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Mind Matters Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Center

3387 Barham Blvd (at Lake Hollywood Drive)
Los Angeles, CA 90068
(323) 498-2727
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Mind Matters Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Center - Los Angeles, CA
Mind Matters Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Center - Los Angeles, CA
Mind Matters Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Center - Los Angeles, CA
Mind Matters Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Center - Los Angeles, CA


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When I first started going to the group sessions I couldnt lay still, I was in alot of pain and I wasnt sleeping well at night. I was able to lay still and go deep into hypnother...


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Editorial review from Citysearch 7/26/2013

I've been having incredible stress at work and I thought I could use some mental R&R and see if I could get help with managing the stress. \r I turned to my trusty Yelp cohorts and found Mind Matters. \r \r So I called and asked what their rates were. They only offer 2 hour sessions. I told this Lisa person that 2 hrs sounded a little intense for me as I have never been to anything like this outside of getting a massage. I asked if they were able to help me ""break into"" it and if I could start with a 1 hr. session. \r She literally laughed me off the phone, and said ""there is no breaking in, we evaluate you on the phone and if it fits then you do it""\r \r Well geez!, excuse me! I wasn't exactly expecting some chanting yoga lady to laugh at me because I tell her I am nervous about it being my first time. Totally unprofessional.\r \r So I called my mom (who is a physician) and she laughed at me too LOL. She told me to Google ""certified hypnotherapist"" and yeah I saw why my mom was amused. I can get a certification for $250 tomorrow. Basically they are people who try to mimic what psychologists and psychiatrists do. They have NO formal med school & really aren't qualified in anything legitimate. They may give ""good advice"" to some people who walk with the impression that they've been ""healed"" - its kind of like those psychic mediums who read body language and pick up on cues in the conversation. Look at their reviews, most of the people have very little activity and less than 15 reviews on here (which I overlooked before calling) - that's always the first sign of what I call Yelp fraud lol. \r \r That's why I pay huge insurance premiums so I can get access to real physicians, and that's exactly what I'm going to do. \r \r Ridiculous. more

The best thing you can do for your health! 8/29/2011

When I first started going to the group sessions I couldnt lay still, I was in alot of pain and I wasnt sleeping well at night. I was able to lay still and go deep into hypnotherapy within just a few sessions thereby gaining so many benefits, my pain went away in my back and lower legs, my sleep was deep and I woke up rested and life just became easier, there was less struggle. If you are looking for that missing piece in your healthy life practice this is it!! The information they share in their hypnotherapy group session regarding a plant based way of eating is invaluable! Go plant strong! Thanks Dale! more

'A Mind Matters Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Center' 6/3/2011

I met Lisa Hubler and Dale Jaffe at a local yoga center where they were teaching a workshop on Yoga Nidra. This class was transformational in itself and was only a hint at what working with LIsa one on one in her studio 'A Mind Matters', could do to radically improve my life. After the very first session of hypnosis and hypnotherapy I felt a major change in the quality of my life and after each session the changes for the better were just as strong, Her method of hypnosis is amazing, I had tried hypnotherapy before but it was nothing compared to this. LIsa really listens to what is going in my life that I and then tailors a wonderfully relaxing and yet highly effective hypnosis session. Each session is recorded and you have the option of taking a cd home to listen to. I highly recommend using the cd's daily as the transformations are nothing short of incredible. My anxiety levels have dropped to almost nothing now, weight has dropped off, my relationships have improved dramatically and work has picked up. I look years younger and get a lot of compliments, sleep through the night and wake up feeling totally refreshed. Youth and beauty in a wonderful session! Do you need any more reasons to book?! I will definitely continue to visit Lisa as I really feel these are so life enhancing and without her help I don't see how I'd have made the progress I so wanted to make. When you call to make a booking you'll be so intrigued by her calm manner and wonderful voice. I strongly urge anyone wishing to make any changes in their life or if you'de like 'a general well-being tune-up ' to call and make an appointment. Lastly but most importantly Lisa and Dale are kind, wonderful people who really do care about their clients. more

Good Bye Anxiety... Good Bye Sleepless Nights 11/2/2010

\r A Mind Matters was a true blessing for me. I had been experiencing some really bad anxiety as well as having extreme difficulties sleeping. I heard about Lisa through the grape vine and figured at that time I was willing to give anything a shot. I had no previous experience with hypnotherapy and didn't now what to expect at all. I should have known from the first time I heard Lisa's voice on her answering machine she was going to be able to help me. She has the most soothing and relaxing voice I've ever heard. I even called back after I left a message, just to hear her voice again. Since every individuals experience with hypnotherapy is different... I'm not going to get into the details of the treatment I received. What I will say is that my anxiety and sleepless nights are gone. Not only that, but I now have the tools to cope with them should they re-surface again. The techniques you learn can be used in many aspects of your life. Lisa is a phenomenal hypnotherapist, therapist, healer, person, etc. and I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Lisa!!! more

Deep Relaxation 10/14/2010

The greatest thing about deep relaxation is that it gives my body a chance to heal. I've been dealing with digestion problems and this time to relax is essential. Dale made me feel safe and I was able to really let go. My favorite part is that I can take it with me. Dale gives you a CD of your session so you can relax at home! more

This is the real deal 8/2/2010

I have never done hypnosis before. After having a traumatic experience, I wasn't able to eat or sleep for almost 3 months. I lost over 20lbs. After my first session with Lisa, I was able to eat again and enjoy a normal nights sleep. It has been almost two months since I started my sessions and I have gained 12lbs and I am sleeping normally. Thank you Lisa, you saved my life. Everyone must have this experience at least once in their lifetime. Pros: Everything Cons: None more

Mind Matters Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Center 7/8/2010

I had 6 sessions with Lisa. She has a natural and educated ability to tailor each session to you, and your quickest success. I was new to her method and very quickly became a believer. Thank you Lisa. Sincerely, Dani Pros: Very Personal and Professional more

Hypnotherapy at Mind Matters Works Wonders! 4/15/2010

I went to Mind Matters, after looking for a place to get hypnotherapy online at my boyfriend's suggestion, because I was having daily anxiety and stress related attacks and feeling really ill most of the time as a result. I'm a fairly holistic person, but I didn't quite know what to expect. Lisa made me instantly comfortable. She wanted to hear everything I had to say and instead of diagnosing me with something, simply helped me identify the things that were causing my anxiety and making me sick. After the first session I immediately began to feel better. After four, I know how to manage my stress so that it does not overwhelm me. Rather I am able to see it for what it is, and move on, instead of fixating on it. I feel like I am now in control of my body and life. I listen to the CDs Lisa made for me of each of our sessions nightly, they are really wonderful and empowering. I would recommend Mind Matters to anyone, really, even to someone who doesn't have an easily identifiable issue. Anyone would benefit from the calming, self-realization that Lisa helped me come too. Thanks so much Lisa! Pros: Lisa is fantastic, soothing atmosphere, CDs of each session Cons: None I can think of... more

Pretty sure this changed my life 3/24/2010

I went to four sessions in total with Lisa to work on my fear of public speaking. I was pretty sure that my fear was holding me back in my career since I used to flee any potentially stressful situation where I would have to speak or read out loud. After two session I started a new job and thrived - all the sweatiness and pulse pounding that I was used to just disappeared when I spoke. The result was that I could take leadership positions, and that was noticed by one of the higher-ups. He recommended me for a dream job - I listened to the CDs from the sessions that I did with Lisa the day before the interview and nailed, and they offered me the job. Am I totally cured? - I don't know yet, I haven't had to speak at a wedding or get onstage for anything yet, but in business meetings I feel like a different person. I can actually plan what to say and not what to do so that I mask my nervousness. Life changer for me. Lisa was great. The CDs recorded from our sessions are priceless to me. Pros: Might have totally cured my fear of public speaking... more

I had great sessions with Dale 10/20/2009

My friend recommended to have sessions with Dale because I had a stress related twitching eyelid for two weeks. I was really stressed out from my job and just being busy everyday. At one point, I was not able to talk for 2 days. So I decided to give it a try even though I wasn't completely believing in it more

well worth the money 10/11/2009

I went to Lisa for anxiety and fear type issues...I have been to counceling on more than one occasion through out my past and was understanding what was going on with me but had no real solutions for changing the physiological symptoms i was having which were a little scary to say the least..... So, i thought hey?? Why not try it? I have a little extra money and if it works its worth the few hundred dollars i spent on a gift for myself... So, i saw Lisa two times..i have the cd's of my sessions and i listen to them especially if im feeling uneasy or stressed... and I feel so much better.....after the 1st session i felt instant healing ... and also subltly i just started feeling better and things start changing.....She is a very caring and gentle human being. My symptoms went from daily to almost never.... and I have made some big changes in my life that I also attribute in part to my sessions with Lisa... I will definately go back when ever I can afford it and I recomend her treatment to any and everybody... So, go for it!!! It's worth it!!! Thx Lisa <3 Pros: everything Cons: none.. more

I've Released My Ongoing Stress & Changed My Life! 9/16/2009

Before seeing Lisa I was carrying a high level of stress on a continuous basis. I have two small children and manage a fast-paced manufacturing company - typical busy working Mom. \r \r After seeing Lisa to help me let go of stress, my life has changed. My continuous stress level is at least 95% lower so that when something really stressful does come up, I handle it with ease and the stress rolls away when the event passes, instead of holding on to it and adding to my burden (like I had done in the past). The CD of the personalized sessions are invaluable and really deepen the experience. \r \r I recommend Lisa to anyone who needs help with stress, fear, overcoming addiction, blocking success, etc. She's truly gifted. Pros: Deepest relaxation ever; take home CD of session Cons: I wish she was closer to home but well worth the drive more

Lisa changed my life 7/17/2009

Lisa at Mind Matters made me fell very comfortable and at ease. I was able to see a difference in my confidence and overall outlook on life after the first session! I wanted to go back for the remaining seesions for the level of relaxation and for a lasting change. Lisa spoke to me about how hypnosis changes what you are targeting and sometimes things you don't even realize might be detrimental to you. After the first meeting with Lisa I stopped spending hours and hours wasting time playing solitare on my computer! What an awesome by-product of you incredible work! All the negative thoughts & outlooks I had have fallen away... Thank you Lisa! You have an incredible gift. Pros: Quick results Cons: A bit expensive more

Better than a massage. 3/8/2009

I went in to Lisa for help with binge eating disorder. After my first session with her, I noticed many changes. My overall thoughts towards myself changed and I was no longer thinking so negatively about myself. After years of psychological therapy, I saw more results following one session with Lisa than my many years of therapy combined. Working with Lisa has given me many techniques that aid in relaxation. It has also helped improve my outlook on life overall. At first, I was more interested in fixing the problem. Now, I'm striving to improve myself as a whole person. I'm choosing to eat much healthier foods and exercise more, which helps decrease binges, stress, and emotional problems. Pros: Extremely relaxing Cons: Cost more

The Most Amazing Experience Ever!!!!! 2/27/2009

Let me first say that I went to Lisa being very skeptical of Hypnotherapy, but open to what Lisa had to offer. Ironically, my first session was a Christmas present from a boss that was stressing me out, which is why I was there to begin with...stress. I had success with he first session, but didn't go back until a year later.\r \r After being unemployed for 5 months last year, I was having money troubles. I had a session with Lisa and we explored how I thought about money (negatively) and how I am emotionally standing in the way of my own positive cash flow. During the session, I started to realize how my life was cluttered and all the sudden, with a drive I didn't have before, I cleaned house and got rid of things I didn't need...I stopped blocking good things from happening. About 3 weeks after the session, I got a call from a company I have been trying to work for for 4 years, offer me a position and at the end of March I am estimating that I will be paying down half ($9,000) my credit card debt in just 3 months. I don't know how it is happening, but I am enjoying the progress.\r \r I had another session last Saturday to deal with my musicianship. Having pursued music for 19 years; I was tired of getting in my own way. After the session, I can tell a difference with my guitar. I feel more creative and a drive that matches my passion. I feel like I can now learn, grow and develop with a fresh pair of ears and now that I am no longer in my way, I will develop to my full potential. I can memorize music easier and have restablished my love for music.\r \r I will be going back many times over. I see the progress and can chart the changes. I am not the same person I was a year ago and I am excited to see the person I am allowing myself to without fear or stress. Lisa quoted a great Yogi during my last session. She said, 'A relaxed mind, is a creative mind.' That sums up what she does...just helps you relax and release anxieties that get in our way. more

Lisa CURED my insomnia! 1/26/2009

I went to see Lisa after a co-worker of mine told me that her friend had great success with hypnotherapy. I have been stuggling with severe insomia for over 10 years and have tried EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING! The only relief for me was Ambien CR and I was taking it every single night. I was basically a ""walking zombie"" during the day. I just felt tired and weak ALL the time. The Ambien never had a chance to get out of my system before I was popping another one. I did not want to have to rely on it for the rest of my life and that is when a friend suggested hypnotherapy to me. I found Lisa on the internet. I did not go in to my first session with her expecting anything. We sat and talked for about 45min. before she started the therapy. She put me in to the most comfortable Lazboy chair I have ever sat in, put headphones on me, an eye mast and made me very comfortable. Then she started the session. Her voice (like many others have said on here) is extremely soothing, quiet and soft and totally relaxed me. It was an hour long session but I don't remember a word she said after the first 20min. because I was OUT! Now that aws unbelievable. It was 6pm in the evening and I was literally knocked out. When I woke up I felt like I had just had the best nap of my life and I coulnd't stop smiling!! I was so happy. I only had 2 sesions with Lisa (about 2-3 months ago) and I have been sleeping pretty much like a baby since. I have not taken Ambien CR since then! She records your session and you can buy the cd's to take home with you. I bought both of mine and I highly recommend that you do so - they are wonderful to listen to and I listened to mine every single night for 2-3 weeks after my sessions with her. To this day.... I still have not heard the end of the cd because I fall asleep mid-way through it! I am still completely shocked that Lisa was able to help me and I am so thankful to her! She is amazing!! more

Highly, highly recommended! 1/17/2009

I had a great experience with Mind Matters. Lisa was extremely helpful. I had no prior experience with hypnosis, but was interested in finding a direct and unfiltered path to my subconscious. I achieved everything that I wanted during the 4 sessions we had together. I very much appreciate her work with me, and can easily recommend that anyone consider hypnotherapy with Mind Matters. more

A very positive experience 11/19/2008

I wanted to wait one month before writing this review so it would be more credible. I was a smoker for about 25 years, since I was a teenager. I thought I'd never be able to quit because my addiction was more psychological and habitual, rather than physical (to the nicotine). I loved smoking with my coffee or drink, while I was stuck in traffic, while I called my friends long distance, and especially after a nice meal. I thought what would I do during these times instead of smoking. I had tried hypnosis years ago, but it did not work, probably because the hypnotist did not take the time to really know where I was coming from or simply did not know what she was doing. But Dale is a different story. He is absolutely amazing. First of all, he took the time to talk to me and really get inside my psyche and to get to know me and my attitude towards smoking. He really understands every single justification that a smoker makes to validate his/her smoking. The hypnosis itself was very effective and relaxing. I left the center feeling light and empowered. Dale also taught me several very helpful methods to try at home for reinforcement. It's been exactly 5 weeks since my first session and my last cigarette (you need two sessions one week apart in total). I haven't used any patches or nicotine gum. I feel great. I have friends who smoke around me and it doesn't bother me. Even if I crave a cigarette, it's like any other craving, you don't necessarily have to satisfy it. It goes away quickly. For example, you can crave a Big Mac, but you don't necessarily drive to McDonald's and get one. Another good thing that came out of this is that I drink a lot less coffee, because for me a coffee without a cigarette was almost pointless! I've gone from 15 cigarettes/day to zero, and from 2-3 coffees/day to 2 or 3/week. I really believe that if you're ready to quit smoking, the nice people at Mind Matters can really help you achieve your goal. more

Highly Recommended!! 11/3/2008

I've been meaning to write a review here for some time about Lisa and MindMatters. I have always had an extreme fear of public speaking, and had assumed that it was something that could never be properly resolved. My solution: avoid public speaking at all costs. \r Recently, however, I received 2 promotions that positioned my career path such that I could no longer avoid presentations and speaking to large groups. Desperate for ANYTHING that might soothe my extreme anxiety, I scheduled an appointment with Lisa after reading her wonderful reviews online. And honestly, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. \r In just 2 sessions, I made more headway than I ever managed to do with years of presentation practice in school and on the job. Not only did Lisa put me at ease with presenting itself, but she has helped me develop a confidence in myself and my performance that has been lacking for some time. Though presentations still make me a bit nervous... the physical signs of anxiety (clammy hands, tunnel vision, stuttering) have all gone away. \r The sessions are soothing and relaxing... and I plan to continue to make appointments for regular ""tune-ups"" - if and when an impending presentation really rattles me.\r Highly, Highly recommended. Pros: Warm, Friendly Practioner; Relaxing Sessions; Very Helpful in Relieving Anxiety Cons: None! more

Phenomenal! 8/29/2008

As someone new to using guided meditation/hypnotherapy as a way of spiritual growth and healing, I am now a true believer! My sessions with Lisa were phenomenal! After each session, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I felt lighter, calmer and more connected to my true self. Hypnotherapy with Lisa was the perfect catalyst for my path to deeper understanding. Lisa herself is an excellent therapist - she's got years of experience, has a kind and gentle demeanor, and the most soothing voice. I was so pleased with my experience there that I insisted on taking my family there as well - while they were apprehensive at first, each of them came out of their sessions feeling rejuvinated and lighter. I have no doubt that Mind Matters can help in the learning and healing process of anyone. I couldn't recommend it more and strongly believe that everyone has something to gain from trying it! more
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Owner Message

  • Mind Matters Restorative Hypnotherapy utilizes hypnosis, meditation, and yoga to facilitate deep relaxation and the positive changes you desire. In addition to the better-known ways of benefiting with hypnosis such as weight loss, stress reduction, and stopping smoking (cessation), our methods facilitate rapid change in behavior, motivation, confidence, concentration, creativity, health, and well-being.

    Compare to other forms of therapy, you will save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars through our rapid transformational work. Our unique synthesis of hypnosis, meditation, and yoga creates a profound and safe state of very deep physical, mental, and emotional relaxation, freeing your subconscious mind to tap into its fundamental source of wisdom, strength, and peace, releasing unnecessary thoughts, beliefs, tensions, and fears. Most clients report improvement and relief after the first session.

    Conveniently located in Los Angels, adjacent to Studio City, Burbank, a nd Hollywood, just off of the 101 Freeway and near the studios of NBC, Universal, Warner Bros., and Disney.


  • These specialists utilize hypnotherapy, meditation and positive methods to help clients lose weight and keep it off.

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