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3030 Mars Hill Street (at Holt & Kentucky Avenue)
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(317) 244-7525
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Recently we used Circle City Movers to move my mother in law from a house to a condo. Do to some circumstances, we did not have a lot of time to prepare and it was an emotional mo...


A move made several months ago by a different company cost HALF the price. It cost hundreds of dollars more to move just down the street. And we brought half the stuff to the t...

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/2/2013

i highly recommend circle city movers for any of your moving need nomatter how big or how small the job is they are the best in indy i called and spoke with Doug about my move and he was very polite and helpful to getting me a quote for my move i told him everything i had and he gave me a quote which i understand that it could be less or more and i scheduled my move with them and the day before my move Patti Scaggs called and went over the charges to comfirm that was what i was quoted and make sure i was still moving the next day and when my movers showed up 10 minutes before they was scheduled and that made the move start off on the right foot and when i met the movers i met Doug,big mike and mike and they was polite and got right to work and they moved at a good pace and had my well furnished 2 bedroom home and they had it all padded in the home and and loaded in a hour and a half and was ready to go unload and they had it unloaded and put were i wanted it and only took them 50 minutes they workrd very hard and i was so thankful for them and i gave them a good tip for them being so fast and polite and helpfuli will never use any other moving company on any future moves and i will tell all my friends and family about this wonderful company thank you guy for such a nice moving experience you are great more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/20/2012

DO HIRE CIRCLE CITY MOVERS!!! They did a great job for us. Our movers didn't show up and at the last minute, Circle City Movers were right on time for us! They were professional, careful, polite. They didn't waste our time or our money. You will definitely be satisfied with their job!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/8/2012



I was given a quote by this company for $80.00/hour. They did four hours worth of work from 4:25PM -8:15PM and attempted to charge our company $640.00! When I told the gentleman there must be a mix up he threw at pen down on the desk and slammed the door. It was ver unprofessional to say the least. When calling to speak with the owner about this issue she screamed at me and threatened me with a law suit. On numerous occassions she insisted that I was going to pay because she was doing me a favor. She said her guys got tired and so she made a management decision to put two more guys on the job and charge me for them, a trip charge, fuel charge, long trip charge (by the way this was from one downstairs apartment to another downstairs apartment, in the SAME complex). more

Professional and Compassionate 4/18/2012

Recently we used Circle City Movers to move my mother in law from a house to a condo. Do to some circumstances, we did not have a lot of time to prepare and it was an emotional move for her. I can't express how grateful I am to Doug, Mike, Billy and Ken for their hard work. Not only did the move go well but they were very compassionate and patient with us. There were large and heavy pieces of furniture and a piano that they handled perfectly. They helped us pack in rooms that we were unable to get to and helped us sift through boxes of items to determine what to take. This was not an ideal situation for us or the movers. They went above and beyond with this move. They worked professionally, they were on time and fast paced. I can't thank them enough for getting the move done for us. We will definitely call on you again if there is another move in the future! more

Showed up late, unable to do job as described. 12/28/2011

I called Circle City Movers to have my 3' upright piano moved about 2 miles to my new apartment. I was very specific when I talked to Kaiser on the phone that the piano was going to have to be moved down 7 steps out of my old apartment and up 15 steps into my new apartment. He said he would be able to do the job and quoted me what seemed like a reasonable price. We scheduled his team to pick up the piano at 2 pm 4 days later. 2 pm came around and no one showed up. I called at 2:15, and Kaiser explained that he was on his way to pick a guy up and that he would be there around 2:30 or 2:45. I would have been fine with that if he had called me. I did not appreciate having to call him. Furthermore he did not show up until 3:15!!!! An hour and 15 minutes late! His team consisted of him and a boy that looked no older than 16 years old. Hardly adequate to move a piano up and down a flight of stairs. Kaiser acted shocked to see the steps coming out of my building. I reminded him that I specifically told him there were 7 steps going down and 15 going up. I asked him if he was going to be able to do it and he said ""yeah."" When he came in and saw the piano he said it was bigger than he thought it was going to be and told me he could not do the job. Luckily I still had a week to get everything out of the other apartment or I would have been in a bad position with no way to get the piano out. No way I would ever hire this unprofessional group of clowns to move my stuff. Keep shopping in your search for movers in Indianapolis, these guys aren't worth the time you'll waste waiting on them to show up. more

One of the Best...if not the Best!!! 9/22/2011

I was a little concerned from the beginning because I kept calling Kaiser and he kept saying he would call me back and he would forget. So i called one last time to confirm my move and he understood my frustration, he was very aplogetic, nice, and wanted my business. more

AWESOME job! 8/2/2011

I don't have a single negative thing to say about Circle City Movers. From the initial phone call talking to Kaiser to the complete moving process, I was more than satisfied! It was wonderful working with them and I will use the company for any move I make in the future. Wonderful price & very friendly and reliable service. :) more

Amazing Moving Experience 6/29/2011

I moved recently from the NE side of Indy to the SW side and we decided we needed movers, after calling all the movers in the area we decided that Circle City Movers would be the best price (because it was the cheapest per hour and they used their own moving truck *which is HUGE*) On moving day 2 guys (Mike and Tony) showed up and moved everything and basically had their own moving techniques. I was amazed. Also they had clothing boxes, which was awesome for all of my clothes. They were careful to put moving pads over all of our fragile large items and also on the hard wooden floor and stairs to make sure nothing got ruined at our old house. Once we got to the new house they unloaded everything in half the time it took to put it in! I was extremely please with this moving experience and they guys were amazing and very professional. I will definitely use them in the future! more

Very Pleased! 6/27/2011

Great movers! Circle City was fast and took great care of our things. I was so impressed that I tipped the movers generously and it was still cheaper than the movers I hired on the other end (Lexington, KY). I highly recommend them. more


Thank you Circle City Movers for the great movers you sent to me. They did such a great job and my move was not stressful at all. The movers were so polite, and put the furniture where I asked them too. The movers went over the bill before they started and I initiled the start and end time so we were on the same page and they preped my floors on both ends of the move. They also were so kind as to loan me instead of charging me to use wardrobes to move my hanging clothes and I loved that. I like the fact that a woman ownes the company and they have veterans working for them. I could of not asked for a better company to move me and I would recommend them to anyone. What a great moving company!! more


I called in to get moved the same day and this company was the only company that i could hire to do it. I was able to get two men to my house asap it only took them 2 hrs to get to my house and get things packed up. They was very quick and careful when they got to my home. when they got to my home they greated me and asked for a tour of what was going to be moved. and they set up there truck and came in with a few stacks of what they called moving blankets and they started rapping all of my wood and glass to protect them on the move. They was clean and well spokein and very polite. This is the best move i have ever had. The movers worked very quick they moved my 2 bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor to a 2nd floor apartment nothing got damaged or broke and it only took them 3hrs of work time.They was great and the price was great also. I spoke to the owner and the manager and they was polite and respectful. I would recomend this company to any family members and friends. these guys are wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more

Care Free Moving... Finally! 5/1/2011

Great Experience Moving, FINALLY! I move once a year at least. Sometimes twice a year for business reasons. I have found that local companies outprice the ""Big Guys"" . That was certainly true in dealing w/ Circle City Movers. These guys were down to earth personally and price wise. They treated my wife and I with the utmost respect. The truck was clean, their care in wrapping each piece of furniture was impressive and more

these guys rock! 4/11/2011

When planning my move, I called several companies for quotes. Although there were cheaper companies out there, I chose CCM for a couple reasons. I like that they are woman-owned, veteran-run; and most importantly, they are very professional without being cold. I had quite a few time/date changes due to my crazy schedule before I finally had the time/date nailed down. They didn't even blink, just rolled with it. I was still packing stuff when they arrived, and loading my more personal items into my sister's car. Again, not even a blink. They were fairly quick, and extremely polite! I paid for a team of two; one driver, one mover. They brought along a trainee and assured me I was not being charged for a team of three. They took one 15-minute break which I was NOT charged for. They were VERY conscientious about making sure nothing got broken, and that the move was accomplished as quickly as possible. I did have two broken bookcases that I was going to salvage the tops halves of. The movers were nice enough to break off the broken bottoms halves and cart them out to the trash for me! I want to make it very clear, they did NOT break the bookcases; the bookcases had been damaged MONTHS BEFORE; the movers just helped me get the broken bits off the good bits. Above and beyond the job description in my opinion! They even packed all my hanging clothes into wardrobe boxes for me, and helped me get the last few odds 'n' ends boxed up! I have a LOT of books, SEVEN bookcases-full. I am an artist in my spare time, I have one room just for my art supplies. Plus all the regular stuff you have in an apartment, They moved ALL of this in only FIVE hours! The rep quoted me five hours, and they made it happen. I will definitely use them again next time I move, and have already suggested them to an acquaintance who is moving in a few weeks. more

not professional 3/31/2011

Called for a quote for a move in 14 days and got a price that sounded not bad and a 7% (!!!) discount if I pay in cash instead of paying with credit card. We talked about my move ( 1500sq feet house - no expensive items - no problems) and I requested an Email so that I have something in writing. The guy admitted to be in the middle of a move and promised to send the quote by email in a couple hours (which he never did). In order to clarify I send two Emails myself just saying thank you for the nice offer and asking for a short confirmation by email. THEY DID NOT EVEN RESPOND within the next 48 hours. Looking at other stories and reviews one has to fear that you will have to deal with a company that will load the truck, but then -at the destination- not unload it because they first want to have an exorbitant surcharge that was never discussed / agreed on. So of course one needs SOMETHING in writing! I think one should not rely on Circle city movers a company that maybe lifts up the phone - maybe not - (I tried two other times) and that does not even respond to emails... sorry but - NO SORRY more


DON?T USE CIRCLE CITY MOVERS!! On Oct 27 I paid a moving crew from Circle City Movers to assist me in moving from a 650 sq ft 1-bedroom apt to a condo 3 miles up the street. I bought moving supplies that allowed me to wrap all but a few oddly shaped items. One such item is a 7 ft stainless steel, 3-tear drop, marble-based floor lamp costing around $500. The day of the move, the team called me at 8:00am to see if I could move the following day instead or at least in the afternoon. I let them know that I did not have such flexibility. The team finally showed up an hour after the appointment at 10:00am. During the move, the team spent a good portion of their time alternating with smoke breaks. One mover even hid out in the truck for 20 minutes until I pulled him out to assist. They also took several breaks. I believe they were out late the night before drinking heavily as they talked about not getting much sleep. At the same time, I worked tirelessly to keep moving ? sometimes by myself. I was careful, however, not to move any of the expensive items. After all, I did hire a crew to do the moving! Between their breaks, one of the movers asked whether or not the cable guy?s company was hiring. The other asked me to take a picture of him moving a box because he was starting his own business on Craig?s List. A total fiasco. I watched as the one mover picked up the floor lamp from the base, with the rest of it dangling over his shoulders and 6 feet behind him. He caused the lamp to hit the doorway on the way out and again several times against the metal stairs before I yelled up to him, ?Hey, be careful!? Upon inspection, I noticed that two of the three metal shades were banged up and the tallest was ruined. I brought up the lamp and pointed it out and said I would mark it on the receipt. They called the owner who instructed them not to let me note a broken lamp on the receipt, but he would call me to rectify it. I was suspicious and so I marked it on the receipt. After numerous phone calls about their negligent employee, the manager finally came out (after several canceled visits) and agreed his team caused the damage upon viewing the lamp. He noted that this expense would come from the employee?s salary because they charge their employees the cost of mistakes rather than filing it with insurance. This struck me as strange. In any case, he said he would get right back to me. Many weeks passed with multiple phone calls to the company before the manager put me in touch with the owner, Patty Scaggs. Not until the week of Jan 17th did I receive a nasty letter from the owner stating that she found it suspicious that I did not wrap the lamp better for the move. Unfortunately, Circle City Movers did damage expensive property of mine and they have made no meaningful effort to rectify it. The owner never visited my place to see it and it took three months for me to finally get a letter from her. I am left with damaged property and a nasty letter despite the manager?s earlier admission of fault. I will NEVER USE THIS MOVING COMPANY again! more

I meant to put 5 stars, not 3, in my June 1, 2010 review. 9/13/2010

Please see my comment for that review; the site defaulted to three stars, and I was adding the review via cell phone, so it was unclear where to fill in how many stars, and I had already clicked ""submit review"" by the time I realized this. . . This is a great company, with great people working for it. In fact, I just recommended it to a coworker, hence why I thought to get on here and look for my review so that I could tell her who I worked with. . . more

Great moving experience 7/22/2010

I've used Circle City movers 3 times now, in addition to recommending them to friends for their moves, and everyone has had a great moving experience. The guys are on time, quick and very careful with my belongings. Everything arrives in the same condition as it was packed. In addition, I appreciated the confirmation call, wardrobe boxes and an extremely clean truck. Thank you Circle City Movers!! Pros: quick, respectful, careful more

Couldn't be happier with my experience with Circle City Move 6/1/2010

The team of Curtis and Jeff arrived on time. Both were very nice, and very good at what they do. They took good care of my furniture, which included several delicate glass items, and moved everything out and unloaded it quickly. I was so relieved to have such a great, quick, professional experience. Thank you Curtis, Jeff, and Circle City Movers! more
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