P B & J Towing


788 S Main St
Memphis, TN 38106

(901) 774-1900
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If PB&J Towing is posted as a town service in your neighborhood.....BEWARE. They will look for every opportunity to tow a vehicle that is NOT parked inappropriately. Especially,...


PB and J towing is one of the least professional ""businesses"" I've ever had the misfortune of working with. I live in a private, gated, apartment complex (much like a previous p...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/14/2012

towed my car from downtownn church parkin lot 45 min after a parked payed my 3 bucks in slot number marked on my spot, came out court thought i was jacked, i spoke with the paster of church they lease parkin lot from he believed me n called owner of pb&j he said hed check it out meanwhile he brought me to where they towed my car they said there was no money in my slot the preacher pleaded with the owner long story short was 135 poorer after this dishonest tow company wrongfully toke my car did i mention dented the suv next to me getting it out how can we get something done? please help ' more

Worst Experience Ever 1/24/2012

PB and J towing is one of the least professional ""businesses"" I've ever had the misfortune of working with. I live in a private, gated, apartment complex (much like a previous poster) and parked in a handicap spot in front of my building. The only difference between previous poster and myself is that I have a permanent handicap placard that stays in my car at all times. It is wedged between my dashboard and my windshield, making it very hard to move accidentally.\r \r When I woke up, of course I found my car was gone. Once I finally got ahold of the extremely rude towing people, I was told that there was no placard in my car and that they have checked where I said it was. I told them that was interesting, as I saw it there last night when I parked the car and unless someone had been in my car, it should be there still.\r \r Once I got up to the tow lot, they rudely asked me to show them where on my dash the placard was and surprise surprise, it wasn't there. My father and I inspected the inside of the vehicle and found it shoved underneath the driver's side seat, a place it couldn't have gotten without me knowing. I called my apartment managers who promptly told the tow company that they were not supposed to be driving through the complex looking for people to tow unless they were told to, which in this instance, they weren't. The assistant manager told them that their services would no longer be needed there.\r \r After waiting an hour for them to call their supervisor and ""cross check"" the photos of my vehicle, I was ordered to hand them over the keys to my car so that they could pull it around and leave it running with the door wide open in the middle of sketchy downtown Memphis, and was on my way. \r \r Thankfully I didn't have to pay to have my car released, but anyone who deals with these people in the future should be firm with them. Don't back down to their intimidation techniques. more


Private Property, GATED Apartment Complex in Olive Branch, MS. My family (with a wife, small child, and INFANT) lives in one of MANY buildings. Each building has a handicap spot, for any tenant (who might be handicapped). It just so happens, NO ONE in our building IS. We've been here for over a month, and NO ONE has used this handicap spot, AT ALL! Now, I see why! Last night (Sunday), I brought a packaged baby crib home from Wal Mart. It was in a very LARGE box, weighing almost 60 lbs. Since the box was very large (and HEAVY), and we live on the top floor (and NO ONE actually uses the ""handicap"" parking spot), I parked in it (around 9:30 pm to unload the crib). I knew I would be leaving (going to work) before 7:00 am, so I felt it wouldn't be a BIG DEAL to wait until then to move my vehicle. WAS I WRONG!! Would you believe PB&J Towing had already TOWED IT AWAY?!!? Well, THEY DID! They ""claimed"" they got a complaint (by phone), but said it could've been from ANY building in the complex. They said my mine was one of (get this) TWO they towed, this morning (BEFORE 7 O'clock). The answering srvc said the tow truck driver would've ridden through the entire complex (to check for others) when he got the so called ""complaint."" Don't get me wrong, I NEVER park in handicap spots, at any public businesses, and if ANYONE used this one, I wouldn't have parked in it. When I called (AND spoke to, in person), the lady at the business (30 miles away from here) was snotty and RUDE! As if I'M the one who'd done something wrong to THEM! I'm the one THEY ripped off over $200.00, 5 days before CHRISTMAS!! They charged $165.00!! ($125 for the handicap fee, a $30 ""storage"" fee, and another $10 ""OFFICE"" fee! Not to mention, since this is our ONLY vehicle (and we don't know a SOUL here (new to area)), I had to pay another $60+ for a taxi to go get it!! I should aslo mention what I found when I checked into this company. VERY SHADY, would NOT provide the Better Business Bureau with ANY information (I wonder why that is), and have had at LEAST FIFTEEN COMPLAINTS (not just by angry victims, either) in the past 3 years. I've had NUMEROUS other tenants say that PB & J rides through this complex, ALL THE TIME, just looking for more ""business""! As I said in the headline, ""REDICULOUS""!!!! WATCH OUT!! CROOKS!! more


If PB&J Towing is posted as a town service in your neighborhood.....BEWARE. They will look for every opportunity to tow a vehicle that is NOT parked inappropriately. Especially, in the hispanic areas. I guess they think we won't do anything about it. Well, I am here to tell you that you that if they: 1) try to tow you while still sitting in the vehicle ""ITS AGAINST THE LAW"" and 2) try to verbally threaten you.....""DON'T LISTEN-CALL THE POLICE"" and 3) cannot hold your car until the next day...""THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AVAILABLE FOR PICK-UP 24/7""...and 4) charge more than $125....THEY ARE OVERCHARGING YOU""\r Sooooooooo if any of this has happened.....they have committed a crime!!!! \r If you have had any of these problems......call the local complaint office and ask for Officer Lake @ 901-636-6711\r BECAUSE THEY ARE IN ALOT OF TROUBLE ALREADY!!!\r I am sure he would like to speak with you! Pros: They are very fast Cons: They think they are smarter than us more

Justice Will Be Served 10/14/2009

This company should be looked down on. They are raciest. The same man that almost died in the Pepper Tree Apartments for trying to tow someone car is the same one that towed mine. It's not that, there towing your car because if your anything like me, your going to waste no time in getting your car back! This man talked to me in such a disrespectful manner, it was unbelievable, I am a young lady and I act as such, but I was pissed off because first your taking my car with me standing with it for no reason, because he said "" I did not have a Tulane Apartments Parking Decal in my window"" that is his word against mine, because before me he towed a woman car that had her parking decal in plain view. These people are honestly cowards they talk to you from a window that's bared off and they say all kinds of nasty things to you. The man didn't even know me and told me if I didn't want my car towed ""I need to move out the projects"" and I myself don't stay in the projects. When you call and have any questions they will give you no answers. When you ask for management information, they will give you nothing they will tell you to ""have your people contact our people"" but the question is ""what people""? more

Theives 1/28/2009

These people are RUDE! They don't know what they are doing. They talk to their customers any kind of way. No one knows who thier manager is. I've had my car towed for absolutely no reason. I don't have anything nice to say about this company, or should I even call it a company? They don't have a office, you pull up and they talk to you through a window and might I add RUDELY! These people need some serious customer service classes. How many times will these people have to appear on the news before they stop. I am extremely upset with these people and they do not deserve jobs. Please if your vehicle is missing for no apparent reason, PB&J has it and be prepared to spend alot of your hard earned money to get YOUR property back! Cons: Thieves more

Worst Company in Memphis 3/12/2008

This company is run by criminals. They overcharge for towing services over the legal limit allowed by law. The people who work in the office are very disrespectful. They are very careless with the vehicles they tow, and cause damage for which they will not claim responsibility, such as broken windows, flat tires, and body dents. They also will go through the vehicle and steal items from inside the car and trunk. This has been documented many times. There are multiple complaints with this company with the BB B. Please check them out before doing any business with them. Also please file a report if you have any problems. Avoid at all costs. Cons: Criminals, Thieves more
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