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Broadway Sunglass - 7 Reviews - 124 Broadway E, Seattle, WA - Chiropractor Reviews - Phone (206) 323-7337

Broadway Sunglass

124 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 323-7337
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Come on! Get real! Do you really need the doctor to hold your hand throughout the whole process? It's an eye exam not a surgery. I just had my exam with Dr. Bluff and found him to...


My daughters 1st pair of glasses, she was apprehensive and quiet. John Bluf was one of the least engaging, unapproachable, and egotistic apprearring ODs Ive ever dealt with (I wea...

Class VS. Sass 1/21/2009

Come on! Get real! Do you really need the doctor to hold your hand throughout the whole process? It's an eye exam not a surgery. I just had my exam with Dr. Bluff and found him to be very polite, funny and professional. Hour Eyes is a very classy, trendy and friendly professional business. I purchased 3 pairs of frames from them and love every single pair! I live on a budget just like every one else but glasses are an accessory that you wear everyday so why not spend a little more? It's worth the investment. The opticians were very approachable and helpful with the selection of my frames. Michelle got me to try on trends that I never thought I would wear but they are the perfect accessory to my face. While I was there the most obnoxious patients came in and the staff treated them with the same courtesy. One woman came in 5 different times and interuppted the staff while they were helping other patients. How rude is that?! Wait your turn! I find the people that write negative reviews are the people who are rude, selfish and impatient. If you don't like the doctor just because he didn't kiss your hiney...grow up. No one needs to hold your hand. Hour Eyes is the place to go for service, selection and staffing!!! Pros: Staff, Selection, Location more

Worst OD service ever 7/11/2008

My daughters 1st pair of glasses, she was apprehensive and quiet. John Bluf was one of the least engaging, unapproachable, and egotistic apprearring ODs Ive ever dealt with (I wear glasses). I rarely have such a strong reaction to anyone! It started with being seen 45minutes after our appt time, both of us parents coming into the room with our daughter and Mr Bluff said in a very curt tone, ""no one needs to come in"" after which we responed ""we would like to be present since this is her first time at the eye doctor"" his response, ""choose one of you but really you should leave"" !!! there were no explainations by him whatsoever and the questions we did ask were very curtly (and very vaguely) answered. I was taken aback and went ahead with the exam thinking he would warm up. 125$ later (for the basic exam) he continued to be just as unapproachable. IN contrast WE went to Lens Crafters in Westlake center and they had excellent customer service even explaining to my daughter and me what her eye perscription really meant. They made up to my daughter what she should've gotten from the ""trendy, expensive"" Mr Bluffs office! Pros: the staff was busy but tried to be amusing Cons: the OD was horrible more

Greatest experience choosing frames, ever!! 4/1/2008

Had one day to find glasses on my way to Egypt. ( I live in Alaska) I decided to try Hour Eyes on the raves of two friends and to try a new style in frames. Warren is a genius. Fun, insightful and able to articulate WHY he suggests certain styles; I have never had such a good experience at an optician's in 53 years of wearing glasses. It was one of the highlights of the entire vacation! I will be getting all of my glasses there while passing through Seattle! Pros: Staff, inventory, fast service more

No Bluffing Save Your Money, Your Time, And Your EYES! and go elsewhere for your eyecare! 6/15/2007

NO BLUFFING! SAVE YOUR MONEY, SAVE YOUR TIME, SAVE YOUR EYES MOST IMPORTANTLY!\r GO ELSEWHERE. \r \r No surprise to me at all even when I called back a couple of days later to cancel appt. for my partner and let them know how upset I was at the whole experience no one took any responsibility. As for Dr. Bluff, he refused to even take the phone to talk with me.\r \r Ethically speaking he has a duty to extend professional eye care and honestly I did have a case to bring him up on charges; report him to overseeing committe in his field. Much later in time I am sorry I didn't do just that but I can take such opportunities as this to warn you-the public......\r \r ....GO ELSEWHERE really. This eye doctor is the worst of his kind and in his field!\r \r As for 'special only 1 in the northwest...' eye machine's ALL HYPE REALLY!! \r \r A tech. took 1 min. to set it up, a few min. spits out a rather uneventful black & white paper and Dr. Bluff didn't bother to go over it nor said much when I inquired. A staff member was good enough to show me the nice full detail colorful one she gets \r \r He left me waiting more than 40 minutes.\r \r * machine is simply done by a tech and NO ONE goes over it with you. The 'report' is bland, black and white and entirely uneventful.\r \r THE FRAMES ARE OVER PRICED ALSO! and not all that great by any means in terms of style.\r \r I strongly reccomend you go elsewhere for your eye care.\r \r JUNE 2007 Cons: unprofessional, over rated 'only eye machine west coast' HYPE, Dr. Bluff had no care or regard for my being unhappy and said as much. more

I enjoyed my visit at Hour Eyes!!!!! 4/5/2007

for one how many place can you go and get a free pair? and of those places are there ANY that will give you a free designer pair??? noone expects the free pair to be a designer come on!!! i have been coming to dr. bluff for 10 years. he has been on the hill for like 23 years. he is very professional and answers all my questions. then after my exam the optician will write out my perscription if i asked her to on the back of dr. bluff's business card where there is a space provided. the price is very fair and the staff is wonderful. its no wonder dr, bluff has been in business as long as he has. to the person htat wrote all thos things about hour eyes must have been a problem customer and the staff and doctor got tired of putting up with your nonsense. Pros: staff, doctor and frame selection more

NO BLUFFING SAVE YOUR EYES from Hour Eyes-Capital Hill GO ELSEWHERE! 10/5/2006

NO BLUFFING-SAVE YOUR MONEY, TIME, MOST IMPORTANTLY YOUR EYES from Hour Eyes AND GO ELSEWHERE. \r \r * Dr. Bluff ad's the 'only one on the west coast' with a special eye machine. Logically I thought I would be paying for a pro who is more inclined to eye care. NOT TRUE AT ALL!\r \r Dr. Bluff is also OWNER of HOUR EYES. I was there all afternoon as it turned out,he only came \r down to conduct exams. \r \r Dr.Bluff RUSHED MY EXAM.I HAD TO ASK HIM MANY TIMES TO SLOW DOWN,RESTATE '1' or '2' for me.Few moments later I HAD TO ASK AGAIN,he then BEGAN TO FLIP THE LENSES AND NOT SAY ANYTHING WHICH ONLY CONFUSED ME EVEN MORE.I reminded myself to focus on what was most important to me and so I took my time relaying my answers.\r \r I had to INSIST on MY copy of the machines findings-site MY RIGHTS TO MY RECORDS bc I was told by staff consumers don't get copies,nor do they get the colorful docs,color map key pamphlet either that one optician had in her personal exam folder.\r \r COST IS HIGH SERVICE IS LOW at Dr. Bluff's so be prepared. $124.00 for exam.\r ALL FRAMES START AT $184.00+ *The 'buy 1 get 1 'free' "" sale is b.s. pretty much:\r 1) limited to SAME SCRIPT ONLY which I was NOT TOLD UP FRONT.\r 2) the free 'line' is by no means a designer 'line' at all as was suggested.\r In some instances they may try and sell you a 'free line' frame for $50 bucks\r \r WHAT NO EXAM paperwork? the optician exclaimed, 'oh yeah..' and PROCEEDED TO WRITE OUT MY SCRIPT (NOT THE DOCTOR) and ON THE BACK OF A BUSINESS CARD!\r \r I can't report to you store contact info was, surprisingly, not offered via matchbook covers.\r \r Dr. Bluff's unprofessionalism, disregard, and overall disingenuous manner speaks volumes about why I WON'T EVER BE RETURNING to HOUR EYES on Broadway Ave E.-CAPITOL HILL and I strongly suggest you take care of your vision by continuing to shop around elsewhere. Eye sight is, perhaps, our greatest sense, and it is as priceless as apathy can be unforgivable if not \r dangerous ! Pros: approachable, personable opticians Cons: level of care, pricing, policies more

I have more to say..... 2/15/2003

(150 word limit) Unlike most doctor's offices, all the frames at the two storefronts are fashionable. They have different frames at the two locations, so be sure to check out both! They also give you an extra pair of glasses incase you loose your new ones for free! They have frames at the store for you to choose from, or you can put them in your old frames. I put my reading prescription in the other pair, I think my spare pair is pretty cute :) If you have VSP insurance, you will pay a bit more than at preferred locations. But the selection and staff make it worth the extra $$!! The 7,9 and 43 buses come with in a block, it is also an easy walk from downtown. more
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