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KEXP/FM 90.3 Public Radio

113 Dexter Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109
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Granted, that may not be saying much as radio quality has really taken a nose dive in recent years (if I have to hear Crocodile Rock one more time...). However, KEXP is fantastic...


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Pretty much the coolest thing on the radio 7/28/2006

Granted, that may not be saying much as radio quality has really taken a nose dive in recent years (if I have to hear Crocodile Rock one more time...). However, KEXP is fantastic! The djs are so on top of it - they really play the best and most interesting up-and-coming music talents. John, Cheryl, and Kevin are awesome! I owe almost everything I know about quality music to the fine folks at KEXP. Tune in! 90.3 FM Seattle more

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Gotta love KEXP! 6/6/2006

Local, Indy, COOL! My music library is full of sounds I heard on KEXP first. Don't forget to donate to keep the music alive. more

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How can you NOT love KEXP 5/31/2006

Having lived in a major city where the radio stations were all owned by Clear Channel (ok, almost all of them), I am grateful everyday for KEXP. Yes, John in the Morning is great but I'll even listen to Wo-Pop. And remember, this radio station relies on member support, so pony up during those pledge drives!! more

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John in the morning! 5/19/2006

.. is my favorite time of day on KEXP. The mid-day and afternoon shows are good too but John is my favorite. Great morning commute music! He knows a lot about the artists and everything that's up and coming. The music is just nice and relaxing and new and i love it. more

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KEXP Music Mandarin 4/16/2006

KEXP has run into the same problem many other stations have-all the songs seem to run together after awhile. This is not true of the morning show, the specialty programs or for some of the late night DJ's but the afternoon and late morning shows have this problem in spades. Otherwise KEXP's website and programming make it the best radio station that exists anywhere in this country. more

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THE best radio station I've ever experienced 4/12/2006

KEXP is so unique and awesome! Not only do they play the best music around (no matter what your taste is because they have a wide variety of shows), but there are no commercials because it's public non-profit radio!!! The djs are talented, intelligent, and independent. The station is one of the few not owned by ClearChannel - seriously. KEXP gives you free podcasting of live original performances and even offers the song of the day - and they were one of the first to do this, by working directly with the artists. Support KEXP!!!!! more

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Radio Bliss 4/2/2006

Everyone here is right, KEXP is wonderful. Truly independent radio is a rare and beautiful thing, and I know that no matter where I go in the world, Seattle will always sound like KEXP to me. I just wanted to point out to anyone who doesn’t already know, that their website, has live, streaming audio of their shows, plus playlists so that you can find out who you are listening to, and when they are coming to town. Perfection! more

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Great radio station. 4/1/2006

My husband and I have very different tastes in music, but KEXP suits us both. The DJ's are great, very low-key and the music they play varies widely. We've been introducted to many new bands through KEXP, which is great. I'm always so thankful for non-commercial radio. Who has time to listen to that?! more

An Antidote to Over-Commercialized Radio 12/21/2005

KEXP is a unique and wonderful radio station. Depending upon when you tune in and who the DJ is, you might hear just about any kind of music. This is not the "popular" stuff that they play repeatedly on other stations. It is hand-picked music that can really broaden a person's tastes and understanding. Once in a while I'll hear something I'm not too wild about, but that's a small price to pay for the benefit of having an ever-changing smorgasbord of really good tunes. more

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Only radio station I will listen to 10/27/2005

I typically listen to CD's in the car, but if I turn on the radio, the dial always ends up on KEXP. They have a great ecelectic range of shows, and always seem to have something good playing, even if I am not particularly into the genre. Another good thing about them is that they really only have commercials around the time that they are trying to raise money for "user powered radio", and they have a great webcast you can get a stream from, and it has all the playlists. more

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Best, most unique radio station in the country! 10/9/2005

KEXP is one of the best finds I've made in Seattle. It is amazing that we have an independent radio station that plays such eclectic and unique music. The DJs and radio shows vary pretty widely, but that is part of what makes it so great. The Morning Show with John Richards is the only way I can get through my commute across 520 every day. It is so refreshing to be able to listen to music that I want to hear without annoying talk or commercials. I have learned a lot about music from listening and, particularly, a lot about Seattle's music scene and musicians. KEXPs online services are incredible too. They are the first to offer podcasts of live performances and radio shows on KEXP also. What a great way to take KEXP with you! I highly recommend and support KEXP and if I leave Seattle I will definitely have to access KEXP online. KEXP is the best stuff on the radio. We are so lucky! more

AWESOME!! 8/19/2005

This is THE BEST radio station that I have ever heard. The selection and variety is so great. It’s honestly unbelievable. You can get ever type of music and keep on hearing new songs ever time you listen. It’s great to hear a station with a different way of doing business, not the generic typical playlists you hear elsewhere. LOVE IT! more

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Darn Fine 7/4/2005

People all over the country listen to KEXP, and there's a good reason for it. The DJs are exceptionally well informed and intelligent. They consistently provide high quality music with a minimum of ridiculous chit-chat. They also have regular live in studio performances by various bands. Cheers KEXP! There is a downside. I've gotten so used to KEXP that regular radio gives me malarial shivers. more

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World's best radio station (and I mean it!) 4/12/2005

If you like to listen to commercial radio, stop reading right now. If braying, ass-grabbing DJs, grating advertisements, repetitive playlists packed with inane studio-packaged 'bands', and 10 minutes of 'music' in each hour of programming are all your cup of tea, you and I probably won't see eye-to-eye about what makes a great radio station anyway. If you're still reading and you aren't already a KEXP listener, stick around - I think you'll be happy you did. If you're passionate about all types of music and like to stay plugged in to new bands and new sounds, you may never listen to any other station ever again. Ever. When I was a little younger - in my teens and twenties - it seemed like music was everywhere. Friends talked about it, shared new recordings, played it at parties, even argued about it. But as my friends and I got older, music was often crowded out by other things - work, family, etc. - and our musical interests became historical artifacts, vestiges of our more youthful selves. But even as our musical tastes calcified around generationally-specific formats (think 'Adult Alternative', or 'Album-Oriented Rock'), the world of music kept spinning, turning out great bands and great new ideas. Naturally, commercial radio stations have honed their programming to address stable listener segments, each cannily catering to a different slice of musical nostalgia, all in the name of 'moving units' (whether albums or hair tonics, it doesn't really matter as long as the money rolls in). Sure, there were always college stations to keep things alive, but a widening gulf has emerged between the world of musical innovation and the realm of nationally-programmed music radio. Enter KEXP: product of an unlikely marriage between an aggressively independent college rock station (KCMU), and an arts-loving billionaire. Like many Seattleites, I was concerned when Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen offered to co-fund the University of Washington's student-run music station (under new call letters) and associate it with his struggling popular music museum, the Experience Music Project. I was worried that too close an association with a whimsical billionaire would undermine the station's hard-fought independence and eclectic programming, dragging it into uncomfortable servitude to Paul's personal whims. I need not have worried. Since the rebranding of KCMU as KEXP, the station has excelled on every front: more diverse musical programming (from American roots to World to Electronica to Hip Hop, all anchored by a steady pulse of new and emerging stars from the college rock scene), more one-of-a-kind shows (including tons of live, in-studio performances with up-and-coming artists), a phenomenal website (offering both live and archived streaming downloads in a range of formats), and a broad array of talented, passionate DJs. In fact, if you took all the money in the world and tried to create the perfect music radio station, I'm not sure you could improve on KEXP. Oh, and did I mention that KEXP is listener-supported radio? That means no screaming car dealers, no fast food jingles, no booming monster truck rally promos. Like most public radio stations, you *can* expect a quarterly on-air fund drive, which is your cue to mail in a check and leave town for a week until it all blows over. So calling all hipsters -- from legit out-every-night scenesters to aging hangers-on like myself: Tune in to KEXP today (at 90.3 FM in Seattle, 91.7 in the South Sound, or online anywhere at and I promise you'll never look back. more
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