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Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Jennifer Reichel - 19 Reviews - 11011 Meridian Ave N 102, Seattle, WA - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (206) 859-5777
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Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Jennifer Reichel

11011 Meridian Ave N 102 (at Northgate Way)
Seattle, WA 98133
(206) 859-5777
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Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Jennifer Reichel - Seattle, WA
Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Jennifer Reichel - Seattle, WA
Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Jennifer Reichel - Seattle, WA
Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Jennifer Reichel - Seattle, WA
Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Jennifer Reichel - Seattle, WA
Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Jennifer Reichel - Seattle, WA
Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Jennifer Reichel - Seattle, WA
Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Jennifer Reichel - Seattle, WA
Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Jennifer Reichel - Seattle, WA
Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center, Dr. Jennifer Reichel - Seattle, WA



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I have a ton of sun damage from too much time out in the sun. So I recently took the plunge and had a Fraxel laser treatment at Pacific Dermatology with Laurie Jacobson, M.D. I w...


I am very sad about the departure of Gerry Bernstein, who I consider to be one of the best dermatologists in the country, along with Dr. Diane Chiu, who seemed to be following in ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/19/2013

Dr Laurie Jacobson is the best. I can't praise her enough. She takes her time answering all your questions and answers her emails and phone calls right away. She's very knowledgeable in her field, professional and conscientious.She's also very sweet and caring. I had the Total FX laser resurfacing done. It was completely painless and I'm so happy I chose Dr Jacobson for that procedure. It's been only 2 weeks but I'm already happy with the results, even though I'm not completely healed yet.Everyone in her office is friendly, from the receptionists to the nurses. I particularly like her nurse Sue who was also very patient with my many questions.Go see Dr Jacobson and you won't be disappointed! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/16/2013

Word of warning about Dr. Reichel and her staff: they insist that the consent form saying that all risks and benefits have been explained by Dr. Reichel before ever meeting with her. Risks were never explained as required by law. I proceeded because I had done the research on the surgery before scheduling it, but the doctor really should be explaining the risks an benefits of the procedure. Then, in spite of having clearly stated my drug allergies on the written health form AND verbally to the medical assistant, when Ipicked up the prescription at the pharmacy, I found that it was for the one antibiotic to which I am allergic--a potentially life threatening mistake had I just taken the drug without double checking online to learn that it was in the class of drugs to which i am allergic. Two phone calls and an email to the clinic have gone unanswered. In addition, it was unnerving that the assistant was so inexperienced she had to have sterile procedure explained to her, didn't know how to do sutures, didn't know how much lidocaine to inject, etc. I was referred to Dr. Jacobsen but went to Dr. Reischel because I needed an immediate appointment due to other plans--mistake. Get your Mohs' surgery elsewhere. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/6/2013

I saw Cheryl for laser hair removal and was very happy with her. She is professional and caring with a lot of attention to details. She explained to me in details what she was going to do and what the expected results were. She spent a lot of time with the session to make sure she was thorough and took care of all the areas. She checked my skin for sensitivity and made sure I was not in pain, and the setting she was using, was appropriate for my skin. She was also very pleasant and I enjoyed talking with her during the session. I highly recommend Cheryl. She is great. -Ana more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/3/2013

Dr. Reichel and the staff at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center far exceeded my expectations. I went in for laser treatment of a red birthmark from broken capillaries plus treatment of an old surgery scar. The front desk staff greeted me kindly and I was almost immediately taken back to a room by a sweet medical assistant. Dr. Reichel had wonderful bedside manner and answered all my questions carefully and thoughtfully. She was kind and upfront saying it would take multiple sessions of v-beam laser for the red birthmark and Fraxel laser for the surgery scar. Thus far I've had 2 laser sessions approx eight week apart from each other and will need one or two more sessions. Numbing cream was always applied prior to the laser so the procedure didn't hurt a bit. After only two sessions the scars have drastically improved and are barely visable! I highly recommend Dr. Reichel and her staff at Pacific Dermatology in Seattle. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/9/2013

I have been seeing Dr. Reichel and her team at Pacific Dermatology for a few years now - for skin checks and the occasional skin cancer treatment. I've never been a huge fan, but over the years have come to enjoy going to her less and less. I find that she lacks warmth and professionalism, often seems rushed, doesn't take time to thoroughly explain things, and I can never tell that she has my health and best interest at heart. Perhaps she does, but just isn't very good at conveying that. It's her lack of professionalism that bothers me the most. After my last couple of visits I have left so bothered, that I finally decided to find somoene else. (It's just so hard to find a good dermatologist in this city who isn't booked out for months!)\r \r Anyhow, I don't recommend her. Perhaps she is better with her cosmetic patients? I don't know. But I would go to someone else for skin cancer related treatment. more

Great Fraxel Laser Treatment! 2/14/2012

I have a ton of sun damage from too much time out in the sun. So I recently took the plunge and had a Fraxel laser treatment at Pacific Dermatology with Laurie Jacobson, M.D. I was nervous going in, but thrilled coming out. Dr. Jacobson and her staff took great care of me. She listened and responded to my concerns and focused on the sun damage that bothered me most. Her staff took great care of me. And most importantly, I look at least 10 years younger only a week later. A great experience through and through! more

Dr. Jennifer Reichel is Fabulous 2/11/2012

I have wanted to have the Fraxel laser done on my face and neck for quite some time and was recommended to Dr. Reichel at Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center. I went to see her for a Cosmetic Consultation and immediately knew she was the right physician to take care of my skin. Her professionalism, years of experience with lasers, kind demeanor and medical expertise made me very confident I had selected the right physician. She did my first Fraxel procedure a few months ago and a second a few weeks ago. The procedures went extremely well; I was far more comfortable than anticipated and the results are incredible. From the beginning, Dr. Reichel listened to my concerns, gave me a comprehensive evaluation and responded to my concerns, and ultimately performed just the right laser treatment on me yielding outstanding results. I look forward to having Dr. Reichel as my cosmetic dermatologist forever. You can't find a better physician or one who cares more about her patients. more

Dr Jacobson is great 2/11/2012

I went to Dr Jacobson at Pacific Dermatology and Cosmetic Center to see about plumping my lips a little. I had heard really nice things about her from friends and colleagues. As a physician myself, I wanted to make sure that it wasn't going to be too ""over-done"" or have a lot of down time. Dr Jacobson was really down to earth. She did a great job of informing me about the procedure, and was realistic in telling me that I could have some bruising and swelling. We ended up doing Juvederm in my lips and, I have to say, I am really happy. There were a couple of lumpy areas for the first 2 weeks, but then it all evened out and they look great. I get compliments from my friends, and from my own patients. Thanks Dr Jacobson. more

Seattle's Best Cosmetic Dermatologist! 2/8/2012

I have melasma and a friend recommended I see Dr. Laurie Jacobson. ?From my first appointment, I felt very confident with her knowledge and abilities. ?She educated me on my treatment options and together we decided to proceed with Fraxel laser treatments. ?After my first fraxel I am so pleased! ?The service and attention to detail that Dr. Jacobson and her staff provide is unparalleled. ?Like my friend, I would highly recommend Dr. Jacobson for any cosmetic or dermatological needs you may have! Pros: null Cons: null more

Chase of a quick buck, disregard of patients 11/15/2011

I regret going to this place. I had fractional CO2 and it was pretty bad in terms of the service. The procedure was done fraudulent, I was charged for deep Fx and it was not performed where agreed upon. They arrange the need for the expensive ""touch ups"" from the very beginning to milk the patients to charge for the revisions of the already paid procedure. They would even lie to you at the original procedure that the touch ups are free. The nurse scraped my face and torn a piece of skin off, she did not disinfect her hands before she put the gloves on and she did not put any antibiotic on a wound she produced and I had a pretty bad infection which slowed down my recovery and cause me facial asymmetry for some time. I would never use Dr. Jacobson again, the woman is incompetent and greedy. And I completely concur with the previous reviewer, who wrote that very important and pertinent details were dumped on you at the Operating Room. Means that the inform consent you are forced to signed there is not a proper informed consent at all since the procedure was not properly discussed with you by the provider, and that is a VERY SERIOUS VIOLATION OF PATIENT""S RIGHT more

Disappointment and Regret--Should have gone elsewhere 10/27/2011

I lived in Northgate, right across the street actually from Pac Derm & Cosmetic Center so I was very pleased to find that it was so close. HOWEVER, proximity means nothing if I end up with disappointment and regret. I had a pretty good size mole right next to the right side of my lip-- right above the corner where my upper and lower lip meet. I went in for a consultation, and I was with the nurse for a bit, answering questions and what not. Then Dr. Reichal came in, looked at the situation and said she could remove it successfully with an excision procedure that she explained. Sounded good and that was that. Somewhat brief (actually, it seemed like she had a lot of people that she was attending to and I kind of got the feeling like I was just another patient) but I thought I got the information that I needed. When I came in for the removal surgery, I was in the operating room and was getting prepped. So, I'm in the chair, moments before she is about to perform the surgery and she keeps looking at my mole and puckering the skin around. Then at THAT moment she says she's not sure if the surgery is a good idea because she will be excising the mole (cutting it out) and stitching the skin together and it will cause my upper lip to stretch out. This was MOMENTS before she was going to do the surgery! She then goes on to explain that my upper lip is not symmetrical and that the side that the surgery is going to be performed on is actually a bit lower (which was true, probably due to the mole and a scar I had from when I fell as a kid). She said that doing the excision will stretch and lift that side of the lip and probably make it more even. What am I supposed to say to that? I'm ready to go, I had gotten my insurance and everything all set, and she then has her doubts at a very inconvenient time. Yet she buffers her doubt by rationalizing that it might actually work out in the end. So I said, okay, sounds like it's going to work, let's continue(but what do I know? She's the expert--or supposed to be). I did note that she seemed eager in having me sign the liability form, that if something goes wrong, it is not the fault of the office. So surgery done, I wait, and wait, and wait for the recovery and things to look good. However, I am somewhat concerned and apprehensive because I notice that my lip has stretched considerably, it is certainly not symmetrical and is definitely noticeably higher and somewhat dis-formed looking now. One of the nurses had mentioned that it would stretch out. WELL, it's been a year and I feel like half of my mouth is reminiscent of... oh I don't know, The Joker from batman! Now I am self-conscious and feel like I need to wear cover up all the time to try to hide the significant stretching. I'm not satisfied, and now I am looking into procedures to FIX this. So, from my experience, I would say I felt like things were kind of rushed. She may be professional but I feel she lacks a warmth, lacks thoroughness, and lacks experience. I research other doctors I could have gone to, who seem to have a much more educated, detailed, analytical, and smarter approach that may have been more involved, but would have provided much better results. I give one star because a ""rating"" is required in order to publish this feedback. Fine, the one star goes to how I learned what NOT to do. Don't have one consultation; instead have several for comparative purposes (or do a lot more research) and I learned don't go to Dr. Reichal for procedures that are more involved, more delicate, and in a area of your body that could make you self-conscious--like your FACE! more

Flawless mole removal & laser hair treatment 10/15/2011

I have visited Pacific Derm for two procedures: Mole removal and laser hair removal. Mole Removal: I was advised to come to a cosmetic center instead of a regular derm because the mole was on my eyelid. I was, needless to say, extremely nervous about the procedure. Dr. Reichel and the nurses were wonderful, made me feel very comfortable and (since my eyes had to stay closed) informed me what they were doing every step of the way. I was anesthetized perfectly and stitched up beautifully. Now, two years later, I have just the faintest scar. I come to them with any mole I need removed on my face, and all have been flawless! Laser Hair Removal: Andrea English, PA-C is a joy to visit. I was getting hair removed from my chin and upper lip, and as with any procedure was VERY nervous and tense. Andrea's soothing voice kept me calm, and she was very clear in explaining what was going on and what I could expect to feel and when (it helped that she had the laser hair removal herself!). I was so impressed that I'm back for my bikini line. Best news of all -- they have a new machine now, LightSheer DUET, that's faster, cheaper, and removes more hair! My friend went to a place downtown that had a Groupon Deal on laser hair treatment, and the place ended up burning her lip. Andrea is a pro, and I have never even had the slightest discomfort after any of the treatments! I highly recommend at least getting a consultation from Andrea before you go anywhere else!! more

Competent & Caring Dermatologist 6/6/2011

Dr Jacobson always makes me feel comfortable in her office. She opens the discussion with the things that bother me and then provides all the options. During a procedure she keeps me entertained with fun conversation so I forget about what she is doing!! more

Awesome Service Awesome Results! 5/25/2011

I wandered on Dr. Jacobson quite by accident for a cosmetic consultation for those pesky facial wrinkles that 50 years of hard living and sun damage have caused. more

Seattle's Most Personable MD 3/28/2011

I met Dr. Laurie Jacobson in June of 2008 under unusual circumstances. In May I had been diagnosed with skin cancer. Prior to our meeting I had been referred to her and two other surgeons whom I interviewed. All came highly recommended with impressive backgrounds. One of the benefits of living in Seattle is that we are surrounded with amazing health care professionals. During the next 11 months I had approximately 20 surgeries, and countless biopsy's. Shortly after our first meeting Laurie said ""I have a feeling that we are going to have an opportunity to get to know each other well"". Mid- way through this ordeal I reminded her of her statement. She replied isn't it a blessing that we enjoy each other. Get to know her I did, and so grateful to have her in my life. Meeting Laurie was the very best thing that happened to me in 2008. It goes without saying that I have all the confidence in the world in her abilities. In addition to her medical and surgical skills she has a multitude of special qualities: sense of humor, kind, caring and compassionate. She is very professional yet amazingly approachable. Let me give you some tangible examples. In today's world of medicine where do you find a physician that follows up with you on the telephone the day after a procedure to see how you are doing? After each biopsy she called me personally with the biopsy reports each time we found a problem, which in my case was often. She did not delegate this telephone call to an assistant which I find amazing. That she makes this effort and takes the time for this kind of care is more that unique it is unheard of today in the medical world. I cannot not count the emails and texts she sent in addition to the telephone call, too may to count. During this period we joked about have some ""youthing procedures"" scheduled so that we could have some fun rather than a surgery. As a result I have had botox and filler injections to diminish lines and wrinkles and filling out my smiles lines which were like craters before Laurie took charge. Who knew that you could have such a skilled surgeon as well as a meticulous and exacting dermatologist! I feel that she is successful in the cosmetic area because of her skill, experience, patience and incredible eye. She is very artful in her approach and always understates her suggestions and procedures. I always look better after one these sessions not radically or shockingly different. I have seen a lot of time in Southern California and see mostly the opposite. Many of the women I see in California look strangely over done. Laurie's touch is the extreme opposite. By now you should recognize what a huge fan I am of Laurie the physician, surgeon, dermatologist and person. In additional to her practice she is a loving, and involved parent and wife. Somehow she manages to balance all of this with amazing grace and results. You would be very fortunate to have her as part of your personal medical team. -Bonnie more


I am very sad about the departure of Gerry Bernstein, who I consider to be one of the best dermatologists in the country, along with Dr. Diane Chiu, who seemed to be following in his footsteps. I have never seen Dr. Reichel, but in those two, her clinic lost two of the city's best dermatologists. more

Professional, convenient service - highly recommended 1/6/2009

If only I had known how quick, easy and painless it was to have an unsightly mole removed I would never have procrastinated for so long to have it done! Pros: convenience, value and professionalism Cons: none to mention more

Fantastic! 10/4/2008

I am a bit delayed in writing this review. I had Botox with Dr. Reichel in June. I have had it before and always enjoyed the results but this time it was a little better. I generally address the worry lines between my brows and Dr. Reichel also suggested a little around my eyes for the crow's feet and the ""bunny lines"" on my nose. I know Dr. Reichel well and trust her implicitly, so I agreed to try it. I was thrilled! Not only was the entire procedure comfortable and quick, I had no bruising or pain following the injections. I do not look ""Botox'd"" or expressionless in the least, I just look a little fresher and less worried. Laugh lines around my eyes are still present, just a little less severe. This is a great office in general and I recommend it for cosmetic and general dermatology needs! more

Wonderful Cosmetic Dermatologist 7/12/2008

I went to see Dr Reichel for a consult on skin care and how to treat sun damage and lines on my face. She spent at least 30 minutes with me talking about all the options. It was one of the most educational doctor's visits that I have had. She gave me great advice and ended up with a treatment plan that was tailored just for me. I recommend this office. Not to mention that the office is beautiful and the nurse that I saw initially (Cheryl) was wonderful and also spent time with me. more

Go See this Dermatologist !! 11/14/2007

I'm an esthetician and have had many different dermatologists that I have seen over the past 15 years. I saw Dr. Reichel a couple days ago and was so pleased with her bed-side manner, knowledge, and skill. I had botox injections and to my suprise, they first put on numbing cream which made the experience much nicer. More importantly though, Dr. Reichel was so personable and actually took time to talk with me and answer all my questions. She told me all my options for another procedure that I was interested in and didn't sound like she was trying to just sell me that most expensive procedure. I'm a bit sensitive when it comes to this area because I've had a few experiences with other "" reputable"" cosmetic derms who had that used car salesman vibe going on. Anyways, I would recommend her to anyone ( and will be recommending her to all my clients). Oh and last but not least, she looks like a normal ( and I mean that as a huge compliment) and beautiful Northwest woman...not overly filled, plumped, and pulled like some others that I have seen.... think Los Angeles *shudder* Pros: The Doctor, easy parking, located right off the freeway for easy acess Cons: Had to wait a while to see her more
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Pacific Dermatology & Cosmetic Center provides Seattle with premium Cosmetic Dermatology for beautiful, healthy skin.

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  • Dr. Laurie Jacobson is a board certified Dermatologist and fellowship trained Mohs micrographic skin cancer surgeon. After graduating with distinction from the University of Michigan, Dr. Jacobson received her medical degree from the University of Illinois, her dermatology residency at Case Western Reserve University where she was chief resident, and her Mohs and laser fellowship in New York. She specializes in dermatologic and skin cancer surgery, cosmetic dermatology, facial rejuvenation and lasers. In fact, Dr. Jacobson is the first doctor to bring the Fraxel laser to Seattle in 2006 and enjoys bringing innovative laser therapies to her patients. Dr. Jacobson takes a comprehensive, natural looking approach to optimizing skin health and skin care to ensure a patient's inner beauty is revealed.


  • Physicians and skin care specialists offer dermatology expertise, skin cancer treatments and cosmetic consultations.

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