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Glendale Heating & Air Conditioning

12462 Des Moines Memorial Dr
Seattle, WA 98168
(206) 350-0210
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Glendale Heating & Air Conditioning - Seattle, WA


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From the 1st service call, to the completion of the installation of a new heat pump, the whole team was just so professional, pleasant and efficient that it was a real pleasure.


I would have editted my other review but it looks like this site does not let you do that. Today, I received a call from Jerry the owner of Glendale. Since I requested an apolog...

Excellent! 7/24/2013

From the 1st service call, to the completion of the installation of a new heat pump, the whole team was just so professional, pleasant and efficient that it was a real pleasure. more

The entire experience from contracting for installation to the final operation was outstanding. 5/4/2013

The salesperson(Sarah Turner)was extremely helpful and priced the entire project within my previous studies for what costs should be. The schedule and arrival for installation was as promised. Ryan and his team removed the old (60 yrs) furnace and cleaned up on the spot. Before the new furnace was installed someone arrived to remove all the old furnace pieces for the driveway in a flash. the installation of the new furnace included some large ducting that had to made in the shop, but it was all completed in the same day and operates perfectly. Ryan came back two days later and checked everything out and installed a new return in my basement...very nice installation. Overall from the pricing through the installation and the inspection by the city all passed in flying colors. I would rate Glendale Heating at a full 5 stars. Karol Eller more

They do a good job. 4/12/2013

I think I've used them for 10 years or so. They are honest and do good work. They repaired my furnace when other companies told me it needed to be replaced. Any time I call I never have any problems. more

Been using them 20 years 3/11/2013

Glendale Heating is available whenever I need them. I have never had problems with their service in the past 20 years I have been using them. I have seen many servicemen, they all have great experience and I feel comfortable with any of them. more

The best customer service I've ever had. 2/27/2013

They are the only company I would ever do a review for. I have never seen a company with better ethics, employees, or work standards. I would adopt Ryan, my technician, if I could. The sales girl who came out, Deborah, bent over backwards to accommodate our situation. She went above and beyond any customer service I've ever had. The furnace they sold me fits so well in my house that I am able to keep it at 58-60 degrees for the whole winter and keep the house warm. That says a lot about how well they know their products. more

update to price stinks 1/8/2013

I would have editted my other review but it looks like this site does not let you do that. Today, I received a call from Jerry the owner of Glendale. Since I requested an apology he called me and left a message requesting for me to call him back so he could explain things to me from a family business perspective. Instead of calling him I stopped in to Glendale Heating and talked with him. He was extremely nice and explained some things to me from his stand point. The things he said were all true as far as I was concerned but really didn't matter to me from a consumer stand point. I want a good price on heating oil and that is it. I don't want to have to call around and have to ask them to match another companies price. That being said I guess that's just how it is. Jerry was so nice and wasn't mad at me for my post and seemed to understand my consumer thoughts. By the time I left I found myself wanting to purchase my heating oil from this family ran business. I have no doubt they are a fine company and their prices are competitive with similar type companies which offer all the services they do. One just has to be willing to shop around and ask if the company matches prices. Comsumer beware - I guess. So I'll continue with my purchase from Puget Sound Oil this time. Next time I maybe back to this local company only because the owner was so nice. more

Price stinks 1/7/2013

Completely surprised this company has five stars. I'll have to bring that rating back down to earth. Signed up with this company about three years ago for home heating oil delivery and automatic refill. I picked this company because they are located in my city of Burien and I like to stick with local companies when possible. I drive by this company twice a day. Once on my way to work and then again on my way home. I expect this company to make a profit, yet not screw you. That I guess is subjective and for you to decide. So here is my history with Gendale. It was probably my second delivery with this company and I thought their price was a little high so I called a couple of companies and discovered their price was about .50 higher than the the others. When you could be refilling up to 300 gallons that adds up. I don't rember the prices since it was a couple years ago. So I thought well no big deal it was probably just bad timing to be purchasing from Glendale. When I signed up with them I it was on the automatic refill plan which I think saved you .05 a gallon or some minimal amount that one could never prove whether you saved .05 or not. I asked them for a call before they delivered and they agreed. My thoughts were I would ask them the price per gallon before I ok'd the delivery. Well the next two deliveries they did not call me. When I complained the second time they apologized and said their records did not reflect my request. They offered me a 25.00 credit. I cancelled my automatic delivey and service at that time. Trying to control heating cost I bought a new wood stove about a month ago. Well wood ain't cheap either, but a fire sure is nice. So today I was at work talking with a co-worker and we got on the topic of heating oil. She said she got a delivery from Puget Sound Oil a week ago and it was 3.68 a gallon. So I thought hmm price has dropped since the last time I had a delivery from Glendale about a year ago. Back then I paid about 4.40 a gallon. Of course, since they didn't call before they delivered it I was stuck with that price which seemed high to me. So did I learn my lesson with Glendale? No, I learn slow. Plus, I still wanted to stick with a local company. Wanted to think they were still ok. So today on my way home I stopped at Glendale. Talked to the gentleman and the lady behind the desk. They were very nice. I said I wanted to fill up my tank and to resign with them and wanted automatic delivery again. This would have been about 225 gallons for this delivery. She asked if I wanted a call before hand in the future - must have seen a comment on her computer. I said no that dosn't work so well. She didn't offer up a price just said it would be delivered tomorrow. Before leaving I asked the price she said it just dropped to $4.29. I gave her a surprized look and she confirmed that price. As soon as I got home I called Puget Sound Oil to get their price it was $3.79. That is .50 cheaper. So I ordered from them. Next I called up Glendale talked with the same nice lady told her who I was and wanted to confirm the price she gave me 30 minutes earlier. Yeap, still $4.29. I said I would like cancel my delivery and auto refill with them. She figured out I had found a cheaper price and said they have a price match program. I said 3.79 with Puget Sound. She said we can match that. No need to tell but I dumped them. So much for wanting to trust a local family owned company. A couple weeks ago I noticed across the street and 2 house to the north they were filled by Glendale. Can't wait to talk to him. I'm going to stick with Puget Sound, but tomorrow I'm calling Cenex just to see what their price is. They had good price last time I called them. I'm sure Glendale will read this and knowing my name is Don I and that I live in Burien it shouldn't be hard to figure out who I am. I'll be expecting a call with an apology. Time to rethink your family owned business values. I read couple of other reviews here saying they might be a couple of dollars more and their customer service is excellent. I say heating oil is heating oil why be willing to pay over a hundred dollars more for a tank fill up. If you paying for service and you think it's outstanding then yes be willing to pay more the service but not for the oil. I've had furnace service from other companies such as Genesee. Glendales service was fine not any better than other companies though certainly is not worth paying a premium on your oil. Something is wrong paying more for heating oil than the gas station is charging you for the same stuff with red dye and road taxes. RESPONSE FROM Glendale Heating: There is nothing wrong with wanting to make your dollar go farther, and if you are willing to shop around you can certainly find low prices in any industry. Our oil prices are in line with other companies that offer the range of services we do, and we offer the value of personalized service. Companies that have a higher volume such fleet fuelers or marine diesel companies can charge a lower price, and do. We are always happy to deliver you some oil, or provide service, we are only a phone call away. We wish you all the best, and hope we hear from you again. more

Top Shelf Pros - Friendly, Honest, Helpful, Responsive 1/3/2013

My furnace went out at the beginning of December (a busy time) but they were able to have someone there to help on the same day I called! The technician fix the problem during the first visit for a reasonable on-site visit service fee, but also gave me an honest assessment of the condition of my furnace. A follow-up visit at my convenience provided an honest, no-pressure quote for a new replacement. We even discussed several possible high efficiency and "green" options, but the first option was the best (both price and quality). They had the new furnace installed and running the next day in ONE AFTERNOON! They also provided instructions, explanations and all the paperwork and permits. Today, the installation passed the city permit inspection with ease. Thank You Glendale Heating for a professional job in a friendly manner. more

They are great. 12/10/2012

They do a yearly maintenance on our furnace. When we had oil, they delivered that too. We've used them on past homes for two furnace installations, we've been with them for at least 20 years. more

They are doing it right. 11/13/2012

I had the service man come out to service the furnace. It had been neglected on my part for quite a while. He hardly got that far in and said, "you know the best thing to do at this point would be to have it completely cleaned." So I did that and he came back and finished the job after. I appreciated the fact that they didn't ding me twice, they incorporated the service call in with the bill and only charged me for one visit. more

Excellent service and products 11/5/2012

Purchased a new furnace this summer. They offered the same product as another company in the area but for a much better price on both product and installation. The installation was very well done -- quick, clean. The technician was great. Now that the cold weather is here, the furnace is living up to all the promises. It's keeping our house evenly heated, something our old furnace couldn't do, and it's very quiet. I like Glendale because there's no hype -- just honest, direct information and quality work and products. more

Well done. 10/10/2012

After years of using Glendale we recently new it had been quite a few years since our last new heating system.. We called Glendale and they were there in a heartbeat.. Great work done by their friendly crew. All is good. Thanks Glendale once again for a job well done. more

I have had excellent experiences with Glendale. 10/10/2012

The technicians that come out are excellent. I've been using Glendale for a number of years, and they are so much better than the company I had before them. I have a maintenance contract so if I have a problem like my furnace won't go on, they get out here as soon as they can, even on the weekends. I think they really try to do a good job, and compared to past experiences their technicians are highly trained. I think it helps that the owner of their company is local. more

Everyone that's come has been very good. 9/24/2012

Every time I have called they've come quickly and fixed whatever problem I may have had. Most recently they came to change a filter. more

Glendale is the BEST! I just had a new furnace intalled very satisfied. 8/23/2012

From the office personnel to the oil delivery man everyone on their staff is very professional,personable,helpful and courteous. I have been a long time customer of Glendale and would recommend them for everything from installation to oil delivery. Thank you Glendale for your outstanding service for years. more

Excellent install of new gas heating system and H2O tank 8/3/2012

Very professional from the sales rep to the install technicians! Price was competitive and the quality of the install was excellent. Highly recommend Glendale. more

A great company to work with. 5/8/2012

Have trusted Glendale to take care of my furnace(s) for decades. It was time to replace my gas furnace and, Debra Coons provided me with great info, handled the scheduling and, had my new furnace installed in less than a week. Great professional and friendly crew. Thanks so much! more

Absolutely the BEST!!! 4/18/2012

Year after year I have the same tech who comes to my house. He knows me and my furnace and my quirks. Explains everything top to bottom. Gives me pointers to save money! Keeps me toasty warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer! Yay Glendale. Sure you might pay a dollar or two more but peace of mind and ownership of the work perform is priceless!!! more

Always excellent. 4/18/2012

Glendale Heating has been great for the past 40 years. Everything I needed, they fixed. They were very professional and trustworthy. In addition, they were very thorough in explaining things to me. I would recommend them to anyone as their service and quality were exceptional. more

excellent service, knowledgable and professional staff 11/6/2011

excellent bid with those few extra pluses that just sold me on Glendale Heating. I had bid six contractors, three who also carry the Lennox line. All the bids were by reputable dealers but Glendale just put the whole package together better. And come through likewise for the installation (gas furnace and heat pump). What else could you want???? more
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  • Glendale Heating and Air Conditioning is a premier provider of furnace and A/C installation and heating oil delivery. Serving customers throughout the Seattle, Wash. area, our goal is to help keep your indoor climate comfortable. We are a third generation family business that has served the Northwest since 1938. We are happy to provide our customers with live answering services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Our technicians are just a phone call away with prompt, reliable and efficient service.Products and services offered include:? Air conditioning? Furnaces? Installation? Maintenance, & repairs? Heating oil delivery? Hot water heaters & boilers? Equipment Installation Be sure to ask about heating rates for senior citizens and budget billing plans.Call today to schedule service or delivery.

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