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Jerry's Famous Deli - 33 Reviews - 10925 Weyburn Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024, Los Angeles, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (310) 208-3354

Jerry's Famous Deli

10925 Weyburn Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90024
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310) 208-3354
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Jerry's Famous Deli - Los Angeles, CA
Jerry's Famous Deli - Los Angeles, CA
Jerry's Famous Deli - Los Angeles, CA
Jerry's Famous Deli - Los Angeles, CA
Jerry's Famous Deli - Los Angeles, CA
Jerry's Famous Deli - Los Angeles, CA


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I LOVE this place - It is the best place for HUGE portions of homemade quality food. Some people complain about the price (cheapskates!) - but you get what you pay for. They n...


This place is like a combination of a breakfast place, a Denny's and an Italian restaurant. That goes for the menu too. The menu is so big it would take you 10 minutes to go throu...

breakfast so so 10/22/2011

I ate at Jerrys and ordered french toast and bacon. The french toast was good; but there bacon is not worth ordering at all. I did like the coffee. more

good food 9/11/2011

food was good, but a bit expensive. place is clean and the staff are very professional. I love their specialty pastrami and I will be going back for more. more

YUMMY comfort food ! 4/14/2011

I LOVE this place - It is the best place for HUGE portions of homemade quality food. Some people complain about the price (cheapskates!) - but you get what you pay for. They now have a whole page for us vegetarians - lots of good choices, healthy if you want, naughty, fried and cheesy if you don't mind walking out of there with your top button of your pants unbuttoned - Nice that they let the students study upstairs - As a Bruin, I appreciate that! more

Jerry's Infamous Deli 8/22/2010

I would avoid this place unless you were caught in a torrential downpour, hadn't eaten for days, and would die if you didn't go in. I've been to three locations, Westwood, Marina Del Rey, and West Hollywood (across from Cedars Sinai Hospital - convenient if you feel sick after eating). These restaurants are poorly managed, give the worst service, and the food is quite ordinary. The worst one is in West Hollywood. The MDR location is more tolerable. Maybe people at the beach have it more under control. Try Factor's, Junior's, Canters, & Langers. more

The worst place on earth. 12/19/2008

The food, servcie and management are horrible. Over priced with attitude. The only pro this place has is that you can go in drunk as a skunk and act like an idiot and fit right in. Do not waste your time or money in this dump. Pros: Not a one Cons: They have too many to list. more

Ok for dining in, but take out and delivery people are arrogant and make plenty of mistakes! 12/11/2008

""Eating at Jerry's is a much better experience than take out or delivery. The food is fine. Never bad, fresh and decent. Certainly nothing to write home about, but still good enough if you are craving a hot. homey meal in a clean place, this place is fine. Servers are attentive and pleasant for sure. I like eating there from time to time.\r I would advise against take out or delivery, however. I didn't just have one bad experience and am being emotional, but have ordered take out and delivery 5 times. Each time the person on the other end of the line grumbles and sighs, explains why what you are ordering isn't what you should be ordering (you want mayonnaise on your club sandwich so you don't have to take it apart and have it crumble as you attempt to squeeze a packet on a small triangle? Sorry...We can't put mayo on your sandwich.), or gets it completely wrong. I ordered a Pastrami Sandwich the other day, brought the bag home, and there was only half a sandwich in it! Half a sandwich!!!! Ha!\r Anyway, you get the point...Ok place to dine in, if you want a decent basic meal with a nice, attentive wait staff. Ordering take out or delivery you will encounter arrogance and mistakes every time."" Pros: Dining in staff, Good food Cons: Delivery and take out staff blunder constantly, and are arrogant more

It helped me pay for college 9/15/2008

Haha, I used to work there, good times. Even as a waitress, people still complained about the prices mostly. On the flip side, the portions are a bit big, so sometimes get what you pay for. \r But here's a few things to help lessen your bill\r -Stick with the Mazto Ball Soup. If you ask for extra chicken, sometimes, they won't charge you, hell, I never did. For 9 bucks, it's a great deal. The bowl is the side of your head. \r -If you crave Bagel and Lox, dont order the Lox Platter. Stick with a Bagel and Lox spread option under Nosh in the menu. It's the same thing only the salmon is already in the cream cheese. It will save you about 10 bucks.\r - If you insist on eating there, you can save money by sharing a entry with your friends, but you should order a cup of soup if you guys share a sandwich. It will fill you up more.\r -If you're with a group of people and you don't want to each order individual desserts, you can ask for a slice of cake/pie and get ""Midnight madness"" For about 3 dollars more it wil feed 6 people as opposed to 1.\r -Don't say your a friend of the owner.. The waiters don't give a patoey and it won't get your anywhere. Everyone has met Ike Stark.\r -Lastly, I don't know what happened but the potatoe salad used to taste good. Maybe they switched to a cheaper brand of mayo but if you add tabasco sauce it's quite yummy.\r \r Hope this helped. One last thing, if you're a student, the upstairs in the westwood location is a great place to study.\r \r Long live Dorian!!! Pros: Big selection Cons: Kinda pricey - bring a friend more

It Is What It Is 4/24/2008

Ok here's my little spiel on Jerry's. Jerry's is like that one girl you have in your phone that you DO NOT want to call late on a Saturday night under any circumstances, but if your appetite is voracious enough, you'll call her anyway because you know she will be open for whatever, and it will be fine during it all, but afterwards you will most likely regret it. After sampling a variety of Jerry's menu-items over the years there are two which I can say are decent enough to get you through the night: One, is their chocolate chip pancakes which are actually crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside (how pancakes should be) and the second is their matzo ball soup which is served piled high with noodles and shredded chicken. Neither one of these dishes is worthy of anything above an ""average"" rating. But like I said, they will get you through the night. Everything else is downright disgusting. I just don't get it...Jerry's has a good formula...they are one of the few places that is open 24 hours and they are located in great, central Los Angeles locations. If they could serve up a decent deli sandwhich that doesn't induce immediate regurgitation, they could rule the world!!!! Oh and they need to bring their prices down about 60%. Charging the money that they do for that quality of food is just robbery, plain and simple. Pros: Open Late Cons: Everything except the fact that they are open late more

BEST STAFF EVER !! 4/2/2008

ok.. whoever honestly doesnt like this place is wayyyy to picky and stuck up to begin with. FIRST off Jerrys has anything you could POSSIBLY want. Second, the staff there is freakin AWESOME. A little man works there (really itialian) who is the nicest guy EVER. Same with a worker that has a long braid in the back. Anyways, thats not the point, the point IS that their food and service is AMAZZINGGG especially after a long night of partyin =) LOVE JERRYS.. <3 more

Fun experience; bad service 1/31/2008

I went late at night with some friends. We noticed a table near us had a fun, energetic waitress...but we got a girl who didn't get our drink orders right and hardly came back to check up on us. The food itself was good. The prices seemed high, but the portions are big and the food tasted good. The atmosphere was fun, and it was easy to have a conversation there. Definitely a fun hang out place. Pros: Fun atmosphere, great place to socialize Cons: Service more

Editorial review from GrubHub 1/16/2008

Very rude manager, would not work with me on my order... online ads are NOT accurate, wanted me to add $20 to my order with a $5 delivery charge...I would NEVER use them! more

Overpriced, poor service, bland average food 1/8/2008

Went here for the first time today. Will not return!!! I expected so much more after hearing about this place. The people who took my order were not friendly or helpful at all. They seemed bored and/or could care less about you. Our order was $42 just for 3 regular sandwiches - 2 turkey and 1 roast beef -no drinks, no desserts, nothing special or extra!! I actually think they may have overcharged me, but didn't realize it until we had paid and left. The sandwiches had a fair amount of meat, but very small for the price. The bread was bland and not very fresh tasting, like bread from the day old section at the grocery store. The tiny sides of potato salad and cole slaw were average also. Don't bother going here - save your money!! Bay Cities Ialian Deli in Santa Monica has much better quality food for less money. Pros: none I could see Cons: Way overpriced, unfriendly staff, poor service, average food more

Absolutely WORST service I've ever gotten 12/28/2007

I will NEVER EVER EVER go here ever again. My fiancee and I heard a lot about the food here and wanted to try it out one night, so we dropped by. The restaurant was sparse due to the fact it was a Sunday night, but it took them 10 mins to acknowledge us standing at the hostess stand and seat us. After being seated, and given our menus, we were completely and utterly ignored by each and every one of their staff. not even an offer of ""would you like some water"" for a whole 'nother 15-20 mins until we asked to speak to a manager. not even the waiters and waitresses that I made eye contact with nor the ones that walked right by our table even came by to check on us. even though we were in no rush it just showed how little they care about their customers. of course after voicing our thoughts in a respectable manner to the manager they proceeded to try to kiss butt and reseat us in the front with their top waitress of the night but by then we were so frustrated that we just said no thanks and went to in-n-out, because we were starving by then. it wasn't as if we looked like bums or anything of the sort either. we're young professionals and honestly, I understand restaurants with bad service, I've been to a lot of asian restaurants, where it's well known that the service you get will be lacking, but I've never went to a restaurant where I was ignored for over 30 mins. more

Are they kidding? 12/25/2007

Maybe the worst restaurant experience I've had in memory. Completely average food (that's a rave), ridiculous prices, and the worst service (all aspects) adds up to a poor excuse for a restaurant. Perhaps a big reason why Westwood Village is a failed retail destination. Pros: I didn't get sick. Cons: I wasted an hour of my life. more

most disappointing sandwich experience ever. EVER. 11/16/2007

i signed up on citysearch just to write about the meatball sub i just ordered for pickup for lunch from jerrys in westwood. i really wanted a meatball sub today and figured a fancy deli would have a decent one. i was willing to drop the money cause oh maybe its worth it and maybe ill find a place with a decent meatball sub. people: i was oh so wrong. i really should have looked at the sandwhich before paying the $15. upon returning to my office i discover that there are 5 walnut sized meatballs on a 8 or 10"" soggy roll and its not even more than warm. if it wasnt a 10 min walk from my office i would have gone and returned the thing. instead i called to register my profound disappointment (in a polite manner) and to ask them how they justify charging $15 for a sandwich that small. also, the fries were cold. granted, the sandwich tasted fairly good for a lukewarm sandwich, but for its size, it was going to have to taste like foie fricking gras to be worth that money. i guess a lot of the $15 went to the absurd amount of packaging. there was, i will say, a lot of tasty pickles and the little sides of cole slaw and tater salad were tasty too. but the sandwich! all i wanted was a sandwich! my fault for having high-ish expectations. a pox on jerry and his sheisty sandwiches. never again will i patronize his den of overpriced mediocrity. more

expensive.. but good. 6/11/2007

expensive.. but good. more

expensive.. but good. 6/11/2007

jisook Provided by Partner
expensive.. but good. more

huge menu with average food 3/13/2007

This place is one of the few places that are opened 'til pretty late in Westwood. The environment is pretty nice and its a huge space with upstairs and patio seating that looks out to the streets of Westwood. I remember when I first sat down and read their menu, my eyes started hurting because the page was just stuffed with different menu items- it was overwhelming! But through their wide selection, I ended up simply ordering a burger. To be honest, it was a pretty mediocre burger and it was pretty expensive. Maybe I just have bad luck in ordering things, but my friends didn't really enjoy their meals either. Oh well, you can't have the best of everything. Pros: wide variety, nice atmosphere, convenient hours Cons: mediocre food, parking more

Great selection, but overpriced and overrated 2/12/2007

Pros: Jerry's has a nice atmosphere and relaxed vibe. It is spacious with plenty of seating room, including a large upstairs. The decor is cute, the staff is friendly, and it's easy to find a table. It is a casual place open from breakfast straight through to the wee hours of the morning, so there is no need to dress up or make reservations. The menu is huge, and literally anything you could possibly want is on there: Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and American cuisine, plus tons of sides, salads, and sandwiches. Order burritos, potstickers, cornbread, or made-to-order omelettes any time of day - there is something for everyone. Cons: Jerry's is overpriced for what it is, and though the food is tasty, it is not amazing. I don't need to spend $20 on a turkey burger and milkshake, especially when both the venue and the food is good, but not great. Pros: selection, casual vibe, food Cons: way too expensive, no parking in Westwood more

Good food, ridiculously high prices! 1/27/2007

My girlfriend suggested we go here for a quick bite the other night. Good late night food she said. And she was right. The food is good, the portions big, but give me a freakin' break. $16 for a sandwich? Only in LA! If the prices were half what they are, then it would be a good place to go. But at the current prices I'll never go back. Pros: Good food Cons: Ridiculously high prices more
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  • In Short
    This after hours deli is a popular late-night nosh spot for locals and tourists alike. Cold cut-loving celebrities, such as Jerry Seinfeld and Larry Flynt, have been spotted...

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