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Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour - 28 Reviews - 9404 E Marginal Way S, Seattle, WA - Museums & Galleries Reviews - Phone (206) 764-5720

Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour

9404 E Marginal Way S
Seattle, WA 98108
(206) 764-5720

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Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour - Seattle, WA


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This place still has the power to make me feel like a kid. I don't think the exhibit has changed much over the last few years. Whenever I go, it's just as amazing as the first t...


I've been to the Museum of Flight every time my in-laws come into town and I'm SO over it. Unless you're really into planes or have A LOT of time to kill doing nothing, it isn't r...

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Still has it 11/24/2009

This place still has the power to make me feel like a kid. I don't think the exhibit has changed much over the last few years. Whenever I go, it's just as amazing as the first time to get into some of these airplanes. Great location for company parties and weddings too. more

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Flying high! 5/9/2006

The museum of flight is an amazing, fascinating place to spend a day - or a few hours. They have displays on all stages of aviation - starting with the Wright Brothers in Kitty Hawk, through the present day and even a special section regarding space flight. My personal favorite is walking through Air Force One - and seeing Jackie O's famous bathroom that she designed. It's not a huge deal by today's standards, but pretty it's amazing to be able to explore the actual aircraft that carried Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Nixon on official business. more

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It must serve SOME purpose?! 4/6/2006

I've been to the Museum of Flight every time my in-laws come into town and I'm SO over it. Unless you're really into planes or have A LOT of time to kill doing nothing, it isn't really worth it. Everyone has described it correctly. Lots of different planes to see. Some hanging from the ceiling, others on the ground. The last time I checked, the first Thursday of each month was free to the public. That's the BEST time to check it out. more

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You must visit this place 4/6/2006

If your in the Seattle area, you need to go to this place. The Museum of Flight was included in the Citypass and at first, I didn't think it would be fun. It was totally wrong. When we got there, there was so much stuff to see. They had all these planes on the floor and hanging from the ceiling. You could also sit in a few and take pictures. They had stuff about astronauts and different World Wars. Then down the street, they had some actual size huge planes. They had one that was used as an Air Force One for past presidents that you could go into. They also had a retired Concorde which was cool. If this place sounds boring to you, at least give it a try. You will be so happy you stopped here. We were actually here for like 5 hours. more

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Museum of Flight 4/2/2006

As you would hope of Seattle, the Museum of Flight is one of the best flight museums in the country. With a continually expanding collection of aircraft and memorabilia, you'll find plenty to keep the family busy. There are not many places where you can see aging versions of a Blackbird, Blue Angel, Air Force One, and a Concord all with one ticket. The galleries and exhibit halls are packed with planes. Pay attention to the schedule for special events. MOF is a great place to watch the Blue Angels depart and return to during Seafair. more

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Imaginations Fly Away at the Museum of Flight 3/18/2006

I am not the museum type but the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field is worth going to. If not to walk through the first presidential jet plane, (that would be Air Force One when the Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Nixon flew on it), you can go inside a Concorde supersonic or see the tons of aircrafts inside the museum. It could get a pit pricey, but from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm on the first Thursday of every month, admission is free and some exhibits are closed. Check their website. more

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Museum of Flight 3/17/2006

Usually, I find museums rather staid. Not this one. With planes hanging from the ceiling, on static display outside the museum, and as part of historic displays inside - this museum presents aviation at its finest. Besides looking at and learning about planes, various seminars are held throughout the month with featured speakers who easily inspire and inform. There are interactive displays, video clips, and other ways to become involved throughout the museum. The NASA display is phenomenal. Plus, dads get in free on Father's Day. will love it here. You can rest your weary feet and enjoy a meal at the Wings Cafe. Drawback? It's pricey. Benefit: A seat and a view. Does it sound like I love this place and recommend it? You bet! more

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Fun and a good birthday party place 3/6/2006

I don't know if you have boys or girls for this party, but we had great luck with the Museum of Flight. You get a room and a tour. Also someone comes and you make model airplanes and fly them. So that is great. Cost is reasonable. more

Type the title here for your review of Museum of Flight 3/5/2006

Great place! Lots of fun for everyone great people. You will love this place!! WWI, WWII and commercial planes! more

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We Build The Best 2/23/2006

The Boeing Company is the greatest Airplane Company in the world and has competed with every other Company in the world. How do I know? Well, I am proud to tell you that I worked for the Boeing Company for 40 years. The Boeing Company offered me, an individual, to make my career a complete success in life, raise my family and also see many parts of the world. The Boeing tour is a marvelous thing to behold, especially for the young who are interested in aircraft of all sizes and models. You can learn a lot if you are attentive to the tour guide and ask questions that you may think could not be answered. It is well worth the time and price. The museum is another great place to find many items of interest. C.Rizzuto Seattle, WA more

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I admit it I'm an airplane nut... 1/27/2006

Well, the kids really don't like it so much, but for me, getting there is always a special treat. There is something about seeing a real Concorde or walking through LBJs Air Force One that is exciting or to actually touch the A-12 which goes Mach 5. They have literally spent $100M renovating the place and now the Personal Courage Wing is not to be missed. It uses dioramas to help you get across what trench warfare might have been like. There are literally hours of video that you can look at too. The Red Barn is the original Boeing factory and there too, for the plane nut, there are models and the history well laid out. Finally, the lectures are amazing. The WWII generation is dying out and those regular lectures are the last time for many of us to hear history in person. As an aside, the flight camps are really great. The kids have been to two of them and it is wonderful to see them play out there on the lawn and learn about aeronautics. The older kids actually get to fly a plane and the younger ones work together in a Mission Control simulator. This place is also wonderful for Birthday Parties. Alex has his there and it is still well remembered. more

Flying Frenzy 12/24/2005

This place has all the needs for any child or adult could ever want. IF you are a flying fanatic, a plane professional, or just a airplane admirer then you would enjoy this museum. Just stop by once in your life, it is worth the experience. There are plenty of interactive planes here, you can sit inside jets and pretend you are the aviator. Much learning to do also in the aerodynamics of these planes more

boo 12/17/2005

I am a plane and flying fanatic and I cannot recommend this museum. It was very much overpriced for the little bit that you get. There are many plane exhibits, and even a plane that you can sit inside, but I think that’s geared more towards kids. Aside from the Johnson-Administration Air-Force One (again, you can walk inside, but all the rooms are plexi-glassed off and inhabited by old mannequins with dusty clothing) there is nothing really geared towards adults. It would be nice if there were SOMETHING interactive for adults to partake in. I found the exhibits boring and uninteresting, and the museum itself is dreadfully small. If you go in the winter and want to go on Air Force One, bring a jacket because the line you stand in is outside, and it can get chilly. more

Fun for a one time trip 12/8/2005

I love airplanes, which is why I love the Museum of Flight. I personally would not go more than once a year, however, because it seems like everytime I go, the same exhibits stay. I can't complain much though because the exhibits seem to have strong foundations that allow them to stay permanent. I find the prices to be a bit high, but with coupons or promotions, it may be worth while to check this place out. more

Flying fun! 12/8/2005

This is an awesome place to visit if you are a airplane freak. They have a replica of the first Wright brothers place infront of their theater. They have actual planes in there and there are a lot. They have a exhibit on the history of planes and some of the first places. They also have more planes in the back of the building! All are real, and very amazing. It is conviently located on Boeing field and has a steal of admission price. more

Quite disappointing 10/8/2005

I had very high hopes for the Museum of Flight and was quite disappointed. There were few exhibits, and most of the exhibits were planes strung from the ceiling, giving you just a view of the underbelly. There are a few plane exhibits where you can sit in the pilots seat, but I was discouraged from partaking in it by the staff and they seemed to hint that such things were only for children, even though there were no signs indicating this. There is an old Air Force One (from the Ford Administration, I believe) that one can walk through, even though 99% of the plane is cordoned off by plexiglass. All in all, I found this museum to be very much lacking in aviation history and exhibits, and would not reccomend that anyone go here. more

Museum of Flight 8/21/2005

I'm not sure what one of the other reviewers was expecting. They Museum of Flight has great examples of aviation history and a very knowledgeable staff. Consider that they have a Concorde (one of a handful on the planet and the only one on the west coast) available to visit and view. They have spent time and effort to expand their collection and have items unique in the history of flight. I haven't been to a great deal of aviation museums, but from the few I have seen, this is a solid collection. more

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Hang out at the airport and save your $$ 8/21/2005

The Museum of Flight is just junk. SEriously. You can take a walk around a 1960's-era Airforce One, which is even filled with the obligatory cheesy-manequins-positioned-at-the-desk-to-look-like-they're-working things. There's alot of airplanes hanging from the roof, and you can see alot of mockups of different things, but it's really really a bad museum. Even my husband who is enthralled by anything dealing with airplanes was begging me to leave. Wanna see planes for cheap? Hang out on E. Marginal and watch the planes going to and fro Boeing field. You'll save the cash AND see more interesting things than you could have in the museum. more

Museum of Flight 8/19/2005

Located adjacent to Boeing Field in south Seattle, if you're interested in aviation history you'll do no better than this massive facility. See the Concorde, understand the breakthrough of the Wright Brothers, see Air Force One, run a flight simulator, and see dozens of planes of every variety. You wouldn't expect anything less from the home of Boeing. more

If you like airplanes, it's a must. 8/19/2005

Our young sons are airplane nuts and they get excited every time we drive in the parking lot for the Museum of Flight. It has a great interactive area for the youngest kids once they get tired of walking around oohing and ahhing over the huge and impressive aircraft over and around the whole place. But my favorite area is the relatively new Personal Courage wing, dedicated to World War I and World War II era flight. If you plan on going more than once, buy a membership -- it's a great bargain and you'll save 15% on all museum shop purchases. more
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