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Ok ok, I've read everybody's comments here and have taken it all in. Now to shed some light, I happen to be friends with the new owner of Mayslack's and he does care about the i...


Bone found in sandwich, management only took half off,pizza was not all that good, watered down drinks, second band was cut short, best band there that night,April 3rd 2010. Our g...

Good drinks, terrifyingly bad food. 5/5/2010

shogunmoon Provided by Partner
Good place for a drink, but the food is terrible. Roast Beef is basically inedible, tough and chewy. If it doesn't come out of a Sysco bag, I don't know what they are doing to it. Add to that a menu filled with four pages of obviously straight out of the Sysco catalog prefab generic fried crap, and you get the idea. Actually WORSE then Applebee's. Non of this would be all that bad, if they didn't charge so much for this absolute disaster of a menu. Hey Mayslacks, most bars are upping the quality of the food, not the size of the menu these days. Roast beef Primer- Get a chuck, trim the fat off of it, sear it, then put in in a low oven for several hours with some red wine, garlic, onions, carrot and celery. Chill and slice. Reheat with the jus from the pan you cooked it in. Pros: Drinks. Cons: Fppd more

Good music venue 5/3/2010

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
Mayslacks is a really fun place to grab food, drink and watch a band. It's a small enough venue so you always have a good view of the band. more

Good music venue 5/3/2010

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
Mayslacks is a really fun place to grab food, drink and watch a band. It's a small enough venue so you always have a good view of the band. more

My Favorite Place 4/30/2010

5 Shirt Provided by Partner
Ok ok, I've read everybody's comments here and have taken it all in. Now to shed some light, I happen to be friends with the new owner of Mayslack's and he does care about the image of the bar and the quality of the food being served there. We've talked about this many times and he will fire a cook who does not do his job well. If you're that concerned about your food, tip one is don't tell the wait staff. The bartenders talk to the owner more and give Dean the owner better feedback. You may also tell Jeremy the GM of Legends and Mayslack's. Trish during the day is just wonderful and TJ at night is probably the best bartender I've ever met. He is also a very good friend. The menu was recently updated as of last year with many new items. Wednesday night wings are new and great! Try the cajon rub. I hope people give this place another chance. I've probably spent the better part of a couple thousand or more there and I don't intend to stop anytime soon! Well, slow down the drinking that's for sure! Mike Pros: Bar staff remember you. Cons: Need more hotties. (just because I'm single) more

Rip off 4/4/2010

ham52 Provided by Partner
Bone found in sandwich, management only took half off,pizza was not all that good, watered down drinks, second band was cut short, best band there that night,April 3rd 2010. Our group of 30 people that went to see band number 2 will not go back again, we spent over $1000.00 and was not treated to well. They do not apparently need our money and the bathrooms were very very disgusting. Sorry this was not a very good experience. Pros: none Cons: bad food, second band cut short more

Never had a bad time 10/23/2009

snoworice Provided by Partner
I've been to Mayslack's probably 10 times in the last year and every experience was as you would want it to be. Friendly service, good food, cold beer and good live music with a cool dive bar atmosphere. I am guessing they got rid of the bad help talked about in the reviews below because I have not experienced that at all. I have never tried the roast beef, but I absolutely love the Big Bleu burger with tater tots and some of their dijon mayo sauce on the side for the tots ... I have to have one every time I go. It is one of my favorite bleu cheese burgers of any that I have had in the twin cities ... it is every bit as good as Granite City's Blue Burger! The staff has always been friendly - even the bouncer let me sit at the bar without paying cover for the band because I was just there to sit at the bar and have a couple of beers and grab a bite. Other nights when we've gone for the band the music was great and the cover was only $5 ... but get there early if you want a table because it is usually packed on Friday and Saturday nights. I will definitely be back. Pros: Awesome Big Bleu Cons: Small bathroom? more

We want don't want to Beat Mayslack's Meat 3/21/2009

WestsideBand Provided by Partner
Hello Mayslacks! Granted, we haven't met the new owners, but we've been by. It's a fun bar. Does the band play in the blue room or the green room? We haven't been around as long as Mayslack's, but, we'd love to play there. We'll even buy the shirt! Mayslacks please hire us! Pros: Live Music Cons: Westside Band hasn't played there more


Citysearch User Provided by Partner
Local n.e mpls. bar is well known.for their excellant food and music.great prices, very enjoyable clientele. Mayslack's sandwich is the bars... more

Nobody Beats Mayslack's Meat! 8/20/2008

pvorkzam Provided by Partner
While "Mayslack's Meat" remains a hot number on the menu, the recent make-over of the place leaves something to be desired. The keg-cracked tile floors are still there, the fabulous tin ceiling with the dramatic crown moulding is still there, but someone -- perhaps someone's grandmother -- has painted the place with what appears to be a sponge. Remember sponge painting? Yikes. Still gets bands, still attracts a wide and diverse crowd. The service is friendly and fast and the patio is reasonably accommodating. Pros: Decent menu, can accommodate a big table of your friends, friendly people. Cons: May end up parking on the neighborhood blocks around the bar. more

Decent later night experience 6/11/2008

calebcharles Provided by Partner
I don't know about the other reviewers experiences, but for a first timer, (apparently it used to be different) I enjoyed myself. The server was cute and spunky, ordered quickly, food came out hot and the wings were perfect. What made this an average review was the amount of time our sandwiches took. The wing makers had to take time out of their busy wing making to multi task and it must have been too much to handle. Other than having to make small talk with my friends for 20 minutes and actually enjoying each other's company, (which isn't so bad) the long wait kept us drinking, again, not another bad thing. What else is there to do on a June Wednesday evening at 11 pm? A piece of Minnesota Americana. (And loudly sung Led Zeppelin). Pros: Free parking, Authentic Dive Bar, Youthful Clients Cons: Bored foodrunner, Gruff Bouncer, Confused Cook more

New ownership is horrible! 4/29/2008

nordeastlover Provided by Partner
I used to go to Mayslack's frequently. When I say frequently I mean once a week! Now, even though I live down the street I go rarely. Tonight was an exceptionally bad experience. We paid way to much money for cheap grocery bought, cooked in the microwave, 'Tyson' stirfry and rice and walleye coated in cornmeal flour that tasted as if it had been dipped in cornmeal and put directly on the plate. It is unfortunate that a place that my friends and I used to love everything about (ie. food, music, atmosphere) has gone so downhill. New ownership is not always pretty. However, even after the infamous Stan Mayslack, the ownership was superb and kept the authenticity. This new owner is trying to turn Mayslack's into some generic bar, which does not blend in with the Nordeast atmosphere that everyone loves. Think twice about going here and go to Mac's Industrial instead. Pros: Within walking distance Cons: Everything else more

Is it possible to give a place no stars 4/23/2008

jimmyjimereeno Provided by Partner
I was there for "trivia night" recently, but it wasn't until I was reminded of the change in ownership that I was able to point to the drastic change in this place. What a shame! If your idea of pub trivia involves a disinterested dude reading truly random and uninspired questions at the rate of one every 15 minutes, head down to Mayslacks. It was 25 cent wing night, too, but a person should earn 25 cents for eating one of their undercooked (who ever heard of flabby skin on a b-wing?) excuses for a chicken wing. Sheesh. Don't get me started on the stoner's nachos. For only someone totally blazed would consider a half-filled plate of chips covered with trace amounts of shredded cheese and fried onions (??) nachos. Man oh man. But the drink special was generous as hell, so they've got that going for them. Sure do miss the old bar, but that's the way it goes. more

I think im going to be sick 2/3/2008

arron7643 Provided by Partner
OMG!!!! the beef sandwich was about the same quaity as sloppy joe at a truck stop. NASTY. This new owner has NO idea at all and if he has a wife she should be scared cause I think he is hiring staff off of cup size only. No talent waitstaff and no talent in the kitchen either. Im guessing if this guy purchased an McDonalds in Ethiopia he would lose it. Here is a case of I know everything and do nothing business owner. I agree with the other guy the bathroom looked like a horror movie i would hate to see the kitchen.ewwww STAY OUT OF THIS PLACE unless you want to buy it cause at the rate its going it will be for sale by the bank in 4 months along with the other bars this guys owns cause thats the only thing i was informed about like he was a rock star lol i checked reviews on the other bars and they were the same. no service dirty previously successful places now ran to the dirt, mayslacks,legends cafe and a great norther bar and grill in western metro i guess that place is about done already and hes only owned it 2 months. more

Big ol' pile o' beef! 12/3/2007

kafba63 Provided by Partner
I read a couple of reviews here that were pretty harsh and thought I should add my two cents. To start - I'm certainly no local and didn't get a chance to try the place when Stan was still around so I don't have anything to compare the current place with. I'm on my first trip to the area - for a friend's funeral - and someone told me to give Mayslacks a try. They warned in advance that the place "wasn't what it used to be" to which I replied, "neither am I." A bud and I got there about 1130 on a Tuesday (today in fact) and it was nearly empty - but by the time we left it was getting crowded. The waitress was freindly and flirty (just the way a waitress should be in a place where the motto is "nobody beats mayslacks meat") and the food was great. The beef was plenty garlicy and piled high with plenty of horseradish on the side. Prices were reasonable and the place was suitably dingy for a neighborhood watering hole. Next time I'm in the area I'll certainly stop in again. May not be what it used to be but I thought is was pretty good. more

Tee-shirts are the only good item at Mayslacks 10/2/2007

saucie02 Provided by Partner
Thank God I am not alone. I thought it was me last weekend, but evidently I have company. Last Saturday my better twothirds and I strolled into Mayslacks after a few "greenies" down the street. The booths were empty, six to eight people were ponied up at the bar. We grabbed a booth and waited and waited... After 10 minutes like the previous reviewers I went up to the bar where Paris Hilton's sister seemed ticked that I actually had to ask her a question, much less, work. "And by the way do you think a waitress can come to our table?" I think she interpreted that as "I'm a third dregee offender, any kids doing the dishes?". She gave me another deer in the headlights look and started talking to another barkeep. I walked back to our table laughing, which made my wife nervous because she knew my New Jersey upbringing was bubbling to the surface. I counted to 100 hundred and repeated "What would Dara do?". The staff came around eventually, her look and attitiude was "I'm pouty spice tonight, tomorrow I'm going to be Denise Richards" the roast beef was subpar, the beer was good, (which isn't made by Mayslacks). I put myself through school working at a small family run joint in Passic County, I've cleaned bathrooms worse than the one I used Saturday night. I know the score. If they keep up the fine work, it will be closed in six months. If you go out to dinner and have a good meal, you tell two people. If you have a terrible time you tell ten or more people. I'm telling nine more people. Keep the tee-shirt, it use to be funny. Pros: It will be for sale soon Cons: the previous owner will by it. more

avoid the "new" mayslack's 9/6/2007

cafli002 Provided by Partner
rude waitress/bad food i have to agree with the previous poster and i felt an obligation to let webfolks know my recent experience -- it's too bad, because i've gone to mayslack's for ten years, but i think the new ownership has let it slide downhill. we were served lukewarm, stale french fries with our mediocre burgers. when i told the waitress about it she became immediately hostile (!?) and said that she "just saw them come out of the fryer, so she didn't know how that could be." funny, our cheese curds were hot and fresh as could be. she avoided us for the next 10 minutes and then finally slapped the check down for me after my wife and babies left. we couldn't believe her rudeness -- i guess i'd avoid the "new" mayslacks. Pros: nordeast location Cons: rude waitress, cold fries more

rude waitress/bad food 9/4/2007

Citysearch User Provided by Partner
we were served lukewarm, stale french fries with our mediocre burgers. when i told the waitress about it she became immediately hostile (!?... more

Highly Overrated 7/12/2007

mostroum Provided by Partner
Mayslacks is going down hill--fast. Service is lousy, waitresses stand around chatting. Food terrible. Bartender--nasty, when it was obvious the waitress wasn't bothering to wait on us we went to the bar, the bartender snapped-did you want something? The place was not crowded--about 4 booths and two tables on the patio were occupied. We had to try and get waitresse's attention to bring menus. My friend was anxious to try the famous roast beed--sandwich was tough, the bread stale and the french fries cold. I had the pasta special--serving was tiny with a lackluster hunk of boneless, spiceless chicken breast thrown on top. My friend asked for a glass of water with her meal, my beer glass was almost empty waitress never bothered to ask if I wanted another. I went to the bar, again, and asked Ms. Congeniality for a glass of red wine--cost $6 and change. Ladie's room had a bathroom stall door just hanging off the hinges. I work in the neighborhood and go to lunch at Mayslacks often--not after this experience. Do yourself a favor and find another place. Too bad, they had nice happy hour specials but it just isn't worth it. Pros: Good beer selection and happy hour prices Cons: Lousy service, food more

Mayslack's Music Lounge 8/31/2006

Mayslacks Music Lounge is a casual restaurant/bar in the heart of Northeast Minneapolis. This is Polish country! Mayslacks is not fancy. Com... more

My new local pub 8/18/2006

sandiego36 Provided by Partner
Friendly staff, great bartenders, cheap drinks, great food, down to earth real people regulars, pretty good music, in a working class neighborhood, AND it's on my way home from work, pretty damn near perfect. Pros: Food, staff, music more
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