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Greenway Home Services

7550 Bartlett Corporate Cove E
Memphis, TN 38133
(901) 754-1515
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Greenway Home Services - Memphis, TN
Greenway Home Services - Memphis, TN



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I had contacted AHS and they had referred me to Sears which was a nightmare! I called AHS back and they sent out Greenway. They came at the appointed time, did a great job, were r...


If there was a way to give a negative star review, I would, but unfortunately, they are making me rate it, so I'm giving it one start--against my better judgement. I have not had ...

Freezer 4/20/2012

I had contacted AHS and they had referred me to Sears which was a nightmare! I called AHS back and they sent out Greenway. They came at the appointed time, did a great job, were respectful and professional. The technician also went out of his way to help me fix a drawer in the kitchen. Problem solved and thankful to have it over with. more

Putting out a kitchen oven fire ... 4/9/2012

Late one afternoon, the heating element caught fire in our GE electric range, and we called Greenway for service. more

Great Service from Les & Jeremy @ Greenway 3/29/2012

I had the need to utilize my AHS Warranty yesterday for two problems at my home. My experience with Greenway was wonderful. I had two of the most knowledgeable and friendly technicians I have ever experienced. For my appliance problems, Les took care of me and for my plumbing problems, I had Jermey. Both of these guys did great work and really explained what they were doing and gave us tips on how to take care of our equipment and get better use. I was very impressed with this level of service. I would highly recommend Greenway, Les and Jeremy. more

Run away from them! 8/24/2011

If there was a way to give a negative star review, I would, but unfortunately, they are making me rate it, so I'm giving it one start--against my better judgement. I have not had A/C since May 23, 2011, and today is August 24. Thanks to another company, I finally got it taken care of yesterday--what a "nice" summer for one of the hottest ones in history! more

Excellent Service! 8/11/2011

The service that I received from Cole Jacobus at Greenway was great! He was very professional, courteous and respectful (which was very refreshing). I appreciate the extra time that he spent explaining the issue with my HVAC unit to me and providing me guidance in its proper maintenance. If you need HVAC repairs and live in the Memphis Metro area, you should certainly call Greenway and ask for Cole Jacobus. more

Great Service! 6/20/2011

In the last 2 days we have had the pleasure of having two Greenway technicians come to our home for service calls. (David Toles for plumbing & Cole Jacobus for Air Conditioning). I felt compelled to write and express my sincere thanks for the service we received from both Cole and David. more

AC services superior 5/17/2011

My AC ran all afternoon on Saturday. A service Technician -Steve, came out at 7:00P.M. and in 5 minutes had the AC working normally. Apparently when servicing earlier someone forgot to un-push"Hold" and I did not know what Hold was. Steve had it operating and it was not his service effort earlier. I have used Greenway for several years along with American Home Shield and have been very satisfied and would recommend both. more

Excellent Service :-) 3/16/2011

My service was absolutely wonderful. I called into my warranty company at 11:00am and Greenway called me at 11:20am to schedule and came out that same day. My technician was excellent and knew exactly what he was doing. I could not believe the service I received from this company. I literally stood there with my mouth wide open in shock when my technician came out to my home and took care of my problem the same day I placed a work order with my home warranty and fixed my washer in an hour?s time. You don?t get service like Greenway provided very often but those companies who do provide this kind of service prosper and those who don?t might as well close their doors. I will call Greenway directly for any of my service needs. I am also considering getting a maintenance contract with Greenway when I have some extra cash. I will definitely refer Greenway to all my friends and family because I know they will be taken care of. more

Outstanding Service 9/13/2010

We were running a baseball event from our facility at First Tennessee Fields, Memphis TN., from August 26 thru August 29th. Major League Baseball network was televising games live on national TV on August 28th and August 29th. The building next to the national event had a plumbing issue come up that backed up the toilets into the kitchen of our facility at 8PM on Friday night, August 27th. I called Greenway and they had a technician that was in Mississippi on a call that evening that would take 3 or 4 more hours to complete. They informed me that he would come directly to us after he finished that emergency call. The Greenway technician arrived at our facility at 12:15AM on Saturday morning and stayed until 2:15 AM to finish the job. The building was reopened at 6AM that morning and the games went on National TV as planned with the adjoining building fully functional. I can not express how impressive that is in today's workplace to have that type of dedication to work that late, after hours, to compete a job. If you need work done, these are the people to call. more

Excellent Service 7/7/2010

I read these reviews, checked out the BBB and saw they were an A. Too much conflicting information. I tried them on a special I saw on TV. Guy showed up on time (sweating to death) and took care of my problem, recommended I maintain the equipment yearly which makes sense to me. Hate to see all the negative reviews, they did fine by me. Pros: On time, Fair Price, Cons: waiting on hold for 2 minutes more

Lack of customer service... 4/19/2010

They were contracted through AHS as a ""preferred"" vendor. I would prefer to never have this company at my home again. It took them 4 days to contact me after I initiated the call with AHS. The call was initiated on the 4th. They did not service until the 15th. Greenway came out and attempted to make a poor repair but changed his mind when I contact AHS while he was at our home to inform them of the ""band aid repair"" he attempted to make. It took Greenway a week to contact AHS to discuss our issues and get approval. It took them another 2 weeks to get back to complete the repairs. I refused to have them back and had the call transferred to a much better company but due to Greenway's delay it took a month and a half to get our problem resolved. Next time make sure you speak with an AHS rep and request another company!!! Pros: None. Cons: customer service, delay of service, rude more

AHS fails to refer to reliable company 10/21/2009

Referred from AHS. Plumber came without his tools. Company did not return repeated calls. Cons: Not reliable more

HOT WATER TANK 10/1/2009

AhS sent out Greenway to replace my hot water tank leaking in the attic.He was very professional from the get go. He quickly made a list of extra charges that I would be responsible to pay. $100.00 for a permit(they cost 20.00 according to Code Enforcement).$ 90.00 for the pan(cost to replace with a new pan $30.00 at the most) $35.00 for the copper to connect the tank.$75.00 to remove the tank from the property. A grand total of $300.00. Please sign up and we will be happy to replace the tank.Please do not forget the fee is $60.00 to get started. I called the office to tell them to place the tank on the curb and I would be responsible to get it removed from the property. I came in from work and had left my check for 225..00 like a fool with my handicapped son to stay with them as they had requested. They had left the leaking tank in the attic full of water since I did not give the extra $75.00 to remove the tank. The left me with the tank full of water and a note to say they would not be responsible for the water leaking from the tank into the attic. They also left the old pan with the tank outside the pan sitting on the wood flooring. I already had the tank leaking in the ceiling. WOW here we are with the final sentence. YOU DO NOT HAVE HOT WATER YET!!!!! Greenway needs to call AHS to have the electric checked due to the plug arking when plugged in. They got the plug wet when trying to remove from the pan full of water. My company electrician went by to replace the plug and this will be another$85.00. The electric cord should always be replaced when a tank is replaced. Now the old tank is still in the attic this time. I decided since I could not get into the attic at my age and even if I could have gotten into the attic to drain the water from the old tank and then pull it down the attic stairs I would have. I decided to go ahead and bit the bullett and pay Greenway another $75.00 just to get the danger out of my home.Greenway could not explain themselves when I called and asked why the tank was not drained and placed on the curb as part of the installation cost. Pros: Best con job yet!! Cons: FRAUD more

Product Pushers: Don't wanna service.Just wants to sell. 8/15/2009

AHS sent out Greenway on August 2009, to service my air conditioner. When the technician finally arrived over an hour late, he made derogatory remarks about my neighborhood. I ignored his comments. He then proceeded to push the purchase of their cleaning service for $70 or $249. I told him that my unit was cleaned on a regular basis. He open my unit (which took 5 seconds) and stated the unit was dirty and he couldn't work on it unless I paid him $70 plus $60 for the home warranty fee. It was clear that this guy had already planned to milk me for extra fees. After we haggled over the dirtiness of my unit for awhile, and getting nowhere, I decided to call AHS. They advised me to pay the $60 and dispute Greenway's decision and someone else would come out and reassess the unit however Greenway needed to submit their diagnostic report asap. I relayed the info to the tech. He stood in my kitchen and allegedly called in the diagnostic report. That report has yet to reach AHS. So not only is my house is HOT; Greenway got paid for doing nothing and, they are preventing progress. I am displeased with Greenway. Pros: Nothing positive Cons: Forces extra cost on customer. more

Greenway is horrible in Nashville 4/10/2009

Pathetic contractor. They lie, don't show up and won't return telephone calls. They are contracted by AHS to perform home warranty work. Do not let AHS send to your home. I have had a leaking water heater for 5 days since they came to look at. Since then nothing but the run-around from AHS trying to get them to perform. If you can contact them you get a different excuse every time. AHS is no help either. Do not do business with either. Be careful and don't let a realtor talk you into a home warranty with AHS. Pros: none, worthless company and employees Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Worst Service 9/22/2008

Greenway is the preferred vendor for my warranty company. 5 years ago, I chose them over all others because of their good service. Then in September, 2005 I needed to replace my heat pump and chose to purchase from Greenway. Wonderful sales pitch--pretty good price--and the promise of a 3 year ""Greenway"" warranty, which meant I went directly to Greenway--no home warranty service charge. We did not replace my condenser at the time. I was advised to wait until it failed--Which it did in May, 2006, at which time we did another ""Greenway"" warranty on the Air Cond portion. It failed within the first 90 days--they have replaced a PC board 3 times and could never determine what was causing the problem. Finally this year, the technician decided it was failing when we were switching from heat to A/C and the reverse. It has worked fine for several months, but he told us not to switch to heat. He would come back and fix the heat portion--he finally thought he knew what had happened, but needed another person to work with him. I have patiently waited thru the hot months, knowing that they were very busy and also that I did not want to be without A/c while they sifted through the possibilities. Two weeks ago I called the technician who worked on it and left a voice mail. Since then I have left three more messages--no answer. Their customer service has become worse and worse and each time they come out they want a warrnaty fee--noone seems to know what the ""Greenway"" warranty means. My ""3 year"" on my heating unit is expiring right now and still no call. I called the warranty company to assign me to any other company and they tell me Greenway is the only company in my zip code. Iwas recently told that the owner of Greenway sits on the board of the warranty company. My next step is going to have to be a legal one. So sad because I really liked these folks. They have outgrown themselves. Pros: Service techs are usually polite Cons: Service techs are not well trained more

who would call them unless you had to? 9/2/2008

I'm stuck with Greenway due to the AHS contract that came with the house. During the home inspection process they covered up a cracked heat exchanger that I did not catch until after closing. It took a month of wrangling and (shivering through November) to get them to fix the furnace. Performance since has been about the same. more

Horrible service swindlers and thieves 8/8/2008

I am seeking to file a Class action against Greenway Home Services. My Home warranty company AHS(American Home Shield), sent Greenway out to my house after my upstairs unit stopped cooling. This was over a year ago. They have been out no less than 5-6 times. Every time, they add a little freon, and go on their way. I'm an engineer by trade and caught on to their scheme. I had to threaten with a suit to get my cooling coil condemned, and get a new one put in. Greenway put it in and 10 minutes later it was spewing freon in the attic. They came again and said there must be a leak.. Duh! Cons: con-men liars and thives more

A shady company with lazy, poor customer service, uneducated technitions, and horrible management 7/8/2008

Like so many other people that have had bad experiences, I was forced to use Greenway Home Services through my Home Warranty company. They were put on an emergency service call and still took nearly 2 days, the technition was dirty, spoke so uneducated that you couldn't understand him, and then took an entire day to install a evaporator coil (which I didn't need...keep reading) which should have taken an hour. I was charged my deductable of $75 that was stated by my home warranty company, however the first invoice by Greenway was for only $50. So I paid $75 for a $50 service. After the service was complete, the air conditioner didn't work as good as it did before. Also, I was told by Greenway Home Services that my claim with my Home Warranty Company was denied and that I had to pay out of pocket. Stupid me, paid the bill only to find out that NO claim was ever filed with my home warranty. Now over 2 and a half weeks later, they still haven't submitted the final report to my home warranty company. The Home Warranty company and myself are now pursuing legal action. The service manager, as well as the customer service manager will not return phone calls. I even heard them tell one of the customer service representatives to tell me when I was on the phone that they weren't in the office. Also, they try to charge you a 2% surcharge to use your Mastercard which is also a violation of Mastercard Merchant rules. This is a very bad company. Beg your Home warranty company to use someone else. They will cheat and lie to you. Pros: Not a single one I can think of Cons: Customer Service, Bad managers, uneducated technicians more

10 years of satisfaction 7/3/2008

I couldn't be more pleased with the service I have received from Greenway Home Services. I have depended on them for new installations as well as regular servicing of the equipment. This is a 10 year, excellent relationship which has prompted me to recommend them to friends and acquaintences. I have also used them to replace my broken water heater. My experience has been the same. Excellent service, on time, friendly and professional. I noticed that the address that is provided by CITY SEARCH is not current. The proper address is 7550 East Bartlett Corp. Cove, Bartlett, TN 38133. Phone: 901-754-1515. The other phone number is still good as well. more
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