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618 W 46th St (at nr. Eleventh Ave.)
New York, NY 10036
(212) 209-7500
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Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY
Pacha - New York, NY



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Pacha is killin it right now. Hottest international DJ's keep pouring in...I want to take a break but its tough when you see Mark Knight, Avicii, Kaskade, and then Afrojack, Laid...


The wait t oget in wasn't too bad, there were a ton of people there. I went when cosmic gate was playing. I dont know if the kind of people change depending on whose playing that ...

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE for ANY reason!!! 4/25/2011

This was by far the worst club I've ever been to. I came from central PA to see Avicii and left EXTREMELY disappointed and irate. About 3 months before the show, tickets on their website were $10 and I would've gladly paid $10 to see Avicii, but I saw a link that said if you signed up for their eNewsletter, you could get 2 free passes to ANY show, you just had to choose which date when you signed up... did that... got an email saying my name was on the guest list for the night of Avicii. When I got there (before 11 as the passes said), I gave them my name and they said it would be $50 a piece. I explained that I was on the guest list and showed them my email and they said that their manager changed his mind and he was not honoring the free passes for the night, so the $50 was a reduced ticket price. After causing a mini-scene they told me the best they could do was $40 each and I could use my passes for another night. I don't mind paying $40 or even $100 per ticket to see Avicii, but the fact that I was emailed free passes specifically for that night and they didn't notify me until I got to the door that they weren't honoring them is unacceptable. When I finally got in, the dance floor was so crowded that it was uncomfortable (and for someone like myself who frequents dance clubs like this, you know it must've been ridiculously overcapacity for me to feel uncomfortable), I decided to go up to the 3rd floor balcony to see if that was any less crowded... it wasn't, and to make it worse, the actual space that overlooks the main floor is only about 8 square feet and is directly above the lighting so all you could see was the top of the lighting brackets. Then, to get back down to the main floor, I had to wait over an hour in line because they were only letting 5 people down the stairs at a time. By 12:30 the dance floor was so crowded that I wasn't even standing on the floor, the people around me were so crammed together that they were suspending me about a cm off the ground. I'd say they were AT LEAST at double maximum-capacity. Avicii didn't end up coming on until 1:30am, so I was already dead and I was so annoyed with the experience that I left by 2am. Pacha NYC is taking full advantage of the brand name "Pacha" and ruining it. Only Pacha NYC can make Avicii a bad experience. And for the record, I will not be "using the free passes for another show." more

Best Dance Club NYC Has to Offer 3/28/2011

Gone are the glory days of megaclubs pumping house music every Friday and Saturday night...Pacha is the last of them. While it may not compare to most of its legendary predecessors, its the best NYC has to offer if your looking to get your dance on well into the morning (and afternoon...depending on which DJ is playing). more

nice club 2/15/2011

nice techno dance music... but everybody inside is smoking, right on the dance floor... other than that pretty good atmosphere... more

Depends What You're Looking For 1/22/2011

The wait t oget in wasn't too bad, there were a ton of people there. I went when cosmic gate was playing. I dont know if the kind of people change depending on whose playing that night. The cover price and the drink prices were comparable to other clubs in the city. The club has a decent layout. But my biggest problem were the people. Now like I said the people may be different depending on the dj/artist who is playing. However there were a ton of fat chicks, guys, and asians. There were easily twice as many guys than girls. There were a few hot girls we met and danced with. When we tried to talk to them they could barely speak english. If you are just trying to rave and enjoy yourself then this place is good. But if you are trying to pick up girls, I would suggest somewhere else because the only chicks at pacha are fat chicks or drugged up hippies. But the djs they got playing are top notch. more

Favorite place in NYC 12/7/2010

Pacha is killin it right now. Hottest international DJ's keep pouring in...I want to take a break but its tough when you see Mark Knight, Avicii, Kaskade, and then Afrojack, Laidback Luke, Eric Marillo are right around the corner. Dancing till 4 if your an amature...this place is rockin till 7 AM more

Crowd control 12/3/2010

Went to a concert at Pacha, but there was no room to stand. I could lift my feet off the ground and not fall. When I went upstairs, the bouncers blocked the stairs down and kept me up there for 45 minutes. Unpleasant all around more

Guilty pleasure 11/15/2010

Pacha is my guilty pleasure. I am overweight and hate excersizing. This is the only place that can keep me on my feet jumping around til 4 AM! more

Maybe is the same name like in IBIZA but... 9/21/2010

Maybe is the same name like in IBIZA but........ this place is not for make any comparation, it's a bad club with terrible staff terrible bartenders this place really s-ucks. I missed a lot Pacha in Ibiza Spain is a shame that in NY they didnt try to take the same concept..... more

Waste of Money and Time 9/18/2010

This place is horrible place. We were about 25 people to celebrate my friend's B'day and thought may be it is really good place to go. But after getting in, we all felt that we made a mistake to come here. Overly crowded and people were wearing shorts, sneakers, and what ever. Do not spend your hard earned money. more

Overhyped .... not worth paying a visit !!!! 9/4/2010

This was my first visit to Pacha in NYC with my frnds. we had to pay an entry fee of $50 due some event at the club, which nobody knew really what the event was !!! The drinks are way too costly here. Even a bottle of water is for 7 bucks. Music played was techno, not that fun..... !!! Sounded like same music was being played over and over again. The place was too much crowded.....! Its impossible to walk around with a drink in hand...and you are almost certain of spilling your drink on someone or yourself if you are that lucky !!! and Beware..... lot of gals dancing around are trans-sexual males..... !!!! so watch out !!! all and all, the placed seemed to me overhyped in NYC, I would suggest Webster would be better option ..if you are looking to have good time !!! more

A lot of fun. 8/19/2010

I've gone twice, and both times were for friends' birthdays so I've only dealt with the advanced line. We waited 10-15 minutes and then got right inside. Security wasn't bad, got patted down but no groping went on. First time around the security woman threw my gum out but it wasn't a big deal (I was drunk though - at that point all I cared about was getting inside to pee). I paid $20 the first time, and $10 the second. I've only been on three floors so far: the main floor (electro/techno music), the "Funky Room" which apparently either has its own music (top 40/hip-hop) or music from the main floor, and Pachita (hip-hop). I had fun on all three. The last time I went, the crowd was pretty good - a lot of well-dressed and decent people. However, you do have the exceptions since the dress code is actually kind of lax. A LOT of guys but that was okay - more choices for me. But with that said, some of them are creepy and/or aggressive. I was heading to the staircase up to Pachita and some guy grabbed my ass. By the time I turned around to react/snap at him, there were too many people between us. Basically, find a way to get a cheaper cover price (to be honest, I'm not so sure if I'd be willing to pay $40, even though I did have mostly positive experiences there [then again, I'm a nearly broke college student]), go with people you know you'll have fun with, be open to meeting other people, pregame if necessary, and don't let little things ruin your night. Downsides: When there are a lot of people, it gets really, really hot so you'll want some water to drink BUT regular plastic water bottles are $5; the guys can be grimy. more

This is no PACHA IBIZA this is PACHA nasty version 8/3/2010

If you are expecting that this place have the philosphy of PACHA IN IBIZA Spain YOUR WRONG,I know we are in NYC and theres so much attitud and drama, But this place their Doormans and Security staff is over the average and ass holes. I paid 40 for get in but no before waiting 1 hour outside in summer at the door all this crap becouse DJ 'whatever' from Queens was in the decks. Drinks?? jajajajaj let me tell you this I dont know where this people get that Bartender license, I gave the chance from the main floor to the third floor bar...ZERO NADA..I paid 15 for drinks + Tips to Ms ands Mr Bartender acctitud and dont even get buzz after drink 4 times. more

Good Sound System, Sleezy Guys 7/30/2010

Went to Pacha NY for the first time tonight and saw Will.I.AM. The music was great, the sound system rocks. The lighting was even awesome. In terms of music, it was totally worth it. If you want to go to a club for the experience, this is the one to go to, its massive! BUT.... I heard that the club cliental is mostly men, which is true, but a lot of the guys were really, REALLY grabby. I was not impressed. Just because I go to a club, does not give guys permission to grab my ass and crotch at will. The drinks are really pricey, and they're nothing fancy. Also they don't give out free water, you have to buy a small $1 bottle for FIVE DOLLARS. Pros: Great Music, Huge venue Cons: THE MEN, Overpriced drinks, NO FREE WATER more

What a waste of time and money 6/29/2010

1st time I was there. But this place is shity place. They have 40 dollars cover so I thought may be it is really good place to go. But after getting in I feel that I made a mistake to come here. Fellows this place is not worthed to go there and spend your hard working money. So there are lot of other places in the village for fun and much better then this bar. Pros: Not a good place to go to have a good time Cons: 40$ to get in and then 60$ for drinks, this was all waste more

Phenomenal Night. Highly recommended. 4/24/2010

So I was in new york for the weekend, and someone suggested that i try out the pacha. I am so glad i did. I got there a little bit early, there were only about 30 people on all the floors combined, so i just went down to the main dance floor and started drinking. Around 1130 or midnight it really started getting busy there. Hundreds of people. Judge Jules was the DJ of the night for the dance floor, and he did a fantastic job. There was another dj on the floor below, but i didnt spend enough time down there to comment on it. As for the dance floor though. Amazing time. The music was loud, the music was hot. The crowd was very friendly. No one gets pissed if you bump into them or accidentally step on their feet while dancing. There are the ass-grabber people (I was one of them) but that comes with any bar/club environment. What can you expect when you get people drinking. This club seemed like a good place to go to hook up and have a good night, but beware: The guy to girl ratio is not equal at all. bout 70% males, 30% females. If you dont have game, you might not want to go for that reason. But thats enough of that. Go to the club, decide for yourself. 30$ cover charge for guys though (not sure about the ladies). Personally, it was the best i've ever been to. Pros: Lots of people, Amazing music, Perfect environment. Cons: Small beer selection, doesnt get crowded until around 11:30 more

Not even worth considering 4/21/2010

Pacha is not a NICE club/bar scene at all. It attracts a crowd that lacks any substance. We went on a Friday night ( not my choice -we were dragged there by visiting friends). It was packed full of 18-yr old kids who were trying too hard to impress, smoking in the club, and some disrespectful patrons who felt the need to grab our friend's ass as she walked by. We left (out the back entrance) after 10 minutes and went to the Meatpacking District where we had great time. If you like this type crowd, then go. But any guy that brings his lady here is asking to be an idiot for the night. Once you enter you'll find it to be a dirty building that is falling apart. Pros: Honestly -NONE Cons: Attracts type of crowd that grabs girl's butts upon entering more

Advice to get into Pacha 12/24/2009

Last night had planned special date with a friend of mine and went to PACHA...but was disappointed..the doors were closed and we could not get in..........we were there by 10 30....(I go confess both of us were first-time-club-goers)...anyone can tell me how to go about it..want to go there this saturday again....HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: disappointed Cons: sad more

Great time, music, crowd 8/10/2009

First time to New York, had to see Pacha as i heard about it when i was in Barcelona Spain. First of all I wanna say that its experience will be different for everyone, i may love it you may hate it for different reasons. Before i came to New York i read many reviews about Pacha and Cielo night clubs and was a bit concerned about getting in, as many say its hard and bouncers are pretty rough at times. When we got there (me and my wife we'r early 30's) at around 23:30 on Friday there were not more than 10-20 people in line and we got to the front in minutes. Guy at the door asked us for ID my wife had her drivers license and i had no ids as i figured i dont look younger than 30 for sure but i guess its not just age that they look at so we were turned away... Came back around same time next day on Saturday, showed our IDs got in got searched pretty thoroughly went upstairs i told the girl i was on a list, she asked what list i said a web list on the web site she gave me 2 green tickets and said to go to pay at the box office 5 feet away, payed $20 for 2 of us, went inside. Smokes are $15 a pack. Right from the start we loved it, music was nice and the more drinks we had it sounded even better. Regular vodka+cranberry $10 i also got Red Devil later on for $14. A bit too crowded but people don't mind when you walk by and may accidentally bump into them. Nice touch go-go dancers... We especially enjoyed watching groups of good dancers who got into circles one by one or in pairs danced in the circle really good. In all we had a blast, didn't wanna leave. When we got a bit tired we just went right into this area where there were bunch or couches with little tables around, i guess some sort of VIP area but i didn't care i just went in and crashed for like 15 minutes, no one said anything. Pros: Music, lighting, people, place to smoke Cons: expencive more

Live like a King at Pacha! 8/2/2009

I finally went to Pacha's although I have been there several times when it was SoundFactory. The DJ was amazing and very into the crowd. The drinks were strong which was suprising since I am use to getting a water-downed overpriced mini drink at so many other places. The place is beautiful and the club will stay open after hours if the crowd and vibes are right! The House music is mesmerizing and you never wnt to leave. Do not be suprised to see a celebrity in one of their many funkadelic trippy rooms! All in all it is a must for any club goer or party monster! Pros: Great Club Vibe, Excellent HOUSE DJs, Many different areas! Cons: Long wait lines! Espec w/o chicks! Bouncers rob you 2 getin! more

WOW What a night. 7/6/2009

WOW What a night. more
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  • World class clubbing brand Pacha has set the bar for clubbing, as NYC's preeminent and ultra-exclusive hotspot. Pacha NYC is the first North American outlet of the international nightlife empire with 25 clubs all over the world from Buenos Aires to Marrakech. Pacha redefines exclusivity with a private VIP floor adorned with modish decor and impeccable service. An ideal space for hosting an intimate gathering, corporate event or colossal celebration, Pacha is boldly glamorous and eternally chic with the most sought after DJs each week. Sprawling over 30,000 square feet, Pacha features an award-winning soundsystem and multiple DJ booths across 4 floors, along with spectacular lasers & lighting effects. After winning the Club World Awards "Best Superclub" title (2007 & 2008) and numerous Citysearch "Best of New York" awards, Pacha is poised to redefine clubbing for NYC.


  • In Short
    What began in Ibiza and blazed through 25 cities worldwide has finally surfaced in Manhattan. The four-floor maze of staircases--decked with palm trees, army-green tarp canopies and mosaic-mirror hand symbols to ward off evil--conjures a mystical temple in the tropics. Go-go girls in bikinis grind against each other in steamy red-lit showers, while clubbers get carnal beside a shattering sound system that blares beats from top international DJs--including part-owner Erick Morillo.

  • 7/9/2006 Provided by Citysearch

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    Fri-Sat 10pm-6am
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    Clinton, Midtown