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I have lived at Windsor Park Estates for the past few years. I have had nothing but a great experience with GMS management. Everyone in the office is a pleasure to do business wit...


I've lived at a GMS Management property for 1 year. My lease was up this month and when I called the office to let them know I wouldn't be re-newing, they asked what they could do...

Chiming In... 4/23/2012

I've lived at a GMS Management property for 1 year. My lease was up this month and when I called the office to let them know I wouldn't be re-newing, they asked what they could do to keep me as a tenant. I suggested lowering my rent, and the office manager said she'd call the main office to see what she could do. After calling the office manager back several times over 3 weeks, I was unable to get a straight answer as to whether or not my rent would be lowered. After many phone calls, I decided to stop into the office. The office manager told me straight out that no, my rent wouldn't be lowered. And since my lease was up in 5 days and I hadn't found another apartment, why don't I just go ahead and sign a new lease? Very clever, GMS. Thanks for backing me into a lease I didn't want to be in by stringing me along. And of course, my rent was raised by $15 as soon as the new lease was signed. My other bad experience (besides the horribly snide and condescending girls who work in the office) happened a week after I moved in. I'm divorced and have a hyphenated last name. The office put only part of my last name on my mailbox and I wasn't getting all of my mail. So I added the second part of my last name to the label on a Friday and went out of town that weekend. I came home Sunday night to a snotty email saying I wasn't allowed to have anyone else living in my apartment without their permission and to call them as soon as possible. Wait...WHAT? I called them the next morning and asked if there was anywhere in my lease that said I wasn't able to have a hyphenated last name. I didn't get an apology for their rudeness just a ""Oh, well you should have told us. We would have made you a new mailbox label"". God, you people are ridiculous. If you EVER think about living at a GMS Management property, run away in the opposite direction. I really hope someone who cares at that company sees these reviews and tries to make some changes. more

RUN AWAY 2/1/2012

I normally don't ever do this but i feel everybody should hear this. GMS Management is the most poorly ran company I have ever encountered. I am a tenant of one of their apt buildings and have had nothing but issues. I have had a plugged sink for weeks and had to repair it myself and found a knife in there from a prior tenant. I had the hot water tank fail after 2 months of living there and was charged 100 $ fee to have it installed and was not reimbursed for the charge. the refrigerator failed after 4 months and I lost 200 in food and it took 5 days to replace. Again i hate doing this but i am so upset about the plain disregard for other people they showed that i want everybody to be warned more


I dealt with this co. 5 yrs. ago. when i moved from my apartment, I was assessed with bogus charges. I disputed the charges and was told by Lisa Crislip that they would be taken care of. Fast forward 5 yrs. I'm now being harrassed by the Powers Friedman LInn law firm. I left my apartment in immaculate condition. I was told by former employees of this co. that it's commonplace to assess bogus charges to get extra money out of tenants. I take my credit very seriously. To have these liars harrassing me and threatening me should be against the law. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!! 0 stars more


I never write reviews but people have to know. This is the worst company I've ever had to deal with. My boyfriend and I were planning to move into Bay Club apartments. I was told the suite we were given did not need new carpet. When I was shown the apartment we'd be moving into, there were orange, yellow and green stains all over the carpet. Also, the extra bedroom smelled like cat urine. When I told the receptionist this (whom I call a receptionist because a real landlord would have the authority to replace carpet), She and the maintenance guy agreed it smelled and needed replaced. I was given the option to have the carpet cleaned again, or to have it replaced. I asked to have it replaced, as cat urine is not something that can simply be cleaned out. A few days later, after waiting on Lisa Crislip to respond to this request, it was decided the carpet would not be replaced, even after I was given that option. Instead they would clean it. The cleaners did not get the stains out. After I told the Bay Club receptionist this, it took another 3-4 days for Lisa Crislip to respond, who STILL would not replace the carpet. Another carpet cleaning company was brought in to dye the stains. Which they did not do. Again, it took Lisa Crislip days to respond to the problem. They tried cleaning it 3 times in all, unsuccessfully, and the apartment still wreaked of cat urine. Lisa Crislip never answers the phone, never returns phone calls, and this was an ongoing problem that was drawn out for 3 weeks. Ultimately, I was told I can live in cat urine and nasty stains, or break the lease. I couldn't believe it had come to this. What business would just walk away from a 12 month lease instead of replacing carpet which would be paid back in 2 months rent? I was told I would receive a full refund, which I still have not. I never actually moved in because of the gross carpet, and they stole nearly $1200 from me. I already have a lawyer involved and still cannot get a hold of the supervisor LIsa Crislip. She clearly is ignoring my many many phone calls, because once when my boyfriend called, she decided to answer the phone. I have since moved to a different apartment, have filed a complaint with the BBB, and am working with a lawyer to get my money back. DO NOT RENT FROM GMS MANAGEMENT!!!! YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!! If I had the option on this forum, I would not have given them even one star.\r more

Worst Management EVER.. Please read very important 2/11/2011

I normally don't ever do this but i feel everybody should hear this. I am a Regional manager for the biggest cell provider in the USA. I know a few things about management and customer service. GMS Management is the most poorly ran company I have ever encountered. I am a tenant of one of their apt buildings and have had nothing but issues. I have been without hot water on 5 seperate occassions and it took several hours each time for them to respond. The last time it actually prevented me from going to a important business meeting that cost me over 10k. After the 5th time they finally replaced the hot water tank but at this point it was too late. I wished the problems stopped their. They don't shovel the driveways and I have fell twice during this winter. I have bugs that crawl up the walls all the time and they can't come up with a solution to this either. With all these issues I asked for my lease to be terminated with 3 months left to go. The first time i called i was passed around to several different people before i finally talked to Patty W. She told me to put my request in writing and she would get back with me in a few days. 8 days later i had heard nothing so i tried to contact the property manager Lisa. Her voicemail said she would return all calls within 24 hours. I left 4 messages with her in a 4 day span with no return call. I then tried contacting Patty for 3 days with no return call either. I finally talked to her assistant and she relayed the message that they were not letting my out of my lease and that is why they didn't call back. Unbelievable after all i have been thru they wouldn't let me out of my lease but even worse couldn't even return my calls. They are all rude and don't care about customer satisfaction. After reading other reviews on here i can see i am not the only one. Please don't ever do any business with this company because you will be in for a headache. The properties are poorly ran and the level of customer service is non existant. If i ran my 16 retail stores they run their business we would be on the street. Again i hate doing this but i am so upset about the plain disregard for other people they showed that i want everybody to be warned. more

Terrible Company 2/2/2011

If I could have given them no stars, I would have. I would literally run if you ever think about working with them. They refuse to put anything in writing or back up anything they say. Employees changed monthly. I am STILL dealing with issues with them from over five years ago. Some examples of their poor management include trying to evict us a week after they cashed our rent check (which we always paid early), constantly changing how much we ""owe"" them due to ""cleaning charges"" after we left ($40 to clean a fan, really?!), and calling my husband AT WORK and harassing him about dog poop in another resident's yard that lived on the COMPLETE opposite side of the complex (because certainly we could have been the only one with a dog). Seriously, run. And fast. more

Windsor is the place to be 10/28/2010

I have lived at Windsor Park Estates for the past few years. I have had nothing but a great experience with GMS management. Everyone in the office is a pleasure to do business with. Also, it is a great place to live. You should dfinitely check it out. more

Awesome Company and awesome apartment 10/28/2010

I am not sure why the reviews below are so horrible.\r \r I have had the best experience with GMS Management. I just moved in to the Polo Club. The rennovations are gorgeous and the management company (both on site and the main office) have been nothing but helpful and accomodating to my needs. They even allowed me to bring my small dog ! I have already told all of my friends to move to Polo Club. The place is amazing. more

The worse management company 7/31/2010

I rent a townhouse at Four Seasons. I am disabled and have a teenager. The next door neighbor gets his house robbed and I get a letter stating GMS wants to terminate my lease and I have 30 days to leave and will have to pay the remaining rent left on my lease. I HAVE TRIED CALLING MR. TOM LEMANSKI to discuss the letter and find out why. He has not returned my calls. According to their letter they state that I'm doing something illegal. Now I'm going to have to call my lawyer because honestly I have no clue what GMS is thinking. I have invited Mr. Lemanski and told him to bring the police and watch what really goes on in the complex. But I can say I am not doing anything illegal. How can a place just evict you with what they think is going on. I will never rent from GMS again and will make sure I tell everyone who will listen to what this company does. Cons: too many to lists more


We rented a suite from GMS Management Co, located in Willoughby, in their Cedarwood Apartment complex. We were there for one year. We couldn't get out of there fast enough. If you read my last review, you'll know the details. They took us to court over rent we supposedly never paid them, which was for a month in which we weren't even occupying the apartment.\r \r The judge sided with us, ordered that we owed them no rent, and said they couln't evict us. We moved anyway, who in their right mind would stay in a place where we were treated that way. We settled in our new place and received a bill guessed it....the same rent, plus late fees!!!! Going directly against the court order!!! Are these people idiots?!?!? I don't know, but I at least know this isn't how business should be conducted, and I know this isn't how people should be treated.\r \r If you want a fair landlord; if you want your rent and your lease to make sense; if you want people to speak to you logically when you encounter a problem; if you want to avoid year-long harassment at the hands of a corporation; if you want to avoid sleep-deprivation, and stress-relation headaches....DO NOT RENT FROM GMS MANAGEMENT COMPANY!!!!!! Pros: NO PROS TO LIST Cons: SEE DETAILS FOR CONS.... more

Run From This Company 6/19/2009

Whatever you do, do not rent from GMS properties. We rented an apartment (our first ever) and have nothing but issues with GMS. They are in the process of trying to bill us for the month PREVIOUS to the one in which we moved in.\r \r \r We moved into our apartment in April, on the first. Our lease states April 1st. They are billing us for March. Tell me in what world it makes sense that we would pay for an apartment that we weren't living in?\r \r \r The apartment manager that is here on the premises agrees with us and is working towards a resolution for us. So far, this has dragged on for over five weeks now, and though we have continued to keep current with our rent, GMS has issued eviction proceedings against us.\r \r \r On further investigation, GMS has had 6 complaints filed with a public service company that rates businesses for consumers (for some reason, the name and the abbreviation was considered ""inappropriate,"" but hopefully you all know which service I am talking about) in the past 36 months. Of these 6, they have only resolved one. They will soon have another complaint.\r \r \r If you are considering GMS, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\r \r ps- a rating was required, so I gave them one star, but my real rating is a big fat ZERO stars.\r Pros: Good apartment manager on premises Cons: Rude and arrogant staff people in the office more
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