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Consolidated Communications - 22 Reviews - , Katy, TX - Local & Long Distance Telephone Service Reviews - Phone (281) 396-5000

Consolidated Communications

Katy, TX 77449
(281) 396-5000
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All reviews seem negative


We have lived in the City limits of Katy since 1984. For years this was our ONLY choice for phone service. We have call waiting w/ an unlisted phone number because we were constan...

Terrible service 6/30/2017

Took 2 days to get authorized to add a DVR service, which also meant going to the local shop to swap out the box. Correctly installed new box. After going through the myriad of "Press 1" options and entering my account number, "Robert" answered and asked me for my account number. I spent 35 minutes on the call and "Robert" was unable to "Turn On" DVR service from the company, so now get to wait three more days before a service tech can come between 8 and 10 PM to push yet another button. Unfortunately Consolidated has all of Katy in their back pocket. If I you can use another company or service, DO IT. more

Consolidated Communications (Montgomery, TX): High Prices for Minimal Service 2/18/2016

Like everyone else writing a review I have experienced the same. Upon my initial service I contacted Consolidated to get my account setup. When choosing a package I was told about a promotional offer for 15mb download at $39.99/mo. I said "Ok...I will go with that". Then the sales person comes back and says "I am sorry we only offer 10mb download". I responded "I guess I don't have much of a choice. How much is that?" Consolidated sale person responds with a $49.99/mo. Wow! $10 more per month for less than what was offered. I told the sales person I would like to go with the special price and just take the lesser internet speed. She said "I am sorry I can't do that". I asked "So you mean you are going to charge me $10 more per month for 5mb less. How much sense does that make to you?" I got crickets. Since then I have had several issues with inconsistent internet speeds and now them increasing my bill after a year of service. Unfortunately this is my ONLY choice for internet service and Consolidate knows it. more

Has a monopoly in the Katy area, doesn't have to worry about competition 10/6/2015

I have 10Mbs DSL service with Consolidated, and due to AT&T's horrible cell service, have to run my cell phone through a mini tower into my internet service. Sometimes the bandwidth isn't enough and my speech cuts out. I ordered higher speed service only to receive a call the day before indicating that the infrastructure in my area would not support the additional speed, so the install was cancelled, sorry..... I have satellite TV with the 'Hopper', so no option to switch to a cable provider for high speed internet. So I have one choice, and it is sorely inadequate. But since there is no competition, why should Consolidated care? Makes one wonder who's relative was in on this contract when it was signed for the Katy area. more

Don't even bother! 6/30/2015

i'm glad I canceled my service wired to them installing it. They were scheduled to come out between 10 AM and 12 PM today to install my service. I call customer service at only to be told that they came early and couldn't access my apartment complex. That's a total lie! Even if they did, no one called to say they were coming early. Then, they said I could reschedule. Mind you, I've already waited 10 days after I submitted my order for them to come. Then I was told well you can wait as they're on their way to another job. They didn't give me a timeframe, and just said they could come sometime after 2:00 PM. I promptly t then I was told well you can wait as they're on their way to another job. They didn't give me a timeframe, and just said they could come sometime after 2:00 PM. I told them to cancel my order. I'm going with xfinity instead. At least I know they can access my complex Don't use CCI! I never give reviews, but this company needs to change their practices or close permanently. more

Worst Internet Ever 5/14/2015

Honestly, if I could give this service no stars, I would. It cuts out constantly, we've had the router replaced at least 3 times and every time they say it should fix the problems we're having and it never does. They are extremely pricey and very difficult to work with. Being near old Katy, this is the only option of internet service we have, which is STUPID. This highest rating this service has is 2 stars, c'mon people. It's terrible, and even if you pay more to get faster internet, it's still terrible. At 5:30 pm, I can't watch videos higher than 240p. That's ridiculous. If you can get anything else, go with them. more

Worst ISP ever!! 2/4/2015

We live in Katy Texas and have had nothing but trouble with CCI. We have swapped out about 5 routers in the past 2 months. Internet drops intermittently throughout the day. They came out several times and could not figure out why. This ISP is horrible. Their customer service is a joke! We are planning to cancel and find a ISP that sucks less more

Another unhappy customer! 1/14/2015

Well today is the 3rd time in 2 weeks with interruption to my email. After reading several of the comments it seems there are a lot of very unhappy customers so without going to Comcast which is also a subpar can us customers get other suppliers into our area? I am tied of paying a high price for bad service! more

Why can I not give 0 stars? 1/8/2015

I have lived in multiple places in Texas and dealt with multiple different cable companies. In most places I have lived there is usually at least 2 options for cable providers. In Conroe there is unfortunately only one cable and internet provider other other than Dish network whose service is interupted everytime it rains and that is Consolidated Communications. Frankly I would have been better off with a Satelite aption such as Dish Network. Consolidated is by far the WORST company I have ever had the displeasure to deal with. Not only is the service itself unreliable, the technicians are for the most part inept, the customer service and the tech support like to give you the run around. When you are getting the "I'm sorry I can't assist you with that" response that seems to be the standard answer from Consolidated Communications' employees regardless of what department they are in you do not even get the courtesy of being transfered to whoever it is that CAN help you. They simply give you a number to call then ask if your issue has been resolved. The one saving grace I ever found within the company was a young lady who worked in technical support. Of all the times I called in to report the constant issues I had she was the only person I spoke to who listened to my problem and took steps to correct it rather than just suggesting that I reset or power cycle my router so they could be done with me. I later found out that she was reprimanded for going above and beyond. This is a company where the employees are actually reprimanded for providing decent customer service. I would not wish dealing with Consolidated Communications upon my worst enemy, 0/5 stars, stay away from this provider. more

Run away from Consolidated Communications!!!! 12/29/2014

Signing up for a one year contract with consolidated communications was a terrible mistake. I never write reviews, but I had to make an exception this time. The absolute worst internet service I have ever had. I will never, ever complain about at&t or xfinity. If you want to stream movies, forget it.. It takes me 4 hours to get through one movie because of the constant loading. It's been like this for months! When I had an issue where my internet went out, they said someone would come out to fix it. I fixed it on my own. Two weeks later, a tech showed up to fix it. Two weeks later! If you use their service to stream movies, I recommend you have a cell phone handy so that you can have something to watch while it's loading. Wow...I wish I could leave no stars but I can't. more

Poorest Internet service 11/11/2014

Despite all the bad reviews, I tryed them anyway. All the poor reviews are correct on this company. You pay for high speed 10mbps+ and end up with 1, or 2mbps if your lucky. Customer service is weak, and will not fix the speed issue. If you need good reliable service, Consolidated is not for you. more

The reviews are correct...terrible 10/24/2014

I decided to give them a shot because of the supposed superior speed over xfinity, since you supposedly have your own connection vs a shared connection. Its garbage my friend. I am currently without internet and have no one to speak to. Only work during business hours, super long wait times and chat is akways temprarily unavailable. I am going to switch back to xfinity and will gladly pay the early termination fee! more

Horrible customer service 10/16/2014

I have had no service for almost 3 days now because if your phone line is dead, your Internet or tv service is dead along with it. The service people on the phone have a complacent attitude and basically tell you it takes 24-48 hours for repair and then whe.n the 48 hours has passed they just don't know or care and whine that there are a lot of outtages and they are working as fast as they can. Not only have I never seen worse utility service, the phone techs are unsurpassed as being the most deadpan depressing unhelpful agents I have spoken to. They deserve zero stars and I might mention today is exactly one month of being their customer. No bad weather to blame on these "mass outtages". I am nauseated to think I entered a 12 month contract with these inept jackasses. more

Not worth the trouble. 8/11/2014

I'm paying $40 a month for my internet that doesn't even provide enough bandwidth to play any games without my ping skyrocketing. This includes being wired directly to the modem. When I lived in California, I was paying $20 a month for a local provider that gave me way better speeds than what this company has provided. Don't waste your time, its definitely worth paying $15 more for internet that isn't slow than to deal with a wasted $40 a month for something unreliable. more

Customer Service 7/11/2013

Do you want polite, helpful, and prompt customer service? If so, don't expect it from Consolidated Communications, where indifference and an arrogant "take it or leave it" attitude reigns supreme. more

Bad tech service 1/10/2013

No internet for 3 days and still no technician. They said they will call once they have someone available. Hate it :( more

Terrible 12/19/2012

Didn't tell me when they were going to update software, even though they sent me a big envelope full of details on the upgrade and how they would call first. Lost all shows I had recorded. Also, the box always seems to freeze up. Compared to my previous providers, Consolidated fails terribly. I can't think of one detail that is better than what I've had in the past... more

horrible 11/21/2012

Thus service is horrible. I can't get wireless internet in my tiny house and they told me they don't guarantee the internet anddont really care. Since there's nothing else we can choose. Super expensive and just a joke. Would have moved elsewhere if known this was the only option. more

Consolidated communications sux! 11/18/2012

Don't waste you time with this company! They suck! I could say a lot more but it would be a waste of my time and they've taken enough of that. Suck I tell you. BTW I had to rate before submitting, rated a 1 but this rating should be 0 more

Don't get not worth it. Go with someone else. 7/28/2012

Recently moved to katy and looked at different providers. Decided to go with consolidated com b/c it was 1 of 2 cable providers that could service my area (excluding satellite). I signed up for the internet & cable on a promotion for <$90. Here's the reasons it's bad: 1) customer services They don't tell you upfront but they charge a trip fee of $90/hr for any service. In my case my Internet wasn't working properly and need to be changed to another room. Trip charge. I wanted an additional cable box inanother room. Trip charge. I want to be able to change boxes between rooms. Trip charge. Basically they told me its anytime I need something done in the house. Never had that with any other provider. 2) cable service is a downgrade from anything out there. Not very user friendly. DVR is horrible. Limited onDemand. The feed sometimes is horrible causing the cable channels to have a green hue. I would call to check it out, but afraid they would charge a trip charge. Way to run a company with customers afraid to contact for any type of service since it will require a charge. I don't know of any other cable provider that does this. 3)non responsive sales/customer service. Good luck trying to reach them or getting a response from them. The sales person a week after I signed up couldn't even return a call. Her name is desirae. The customer is never right with them from my experience. I wouldn't recommend. It may be cheaper in the front end, but it'll cost you. more

Highest priced phone and internet around 1/14/2011

If you live in a Consolidated Communications only area in Katy, be prepared, no other internet is available and the phone service is expensive, I pay $90.00 per month for phone and internet. DOUBLE what I payed with SWBell in Houston. I,'ve tried to switch to AT&T Uverse and Clear, but Consolidated has a monopoly and they know it! HEY CITY OF KATY, DO something! more
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