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Moim - 17 Reviews - 206 Garfield Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11215, Brooklyn, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (718) 499-8092


206 Garfield Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (at nr. Seventh Ave.)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 499-8092
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Moim - Brooklyn, NY
Moim - Brooklyn, NY
Moim - Brooklyn, NY
Moim - Brooklyn, NY
Moim - Brooklyn, NY
Moim - Brooklyn, NY
Moim - Brooklyn, NY
Moim - Brooklyn, NY
Moim - Brooklyn, NY
Moim - Brooklyn, NY


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Two of us dined here on a Saturday night and were blown away--literally blown out the door by the amount of people in the restaurant. It was extremely busy for a Saturday night, b...


This res has gotton worse as time has progrossed.\r the service is very slow and the wait staff disappears all the time. I ordered a soup which tasted really gross. Pros: not...

the service and food has gotton worse 4/11/2010

This res has gotton worse as time has progrossed.\r the service is very slow and the wait staff disappears all the time. I ordered a soup which tasted really gross. Pros: nothing Cons: very slow service and distasteful food more

worst res on 7 ave 4/10/2010

I decided to come back here even though its been a year since I ate here figuring give the place a second chance boy was I wrong. Ther service is worse then ever and rude. It took a while before we could get waters and menu plus our order. It was very hot inside and nobody wanted to turn on a fan or open any windows at least an inch. I will never eat here again they even made mistakes with my check. Pros: nothing Cons: rude service and expensive for small portions more

Outstanding! 11/9/2008

Two of us dined here on a Saturday night and were blown away--literally blown out the door by the amount of people in the restaurant. It was extremely busy for a Saturday night, but that is typical Park Slope for you. When we were seated, we anticipated slow service since we were seated in the thick of 3 large (loud) parties. To our suprise, the waitstaff catered to us as if we were the only people in the restaurant.\r \r We're no Korean experts, and since it was our first time at this Korean restaurant, we had no idea what to order, or even what to expect. Our waiter politely walked us through the menu, taking time to field questions and even give us a brief lesson on Korean epicurean customs (which we found amusing since he was totally caucasian). He recommended various items, one of which was the Cod and the other was a Bouillabaisse. Both were INCREDIBLE. Talk about flavor country. The Bouillabaisse unfortunately came without the potato gnocchi (which was listed on the menu). We informed the waiter, and anticipated to wait 20 min for the Bouilla to return because of the vast number of customers with their orders in. To our delight, it came out piping hot 5 minutes later, by the waiter who apologized profusely. He comped us a (delicious) flourless chocolate cake for our troubles--apology accepted (like he knew sugar and chocolate were the keys to our heart).\r \r We were amazed that the food was so delicious and that we just discovered this restaurant. Definitely will be back soon. Hopefully it won't be so packed...though if the food stays as good as it was, I think the chances of that will be rather slim. Pros: THE FOOD!!!! The serivice. The small candles on the tables. Cons: Small restaurant and the resulting noise level. more

Uncomparable Service and Small Portions‎ Part 1 11/5/2008

Tonight (11/5/2008) was my first time to Moim located in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn. The decor is alright and atmosphere is loud. I must say for it being a regular weekday, the evening service was very sloppy and rather depressing coming from a Korean restaurant. The majority of the wait/runners (as well as the bartender) are not of Korean decent which I believe is good for beginners but extremely difficult for frequent regulars of Korean joints. The waiter we had was not well versed with the menu and had to have us point at the items despite our slightly less than perfect pronunciations of the items. Below you will find my thoughts and findings: The ""tapas"" on the menu are regularly found ""ban-chan"" you can normally get for FREE any other place...surprisingly, they charge $4 per order (or 3 for $10) which only serves maximum 2 (no free refills). We ordered the tofu, spinach, and cucumber. The actual free ban-chan we received was very meager: 4 extremely small cubes of Kimchi dicon (radish), 4 halves of string beans (= 2 pieces), and generous portion of semi-fermented black beans (which no one really enjoys). Overall, these all tasted like they are suppose but they are very skimpy on portion control. The question comes to mind, ""Why are they charging for something that is suppose to be free? And if so...why are their portions not matching the price?"" The small plates section offers anything dumplings to traditional soups. We decided on Kimchi Jigae. Again, it was decent but the serving bowl was equivalent to the size a child may receive at home. Continued in Part 2...please check for it. more

Uncomparable Service and Small Portions‎ Part 2 11/5/2008

PART 2 of Uncomparable Service and Small Portions\r \r For the entrees: BBQ Kalbi - marinated beef short ribs, and ""korean osso buco,"" These actually came in a normal portion size. When we asked for rice (free surprisingly) our waiter said no problem but seemed to have forgotten about us. We sat for about 5-10 mins (would have been 5 if we could find our waiter) waiting until we had to ask one of the kitchen staff to get us the rice. At long last, when we received our rice but they came in ""dipping sauce"" bowls, again, emphasizing the need to be extremely skimpy. The Kalbi at this time was cold and the red lettuce leaves that it came with were the mini ones instead of the regular sized. It definitely was not good enough to keep me eating. As for the Osso Buco, I can see why they called it that but it was only two pieces of braised Ox tails, with no special bone marrow to dig into. The fettuccine it came on was overcooked and did not go well with the taste of the tails. During our meal, our waiter came over only once during the entree only to ask if we wanted anything else...there was no ""how's your food?"" Reluctantly, he walked away as I was telling him I wanted the check.\r \r He ends up disappearing forever and comes back as I am standing up to go ask another for the check...\r \r Overall, I would say this was one of my worst dining experiences for a Korean joint. This place needs to hire people that can better represent it's food as well as think about upping their tiny portions for the homeless. I do not think this was a fluke and certainly will not waste my time coming back again. If you have a love for Korean food, do not come here. You will not be satisfied. Pros: NOTHING Cons: LOUD AND BAD more

Authentic But Edgy! Dreamlike Dishes Transport You! 10/27/2008

Wow, where to begin?? From the zen like setting to the caring helpful service to the excellent Moim is a... more

Authentic But Edgy! Dreamlike Dishes Transport You! 10/26/2008

Paula Provided by Partner
Wow, where to begin?? From the zen like setting to the caring helpful service to the excellent Moim is a quiet lovely experience. It rocked my worl... more

not worth the trek 2/20/2008

After visiting Moim on a recent Friday night, we definitely will not be returning. Checking the website before heading out, we read that ""we will have a happy hour beginning an hour before dinner service"" (click the info tab on their website) and that the restaurant opened at 5:30 pm. We calculated an hour before 5:30 as 4:30. How silly of us. \r \r We arrived at 5:15 and were told that the restaurant hadn't opened yet. We asked if we could wait inside and were told that we couldn't because things still needed to be set up. The bartender said that the doors shouldn't even have been open. Okay... \r \r When we came back at a little after 5:30, we asked about happy hour and were told that it wasn't offered on Fridays. The bartender asked (who I'm not sure) if the sidewalk board had been set up outside. I guess she assumed that we got the information about the happy hour from the sidewalk board. We had simply asked a question, but the bartender seemed more interested in deflecting any blame that might come her way. \r \r Now for the food: it was okay, but really cannot be considered Korean. It has Korean influences, but you most likely wouldn't be served that kind of food in the average Korean house. Perhaps we would have enjoyed the meal a little more if we hadn't had such a horrible welcome. Seriously, the food was completely overshadowed by the ?welcoming committee.? \r \r At some point, the bartender must have clued in that we were upset. On our way out, she was all smiles and asked if we enjoyed ourselves. Totally bizarre. We weren't looking to be fawned over, but hadn't expected such hostility. \r \r That all said, if the food had been outstanding, we might have considered running the gauntlet to go back, but as I mentioned earlier, it was lame. For authentic Korean food, head to Koreatown, which is just a train ride away. Sure, you probably won't find the best service, but you won't find the worst. And you can be sure of the food. Cons: hostile welcome, unremarkable food more

Great korean food, wonderful ambiance, bad host. 12/12/2007

The Good: First of all, the ambiance is fantastic, very modern and sheik, compliments to the designers. Most dishes served on the menu include kimchi as an ingredient, which to my understanding is a spicy, pickled cabbage. The menu that the owner and head chef, Seari Yoo Park, put together can certainly be expanded on but is more than sufficient in satisfying a wide variety of pallets. For a first course or appetizer i would suggest the korean meatballs which come in a very small serving of 3 or the asian mixed salad which has an amazing and uncommon toasted sesame vinaigrette. For a second course, both my trusty taste tester and I agree on the scallion pancake as well as the crab salad, which i was amazed to hear that there was actually kelp on the plate. If i hadn't asked I would have never known, it was a very nice surprise. When asking our waiter for a traditional Korean dish, right away he described the bi bim bop. The bi bim bop is served in a sizzling stone rice bowl served on a charming wood pedestal top with an assortment of vegetables and a delicious marinated beef. At this point we were starting to feel a little full especially after two delicious pomegranate- blueberry martinis. For a main course I had the black cod, which was more than I could have asked for, and my dining partner had the marinated short ribs. Honestly both were phenomenal. Compliments to the chef! Over all the service was good, fortunately we had a good server whose name escapes me at the moment. On the other hand..well lets save that for the bad section. The Bad: A very loud and aggressive person greeted us at the door. His appearance could best be described as ""ratty"" as my chum commented. Despite the good service from our server, we were unfortunate to have the greasy fellow talk over us as we dined in a loud and abrupt manner which was quite unpleasant. Over all, Moim is park slopes new hot spot. Good food, great ambiance, and over all good service. Congrats to Moim! Pros: Terrific ambiance and great food Cons: ""ratty"" looking host/??? kitchen staff??? more

Boring 12/4/2007

There's nothing special about this place. Ordinary cooking is the order of the day. Spice is the only highlight of the cooking b/c it masks the ordinary taste of the food. A better meal could be had for less at far better places. Pros: They take credit. Cons: The cooking. more

yum 12/3/2007

as you walk through the door you are amazed that the restaurant used to be a laundromat.\r the atmosphere is quite enjoyable with the music at a comfortable level.\r we had to wait about 20 minutes for a table which was not a problem.\r we enjoyed ourselves at the bar where the lovely bartender (jen?) mixed up a ginger sojutini for my wife and suggested a korean beer for myself.\r both were delicious.\r the host (unfortunately i didnt catch his name) kindly sat us down and spent quite some time explaining everything on the menu.\r it was a nice gesture but completely unnecessary and almost annoying.\r our waitress (i think her name was jamie?) came over and and kindly asked if we had any questions about the menu.\r she mentioned that they had a few special feature drinks that night, one being a blueberry pomegranate martini which she highly recommended so my wife decided to try one.\r she LOVED it!\r we asked our waitress about some recommendations on what to get.\r thank god we listened to her.\r she suggested we try shrimp chive cakes, that are almost like crab cakes but a lot lighter.\r also the vegetable dumplings were superb.\r for our entrees i ordered the stone rice bowl served with an egg on top.\r it was delicious.\r the hot stone bowl cooks the rice to a crisp on the bottom, and once you stir it all together with the sauce in the middle the aromas are AMAZING!\r a little bit on the spicy side but i mixed some rice that came with my wifes entree in to calm it down a bit.\r my wife ordered the beef short ribs that also come on a sizzling hot platter.\r they come with lettuce and a sort of bean paste that you can put on the lettuce with some rice and meat to make a wrap.\r it was delicious.\r for desert we tried the green apple sorbet which also came highly recommended.\r it was like eating frozen apple it was so good.\r i would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for something new in the neighborhood. Pros: food, our waitress, food Cons: over the top, loud, greasy looking host more

welcome moim 12/3/2007

so glad a korean restaurant opened in park slope\r overall we had a good experience\r we came in and waited 40 mins for a table on a saturday night but it was completely worth it\r the food was amazing\r while we waited at the bar gen the bartender whipped up some yummy pom-blueberry martinis\r unfortunately we had the misfortune of overhearing a little argument from one of the what looked to be employees (who's ratty appearance didnt quite fit in) with someone i am guessing/hoping was another employee (if it was a customer i am shocked that he would speak to someone in that manner)\r after overhearing the way he spoke to her i was a little concerned about the type of service we would be receiving and hoping he was not our server\r luckily we were kindly seated shortly after and had the pleasure of having a young asian guy who chatted us up a bit and recommended some fabulous dishes\r as a starter the kimchi dumplings are amazing. a little spicy with a lot of flavor.\r i ordered the bibimbop which came sizzling hot. a little disappointed in the amount of rice they serve in the bowl, but our server gladly got us an extra bowl.\r the ossubucco was delish and the meat practically fell off the bone exactly like its supposed to.\r overall our experience was amazing.\r the decor is very elegant.\r the only complaint i would make would've been the rude greasy looking employee that seems to have no respect for his employees/customers surrounding Pros: food, decor, music Cons: rude/loud employee more

delish! 11/29/2007

loved it! all of it! we started our night with one of the feature cocktail that came highly recommended by our server, a POM Blueberry Martini, amazing! With dinner we had wine...nice simple list, very well priced for the area. The food was of such quality that it makes you wonder why all the other korean restaurants cant get it right! The Chef at Moim surely gets it! The service was wonderful. The food runner or host (we couldnt quite figure what his role was) was slightly over the top with all the in depth descriptions of all the menu items. Our server, Tim (according to the name on our receipt) was knowledgeable and friendly. Attentive without making us feel rushed. We will surely be back and are looking forward to bring friends with us. Pros: service, ambience, martinis, food, music, great date spot more

the 11/28/2007

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i went to moim for dinner last night with a group of friends and we had an amazing time! When you first go in, you cant help but notice the lovely bartender, Gen, we chatted with her at the bar for a while. We asked her to surprise us with the drinks and she did! She put out 5 completely different cocktails and they were all ''Manhattan top lounge'' worthy! Once we moved to our table, we were already so happy based on our time at the bar and we were looking forward to the food. Unfortunately, the cheerful cool almost zen attitude the bartender had is not standard here. Our server was loud and intrusive and acted like he was running the place, or at least trying to but surely doesnt have what it takes, CALM! He 's probably new to service industry in New York. The one Korean server that was on the floor answered a few questions for us and he was great. That bad server aside, everything was so much better than we expected. The food was simply divine. The flavors all well balanced and complex yet simple. The scallion pancakes were the best i ever had, the meat ball yummie and and the black cod and the short ribs were the talk to the night at our table. We will be back since we all agree that its worth the trip from the city. The bartender told us that there would be some new cocktails around the holidays....exciting! also 2 thumbs way up to the hostess, approachable and welcoming. Moim, which we were told means gathering will certainly be one of our new gathering spot..and with its sleek lounge and bar area, it would also be a watering whole of choice, a fancy one that is! Keep up the good work Moim, you are the top spot in the slopes! Pros: cocktails, friendly bartender, ambience, food food food! Cons: the know it all server (wont mentionned name!) more

Great place to eat 11/16/2007

We went to Moim for dinner last night and it was GREAT! Great food nice staff overall really good food.\r We waited 30 minutes for a table and it was worth it. The only bad thing is the tables are very close to one another. Glad it opened in Park Slope.\r A Brooklyn Girl.\r more

Unusual Flavors & Lovely Presentation in the Slope 11/1/2007

Citysearch & the NY Times have got it right: MOIM is an unusual & welcome addition to Park Slope's culinary universe. I'm no expert on authentic Korean fare, but chef / owner Saeri Yoo Park has crafted a menu that -- relative to other neighborhood restaurants -- is surpassed by few in quality and comparable to none in content. This food is GOOD. \r \r RECEPTION: My companion and I arrived at 8pm on a Sunday night, and there was a wait of about 15 minutes. You can sit at the bar and snack on shreds of fried crab while you wait. Try the tasty muscat soju-tini or a reasonably-priced glass of wine. \r \r AMBIANCE: Pleasant, somewhat romantic low lighting makes for a good date spot -- but the vibe is still relaxed. \r \r PRICE: Quite reasonable for the quality of the food. Main plates ranged from $16 to $22. \r \r SERVICE: Consistently good. We were greeted at the door almost immediately; the bartender was quick to serve us; our waiter was attentive but did not rush us at all; and the host checked in a couple of times to make sure everything was going smoothly. It was. \r \r FOOD: Tasty! We began with a complimentary amuse-bouche of black beans, zucchini, and kimchi that foreshadowed the spectrum of sweet to savory to spicy that later characterized our entrees. The doo boo kimchi appetizer (kimchi, pork, tofu) balanced texture and flavor to whet the appetite and tingle the tongue. My companion had the grilled spicy pork spare ribs -- they came with chilled caramelized potatoes and flavorful kimchi. The couple at the next table recommended I try the ossobuco, which had been recommended to *them* by earlier diners -- it was delicious, bathed in a dark, slightly sweet reduction, and presented with Asian vermicelli and ginkgo nuts. The meat was so tender in both dishes that we were able to eat with our chopsticks. \r \r By the end of the meal we were both so full there was no room for dessert. No matter -- we will definitely be back. Pros: Tasty food; unusual Park Slope fare; nice ambiance; good service; reasonable prices Cons: Could be spicier -- but I liked it. more
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    The name means ""gathering"" and the visually pleasing restaurant certainly encourages lingering. Though almost subterranean, its clever low lighting and soothing grey stone and...

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