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OMBE Integrative Health Center - 75 Reviews - 575 Boylston Street, 4th Floor, Boston, MA - Doctors & Other Healthcare Professionals Reviews - Phone (617) 447-2222
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OMBE Integrative Health Center

575 Boylston Street, 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 447-2222
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OMBE Integrative Health Center - Boston, MA
OMBE Integrative Health Center - Boston, MA
OMBE Integrative Health Center - Boston, MA
OMBE Integrative Health Center - Boston, MA
OMBE Integrative Health Center - Boston, MA
OMBE Integrative Health Center - Boston, MA
OMBE Integrative Health Center - Boston, MA
OMBE Integrative Health Center - Boston, MA
OMBE Integrative Health Center - Boston, MA
OMBE Integrative Health Center - Boston, MA
OMBE Integrative Health Center - Boston, MA
OMBE Integrative Health Center - Boston, MA


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I have been seeing Jessica for Acupuncture for years. I started to see her for an ankle injury. I had a lot of scar tissue built up, but over time the swelling went down and I w...


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Editorial review from Citysearch 10/18/2013

I highly recommend seeing OMBE's chiropractor Dr. Deppen! I came to OMBE regarding a foot injury I had gotten from running. I was in the middle of training for a half marathon, my race day was coming up fast, and I was nervous that my injury would not allow me to run! I worked with Dr. Deppen, an avid runner and athlete who had been extremely helpful! Dr. Deppen thoroughly analyzed my injury and was able to pin point what was wrong. He gave me very good suggestions regarding running techniques and running shoes. What I found most helpful was that he provided strengthening exercises for me to do on my own time as a measure of preventative care. I definitely wouldn't have had a speedy recovery without the help of Dr. Deppen! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/16/2013

I recently have taken both Ballet Barre and Pilates Mat classes with Ashley Piccinni. She’s a great teacher and focuses on proper body alignment and perfecting form. I'm a surfer, runner, swimmer, and avid yoga student, so focus on proper alignment and movement is something I need. Ashley is a physical therapist, so her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is quite helpful in her teaching techniques, and provides peace of mind that you are learning and performing new moves in a safe environment. Her classes are really fun and very effective! In fact, I felt my posture improve after only several sessions with her, and I’m much more mindful of my body positions throughout my everyday life. I highly recommend trying one (or more) of her classes! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/15/2013

I have been taking private Pilates Mat classes from Ashley Piccinni for months! When she came to OMBE I decided to try out her Ballet Barre class and I have been hooked ever since! Since she started I have been there every Friday night at 7pm taking her class and I can tell you the differences are very noticeable! It is great to know that not only does she concentrate on form and safety, she is a trained physical therapist and actively pursues each client to make sure she knows about any past injuries so she can tailor the workout for you! The space at OMBE is very intimate and welcoming, plus the views of Copley while you are working out are amazing. I highly recommend taking one of Ashley's classes and visiting OMBE. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/4/2013

Sara P is the most wonderful yoga teacher! The free Yoga on the Square classes have inspired me so much this summer, what is better than taking a break from work to do FREE yoga? Treats each class are provided by the sponsor of the month, last month it was CitySports so I got an awesome headband and a little hand towel - this month it's SweetGreen and they had sample peach and goat cheese treats last class! Yum! 100% recommended more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/15/2013

OMBE Integrative Health center is my go to when I want to treat myself. I always walk out of there feeling great! OMBE’s massage therapists, yoga classes and acupuncturists are the best in the city! Along with offering the best quality services in the city, the space is BEAUTIFUL; where else can you do yoga and Pilates while looking out over Copley Square? \r \r One of my favorite things about OMBE is the free programming they offer. Last Thursday I went to Yoga on the Square (“YOS”), a free outdoor yoga class in the Commons; it was a great way to spend my lunch break and I thoroughly enjoyed the burst of nature and activity in the middle of my day. I highly recommend Yoga on the Square for anyone who works or lives in the area. (YOS will be moving locations shortly to Copley Square- even more convenient for those of us who work on Boylston!)\r \r OMBE’s services, staff and outdoor programs are top notch. I highly recommend checking out everything they have to offer! \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/18/2013

I highly recommend Kristen Reynolds as a pilates instructor! I’ve been doing pilates for a number of years in a group setting, and I really see the value of private 1:1 instruction from Kristen. She gives excellent cues and was able to help me more clearly identify my areas of weakness and improve my form. It’s so helpful to have someone watching and guiding me in a gentle and really encouraging way! I already feel like I have a better understanding of how I should be using and moving my body to get longer (and leaner!) Kristen is also a Physical Therapist so she has a complete understanding of how the body works as a whole. I think this makes her uniquely qualified to work with folks who might have a history of injury or some other limiting factor. Kristen also gave me some great suggestions for things I can do at home in between sessions. I look forward to going back! It’s also worth mentioning that the studio itself is stunning as it overlooks Copley Square and the Trinity Church. LOVE IT! more

Most beautiful fitness facility in Boston 1/23/2013

June 2011: OMBE offers the most beautiful yoga and Pilates studio in Boston, hands down! The space is conveniently located in the heart of the Back Bay and Copley Square, but is serene. The mats and props are eco-friendly and the classes are limited to six students, so the instructors are incredibly attentive to each participant. I highly recommend getting there early to visit the tea bar and relax on the couches :)\r \r December 2012: I have now completed two of Stacey's seasonal cleanses. She is a fantastic nutritional counselor and will completely change your view of cleansing! Each season she prepares a program of whole foods (i.e. not starving yourself on a liquid diet) and offers unlimited guidance and support while preparing for the cleanse and during the 5 days. Don't waste your money paying hundreds of dollars for a few days of juice and not knowing what to do when you HAVE to eat and do not want to sabotage the results! This program is a steal of a deal at $65 because it will truly change your diet and attitude toward clean eating and Stacey is available to answer questions via phone or email all the time. I have continued to incorporate ingredients and recipes from my first cleanse over a year ago into my regular diet. Meet with Stacey Nussbaum now to make some real life changes and learn what holistic nutrition is all about!\r \r January 2013: I was so excited when my schedule finally allowed me to take Kristy's Core & Flow class last week because it had been on my to do list for too long, but boy it was worth the wait! This class is the perfect blend of strengthening, stretching, balancing, and relaxation. As a physical therapist, I really appreciated Kristy's cueing for alignment and biomechanics. It is clear that she knows her stuff! I also sincerely appreciated that she remembered injuries or areas of concern for myself and other participants. Her ability to check in during a potentially uncomfortable exercise and modify (if necessary) without disrupting the flow of the class or making my injury stand out. I cannot wait to return to Core & Flow, as well as Kristy's other classes. Clearly I'm a big fan of OMBE's interdisciplinary services!\r more

Dr. Vose is GREAT! 11/6/2012

JESSICA EMILFARB AND SARA PACKARD = AWESOME\r \r Visited Jessica Emilfarb's amazingly restorative class this week and had a wonderful time. Jess E. is very good at giving effective cues and sits somewhere between athletic and spiritual in her instruction. She very easily modified the class to suit the requests and limitations specified at the beginning of class and made incredibly useful and confident adjustments. I highly recommend visiting her for any of her weekly classes! \r \r Also Visited Sara Packard for some MEDITATION!!!! this week. I wasn't sure what to expect as I've done meditation in various locations as well as alone. We had a nice chat to start where Sara assessed my intentions and goals and she led me through time and space with a combination of visualization and quiet. This wonderful and intuitive session allowed me to develop my own practice without interference... I am grateful to have someone to sit with, to guide me gently within that process of introspection and quiet. Sara also teaches yoga weekly at OMBE - try both! \r \r Thank you to both Jess E. and Sara for truly wonderful experiences!\r more

This little place packs a big punch! 4/16/2012

I have been seeing Jessica for Acupuncture for years. I started to see her for an ankle injury. I had a lot of scar tissue built up, but over time the swelling went down and I was able to increase my range of motion. She gave me exercises and muscle rubs to help at home. After that, I decided to see her for many other things I had going on. IBS, colds, muscle injury, jet lag, and overall well being. It's amazing how acupuncture works on so many things! I completely recommend anyone to try it. I also worked with a Nutritionist at OMBE. During your first session, Stacey asks you what your goals are. I had been having some health issues and I wanted to know what I could do with my diet to help the symptoms. I also mentioned to her that I felt ""blocked."" Over our next several sessions, Stacey helped find my metabolic type and with that knowledge, I was able to stabilize my blood sugar levels to not feel hungry all the time. She helped me make some very small changes that made a large impact in my health. She gave me new ideas for meals and gluten free substitutes. Stacey doesn't just tell you to eat this or eat that. She tells you why certain foods are good for you and the science behind it. She made me see that it's not just what you eat, but the mind body relationship between the brain and the gut. She encouraged me to see doctors and have the diagnostic tests I needed to get some answers. She wasn't just my nutritionist, she became my support and my rock. All of her emails are signed ""Supporting you"" and she means it. Now when I plan my meals I think about the nutrients I'll be eating, the health benefits they provide, and the environmental factors involved and I'm better for that! more

Amazing Prenatal Massages! 2/25/2012

I've seen Nicole at Ombe several times over the last few months for prenatal massages and she is amazing! Prior to visiting Ombe at my doctor's recommendation, I had several other prenatal massages at various spas. While they were nice, the therapists didn't really work on specific areas where I was feeling pain and the massages were more focused on rubbing/aromatherapy oils. I love that Nicole is able to combine a soothing massage with deep massage on the area(s) that have been really bothering me prior to and during my pregnancy. I've seen a huge improvement in the past few months with the intense neck/shoulder pain I was experiencing brought on by my work. I also love the atmosphere at Ombe. It's very peaceful/quiet with soothing decor and such a pleasure to walk into after the busy streets of Boston. I HIGHLY recommend both Nicole and Ombe for prenatal massages and after reading other reviews I am looking forward to trying some of their classes and additional offerings in the future! more

OMBE is all around amazing 2/20/2012

In short >OMBE RULES!< You walk in and it is the most relaxing and surprising oasis up and away from the noisy Boston streets. You can tell that all of the practitioners love being there and love what they do which is a huge leap from your typical office situation. I have been to OMBE for massage, yoga, chiropractic and nutrition and have had wonderful experiences each time I've gone. The staff work together to coordinate in-house referrals etc which makes it really feel like you are ""at home"" when you are there. OMBE is definitely onto something and I truly hope that it is a model for the future of medicine. The fact that it is a green business is just the frosting on the cake! more

A class with Jenn will help you enjoy the rest of your day! 2/20/2012

Jenn Proaska at OMBE is one of the funniest and cheerful people you will ever meet. Her yoga classes are vivacious allowing room for learning, growth, a good sense of humor as well as relaxation. Jenn focuses a lot on runners and their needs specifically through dynamic flows. She also teaches a mediation class which will leave you focused and calm for the rest of the day. Having trained for multiple marathons, Jenn knows what she is talking about through extensive personal experience, so her opinion and practice certainly make her stand out. Whether you are new to yoga or meditation... or maybe just looking for something different, go take a class from Jenn and she'll help you enjoy the rest of your day! more

Dr. Rho at OMBE is THE BEST! 2/20/2012

If you are looking for a Naturopathic doctor then look no more. With the team at OMBE, your wellness goals can be thoroughly addressed especially with their network of support throughout the city. Dr. Rho is the Naturopath at OMBE, and she happens to be one of the most meticulous and kind people I have met. There are doctors who do their job and then there are doctors who live their job and Dr. Rho is the latter. She is not only thorough and detailed in her approach to her patients, but she is so engaged with her practice that she is always willing to learn and investigate modalities tangent to her scope to ensure their suitability for lack thereof for a patient. Her attention to the multiple dimensions of health is what makes her so wonderful. She is patient, kind, confident and also makes intelligent and thoughtful referrals when her patients need them. I cannot recommend Dr. Rho enough. You can schedule a consultation to meet with her and review your goals. You'll be hooked after that. more

I travel 2 hours to see Kristen for Massage 2/13/2012

OMBE is a beautiful space hidden away in Copley Square. As the owner of a healing center, I'm pretty picky about who I see for healing services. That even includes driving 2 hours to see the right person! Kristen is that person for me. She is so knowledgeable about the human body and is a natural healer. Having beat my body up for many years teaching aerobics and gymnastics, I have a lot of injuries I continue to need treatment for. After every session with Kristen, I walk out of OMBE feeling like I have a new body. I have more movement in my neck and my chronic hip pain completely subsides. If I only lived closer, I would be there twice a month. A session with Kristen is well worth the trip from anywhere! more

A Great Cleanse Program with Dr. Rho! 12/17/2011

I just finished a cleanse program recommended and supervised by Dr. Jacqueline Rho. She tailored the cleanse to my needs and I feel great! During and after the cleanse I had alot of energy - I wasn't sluggish or tired. \r \r Also, I suffered from lower back aches due to bad posture; and sore or ""achey"" heels from walking around alot. The cleanse took care of that - NOT ONE ACHE AT ALL!! I also suffered from adult acne - my face cleared up. I couldn't believe it. I also lost approximately 15 lbs (171 to 156) in three weeks.\r \r Again, I cannot stress how good I feel. Dr. Rho has a beautiful spirit as she is easy to talk to. She is a very thorough naturopath and nutritionist as she taught me how to eat whole, organic foods and warned me about what foods to avoid. Today, I cook (never did before) instead of eating junk or processed foods. I am extremely happy with the results! I highly recommend her. more

Restorative Yoga with Katrina: Just what I needed! 12/13/2011

Three months after my second back surgery I am still pretty hesitant to get back into my regular exercise routine. That is why I was so excited to find a Restorative Yoga class so close to my office, in the Back Bay. The class helped me disengage muscles I didn't even realize I was holding. I left feeling relaxed and my normal sciatic pain was significantly reduced. As a massage therapist I am a huge proponent of restorative because it is a perfect balance to the hectic lives that most of us lead and yet it remains so underrated. The space is beautiful and Katrina did a great job with the class. Highly recommended! more

Must take pilates sessions with Kristen at OMBE 12/4/2011

I have spent a few sessions this fall with Kristen R at OMBE and I cannot say enough about her knowledge of the practice and her professionalism. I have had back and hip issues for some time now and every time I leave a session with Kristen, I feel pain-free and rejuvenated. Kristen goes above and beyond the practice of Pilates by sharing her expertise in physical therapy during our sessions and she never pushes me too hard. I appreciate the attention she gives me and I cannot wait until my next session with her. I am going to give her barre class a try in the near future as well. Book your next Pilates session with Kristen! more

Pilates with Kristen is THE BEST! 12/4/2011

You will be doing yourself an awesome favor if you book private Pilates sessions with Kristen. She is a fantastic instructor who is so sweet and knowledgeable and fun to work under her instruction. Kristen has helped me transform my body to a body I love. I so look forward to my weekly sessions with her and I know attend her incredible barre class, too! more

Great yoga! 11/7/2011

I'm new to yoga and OMBE was perfect for me. The staff members were helpful and welcoming - they even have a tea bar! I took a Vinyasa class with Katrina, who was super helpful and attentive. I easily found my rhythm & was able to relax and concentrate while learning some new movements. I also really appreciated the environmentally friendly practices at OMBE. OMBE has a great atmosphere and is conveniently located in Copley Square. I'd highly recommend it! more

Vinyasa overlooking Copley Square, a Boston MUST 10/26/2011

When i walked into OMBE, I didn't really know what to expect. Upon entering I was immediately wow-ed. It had a feeling, sort of like walking into Whole Foods, where you can't really pin point what it is, but something about the space is just welcoming and makes you feel good. Fortunately, there's more to OMBE than just the vibe. My vinyasa class with Katrina was all about the yoga. It was intimate and personalized in the studio overlooking Copley Square. Here, it was easy to get lost in the flow and challenge myself in new ways. I find in yoga, it's really easy to ""do it wrong"". In the intimacy of OMBE and with Katrina's guidance, it was awesome to get minor corrections and also the assurance that I'm doing it just fine. Her attitude toward yoga was encouraging and I'm STOKED for my next class and progression in yoga. more
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    Being green is an integral part of their commitment to create a healthy environment for guests. OMBE only uses organic massage oils, PVC-free yoga mats, organic cotton linens, & is dedicated to being at the forefront of the green movement.

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