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Pembroke Mall Shopping Ctr
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
(757) 499-2633
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This store was so helpful and nice. They greet you as soon as you get into the store! I got my maltese from here and Janel was so helpful. The store smells so much better than oth...


This is the first time I have written a review for anything. The service was horribe. The staff were all very young adults. They all sat at the front desk gossiping and texting. T...

0 Stars 12/14/2015

This is the first time I have written a review for anything. The service was horribe. The staff were all very young adults. They all sat at the front desk gossiping and texting. The dogs were literally eating each others feces, and their own feces. I don't think that's just "a puppy thing". The cages are way too small for some of these dogs. This place is cruel. I will never visit again. more

The pembroke store kicks ass! 12/2/2015

This store was so helpful and nice. They greet you as soon as you get into the store! I got my maltese from here and Janel was so helpful. The store smells so much better than other pet stores and they keep their store so clean. Definitely coming back if i wanted to buy a dog again! more

Love Pet Go Round Pembroke !!! 12/2/2015

i got my dog from here and i got excellent service from Krystal ! she was very knowledgeable , made eye contact , and knew what she was talking about . if you want a dog PEMBROKE is the place to go :) more

Great Place 11/8/2015

We got our french bulldog puppy from this store and are incredibly happy about it. The staff was very helpful and our dog is picture perfect in every way. Don't believe the garbage you read from the crazy activists. Pet Go Round is a good place to get your pet. more

Never get a dog from here 7/29/2015

I got a English bull dog from here and the cost was 4000 that is ridiculous never get a pet from here we went on a ride trip because there was a famous pure breed that just had pups and it was only 750 ur r wasting ur money there and most of them having sickness the bull dog we got from there has so much disabilities !!!! more

Terrible! 7/29/2014

They are liars! I spent 1600 dollars on a "pure bread" persian cat. After purchase my 8 month old son became allergic and I called to see if I could return her due to my baby being allergic and they tild me no that I signed a contract stating I can only return her for medical issues. THEN I look at her petagree and it turns out she was never pure bread! Her dad was bread with a tabby! Oh and it gets better! Now she has gad a horrific cough and there is no way I can sell a 1600 dollar non pure bread persian cat that has some sort of sickness! NEVER EVER buy anything from there! Not even a dog toy! more

Rip Off 5/1/2014

I am a good reputable breeder of purebred AKC registered Bernese Mtn Dogs. My puppies come with a pedigree that documents all of the AKC Champions in the bloodlines and the numbers that indicate that hips and elbows are free from dysplasia, 5 generations back. They are healthy well bred, socialized, loved and grow up in my home, a warm family environment. Your puppies come from questionable origins, are not well bred. My pups cost $1,800. Your pups coast $3000!! That's a rip off. more

customer service 7/29/2013

while stoping around at both pet go round locations for several weeks not sure what type of puppy we were looking for I must say if you want good customer service GO TO THE PEMBROKE LOCATION...The saff there greats you as you enter the store.Make eye contact and are willing to assist you, not all huddeled up in he back chating about boys and school projects as we found at lynnhaven mall more than once:( pembroke store was willing to answer all our questions they are never rude also found that the new manager (lisa) is extreamly knowledgable on the breeds,training,and medical issues that each breed are prone to have as they age and good nutrition tips were wonderful.. I found this comforting I want to thank Lisa and Melissa for all there assistence while I was there they took the time to asure me and my son and to help us find the best fit for our family we are gratfull. more

sick puppy! 5/17/2013

We paid $2400 for a sick puppy and even purchased the insurance! wow what a suprise they didnt pay for a thing! so disapointed, if you sell sick puppies just atleast pay for them to get better.Beware! more

Buyer beware 7/7/2012

People do your research. This place is another puppy mill. I spent ten minutes in their and realize all the pups were ill. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out this place doesn't have the puppies best interest in mind. I strongly suggest future customers to save a life by adopting dogs from a animal shelter or rescue. If you are interested in pure breeds you should check out the akc website. Bottom line this place sucks. more

Pembroke over Lynnhaven any day 5/13/2012

The pembroke location is a lot nicer than the Lynnhaven!!!!! We actually purchased our puppy from the Lynnhaven location. Our puppy was sick from day one! I called the manager and I will say he took full responsibility for the vet cost and apologized for his employee for lying to us ( we were told the dog was in quarantine for having a cold but was better when he was in quarantine for biting. We found that out after the health department called asking for a dog inspection!) when we took him to the vet, we ran into another lady who had purchased her puppies from there who went into detail telling us about what was wrong with their puppy from day one as well. I did my research and foud out that the breeder they bought him from is NOT USDA certified and the kennel is pretty much a dog broker husband and wife team who own another organization in Mexico. With that being said, we have chosen to always go to the pembroke mall. They are very friendly and much better! The folder we received from the Lynnhaven on our puppy was craptastic. All ripped up! I would advise going to the pembroke... Always! more

Pet Go Round at Lynnhaven 5/5/2012

I found all the puppies to be in very good health and the staff very knowledgable! I purchased my puppy there today and I could not be happier with the way I was treated there! I would reccomend anyone to shop there. wether it be for a new family member or just supplies! more

Sick puppy :( 4/22/2012

I just bought a sweet puppy and he is sick, he wad really expensive too. I have had him for one and a half days and I take the best care for him..... The manager woman gave us antibiotics but I can't even sleep worrying about how his first puppy vey appointment with his new home will go. I have a doggy at home already and she loves the new puppy so much I am so stupid that I put the puppy first because she might get sick. Oh I pray he is ok and won't get my old girl sick..... more

Lynnhaven Pet Go Round 10/27/2010

I recently purchased a puppy for our family from the location in Lynnhaven Mall and was sketchy about purchasing from a pet store based on all of the hysteria created from multiple organizations. I was actually surprised to find a completely knowledgeable staff. They were great. We had a small problem with kennel cough post purchase but the manager at this location was extremely compassionate about the situation and offered us a store credit for the cost of the prescriptions that we incurred. We did not utilize their vet because we thought they were connected somehow and turns out that for a follow-up visit to the kennel cough we had their vet take a look. My family could not be happier with Pet Go Round and Dr. Cronin @ their vets office. We will definitely support this local business. We are from a bigger city that hampton roads and find it refreshing to deal with such a professional little company. We shopped several of the other stores in the local area and just felt right purchasing from them. All details about our puppy were stated up front and center and the paper trail these guys have on their dogs is impeccable. Anyone weary should at least give them an opportunity to make you a customer. -Jones Family more

Don't bother buying something, if you MIGHT make a return... 3/30/2010

Wow - talk about stealing my money! I bought doggy diapers... I go home open the box and they are more like doggy pads, that require doggy underwear - well i found them for cheaper at another store (GO FIGURE.) And I went to return them, and they said because they were opened, they had no way to close them again, and couldn't take them back. Umm, have you heard of tape? Best Buy tapes all their opened products and they seem to be doing just fine! more

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Excellent Store, Stop your complaining!!!!! 1/18/2010

Great store, brought my puppy from Pet go round at Pembroke Mall 7 months ago and it is great, the staff were friendly and the lady that worked there even gave me advice about the breed of dog I bought she had the same breed, she even gave me her cell phone number just in case something happened and I needed extra help. People have to understand you have to take your pet to the vet after you buy it. I agree a puppy is just like a child you have to take care of it. Instead of calling maybe you should have went to the store to complain instead of waiting until your husband got off deployment. Would you wait til he got home to take care of the sickness of your baby. Take responsibilty, sitting at home and calling is not going to solve the problem, it may needed to go for a walk and get some fresh air, and it seems you aren't the one on the go, your actions speaks on it, calling all the time. Maybe if you took the dog back to the store they would have replaced it under the one year warranty, or did you bother to ask about it. The store is great and I just love going to it just to look at the animals. I will purchase another puppy in the future keep up the good work Pet-Go-Round at Pembroke. more


To be perfectly honest, with all the complaints about this pet store, you'd think people would be smart enough to stop buying from them. But no, you all walk into the pet store and buy a dog like you buy a new t-shirt! It's in A MALL! What else would they be trying to make other than MONEY! HELLO! Get real! You should buy a dog AFTER you are informed! It is so sad to see day after day these poor puppies going into animal control, NOT because the pet store sends them there, but because buyers like YOU buy a dog on a whim, and then realize you can't afford to take care of them, or you 'didn't realize it was going to get that big'! Give me a break, the real bad guy is YOU! You're the one supporting their business! Stop buying, they don't make money, they go under! Basic knowledge! more

Must be serious buyer...But how can you tell 4/5/2009

I am considering buying a dog. Went to the store and my kids wanted to pet a shih tzu (this is what we are looking for).The employee told us that we could not pet the dog because we didn't look like serious buyers! But there were other people just playing with the dogs and then would leave.We left and I will never walk in that store again! more

No WAY!! 3/4/2009

I would have to disagree with this lady! If she talked to the right people at Pet-Go-Round they would have been more than happy to help her out! The managers and the employees do care. Puppies do get sick just like babies and if your puppy got sick two months after purchase than that is not the stores fault depending on what the problem was. Pet-Go-Round has a one year warranty on the dogs life from purchase and if your dog passed one month after one year it would have been covered under the warranty so maybe you should recontact the store instead of being so nasty and talk to the store manager. These people love and care and would cry with you for the loss of the dog. Are you sure you got the right store???? more

AWFUL PLACE!!!! 2/11/2009

My husband and I purhased a puppy from Pet-go-round. A few months later my husband deployed and the puppy got sick. I brought him back and forth to the doc every week for awhile, until they told me that he had stomach problems and that these problems were from inbreeding!!!! I have to have our boxer put down one month after his first birthday, and I happened to be 5 months pregnant at the time. This broke my heart, all the while my husband was deployed. I left messages at the store time and time again with no responce. I finally gave up when I had to go on bedrest because of complications during my pregnancy. When my husband got home a few months later he tried contacting the store and they basically told him that it was not there problem that they sold us a sick dog, that they were not going to cover any medical bills and we were NOT getting a new dog. These people are RUDE, the owner is for lack of a better word, and ass hole. All these people care about is money and thats it. They don't care about the dogs, the condition they give them to you in and where they come from.. Save your self the heartache and buy your dog from someone who actually gives a shit!!! DO NOT BUY A DOG FROM THEM!!!!!!!! more
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