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Kossoris Search Inc

10250 Constellation Blvd 2320
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(310) 270-9926
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I am a partner at, as most attorneys know, one of the largest IP national firms that went down.



Editorial review from Citysearch 12/28/2013

Amy Kossoris' contact and connections span the country, reflecting her deep understanding of the current market as well as the relevant firm cultures. \r \r The very first two firms Amy connected me with resulted not only in interviews, but also in in the most competitive offers I received. \r \r My experience with another recruiter required too much hand-holding and was, unfortunately, a waste of my valuable time. That recruiter had nowhere near the level of knowledge or contacts in the relevant legal field or the needed understanding of my area of practice. Amy is the exact opposite; she immediately understood my needs and presented me with a successful plan, identifying the right firms for my practice. \r \r A lateral move is a highly sensitive event; Amy values and retains confidentiality to the highest degree.\r \r Amy oversees the entire process, monitoring all contacts and interviews and offering invaluable guidance and insight on the hardest of decisions.\r \r I highly recommend Amy Kossoris for any complex partner move, especially where hard details, numbers, and planning need to take place.\r \r - Partner placed at AMLAW 100 Firm more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/18/2013

If you are a serious attorney with good credentials, and are not sure your current firm is right for you, contact Amy. Amy always has lots of opportunities for good attorneys because she is constantly in touch with law firms identifying their needs. If she doesn't have something that is a good fit, she will tell you. If she does, then you’ll get the interview. You have to get the job, but she will get you the interview. With Amy you get all the benefits of her knowledge of the field and the reputation that she has earned with top tier law firms by placing good people at great firms.\r \r I’ll also note that my practice involves complex Intellectual Property litigation & trial work, a key practice Amy does a lot of work in. Amy got me interviews with about 6 leading global law firms, very quickly. I was told by some of the hiring partners that the firm trusts her judgment, she has a proven track record, and her laterals always get an immediate look.\r \r - Harvard Grad, Placed at AMLAW 100 Law Firm, New York more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/8/2013

This company is extremely unprofessional. I had a horrible experience with Amy, who is untrustworthy. She will submit you to firms that do not match your interests. I've worked with other recruiters who actually take the time to learn about your interests and experience, match you up to positions that are a good fit, and personally advocate for you. Amy Kossoris does NONE of those things. If you see job postings from her, chances are that other recruiters know about the openings too. GO WITH ANOTHER RECRUITER! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/7/2013

Working with Amy Kossoris on attorney recruiting for our firm is always a positive experience. Amy approaches each potential new hire attorney with integrity and professionalism. Candidates are well prepared when they come to interview with us so that we can have meaningful dialogue on key issues.\r \r Amy's years of experience allow her to narrow down the field, and we trust her judgment in finding candidates who will easily integrate into the culture of our firm and thrive on our business model. Amy keeps in contact with us throughout the search process and never drops the ball.\r \r Beyond the successful business aspect of each placement, Amy's prime goal is to assist both her partner and associate candidates in finding the right firm where they will be able to achieve both their personal and professional goals. The attorneys who have joined our firm through Kossoris Search, Inc have been long-term hires and that is our definition of success in the recruiting field.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/5/2013

My experience with Kossoris Search was nothing but positive. Kossoris Search knows what they are doing when it comes to placing attorneys and legal staff, and they do it well. Amy and her team work with top partners at top firms to recruit candidates, and they will work their butts off to find you a position where you will be happy. Their offices are in California, but Amy actually met with me on her trip to DC, and placed me with a great firm here where I can finally feel at home.\r \r I can tell you from personal experience, Amy will find the best position out there for you, where you will feel happy and fulfilled, and it certainly doesn't hurt that at least for me the salary was significantly higher than at my previous position. She even follows up every once in awhile to see how things are going. I would recommend Kossoris Search to anyone and everyone -- in fact, I do actually do just that whenever anyone mentions they are looking for a job in the legal field. Kossoris Search is simply where it's at! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/14/2013

If you want a good idea of what Amy Kossoris is like in real life, do yourself a favor and google Amy Bouzaglo. The similarities in the way the two women act is uncanny. They both embody the same narcissistic, delusional, and just overall bats**t craziness when dealing with both their staff and their customers. Both women seem to be bipolar and can't handle any form of criticism and/or suggestions; a factor that is strongly undesirable in a headhunter if you are depending on him/her to find you a job. Although Amy Bouzaglo could be just acting crazy to gain media attention, Amy Kossoris is definitely just plain crazy. \r \r *Review also on Yelp. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/14/2013

I have had a horrible experience wtih Amy Kossoris. She is unprofessional, untrustworthy, and extremely rude. Under NO circumstances should any firms or candidates work with her or her firm. In my case, I reached out to her after receiving blast emails regarding available positions. After expressing interest to her for weeks, she FINALLY got back to me and confused me with someone else. I stupidly decided to move forward due to my interest in the positions and sent her my information. Not only did she never get back to me, but she submitted my resume to firms WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I only learned of her actions later on when one of those firms (in a city that I don't live nor do I plan to move) followed up asking why I would even be applying to their office. I called her to ask about the situation and she didn't even have the decency to speak with me. Instead, she had someone else call me back, who told me that Amy is too busy to speak with me and that she doesn't know why I was submitted to those firms.\r \r DO NOT USE OR TRUST THIS WOMAN OR HER COMPANY!!! \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/29/2013

My experience with Amy and her team has been nothing but exemplary over the past few months. I contacted Amy via e-mail and requested a meeting. During out first meeting, Amy was very courteous, professional, and friendly. We discussed my past work experience, my goals, and what type of firm I'm looking for. \r \r A day after our meeting, Amy sent me a follow-up email with an exhaustive list of firms specializing in the practice area which I am looking to enter. After my review, Amy and her team quickly got to work. They are always quick to respond to e-mails I send, which is something I can't say other recruiting firms are good at. Additionally, they are always interested in hearing my feedback and working with me to make myself more marketable. \r \r Unlike bigger operations which simply make you fill-out a bunch of paperwork and ask you to look through their search engine for positions, Amy is proactive, and looks for positions that are not advertised, through here professional network, which she has built throughout the years. Through her network, Amy was able to land me an interview at a firm that I really liked. Her team were constantly in contact with me to make sure I was kept up to speed on what was going on. \r \r For me, effective communication is a very important skill I look for in recruiters, and Amy and her team are very effective communicators who always make sure to keep you in the loop of what is going on. I enjoy working with her, and would recommend her firm. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/24/2012

Amy worked with me to secure a position at a top ranked law firm. She was a pleasure to deal with; no pressure in going with any firm or ""sales pitch"" as to joining a particular firm. She actually put my interests ahead of getting a commission. I have worked with several recruiters, both as a managing partner and as someone looking for a position. She was the first to not make me feel like I was working with a salesperson. Top notch operation all around. I could not recommend them any more highly. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/23/2012

I have had a completely different experience than the other reviewers. Amy has always be courteous to me and more importantly has found me work. I am a contract attorney and she got me into one of the biggest trial firms in the world. Whenever I have a had an issue, Amy and her staff have been quick to resolve it. I have recommended Kossoris Search to my colleagues, and will continue to do so in the future. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/11/2012

Kossoris Search ? TOP NOTCH! more



Unprofessional 11/29/2011

Amy contacted me claiming to have firms making placements in my city. She then pedaled my resume to local firms without my consent and later was unbelievably unprofessional when I called her out for doing so. Amy's unprofessional behavior shows that Kossiris does not care about the interests of the firm or the interestes of the candidate. Read the review from truthinad from March 12, 2011 on this site and look this firm up on yelp. Amy has been described as ""psychotic."" PROS: None. CONS: The firm and Amy are an unprofessional disaster. more

PHENOMENAL 3/30/2011

I am a partner at, as most attorneys know, one of the largest IP national firms that went down. more

This placement firm is a disaster 3/12/2011

First, look at all the reviews this company has gotten. 13 reviews all 5 stars all written in December 09 (11 of them on 12/21). If you believe they are from actual people who used their service, I have bridge for sale as well. The other reviews are also clustered around certain dates. If you want the truth look them up on yelp and check out reviews from actual people. One persons described her as ""psychotic"". I contacted them last year for a project, while Amy showed initial interest in placing me with a firm once I did not qualify, she seized any communication with me and didn't even bother to update me or respond to my emails. Further, a law firm which is known for above market rates used Kossiris to staff part of a project. Unbeknown to the firm, Kossiris paid a lower rate to their reviewer than the other reviewers on the same project who were placed by other agencies. This behavior showed that Kossiris did not care about the interests of the firm or their reviewer, but only about their profit. PROS: Doesn't mind lying if it helps her own cause CONS: She is as much of a disaster as the firm itself more

Placed at a Great Firm! 4/14/2010

I heard of Kossoris Search from my friend who was placed in a firm a year ago by Kossoris. She stated that I should send in my resume and book an interview and see what comes of it. I did what my friend suggested and in less than two weeks I was interviewing at firms. I am now placed at a big firm and love it. I am making more money than at my prior, smaller firm and am in a better working environment. Definitely would recommend Pros: Best search firm I've ever encountered more

Kossoris Search is Exceptional 12/29/2009

Kossoris Search is an outstanding legal recruiting agency. I was extremely impressed by the firm?s high standards, diligence, and the level of personalized attention I received-- for the first time, I felt that I was not just another resume in the pile. Also, Amy really cares; she always took the time to explain and answer my questions, and her staff is very friendly, professional, and quick to follow-up. Moreover, Amy presented me with quality positions and helped me find a great job!! more

Great Placement Services 12/21/2009

I had a positive experience starting from my first visit, and Amy seemed to really like my resume. She contacted me back a couple days after our initial meeting and told me she had already found several firms to set up interviews for me. The great thing about Kossoris is that it's not impersonal. There are no automated machines or auto response email messages. You always speak with a real live person and there are several different ways to reach Amy, though she is a busy woman. I think many times experiences at placement agencies are hit or miss, but I am happy to say that my experience here was a definite hit. I didn't just get lucky with Kossoris though, because later on, my wife also found a great job through Amy, and our careers have never been at a better place. more

One of the best 12/21/2009

I have temped with several different agencies in several different places over the years. Some were good, others just mediocre, and some were downright awful. The effectiveness of the placement really comes down to how that individual agency is run. Kossoris Search is one of the best legal search agencies I have experienced, and they rank pretty high on my list. The staff is always friendly, and Amy really takes into consideration what you are looking for in an assignment. She wants to get you placed as soon as she can, but also in an job that suits your qualifications and requirements. I went in and met with Amy and let her know what type of position I was looking for. She reviewed my resume and told me I have excellent credentials and references and expected to be able to find me a great position. Within a week, she was able to present several firms in downtown Los Angeles that were interested in speaking with me. From there, Amy gathered information about each firm and went over everything with me to help me filter out my choices. I got a great job with Amy's help about a month later, in the heart of DT Los Angeles just like I wanted. Upon starting, I actually ran into a couple other employees who had been placed through Amy's services! I guess it just goes to show that a good recruiter really gives results, and that both the employee and employers have been happy with the placements since they are still around now. I may even do temp-to-hire this time around if it ends up being a really good fit. So if you need a job and are having trouble finding a one on your own, give Amy a call and she may be able to help you! It's good to have someone professional who knows what they are doing to guide you and best of all, it's free! You can't go wrong with Kossoris Search. more

Kossoris is Respectful & Ethical Recruiting Firm 12/21/2009

Kossoris Search helped me out during my layoff a while back (and no, they weren't paying me $12/hr, either!!), as well as placed me in what has turned out to be my dream job. Work with Amy & keep in contact, & let her work her magic..she really listens to what it is her client wants and is professional and diligent. She's also got super networking and knows just about everyone who is someone in the legal world. If you are looking for a job with a big law firm, chances are, she's got a contact there. I even went on interviews at smaller firms and was surprised at the range of her resources. Another thing was that she was respectful enough to ask my permission before sending my resume to firms. Don't take it for granted! A lot of recruiters don't do this, but Amy does! To me, that is good work ethic and morals, and shows that you can trust them to not spam out your resume to random places. Pros: connected, professional, diligent more
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