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I have always counted on reviews and I came across this thread and I am so disappointed. I can't tell if these are reliable reviews or some type of employee battle.\r \r I have...


Randy payed for me to go here! Thanks I'm done with you now!! Your to gross for me! Creepy

Randy payed for me to go here! Thanks 5/16/2012

Randy payed for me to go here! Thanks I'm done with you now!! Your to gross for me! Creepy more

Great Service 4/21/2009

I have always counted on reviews and I came across this thread and I am so disappointed. I can't tell if these are reliable reviews or some type of employee battle.\r \r I have been to Luxaderm twice in the last couple of months and I love it. Everyone has been friendly and professional. Mandy does my brows and there was a new girl Meg that did my nails. I am planning to get permanent brows and wanted to check reviews, but now I don't know if I can trust them. CitySearch should ensure that this service is not abused. Pros: Very friendly & Professional Staff more

Dr. Walker is ridiculous for not firing this monster 3/15/2009

The only conclusion that I can come up with for Christine still being employed at Luxaderm is that she has to be blackmailing Dr. Walker with something. Why else would he allow her to ruin his business & torture every employee that she has been in charge of without doing anything about it? His girlfriend hates Christine, and she has completely tarnished the image of his business. Normal people cannot even possibly understand how this woman treats people. She does not care about the success of Luxaderm, only about abusing the power that Dr. Walker allows her. If she cared about Luxaderm she would not purposefully push out every employee for her own evil enjoyment! Cons: Christine more

christine is evil 1/12/2009

Dr. Walker owes every person that has worked under Christine at Luxaderm a big fat sincere apology for not caring about how they were being treated. He hasn't shown one bit of concern for what has been going on at Luxaderm, even though people have tried to tell him how she abuses the employees. Christine is the most horrible, nasty, miserable person I have ever encountered in my life! To Christine: Please seek help to figure out why the only way you know how to interact with other people is to make them fear and loathe you. Why do you get off on lying to and about other people and trying to make them as miserable as you obviously are? I only hope that when Dr. Walker finally fires you or you end up leaving Luxaderm that no one else ever makes the mistake of putting you in a position of power over other people. I know the Spa School certainly regretted that mistake, and I'm sure that even arrogant and uncaring Dr. Walker realizes what a bad decision it was to hire you. Go see a therapist and maybe they can figure you out! Cons: Christine more

Not worth putting up with the Manger 12/19/2008

Myself and three of my friends set appointments at Luxaderm that included a whole day of pampering! We were getting the works, manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages, with lunch. When we arrived our reservation was set but, they didn't have a massage therapist to do the massages. Disappointing yes, however, we still wanted the rest of the services. The manger at the front desk didn't even wont to deal with trying to accommodate us. She just simply sent us to another spa in the area. We were already there and we were willing to get the rest of the services, but instead of giving us a little off the bill for the inconvenience of not getting the massages, she just simply sent us on our way. Now, I am not sure how their business is holding up with the economy, but I am sure they could have used the 3 or 4 hundred dollars that we were bringing. But thanks to her we did find a GREAT place to go and we will defiantly be going back to the OTHER spa that she sent us too. I hope everyone else has a better experience than we did. I would have loved to try the services, but unfortunately we felt very unwelcome there. Pros: Pretty Cons: not accommodating more

It is time for Dr. Walker to step up and do something!!!!!! 11/29/2008

Dr. Walker has been made aware of the abuse of his staff by the manager and for whatever bizarre reason has chosen to distance himself from and ignore the problem. It is just incomprehensible that he could care so little about his own business and employees. Past and present staff, clients, patients, and I can only imagine how many others have told Dr. Walker about the bullying and intimidation of the staff of Luxaderm by this deceitful, conniving, twisted beast and he just pretends it isn't happening?!?! It is really time to step up and protect your employees from something that has been allowed to continue for far too long. \r Is it really that hard to find a new manager who knows how to treat people with respect? There are a lot of NORMAL people out there looking for jobs right now. Pros: Nice location Cons: Abusive manager more

Two Thumbs Down 11/17/2008

I have to say I am very disapointed in Dr. Walker for not caring enough for his staff. That crazy witch of a manger is very rude. He needs to get rid of her so the staff can stop being so up tight. I see Dr. Walker for laser treatments and on one of the Saturdays that I was there, the manger told the older lady at the front desk to sit down and don't move again because she was getting in her way. Now I don't know about her but I didn't see a dog in the lobby any where. That is how she treated that lady. I have been in there and heard her talk about Dr. Walker and how she has to put him in his place from time to time. She acts as if she owns the joint. All I have to say is that from where I stand, if Dr. Walker don't get rid of that lady then he may not have a staff to run the place. Very unkind women. The staff themselves do seem kind, unfortunatly I will never know if the spa services are good or not, because I can't bare to deal with that women for more than one Saturday out of the month. more

Great place, poor management! 10/16/2008

Being a patient of Dr. Walkers for several years, I find it almost unbelievable there is any affliation between the two establishments. I have been referred to Luxaderm by his office for quite sometime. I have noticed several staff changes in the last few years. I still continue to see Dr. Walker for my acne but refuse to go to Luxaderm simply because of the management. Christine is rude, uncaring, and cold. I miss the old Luxaderm! I have read the other comments and if you doubt that this is a real customer, then check the records vs Dr walkers visits to Luxaderm visits. Pros: Old staff was experienced and knew their customer needs Cons: New manager is flat out a mean, cold woman. Rude and uncaring!!! more

WORST SITUATION EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/25/2008

First off I want to say that I am so very glad that I went to Luxaderm because of a gift certificate. If I had paid my hard earned money for the service I recieved, I would have screamed!! The experience started off badly from the start. I was givin the gift certificate for my birthday by a very dear friend who has since past. My friend told to me to request a very specific person( I will not name) to do my brows and bikini waxing because she was the absolute best. I called ahead to find out if she was working and I was told to come on in that her schedule was open that day. A TOTAL LIE!!! Upon arriving there was noone at the front desk and waited several minutes before anyone came out to greet me. When I told the woman at the front desk that I had an appointment with the lady that I went there to get a wax and to get my brows done by, I was told ""that b**ch doesnt work here anymore"" I was appalled!! Figuring that I had driven all the way from the other side of town I decided to shrug it off and go ahead with the next available person. Upon entering the room where I had the services performed, I was told to remove my pants and cover up, that she would be right back. So I waited, and waited,she finally came back and started my bikini wax. Now I have had my bikini area waxed several times before and let me tell you, this girl was HORRIBLE! I hurt so badly that I actually cried at one point! Then an entirely different person came to do my brows and long story short, I had to pencil in my brows for the last month because she removed all but EVERY hair on both brows. Very distraught I asked to speak to the manager, and low and behold it was the foul mouthed woman at the front desk. When I told her what had happened with both girls she told me that it didnt look that bad and that there was nothing she could do. Then she actually said "" what do you want me to do? glue your eyebrows back on?"" NEVER I mean NEVER go to this place!!! Cons: inexperienced staff, extremely rude and unprofessional manger. more

Unbelievable! 9/9/2008

Just so you know the old staff at luxaderm have better things to do with their time then to make up bad reviews about Luxaderm we have all moved on! So if clients are complaining about the turn over or the Managment, wouldn't it be possible that they are legit complaints?? I only came across this forum after talking with a recent employee who told me the big issue about city search. Apparently there are people who feel that all the bad reviews are written by old employees. Now that is funny to me considering none of us give a hoot! Why do we have to go all out of our way to make you look bad Christine when you do a great job without our help? \r more

MISS THE OLD LUXADERM!!!!!!! 8/21/2008

For YEARS I have gone to luxaderm I have seen them go through different managers and staff but for the most part everyone was always friendly. The last 3 years was the best staff of all!!! Erica the manager was a really nice person. I always felt like i was going to visit friends and also have a relaxing experience. The they had the same staff for a long time and i got to know each of them. I could ask the nail tech about a skin product for acne and know that she knew the products. I recently moved to California for school and came back and Erica was GONE!!! that really made me sad but since she had a good position I was happy for her and atleast I had my other friends. And besides this manager was probrably going to be just as nice....... SIKE!!!!! she was soooooo rude to me. I asked where erica was (just to spark a conversation not to go to were she now works) and she every so rudely says IM THE MANAGEMENT NOW!!! Just the way she said it was so rude. Then the staff told me how she has been calling them names and making them feel terrible. Then another employee cames in while I am haveing my service and tells me that the manager is talking about me. I mean my goodness all i did was ask a simple question and I ended up have the most tense day ever when i was suppose to be relaxing. She doesnt even know what shes doing. I didnt even want to go back there. now they are all gone Its a whole new staff and from what I here the new staff hats her too. She needs to get that rediculose attitude undercontrol and realize that she is running a bussines. Talking about clients and putting down your staff is not only goint to hurt your return bussines but the employee turn over is going to be extreamly high!!! Dr. Walker cant you beg Erica to come back??? I miss the old friendly luxaderm. Pros: When Erica was there Cons: When the Hunch back of notradom showd up more

worst mistake EVER!! 8/19/2008

If you care about how you look PLEASE don't go here!! I had my brows done last week and they are HORRIBLE I could have gotten a better job done by a beautician at a whole in the wall hair salon.... I thought these people were suppose to be skin proffessionals and know what they were doing! this was my first and last experience at Luxaderm the girl who did my brows had NO IDEA what she was doing she seemed very unsure of her self obviously for a good reason my brows use to have a great arch and shape and now they look auwfull she gave me a screwed up thin rounded look i am soooo unhappy. I'm not sure what the training process or the hiring reqirments are but they must not include talent!! PLEASE don not let these people touch your brows and if they cant handle a simple waxing then I sure the heck wouldnt let them do a chemical peel on me. The girl I seen was named Mandi so if you insist on still going AVOID this lady! Pros: dont see any Cons: untalented more

Manager is writing most of these reviews 8/10/2008

The manager is writing reviews in her defense because, we the staff, have been asked by her to write reviews in her defense of all the clients who are unhappy with her, but we won't write any. What everyone is saying about her is true. Only she would know if the spa is up 35% and respond to someone about their wanting a different salad dressing. Actually business has been very bad. If you read these posts, she is responding to clients concerns and critiques. Who else would do that? Not another client. This is supposed to be about what clients think of the spa. We are being sent home early a lot, so we know there is no real business any more. We are tired of clients complaining about the manager and telling us. A lot of repeat business is gone and the ones that have stayed are primarily Dr. Walker's clients from his dermatologist practice. We walk on eggshells around her because she is erratic and very moody. Some of us don't even want to come to work, but it's hard to find a job out there, so we stick it out. She has no spa experience. She flat out told us, the reason she is there is to book as many people and we have to get them in and out. Clients should have time to enjoy their experience, not be shoved out as soon as possible. She may act friendly to clients, but believe us, it's an act. Because as soon as clients walk to the back, she talks about them. She talks about everyone behind their backs, incuding the owner. If he only knew what she said! We have been told he wants nothing to do with the spa and that is why he hired a manager to deal with everything. We don't respect or trust her. We may act like we like her because it's easier to make her laugh and keep her calm rather than deal with her moods, but it is very exhausting. She is two faced and a liar. We are writing this knowing she will look at this because she is writing her own fake reviews. We want a new manager. Our staff is interviewing at other places. Pros: It's a Job Cons: Manager more

Confidence Renewed! 8/9/2008

No spa is perfect but....Luxaderm sure comes close! I have gotten facials at Luxaderm very routinely until my regular girl left about month or so ago and I recieved one from a newer person. It was not a good experience at all and I even left the room/spa crying and very upset. I don't think this lady knew what the hell she was doing! I had it in my mind to never return and risk having someone screw up my face or anyting else. However, I was persuaded by the manager to give them another chance and today she put me with Mandy. It was awesome! I was sooooo happy to have someone good again. She was a lot of fun and my face felt great. I am already scheduled to go back again next week. THANK YOU for making things right! Pros: Knows how to treat their customers Cons: Nothing now. more

True Colors 8/8/2008

What a shame it is to see the way people flaunt their immaturity and lack of class. I will flat out tell you that I am very closely involved with Luxaderm and Walker Dermatology and the bulk of what is written in any of these negative postings is B.S. Do you really think that the manager has the time to sit online and play childish games back and forth? Definitely not. Considering that much of her life is spent within the spa working to make it a better place than it has been in past years and considering that the revenue of the spa has increased by over 35% in the past 6 months because of the efforts she has made and the new policies, employees, and specials that she has developed....I'd say that bringing her in was the best thing to happen to Luxaderm. And in your infinite wisdom, I'm sure that you realize what a contradiction your own postings are in the sense that you claim to care about Luxaderm and Dr. Walkers choices, yet all you are ultimately doing is tarnishing his good name and his business. If the manager is as bad as you state, there is no way that Dr. Walker would sit back and allow her to run his business into the ground...he is neither blind nor stupid. Obviously previous (and hostile) employees are just as capable of assuming new names on here to slander the reputation of a fine establishment and physician. Next time don't make it so obvious, try finding other things to bash besides the manager that fired you in your first 3 or 4 postings....the sensible and intelligent public might actually be inclined to believe something you say that way. Pros: Mature, skilled staff more

Will stick you with anyone who just barely came out of beauty school!! 8/8/2008

I had a spa professional I loved here, a few months back I called to make an appointment with Sara and the girl on the phone hmmmed and hawwwed. Finally she made the appointment. Three hours later she called back and said the appointment had to be with someone else, my tech left!!! I said no thank goers are loyal to the people who give them great service not the spa. I've heard this place is horid now and I too have moved to Stile! Pros: location-availability Cons: new inexperienced staff, rude/untruthul people more

OH MY GOSH...Shany you're right! 8/7/2008

This has also become a posting, which I think is great! You are right...this honestly looks like the Manager is using different names to try & defend herself. How pathetic is that? All you have to do is go there once and see how phony she really is. I work at Easton and went there and she was very sarcastic to me and I blew her off because I knew I was never coming back again. It is absolutely not inviting in there. I switched over to Stile Spa at Easton and it is soooo much better. Better front desk people, nicer atmosphere and they treat you like gold. more

Out with the with the worst! 8/6/2008

Okay, just to clear the air here...I HAD been a client of Luxaderm for a few years. However, they changed management around the 1st of the year and that was an eye opener. The previous manager (Erica) left and within 4 months the entire old staff was out the door as well. Sarah, a facialist, Bea, a nail tech, a couple of other people I really didn't know, and finally, Jessie, the best nail person I ever found. Now there is a new manager and a COMPLETELY new staff. I loved both the old and new staff, but the new manager is far too moody for my tastes. Isn't this supposed to be about customer service? Apparantly not, because everyone was always bug-eyed behind the counter if she was back there with them. \r \r Regardless, the place is not the same, and I have taken my business elsewhere. Besides, as a professional woman, I found it so distasteful to be across the counter with a woman showing her cleavage. And why am I putting in my 2 cents? Because bad news travels fast, and it does not surprise me that they are getting so many bad reviews. Pros: The list is getting shorter and shorter Cons: too much attitude...too much cleavage more

Medical Spa, medicine for your soul! 8/6/2008

I am confused about the comments and find that there has to have been some previous staff that were disgruntled with the 'change of management'. I had been by Luxaderm several times and it wasn't until I noticed the big glass door being open and a Walk-Ins Welcome sign realize all that they did. I was too intimidated to even walk in for a pedicure or waxing until I noticed the smiles that were just inside the door. I have been there at least 15 times for massages, eyebrow waxing and manicures and pedicures and I have had services done by Sarah, Chandra, Mandy, Starr, Shonda and Samantha and I never felt anything but welcomed and a valued client. I don't look so much at turnover unless there is obvious reentments that come through non-verbal communications. I have only had 'fun' there and as for the manager, she knows me by name and even comments and asks how my children are doing. She knows their names even. I have not had that before and I look forward to the new monthly specials and take advantage of them as well as giving my mother and sisters gift certificates. My mother and sister and I did a package and we felt like royalty. The robes were comfortable, they carried our bags for us from station to station and the Lunch was okay. I really want people to go and enjoy what Luxaderm has to offer! I am getting Botox this weekend because a friend of mine went to Dr. Walker and WOW, she looks awesome! I have priced it and Luxaderm seems comperable but they seem to have a better satisfaction rate than other places. I will let you all know if I like it! Luxaderm, it has everything I need and I look forward to my Botox and looking younger! The fountain of youth is at Easton-Luxaderm! Pros: Works well with my schedule, open 7 days a week! more

Liars. 8/6/2008

Looks like the manager found these reviews, and began plugging in positive ones. \r \r DO NOT GO HERE. THE MANAGER IS TERRIBLE AND PUTS THE WHOLE STAFF ON EDGE.\r I left a message for the owner, Dr. Walker, to complain, and ask what as going on. the manager took the message, I was never given a return call. I guess my message was ""LOST"".\r \r DON'T BELIEVE THE POSITIVE REVIEWS! The manager wrote them under aliases!!!! Pros: none anymore Cons: MANAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more
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