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Brian O'neill's Irish Pub - 63 Reviews - 5555 Morningside Dr, Houston, TX - Irish Pubs & Restaurants Reviews - Phone (713) 522-2603

Brian O'neill's Irish Pub

5555 Morningside Dr
Houston, TX 77005
(713) 522-2603
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Brian O'neill's Irish Pub - Houston, TX
Brian O'neill's Irish Pub - Houston, TX
Brian O'neill's Irish Pub - Houston, TX


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They have the best Guinness at Rice Village, but the worst service during the day. The waitstaff who is working at lunch time,they are rude and careless. Dinner time is good, nice...

Place to Be After the Tutu Run 3/26/2011

Saturday brunch is pretty entertaining here. We were surrounded by tutu-wearing runners and heard live music from the parking lot next door. You have to share the Monte Cristo sandwich bites ($5) and the sirloin Shepard's Pie ($9.99). It's also fun to take advantage of the 50-cent mimosas. more

THE BESTTTT 11/24/2010

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They have the best Guinness at Rice Village, but the worst service during the day. The waitstaff who is working at lunch time,they are rude and careless. Dinner time is good, nice people, bartenders are also, but you guys need to get rid of the blonde ones.. more

Awesome Irish Pub 6/27/2010

Great place to meet friends for happy hour. They have upgraded their patio with TVs and colloing misters. So even when it is 100 degrees the cool misters help a ton! If you are looking for a place to watch the World Cup then this is it! I can't wait for the NCAA basketball March Maddness! Pros: Great drinks Cons: Parking more

More racist than I thought 3/28/2010

They have never really had great service, but it seems like they just do not care. I do not know if this is undertone of The Village, but I definitely feel racism. I have been constantly ignored by service, and even profiled. Sad to say, I have been going here for years but I can no longer put up the the belittlement and lack of respect. It is not worth it. So to all m y brown skin people (African American and Hispanic) STAY AWAY!!! They will certainly take your money but not provide the service we deserve. Ask around. I am NOT the only person that feels this way :(. Pros: Great menu and drink specials Cons: HORRIBLE service more

Pub's gone downhill 3/8/2010

5 years ago I told people to go to O'Neill's to get a good pint of guinness. Now I'd say they pour the worst pint. My guinness came with 1/8 of an inch head and had the carbonation of a coke. When I asked for another, it came the same way and the manager asked if it was better, which meant she didn't know what a guinnes should look or taste like. Ordered my favorite sandwhich, a rueben, and it had one thin layer of corned beef over (maybe) 2/3 of the bread; should've called it a sourkraught sandwhich. Didn't bother sending it back, we just got out of there. Pros: OK service Cons: Worst guinness in town more

Believe the (bad) hype 2/9/2010

Went there one Wednesday and it was awesome: chill but lively crowd, great music from Lauryn Hill to Tool, and decent drinks. BUT Went Tuesday night for their $2 long island (b/c I saw it on THIS cite) and they DONT HAVE IT. In addition yea no server even spoke to us. The drink was gross. The crowd was lame. Music was so lame I shut my ears and if the crowd got any more pretentious I was going to suffocate. OVERALL: NO drink special on TUESDAY Pros: Had a really great experience ONCE Cons: One hit wonder more

terrible layout, non-cover live music 9/5/2008

Equally loud (but better) music than the Baker's St. Pub across the street. Haphazard seating and terrible flow/layout make any place an akward place, even the bar. The staff seems unconcerned that you exist, not that I would expect much better out of the joint. They have drinks, there's always that. All in all, a very average place surrounded by equal-or-better joints. more


This is hands down the worst bar in the village! Don't even think of ordering food here! You will wait for ever for a server to come to your table, only to order food that never arrives or is incorrect or unacceptable to eat. The service is HORRIBLE from the servers down to the managers! They don't even care that they are delivering horrible food and service!!!!Almost any bar in the village is better than this place!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS! more

Chair pulling!!! 8/19/2008

You got your chair pulled from underneath you? Wow that is really really rude but your a dumbazz cause i was there and you deserved it. Next time the bouncers tell you to finish your drink and start heading out,not once,not twice,but 3 times,i suggest you do just that! Lucky you only got your chair pulled,cause if you come to the bar i work at in the village,it will be alot worse! Houstonjoe your a f'ing moron that simple! Oh my god,you know the bartenders names,dude you are my role model,i want to be just like you besides eatting the deck and breaking my glass. Brian O'Neills ya'll are great,from the bartenders and esp the bouncers! more

Do not go here, there are other great bars in the village 8/3/2008

I am a regular to the Rice Village bar scene, first name basis with most bartenders and owners, but I was treated in a very disrespectful manner at O'Neills. My chair was pulled out from under me and I dropped to the floor with glass shattered around me. Can you believe that????!!!!!!! This action was innappropriate and I knew I needed to talk to the manager to reprimand this insolence, so nothing was taken to the next level. Do not go to this bar, there are other bars in the same area that will give you better service and similar drink specials. Do not take the chance and have this happen to you. Very poorly run business, do not waste your time. Please just hear my experience and do what you want with it. Just wanted others to know how they treat someone who tips well, knows the bartenders well, and is a regular. So if you are new to the area, do not go there, treated even worse. I feel really bad for you. Thank you for reading this post, I really appreciate your time. Thank you. more

Good place for happy hour; slow service 6/23/2008

This is my regular bar in the village because of the happy hour specials (really cheap food until 7:00 pm; cheap drinks until 9:00 pm), and the food is pretty good - especially the margarita pizza. On the negative side, the service is spotty - lots of new staff, all the time. I've been going there for happy hour at least 1-2 times a week, and I still don't feel like a regular. I was also unceremoniously booted off my table when they cleared out the left side of the patio to check IDs. No new table, no transfered bill - the waitress just brought the check when we hadn't asked for it and closed us out. I'd go to Shay's downtown for better service, but you can't beat the prices at O'Neill's. more

if you want to be hassled at the door, this is the place to go 5/25/2008

I went here on Saturday night to celebrate a friend's birthday. We spent about two and a half hours there. At some point I went to go check on my car. When I got back they were set up to take cover, but let me back in (my purse was inside) and then after I was back in, they asked me to come back out front. I did and they asked me for my ID. (I had been drinking inside for the past two hours and had already been ID'd - again my purse was with my friends, so I had to go back inside to get my ID. The waitress that had already ID'd me showed up and I asked her to let them know I had already been ID'd. I think they were trying to kick me out! so I asked if I had to pay for all the food and beer I had consumed in the past two hours... if you want to be hassled by 18 year olds at the door, this is the place to go. more

Great place 5/11/2008

Went for the first time a few Sundays ago and definetely will be going back. Staff was friendly and very energetic, food and drinks were cheap especially after 9. Definetely would recommend this place to my friends. Pros: Great staff Cons: Parking more


I normally wouldn't take the time out to write a review on any establishment but after visiting this place I knew it was a must. I went after work during the week with a few co-workers and I had one of the worst bar experiences of my life. The only positive comment I can make about this place is that the patio are is nice for enjoying the weather...but I'm sure there are plenty of other bars that have patios. It is a hole in the wall !!!The service was extremely slow and the bartenders were the RUDEST people I have ever met in my life....and I work with all types of people daily and I have never run in to such bad attitudes. Its as if they are all disgruntled cause they are all pushing forty and still bartending cause they haven't gotten theiir pathetic lives together. It's as if they are doing the customers a favor by being there. They apparently aren't aware that they are there to serve us. And the bouncers aren't any better...they get on a power trip and act like they own the place...I guess treating people like trash makes them feel better about their pathetic lives...GET A REAL JOB. I am new to this town and pretty much every place I have been to I have been treated with respect and I am sure give the same respect in return. Needless to say I will never be back to this place again and I don't recommend anyone waste their time and money. There are much better bars in town that are cleaner, have better atmosphere and definitely a better staff!! Pros: Nice Patio Cons: RUDE STAFF, HOLE IN THE WALL more

Bad attitudes and ignorant drunks 2/18/2008

Several months ago on a friday, 10 of my close friends and I meet here. I paid for the first round of drinks purchased from the outside server. The first round of drinks was cool. I finish my drink 1st, use the restroom and decided to order a heineken at the bar. I had a 5 dollar bill in my hand. The bar was pretty busy so I kindl wait for the bartender. I wait about 5 minutes for a drink as I watch others who were behind me get served 1st. I ask her "I've been here for awhile now, can I please have a heineken?" She refuses saying " NO! You have a five dollar bill in your hand meaning you're going to tip 25 cents!". So I'm thinking what the heck? "I had no idea they were $4.75. I'd still tip at least a couple dollars regardless because I work for tips too!" Some random onery drunk overheard the conversation says "Yeah, thats 'cause you're (word that could not be posted). Thats when I went ballistic! Some employee sees the comotion and escorts my friends and I. They forcefully push me out. I told them I'd willingly leave. I then gather my friends who now want to beat this guy to death so I force them to leave to avoid additional drama and arrests. Hopefully this bar undergoes major changes in human resources but until then I can't recommend anyone coming here unless they want trouble. I'd suggest going to the gingerman, little woodrows or two rows. :( more

Go on a Sunday if over 30 1/22/2008

Friday and Saturday night, absolutely jam packed. Not a bad place to drink with a group of men while ogling the local high-heeled divas. Beer is standard, service ok, decor ok. However on a Sunday no college kids, just 30 somethings drinking. Great in Summer on a Sunday to get wrecked in the beer patio, and food is okay too! Pros: under 30's on Fri and Sat Cons: Sunday's over 30's joint more

Horrible Bouncer 1/21/2008

Went for a few beers with some friends visiting from out of town. One of my mates was from the UK and had a British driving license. The bouncer starts giving him a hard time saying its not valid in the state of Texas. Gimme a break! The license is good enough to show to the cops, rent a car in the US, valid form of ID to fly, but not good enough to get into Brian O'Neils!! The bouncer was rude and had a stinking attitude. We asked to speak to the management, and the girl who came out (didnt look like a manager) wasn't very helpful either. We just left the place and went to the next door Bronx Bar and Baker St Pub where all of us could get in without any problem. I would try to avoid Brian O Neills in the future, just because of the poor attitude shown by the bouncers. Even the bartenders aren't that friendly there. It took me ages to get served. Why sweat over this place, when there are numerous other better options in the area like Bronx Bar, Baker St, Gingermans, Woodrows etc. Pros: Location, Outdoor Patio Cons: Poor staff, bouncers more

Great food, service and selection of alcohol 7/8/2007

The food was amazing for a bar...full menu of huge flavorful salads, delicious burgers and authentic Irish food(Shepherds pie, fish and chips and cabbage and potatoes); they also have tons of beers and whiskey; the service was nice-our waitress was very nice and helpful, she kept an eye on us and kept our glasses food. later on(this was on a Saturday) there was an amazing band(the slags?) and a great crowd...great music and great dancing. This place has amazing specials on food and drinks-cant go wrong with $3 car bombs and $1 for a huge basket of their delicious Irish potato wedges! Highly recommend this place! more

College bar 5/24/2007

Went here on a Saturday night with some friends, the live music was pretty decent but the scene was not right for anyone who wasn't single and in college. The food at the bar was not very good, and it stinks that you have to wait at the bar for it- very crowded and uncomfortable. They seemed to have a decent selection of beers, that's always a plus. The cover was inexpensive, but I'm not used to paying a cover at all for a bar. I guess it's the live music and the popularity that means they can charge. I would agree that there are better places to go, but it's ok every once in a while. For a non-single female without her boyfriend it wasn't very much fun, lots of lascivious stares from guys who were obviously still in college. Pros: location? beer selection Cons: crowded with college kids (this makes me sound old), bad food more
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  • The Scene
    When Brian O'Neill decided to craft his pub in Ireland, ship it to America and assemble it in Rice Village, he wasn't just redefining the import process--he was redefining the Irish pub experience in America. A profound redwood storefront announces this pub from afar. Inside, bric-a-brac detailing the Emerald Isle's rich history is displayed everywhere in museum-like fashion.

    The Draw
    With 15 draft beers, 30 bottled beers and enough whiskey to flood Houston, O'Neill knows that to successfully re-create the Irish pub experience, you need lots and lots of alcohol. O'Neill also knows food. Expect more than the typical finger food offered by most pubs. The delicious citrus chicken is unrivaled in its presentation and flavor. Whether it's happy hour, brunch or a weekend night, the bar's always packed with an electrified mid-20s crowd that loves to drink, eat and be merry.

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