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Fischbein Stuart J Md

10309 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 300
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 282-8613
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I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Fischbein! When I found out I was frank breech at 34 weeks, every other doctor in LA said I would have to have a c-section. While muc...


I would give this doctor 0 stars if I could. No matter how could he supposedly is at his job, he was convicted of sexual exploitation of a patient and his 7 years of probation wa...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/10/2014

Great doctor. Delivered three of my children. Found cancer in one of my friends. You'll be in good hands. There is always a female in the room with him. more

Convicted of sexual exploitation of patient! 8/22/2011

I would give this doctor 0 stars if I could. No matter how could he supposedly is at his job, he was convicted of sexual exploitation of a patient and his 7 years of probation was denied because he did appear to understand his responsibility in the situation. Please take this into account before you visit this doctor. Y more

compassionate man 7/17/2011

Dr. Fischbein was very compassionate and caring through my surprise pregnancy and difficult miscarriage. I will not forget his kind care. more

Amazing doctor who will deliver breech 7/17/2011

I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Fischbein! When I found out I was frank breech at 34 weeks, every other doctor in LA said I would have to have a c-section. While much of the world is now debating whether or not certain breech presentations are dangerous to deliver, most doctors will not deliver them due to of lack of experience and antiquated insurance requirements. Enter Dr. Fischbein. Here is a doctor who has actually been around long enough to be VERY experienced in vaginal breech delivery as well as many other supposed ""dangerous"" birth situations such as VBAC. Not only is he skilled and knowledgeable in less common types of delivery, but he works directly with midwives and other birth attendants to deliver babies safely at home or in a birth center. I felt extremely cared for throughout the final weeks of my pregnancy and throughout our amazing home birth. Everything went smoothly and we were overjoyed to have such an experienced physician attend our birth. Thank you Dr. Fischbein for letting our angel come into this world the way she wanted to! more

Such a blessing to Have Dr. Fischbein in Los Angeles! 7/13/2011

As a Childbirth Educator, Labor Doula, Pre-Natal Yoga instructor and Lactation Specialist I am so grateful to have Dr. Fischbein to recommend to my clients! Whenever a pregnant couple needs a referral, Dr. Fischbein is my first recommendation. He is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, respectful and gracious! His commitment to true informed consent is refreshing and what every man, woman and child deserves! I wish every pregnant mother could have an OB like Dr. Stuart Fischbein! more

Incredible Doctor. Advocate of Women's Birth Rights! 7/13/2011

As a doula, a student midwife and as a woman, I can't recommend Dr. Fischbein enough. When I had my second child I had a homebirth and needed a back up OB. I had already been a doula working with birthing women in hospitals at that point for 2 years and had unfortunately some pretty negative views on OBs. Upon meeting with Dr. Fischbein, I instantly relaxed knowing that he would not only support the birth plan that I had (natural at home) but would also provide me with great medical back up should a medical need arise. He trusted in my ability to give birth and was very reassuring. I knew that he wouldn't needlessly intervene if we needed his help and care. Thankfully we didn't. Many years later I find myself working side by side with as a student midwife. His whole hearted belief in woman centered care is inspiring. He practices with a deep trust of women and their ability to give birth naturally and normally without intervention. Yet he has the knowledge, expertise and skill to provide those interventions when they are medically necessary and needed. If you are looking for a doctor who is willing to actually listen to you and who will actually provide you with information before an intervention, then look no further. A supporter of vaginal breech birth, vaginal twin births and VBACs along with just normal natural birth. more

I highly recommend Dr. Fischbein 7/13/2011

Dr. Fischbein was my ""back up"" doctor for my birth at a birth center. I went over my due date by two weeks and Dr. Fischbein was very supportive of my plans. He collaborated with my licensed midwife to create a highly skilled team of care providers that supported me. He gave me his advice and if I chose to go a different direction we was respectful. And when my 10lb baby was born two weeks ""late"" out of the hospital he laughed and said ""amazing"". I wholeheartedly trust his medical expertise and I feel that his willingness to speak out for the right to full informed consent only make him a better choice. I would have Dr. Fischbein as my OBGYN every time. more

An Excellent Doctor 7/13/2011

I work closely with Dr. Fischbein at The Sanctuary Birth & Family Wellness Center, a midwifery practice in west Los Angeles. I feel very fortunate to have him on our team. He is person of strong integrity, honesty and a superior practitioner. I have my Bachelors in Women's Studies, and know through both scholarly study and experience the atrocities committed on women by a hegemonic medical institution. Stuart does not contribute to these atrocities; he is a champion of birthing women, families and midwives. I cannot recommend him highly enough. more

a great doctor 7/13/2011

Dr. Fischbein was my back up doctor, but became my main doc as I was faced with a frank breech situation. I found him to be very supportive, and he educated me on all of my options without judgment. I felt very empowered and safe with him. Not many doctors take the time to tell you anything these days. Living in a lawsuit-happy country, I found him refreshingly honest and passionate about his life's work, part of which is educating women and standing up for women's rights. My husband and I felt lucky to have found him. And we have a healthy, beautiful, happy little 6 week old girl. I hope we are lucky enough to have Dr. Fischbein as our doctor the next time. more

Best doctor I've ever known 7/12/2011

I had the honor of having Dr. Fischbein back my mid-wife in 2000. I had a non progressive labor and was transferred. He met us there and was phenomenal. He knew exactly what to say, stayed with me, assured me and calmed me. He treated me with tender care and respect. I didn't have a regular gyno at the time and so during my follow up appointment, I asked if he would be my doctor to which he answered, ""I would be honored."" I have never forgotten that and he has provided me with tremendous care over the years. He always goes above and beyond. He is a doctor who truly cares about his patients. He found my cancerous tumor in '07, and again, I could not have had a better advocate. He assured me, he assisted in my surgery and was incredibly supportive throughout that difficult time in my life. He saved my life more than once and I am forever grateful to him. More than anything else, I trust him....with my health, my life, my child's life. Best doctor I've ever had in my life. more

Amazing doctor 7/12/2011

I have been Dr. Fischbein's patient for more than 20 years. He is an unbelievable doctor who is a trailblazer for alternative birthing. He delivered my child in January of this year - and I was not just happy about the experience, but I am grateful and lucky to have had him assist in the most important event in my life. I am not too concerned with the negative reviews - they seem a little wacky and certainly don't reflect the doctor I have been a patient of for so many years. more

Dr. Fischbein is an amazing doctor! 7/12/2011

Outside of this page of slanted, anonymous, slanderous reviews (probably posted by the same person!), Dr. Fischbein has an EXCELLENT reputation in real life, both in his advocacy work and his medical service to families. He has championed women's choices in where they birth, with whom they birth and how they birth. He is professional, courteous and self-sacrificing. I am astonished at the slander being thrown his way... those who post such things should be ASHAMED of themselves for their lies. I guess I shouldn't be surprised... anytime a man courageously stands up for the rights of women, there are weak men who will tear him down. more

Example: great place for good bread 2/9/2010

What made it unique or special? Pros: Excellent doctor more

Great doc. 12/27/2009

I had an Amnio done with Dr. FIshbein, I was scared because I didn't meet him before. Dr. Fishebein is an excellent physician, He was so quick that I really didn't feel much of a pain. This is my 2nd Amnio and the one I did before took longer and hurt a lot. I don't think he's credit as a doc should be influenced because of those rubbish posting people writing about. He's a great Doc. and a great supporter of mid wifes which is a big big plus for an O.B... Pros: proffesional , quick and very nice more

Run From This Doctor and Practice! 11/24/2009

What a terrible, horrifying experience! Run from him and his office. Very dysfunctional man and practice. There is an article in the Ventura County Star (local paper) that I wish I had read before going to his office. Google him and you will find it. FYI.. He has 2 offices; 1 in LA and 1 in Camarillo. Cons: Everything- Rude, Unprofessional, Lack of Judgement, etc more

Fischbein is a Sexual Predator 8/13/2009

See his record with the CA Medical Board. Why this man still has his license is a mystery. Report him. Cons: Sexual Predator more

Great Doctor 6/16/2009

Dr.Fischbein was only my backup doctor in case something went wrong with my scheduled home birth. Of course through out the course of my pregnancy little things came up here and there that forced me to see Dr. Fischbein more often then expected. I have to say he really is a great doctor. He never scared me with doctor talk and was very positive yet cautious. He let me go as long as I possibly could before deciding I needed a c-section. He respected that I really wanted a natural birth, but knew when it was time to act. Any other doctor would have made me had one days earlier to make sure my labor wouldn't have interfered with their weekend plans (lol). He's very personable and I think cares abour his patients. \r \r His personal life shouldn't be anyone's business. It's unfortuante his situation was put out there like that. I agree with one of the reviews, sounded like a set up. But again not my business! lol more

Very Good Doctor 8/19/2008

June of this year I had a pregnancy that took a turn for the worse, and I owe my health, and the health of my son to Dr. Fischbein. My son was breech, and had twisted himself into a position so that his neck was dangerously hyperextended. My midwife sent me to Dr. Fischbein, who performed an ultrasound, then sent me to a specialist for a second opinion. A few days later my water broke, I developed preeclampsia, and he had to deliver my son by C-section 5 weeks early.\r \r Since I had planned a birthing center birth, getting the C-section was pretty disappointing. I had one request to try to salvage the experience for myself, and that was that I see whether my child was a boy or girl with my own eyes. Dr. Fischbein personally told every single person in the O.R. that no one would announce the gender, and held my son up to me so I could have my wish. He also said encouraging things to me through out the procedure, from telling me how good my anaestheiologist, to calling out as my son was born ""no cleft feet,"" ""the hands are opening and closing"" (things we had been worried about).\r \r Even though it was a C-section, I remember my son's birth as a very joyful experience.\r \r I recovered from my surgery very quickly and easily, and I have no doubt that is due largely to Dr. Fischbein's skill as a surgeon. He did not use staples on me, thus minimizing scarring, but took the time to sew me up. I was driving 8 days after surgery, and felt like I could have driven even sooner.\r \r In spite of what I have read here, and in the newspaper, I would return to Dr. Fischbein as a patient. And if I had a good friend with a complicated pregnancy I would send her to Dr. Fischebein in a heartbeat. more

keep looking 5/27/2008

I feel compelled to write about the doctor who i left seeing as a patient several years ago. I do know he is no longer doing OB. He was a very well informed doctor and I truly feel he's good at what he does. If you are a woman looking for a good gyno and you're past childbaring age or don't need an OB, have a strong sense of boundries, in a healthy should be just fine. IF you are young, attractive and impressionable, i'd say find another guy. Dr. Fischbein never asked me out, but his hands lingering on my thighs on the exam table AND the lengthy conversation he initiated about my dating life and the kind of guy i should be with (as he went on to describe himself third person and his divorce) was enough for me to go find someone else. I got confirmation for my odd feelings when I met a patient he'd slept with. Poor guy, he was like a kid in a cervix candy store. more

Worst gynecologist I've ever had 2/22/2008

I can't even begin to describe what I went through with this practitioner. Most of the words required are prohibited here, although I have used them in describing my travails to good friends. He behaved in a weird, manipulative, and extremely unprofessional manner, to say the least. He was very condescending and dictatorial, and was more interested in his own agenda than in my well-being. His personality is somewhat erratic, and I have spoken to some of his other patients who have experienced what seemed like outright cruelty. Do yourself a favor.......go somewhere else. Cons: Condescending and manipulative. Seems more interested in dominating and controlling and manipulating the patient, than in the patient's well-being. more
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