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Cochrane Nick - Campus & Central Properties

813 W 24TH St
Austin, TX 78705
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I just moved out of a unit that I lived in for 1year and a half. I had some minor maintaince issues but nothing like these other people are stating. I will say that this compan...


Windsor Oaks 1210 Windsor, Austin TX Managed by: Campus & Central Properties / Nick Cochrane Move In: - bathroom remodeling was incomplete * granite on walls incomplete * no to...

Beware 7/14/2009

henatopenha Provided by Partner
Windsor Oaks 1210 Windsor, Austin TX Managed by: Campus & Central Properties / Nick Cochrane Move In: - bathroom remodeling was incomplete * granite on walls incomplete * no towel holder(never received one) * no toilet paper holder * bathtub was damaged * no hot water for first month - living room and bedrooms * stains in the carpet * chipped paint on walls * paint on the floors * broken window - A/C * dirty filter * unit leaked - kitchen * cabinets missing glass and knobs - parking * did not receive an assigned parking space until 4 months after move in Maintenance: - Although the lease states submitting a maintenance request via email, they only legally have to respond to the request if you do it by certified mail. Twice. So every maintenance request is at least $8, and requires at least one trip to the post office. And takes weeks to be completed. * After C&CP agrees to do the maintenance, it is your job to follow up with the vendor and make sure the job is completed, and notify C&CP that it has been completed. If you don't, you have to pay for the maintenance. - Crystal Jaskinia (no longer with company), maintenance manager, was very rude/unprofessional and incompetent. And that was if she ever emailed or called you back (which she didn't most of the time). * One example: Emailed me telling me that she personally wouldn't wait a month to report not having hot water, that I never reported a hot water issue, but attached my three requests about the hot water to her email. - Had a gas leak, and C&CP sent out a maintenance man with no sense of smell to check on it - W&D * If supplied, maintenance is limited to $100 per lease term * Any charges over that are charged to tenant - Ice makers and window screens will not be repaired * We never received window screens Rodents: - Two separate instances No Heat: - No heat all of November - No heat all of December - Heat in January - Heat first half of February - No heat second half of February - No heat all of March (we received space heaters while the heat was out) No Hot Water (for the entire complex - separate from the month our unit didn't have hot water): - for 1 week No A/C: - for 1 week Parking Gate: - did not work for a month Rent To HOA: Midway through our lease, we were told our owner stopped paying HOA dues, and that we had to start paying our rent to the HOA. Move Out: - Fees * Maid service (2 bedroom) - $175 * Carpet steam cleaning (2 bedroom) - $175 > If not paid before move out, $150 penalty is taken out of the deposit * Loss of parking card - $100 * missing/broken light bulb - $5 each * dirty a/c filter - $50 * missing mailbox key - $50 * missing door key - $25 Better Biz Bureau: - 9 complaints filed Pros: None Cons: Evil more

Stay Away! 6/8/2009

orakpo Provided by Partner
If i could give lower than a 1 star rating i would definitely do it. I am a former resident who was extremely frustrated about my experience with the people who work for this so called "business". I had so many issues in my apt that were partially fixed and some that were never repaired. one summer the AC was down for weeks and the hot water out for an entire week. if you call and ask for repairs they will make it seem like they're working on it (i.e., "yeah, we have the part..." or "the contractors will be there") and will lie to you by saying it'll be done by a certain day. when they do repair things, they basically go to one of the many vacant apts and will take parts out of that place to repair it. most of these reviews seem so harsh as it sounds almost impossible that property managers could be so immoral. However, there is absolutely NO exaggeration from each of these reviews. These people are shady beyond belief. I also checked yelp reviews and it appears that many of the negative reviews have been removed. Pros: zero Cons: unethical managers, no maintenance, c.roaches more

Awful Company - Do NOT do business with 4/13/2009

nalonzo Provided by Partner
This is a terrible, terrible management company. Not only was I swindled out of time and money, both the tenants on either side of me were as well. I highly recommend finding ANY other apartment locator service or management company to deal with OTHER THAN THIS ONE. Don't believe the customer service people that work there... and please, no matter what stage in the process you are in potentially signing with them, BACK OUT OF IT, as soon as possible. You will be caused a great deal of stress and anguish at their inability to: follow through as contracted, return any admin or maintenance calls, or return money that they owe to you. Especially do NOT believe anything that Cristina Ramirez and Crystal Jaskinia have to say - THEY WILL LIE TO YOUR FACE and smile while they do it. Pros: none Cons: liars, cheats more


2402sux Provided by Partner
This company is very unethical and a scam artist ran business. All negative reviews are absolutely true. There is NO exaggeration or lies. The only reason Campus & Central Properties wants a person to identify themself is so they can harrass and attempt to evict the resident. There is absolutely no customer service and the employees treat tenants with NO respect, empathy, or humanity. The properties are not kept up and problems are covered up. The smart people of our world know for a fact that the ONLY good reviews on here where placed by the employees and owners of Campus & Central Properties in an attempt to make themselves look better. If it's raining outside and everyone plainly sees it is raining outside Campus & Central Properties will say the opposite. Money is absolutely the root of all evil and Campus & Central Properties is extremelly evil. DO NOT RENT OR BUY FROM CAMPUS & CENTAL PROPERTIES AS IT WILL BE A NIGHTMARE!! Esta empresa es muy poco etico y una estafa artista corrio negocio. Todos los comentarios negativos son absolutamente cierto. No hay exageracion o la mentira. El unico motivo por el Campus Central y Propiedades quiere una persona para identificar a si mismos es para que puedan harrass e intentar desalojar a los residentes. No hay absolutamente ningun servicio al cliente y los empleados tratar los inquilinos con respecto a NO, la empatia, o la humanidad. Las propiedades no se mantienen y son problemas encubiertos. La gente inteligente del mundo para conocer un hecho que la unica buena comentarios aqui donde colocados por los empleados y due?os de propiedades del Campus Central y en un intento de darse a verse mejor. Si esta lloviendo fuera y todo el mundo ve claramente que esta lloviendo fuera del Campus Central y Propiedades diran lo contrario. El dinero es la raiz de absolutamente todos los males y Campus Central de Propiedades y es extremadamente mal. NO COMPRA O ALQUILER DE CAMPUS Y PROPIEDADES CENTAL ya que ser una pesadilla! more


windsorresident2 Provided by Partner
I am currently renting an apartment from this company. As soon as we signed our lease, the attitude of everyone in the office changed immediately. They are unresponsive, hard to get a hold of, and lied to our faces several times. We were told our apartment would be ready for move-in at the first of the month. It wasn't until the 10th that it was livable. We had a week with no hot water, another 10 days with no A/C (when the temp was in the 90s), and no heat for what might be up to 8 weeks. They are ridiculous. Customer service is at the absolute bottom of their list. The staff doesn't hesitate to YELL at their tenants. Please do not rent from this company. Every resident in this complex I have talked to regrets their decision to sign a lease here. It is problem-after-problem with no compensation. Pros: location Cons: terrible management more

Highly Recommend 11/22/2008

utlovesme Provided by Partner
I just moved out of a unit that I lived in for 1year and a half. I had some minor maintaince issues but nothing like these other people are stating. I will say that this company is the best I have leased with since I have lived in Austin. I have had other management companies that treated me poorly but not this company. I have no problems and would definitely lease from one of their properties again if I stay in Austin. Also, the agent that leased me was very helpful and professional. Pros: nice office Cons: neighbors were loud more

Run as fast as you can! 11/21/2008

tommygirl7 Provided by Partner
Run as fast as you can! I think you can pretty much tell how horrible and despicable this property management company is but I don't think I could sleep at night if I didn't try to say something too. Campus and Central Properties has absolutly no regard for anything in this world except MONEY. They have no regard or respect for anyone or anything that isn't MONEY. You will not find a person amoung all who have rented, bought, or done either in the past that have anything nice to say about Nick Cochrane and Campus and Central Properties. I would particularly like to warn students to steer clear of them completly. Your his favorite group to abuse because your young and he thinks you won't complain. But please do yourselves a favor and don't make the same mistake that all of the people that have written reivews have had to experience. Those two favorable reviews were written by the staff at Campus and Central Properties. Go to anyone of the properties that they list as managers/owners and speak with the people living there. I can say for sure that thier reputation is so bad and they are so hated by the people who have done business with them that you can save yourself a lot of trouble by just checking them out. Anyone who has done business in Austin for any length of time knows how bad thier reputation is. They have been cited time and time again for code violations and provide sub-standard living conditons. I know that landlords sometimes get a bad rap just because they do what they do but believe me when I say none of this is idle chit chat. They are bad beyond words. Pros: I will get to leave unlike those who bought and are stuck Cons: The total experience more

terrible, terrible, terrible company - very unethical 11/10/2008

DowntownMelvin Provided by Partner
I beg you, no matter what living situation you are in - do NOT rent or lease from Campus & Central Properties. We can all get into a bind sometimes with our living situations, but please don't rent from this company. They will not fulfill any maintenance requests - and after you've gone through what will be a simple rental agreement setup, you won't be able to get ahold of them after that - and your money, will literally, be gone. Keep searching for another apartment locating company - and don't believe anything that any one of the representatives at this place has to say. They'll lie to your face - even after you've gone their in person to deal with the situation. more

Worst property management company ever 10/9/2008

nigeltufnel Provided by Partner
I rented a run down house from them for two years. I didn't expect everything to be in perfect order considering the price, but it took about a dozen calls to get them to come out and fix anything and then they would do a terrible job of fixing it. It took them over two weeks to come out and fix my water heater, that's totally unacceptable. Then after I moved out they sent me an enormous bill for all the stuff they wouldn't come out to fix, all of it was routine maintenance or stuff that was broken when I moved in. Don't rent from these crooks. Pros: nothing Cons: everything more

Campus & Central-Do Your Research! 10/6/2008

ResidentCC Provided by Partner
I have been a tenant of a Campus and Central property for ~5 months and this rental experience has easily been the worst I have ever endured by a land slide. The employees of this company will tell you what you want to hear before you sign a lease but be assured that they will NOT follow through on any of their commitments to manage the property effectively. I have yet to figure out what this company does because ?managing? properties is not one of them!!! This company?s response to my serious maintenance issues, i.e. no hot water, no AC for days and days?.and days, rodents in the apartment, have been appalling at best. And, the office staff has been hostile and extremely unprofessional. If you call in to get something fixed, you can count on 2 things for sure. 1.) They will not respond 2.) If you are lucky enough to track one of their maintenance people down, it will take weeks or months to get anything fixed. This rating is one star because that was the lowest I could go on this site. Let me be clear, I vote 0 stars. I only wish I could go lower than 0. Bottom line, do your research! It takes only a few seconds researching this business to realize that this is a company you want to stay away from! more

Haha...This place is a joke. 10/5/2008

kimfromtexas2008 Provided by Partner
I love have the previous 2 reviews are transparent to the fact that it is Campus and Central Staff written. As for giving out Unit #' need to, because it is ALL of them. I feel confindent that you could knock on anyone's doors here and pretty much get the same response. This managment company is the most unethical and unprofessional company I have ever seen. The staff is not professional with their tenants nor do they know the first thing about customer service. The AC has been down at least once a month for 4-5 consective days with them "attempting" to fix it...every month. Hot water has gone out for 6 days in a row...their were/are rodents living in the crawlspace ( I talked to the pest control personally), the list goes on and on. It is a great location but that does not outweigh the burden you will take on living here. Please talk to any tenant living here before you move in and check the reputation of the company...I've positive you won't find what you like. Pros: Location Cons: Management Company more

recommend highly 9/20/2008

angel2222 Provided by Partner
I am a very satisfied with Campus Central Properties. I would HIghly recommend to anyone. They have many, many people whom are very happy. I have been with them for a long time and will continue to have them take care of my units. Pros: Do their best to satisfy my needs more

Nick Cochrane and Campus & Central Staff 9/16/2008

Steve73 Provided by Partner
I have lived in 2 of their properties in the past 2 and half years. It has been a pleasant experience throughout this time. As i understand it they manage many properties and that is a lot of work for a small staff and yet they have always been prompt about addressing my needs. Living in a growing downtown has its annoying challenges like construction and rents that are constantly on the rise. I move often and keep up with the going rates on apartments and they have always come under the fair market value and could charge way more than they do for what you get and I am glad to see they are making efforts to improve these properties by remodeling them. Unfortunately, this will cause rents to rise in those properties but that is life. I have worked directly with Mr. Cochrane on my lease and he and his staff are very easy to work with as a landlord go. I grew up around rental properties and many of these complaints are pretty common. If you feel that you need perfection stop renting and go buy yourself a place. Let's be honest, we only rent because either we are not into long term commitments or can't afford to buy our own place. With this said we must make allowance for a rental. After all it's a rental. more

STAY AWAY!!! 9/9/2008

Austiner Provided by Partner
I wish I could write in 2000 words or less how incredibly unethical this company is. I've never actually taken the time to write a review, but the amount of customer abuse that occurs at this business is unbelievable. Suffice it to say: DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE. EVER! Pros: None. Cons: Everything. more


windsorresident Provided by Partner
DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE OR RENT THIS PLACE on 1210 Windsor Rd. I can not even begin to describe the character of this management company and their staff...trailor park meets the era of cavemen. It's hard to believe people like this actually co-exist with the world and unfortuately, breed. They are the most unethical group of individuals I have EVER met. I signed a lease a month and a half before move in date and my place has yet to be completed (6/26/08), I am living here b/c I have no other choice but I will not renew my lease or rent anything that has Nick Cochrane's "Seal of Approval". We lived w/out AC for 4 days (which Nick says is not an emergency in 102 weather, and he was "doing us a favor" by replacing it...????), construction for 13 days(3-4 workers in our place for 10hrs a day, doing "work"), and our current problem...rodents. Yes, BIG RODENTS! This is not considered an emergency under their lease so I will have to put it in writing and wait 5 days (which really means-infinity) for them to reply...and MAYBE actually take care of it. This place is nothing short of condemned section 8 housing. Looks can be quite deceiving as when I first walked through the model...DO NOT FALL INTO THEIR TRAP! I will never do business with this management company again. If you want to reaffirm everything I've stated just come to the condo's and every resident will give you the same story. AWFUL!! Pros: NOTHING WHAT SO EVER EXCEPT THE FACT THAT I HAVE 11 MONTHES LEFT ON LEASE Cons: EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PLACE more

Do not rent or buy anything from Nick Cochrane 6/16/2008

alicekitty Provided by Partner
I am an owner of a refurbished condo developed by Nick Cochrane. I speak for all owners and renters when I say I can't begin to tell you the number of problems I've had with my condo/apt and trying to get things repaired. Nick Cochrane and his staff will lie to your face, telling you they will fix your issues, and then they do nothing. Consider yourself warned. I'm a professional with quite a few years of living, renting, and owning under my belt, and I can't imagine a manager/owner/seller worse than Campus and Central Properties and Nick Cochrane. If it were possible to give zero stars or less, I would. more

Avoid at all costs! 3/24/2008

kellylee03 Provided by Partner
Horribly incompetent staff, and horrible wait for repairs. I recommend that no-one ever rents from campus & central properties so they go out of business! Pros: None! Cons: Every aspect of their business is terrible! more

AVOID renting/purchasing from Campus and Central!! 11/28/2007

bbjohn Provided by Partner
This is the most unethical company I have ever rented from. Management is horrible. Do not expect to ever get in touch with someone in the office or have your maintenance issues taken care of in a timely fashion. PLEASE do NOT make the mistake to rent /purchase from them. more

Horrible experience- surprised they still have a real estate license 11/13/2007

cinnamon78705 Provided by Partner
This business and these people should be avoided at all costs. The business is shady, at best and arguably unethical at least. Sales ability to sweet-talk and tell the buyer what the buyer wanted to hear were stellar. Purchasing a condominium through them was one hassle after another as they were willing to do anything to make a sell and willing to do anything to avoid accepting responsibility or being accessible for supplementary business and questions. Never again. more

Never Again 3/27/2007

Do not ever rent from these people. Ever. Scenario 1: I go in to sign a lease. Do you have a co-signor? Umm, no. I realize you manage a bunch of college student apartments, but I'm 25 and most of my neighbors are older; none of us have or need co-signors. Great, why don't you go ahead and get a co-signor. What credit score do I need not to have a co-signor, because we can send for a credit report right now. Well, you just moved to town. And so on . . . Scenario 2: A neighbor's plumbing floods my place. I call and manage to get a receptionist. I hold for maybe 10 minutes and call back. Receptionist puts me through to voicemail. I call again and yell until I'm connected with a live person who is not the receptionist. A day and a half later, they come out. And remove the padding from my half of my carpet, while not actually replacing the carpet or the padding. My apartment is now half padded; further calls yield no results. Scenario 3: Baby raccoons fall through my bathroom ceiling and lie motionless in my bathtub. It happened. Surely there's an emergency (24 hour) number for this kind of situation? No. Well, maybe I can leave a voicemail? Full boxes all the way around. So I send a complaint e-mail. Long story short-- the raccoons vanish from the building a year later when a different property management company takes over. I got rid of the mess on my own. I have no clue how these people are still in business, but I will never have anything to do with them again. And neither should you. Pros: the agents have cool whips rolling on some slammin' dubs Cons: impossible to reach, disinterested and incompetent staff more
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