality. Even though the quality of the meat is great, keep in mind they served aged meats, which I personally consider gross. It does taste good but in order to be properly cooked, the meats need to be diced which speaks volumes of the quality of it. Real traditional steakhouses throughout the world serve a une piece steak, specially at this prices. Servers seemed tired and overworked and food took too long to arrive. Desserts were excellent. If you are trying to impress someone this is the place to take them in Great Neck. If you want better steaks, there are lots of places at more reasonable prices. Pros: Parking, a ""must"" restaurant to go to. Cons: Reservations, Aged meats, prices, cash only. more

Best steak ever 3/31/2008

I have to wholeheartedly disagree with anyone who says that the quality of food at Peter Luger's has declined. It is the best steak I have ever had. It easily about a million times better than Uncle Jack's. Uncle Jack's steak tastes like feet compared to Luger's. Who cares if they only offer porterhouse? They have perfected it. Their steak sauce is the best and the service is always wonderful. My boyfriend and I eat there all the time and will never stop! We recommend the chocolate fudge sundae for dessert. more

If you like steak, come here. The meat was good quality a... 8/13/2007

If you like steak, come here. The meat was good quality and the jumbo shrimps were jumbo. It's a very nice... more

If you like steak, come here. The meat was good quality a... 8/13/2007

JanetHan Provided by Partner
If you like steak, come here. The meat was good quality and the jumbo shrimps were jumbo. It's a very nice place. Make reservations and take cash o... more

Decent steak, good sides 4/25/2007

Have been there a few times and the ""wow factor"" decreases each time. Its reputation inflates your expectations but the food fails to live up to all the hype. That being said, the food is good but not phenomenal. I find that the sides (especially the bacon) outperform the steak. Keep in mind you need to bring cash (and plenty of it) with you, unless you are P.L. card holder. The prices are a little higher than they should be and, for the price, I'd recommend heading to Uncle Jack's, which is a few miles down the road (in Bayside, on Bell Blvd.) and where you get better service and a little cozier atmosphere. Still a decent restaurant whose nostalgia may make up for what it lacks in product. People who have dined with me and were first-timers here were impressed more than I was. One plus is that you can dip just about anything (bacon, break, etc.) into the tangy sauce - a plus, for sure. NOTE: from what I hear, the Brooklyn location is superior to this one. more

Great steak! Great steak! Great steak! oh and did I say... Great steak!? 3/11/2007

The title of this review pretty much says it all. My fiancee and I had a great dining experience here. I made reservations weeks in advance and we were seated immediately upon arrival. Keep in mind this was a Saturday night and the place was packed. I was initially disappointed because the breads they served us were cold. However, my opinion quickly changed when our appetizers arrived. Their bacon strips are a must have. Our taste buds were delighted once again when our steak for two arrived. The first bite into the filet was very tender and exploded with flavor. When I tried the same piece with their sauce it was even better. Everything from the tenderloin to the strip was delicious. Their pecan pie was a sweet ending. I will come here again but not for a while as the $$ eats into my wallet. We'll have to wait and see how this place compares to the other high end steakhouses in the tri-state area. Another good sign was that our neighbor seemed to be a regular there as he knew exactly what he wanted the moment he sat down. Pros: Wonderful bacon, steak, spinach and pecan pie! Cons: cold bread, $$$$, cash only more


Our family has been going to Luger's for years. Sometimes we pay cash and sometimes we use the PETER LUGERS credit card. It is very sad to see the way the food is trending downhill against all the other steakhouses that have recently arrived in the NY area. Example: order a steak one way it comes out another and they argue with you. NOT GOOD; although they finally agreed it was not close to what was ordered. They did replace it a bit later. Have to think about going back there. Very sad about this GREAT NECK location. more

An incredible experience!!! 8/20/2006

This was one of the best restaurant experiences we've ever had! It was well worth the drive and the wait. The drinks at the bar are fabulous, and super strong! We're a young Manhattan couple, and we had so much fun. The food was incredible, we had the tomatoes, and the bacon, the steak, and the lobster, the veggies, and finished off with coffee. Couldn't have been better. Our waiter, Joe, was absolutely fantastic, courteous and friendly. It was very expensive, but well worth it. We'll definitely be back. Pros: Vallet parking, ambiance, strong drinks Cons: Waiting to be seated, very pricy. more

Overrated and Overpriced 3/10/2005

Thank goodness we were guests of someone who treated us. Sure this place is famous, but be prepared to part with some serious cash to eat here. I can think of plenty of other places to enjoy a great steak across the country without plunking down your kid's college fund for a dinner. Pros: Good Food Cons: Overpriced more

Don't believe the hype..... 2/9/2005

And here I thought I was going to have the ""best"" steak in the whole world! WOW, what a dissapointment! The only good thing about the restaurant is their waitstaff, very exceptional, there are about 4-5 waiters/busboys for each table. Please, heed my warning, do not go, save your money and grill your steak at home, you will enjoy it much better. Pros: great waitstaff Cons: bad steak more

Defiantely Over-Rated 7/24/2003

I had high expectations for Peter Luger. After having top notch experiences at Ruths Chris and Old Homestead I was ready for a delicious steak. The menu was disappointing as there is only one selection of steak. Cooking a steak is very important. Rare means a cold center. Medium rare means a pink cool center. After ordering steaks accordingly at other steak houses I ordered medium rare at Peter Luger. The steak came out and it was most definitely medium. It was also VERY small when compared to Ruths Chris. I sent it back for a rare steak. They came back with a medium rare center and a well done outside. The steak was cooked very inconsistently. Definitely not what I would expect from a reputable steak house. The beverage menu should be expanded to include more beers and liquors. It wouldnt hurt to get an espresso and cappuccino maker. Pros: Whipped cream Cons: Small Steaks, No cut selection more

Good steak 4/25/2003

I've never had better steak outside of Peter Luger. The steak and the juices and their sauce was a good combination. I also recommend getting the tomatos and Peter Luger sauce appetizer. It's a bit pricy for the appetizer, but it tastes really good. I think everyone should head out to Peter Luger at least once to try good steak. Pros: steak, service, location more
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