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Alibi Of Troy - 32 Reviews - 6700 Rochester Rd, Troy, MI - Hidden Find Reviews - Phone (248) 879-0014

Alibi Of Troy

6700 Rochester Rd (at We are located on Rochester Road in Troy 1 block south of M-59)
Troy, MI 48085
(248) 879-0014
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Alibi Of Troy - Troy, MI
Alibi Of Troy - Troy, MI


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I've gone to the Alibi since I was a wee little one and the pizza cannot be topped! The crust has a unique almost sweet flavor and they put just the right combination of sauce, c...


I brought my daughter and my elderly parents out for dinner and told my 81 year old father to choose where he wanted to go in the Rochester-Troy area. Out of all the places he cho...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/10/2014

Great food. Wish they offered reservations as we would frequent more often. Gluten free options available. Love their Alibi Delight made gluten free. Pizza is always looking and smelling great but cannot enjoy due to gluten issues. Our friends that go with us say that the pizza is excellent. more

confused about the bad attitude of the waitress 2/5/2011

I brought my daughter and my elderly parents out for dinner and told my 81 year old father to choose where he wanted to go in the Rochester-Troy area. Out of all the places he chose the Alibi. He likes the atmosphere, the cold mugs of beer, and the pizza there. So even though he could have had lobster somewhere, we went to the Alibi. I have been a server in the past and have never treated customers like the waitress treated us. We ordered our drinks to start and then our salad came and she began pulling plates off of the table that we were not finished with. She didn't ask if we were done-just grabbed and went. She was not friendly or polite at all never smiled, in fact just totally rude as though WE did something to her. We were very nice to her and her attitude did not change.My normal tipping is at least 20% at a restaurant and I would never not leave a tip without a good reason because I do know sometimes it can be a hard job. But NEVER was I ever rude the way this waitress was with such a bad attitude toward people that would be tipping her. I did not leave her a tip. She rushed us along in our meal and packaged the pizza while we were still eating. Then to top it off, when we got home and opened the pizza box, which should have had 1/2 of a pizza, there was only 1/4 of the pizza in the box. I don't understand what or why the waitress did that?? Very weird. So, while we like the place and the food, we have had a really bad experience with the service. I will most likely go back and hopefully have a different server and a better experience although I have read many negative reviews on the service. I wonder if the owners are aware of the bad help they have there? It is such a busy place-maybe they don't care either. If the service continues to be bad I will stop going because it is part of the dining experience and I do not like to go out and spend money and have people treat myself and my family poorly. more

Disappointing Experience 12/10/2010

Our family had a rather disappointing dinner at the Alibi. We have enjoyed many delicious meals at the restaurant, however, our experience this evening fell far short of our usual expectations. My daughter and I ordered a pizza, while my wife ordered a Chicken sandwich. Her sandwich was fine but after two bites, I encountered something hard, crunchy and granular. It turned out to be a piece of ceramic -- as if from a broken plate -- about 1/4" to 3/8" in diameter. The sound it made when I bit down was loud enough to alarm my wife and daughter. After setting the piece to the side, I took another bite of pizza and encountered more small bits of the same material. I called our waiter over and discreetly cited my concern. He quickly alerted a manager, who examined the foreign material in a suspicious and almost accusatory manner. After examining it he offered to order us a new pizza. About 20 minutes later our new pizza arrived. Meanwhile, my wife had finished her dinner. While we did not expect much accommodation for our inconvenience, we would have been pleased to see at least some acknowledgement of the event, perhaps in the form of the pizza being comped. Instead we received and paid the full bill. My complaint is not with the food or the price of the meal. Upon reflection, the reason for my negative review is the fact I was made to feel as if I was somehow to blame, or under suspicion for this occurrence. The event put a damper on an otherwise enjoyable, and rare, family night out. more

We don't go anymore 9/17/2010

We miss going to the Alibi! We live right by the restaurant but don't go there anymorebecause the employees were rude, inpatient and very unaccomodating. more


Went there last Friday at 7 pm. Wait was 25 minutes, had to wait outside in the hot sun since they are not equipped with a large waiting area. 2 year old daughter loved baking out in the sun waiting to be seated. Had a party of 5. After 25 min they sat us down, and the waitress said she would be right with us. 2 minutes later the manager rushes over and says where are the other 2 of your party? We said they were stuck in traffic on M-59 and were in route. Manager said we had to get up and wait until they arrived. I said I'm not taking my 2 year old back outside to wait we are ready to order and are ordering for the rest of our party so that there would be no delay. Manager said no, you have to get up. Told her we are never eating here again and left. Pros: Wouldn't know. Cons: Manager, Manager, Manager more

Food: exceptional Manager: HORRID 3/27/2010

We had a large party as usual, we drove in separate vehicles, the first arriving half of our group ordered all of the food. We arrived at 2 minutes after close, as we approached the door the male manager came out of the first set and locked the second set of doors while we were just inches away. Pros: The food, everything I have ever had there has been great. Cons: STAFF STAFF STAFF rude, unaccomodating, unprofessional more

Great pizza! 3/4/2009

I've gone to the Alibi since I was a wee little one and the pizza cannot be topped! The crust has a unique almost sweet flavor and they put just the right combination of sauce, cheese and toppings. Also the best Antipasto salad around. Yeah, it can get crowded and the wait times can be long at prime times but that's what carryout is for, right? Pros: Pizza! Cons: Gets busy, long waits. more


Lemon Chicken was great. Seating was immediate and server was very attentive. Nothing over done or underdone. 5pm seemed to be the "magic" dinner hour. Entire restrauant was filled. Wait service remained excellent ! If you had poor service in the past, try it again. Our service and food was great ! Pros: FOOD SERVED HOT,GENEROUS PORTION AND WAS TASTY Cons: MAIN COURSE SERVED TO QUICKLY AFTER SALAD WAS SERVED. more

ATTENTION: To the OWNER of the ALIBI Lounge 2/14/2009

Please READ the Reviews! This is the best feedback that a business owner can receive. You obviously have an EXCELLENT product that took you many years to perfect, WHY would you waste it with a BAD Reputation? You are rude most nights, your staff follows your lead, that is why they act like east-side trash. Change your act, hire a better, more accomodating manager, tell your hostesses and wait and barstaff that they CAN be REPLACED. It's hard enough being a restauranteur in Michigan with the business taxes and all, WHY would you want to throw customers away? I am an Oakland County H ealth Department Investigator, so I know my business, and I certainly hope that you don't recycle your breadsticks as the aforementioned reviewer/employee stated, that would be grounds for closing. Please make the necessary adjustments and be different from the others. it only makes sense. Pros: Food Cons: Owner and Employees more

30 years of the BEST PIZZA ever! 12/16/2008

When I used to live in Rochester (1973 - 77) parents took me along on Friday nights to the Alibi Lounge...and little white shack just steps away from busy Rochester Rd at the time. Pros: PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA more


Great restaurant for family dining. My favorite items, the anti-pasto salad and extra cheese pizza. LOOOOOVE IT!!!!! more

Worst Experience Ever!! 6/18/2008

Prior to last night, I would have given Alibi 5 stars as the pizza is wonderful and the salad & breadsticks are superb!! The food is so good that my family often asks me to stop there on my way home from work (I live in Flint). My 9 year old son is especially fond of the antipasto salad and called before I left work to place his usual order. When he began eating however, he had the surprise of his life!!! He bit something hard and after spitting it out, realized it was someone else's TOOTH! That's right a TOOTH! What the heck! I called the manager and explained the situation and was not very pleased with his response. Not only did he not seem to believe me, but he was reluctant to try to rectify the situation. Eventually he said that he'd refund my money but that was all. Although I'm not sure what or if any explanation would have satisfied me, but surely an apology was in order. I expressed my complete dismay and astonishment at what had happened and offered to bring the tooth to him but his attitude was very non-chalant. He didn't care at all that he would be losing a regular customer and brushed me off! Unacceptable behavior for a restaurant manager! I definitely won't be back, no matter how good the food! I will share this experience with everyone I know! Pros: Food is excellent! Cons: Apparently they're not as clean and cautious as they should be! Total Thumbs Down! more

Best Hostess EVA!!!!! 5/9/2008

As i walked into the restaraunt , i was instantly greeted by a young attractive blonde hostess. She was very very helpful and enthusiastic about her job. She did a very impressive job. Her name was as unique as the umatched qulaity of the food that i received. I believe her name was Elizabeth Shcmalfoldy. She was very courteous and seated me very quickly. Pros: Elizabeth Shcmalfoldy Cons: NOT A THING!!!!! more

Great food, rushed service 2/27/2008

My husband and I have been going there for years. He loves the pizza, I like the chicken frangelico. The food is great, but the service is something that needs major improvement. They seem like they are more about turnover than having repeat customers with the way they rush you in and out. We've been able to figure out a system to where we aren't completely rushed. We would order our appetizer, then when that came, we would order our dinners. If we didn't do it that way, we would get our appetizer, bread, salads, and meal all at once. As long as we order like we do, it's not that bad and you don't feel rushed. The only drawback is the wait time. If you get there any day past 5pm, you will wait a long time, and they won't seat you until your entire party is there, so even if someone got there before you to reserve a seat, they wouldn't seat them. But all in all, it's got great food, there hasn't been anything on that menu we haven't liked. Pros: Great food Cons: long wait and no reservations taken more

Horrible Service and Poor Management!!! Stay Away!! 12/20/2007

My Husband, our two children and I were out shopping all Thursday evening, during the holiday season. We were on Rochester Rd. tired and hungry when I remembered a restaurant I had been to a long time ago called the "Alabi". We arrived in the parking lot at 9:35 pm. My Husband went to the door to see the hours and noticed it closed at 10:00. He went inside to see if they would seat us. "Oh Yes" the woman at the door said, "Please come in." My husband then told her that we did not wish to be rushed. She told him they had a "Full dining area" and as long as we ordered by ten they would not rush us. By the time we got in and seated it was approximately 9:50. We ordered before 10:00, but they were not true to their word!! Exactly the opposite. They actually brought the bill as soon as they delivered the food. As if that were not bad enough, the waiter had the nerve to ask for the money so the manager could cash out and in the same breath asked us if we wanted boxes for food we barely had time to touch. All this happened before 10:20 pm!! If that is not being rushed I don't know what is. We were choking the food down trying to get out of there. When we asked to speak to the manager we were told he had left! If they didn't want us there they should have said so, we could have gone elsewhere and been comfortable. We wouldn't return on a dare!!! more

Owner offended us away forever! 4/28/2007

This evening was the third time my wife and I visited. The first two times we enjoyed the pizza, though it was quite a wait. This time we thought we would sample other parts of the menu so that we could make this place a regular on our list. My wife ordered the Linguine Tuscaninni with shrimp. When it came, we thought there were a sprinkling of tiny shrimp around the size of the tip of your finger, but the more she ate, the more she realized there was virtually none at all. When we complained to the server, she was quick to call the owner. She offered to bring over two more shrimp to put in our to-go box, but when they came they were huge! It was then that we realized that there were absolutely no shrimp in the original dish! When we tried to explain this, the owner became very argumentative and even walked away from us. How rude! When we called her back, she continued to argue with us and basically accused us of lying about the shrimp. She finally offered to reduce the bill by $5.95, but after being cheated out of the meal we ordered, then argued with by a rude owner, we decided to never return. If the owner treats her customers this way, we would never recommend this place to anyone. more

Best Place Anywhere 4/26/2007

This restaurant is the greatest restaurant I have ever been to, and I have been to a ton of restaurants in my lifetime. I dont know what the people were thinking when they were complaining about this place. They need to open their eyes and realize that this place is amazing. The pizza is good enough to drive 200 miles for, and I think people need to stop whining and realize that they must have got the wrong restaurant, because I have no complaints. Pros: Great food, Great Service Cons: friday nights have long wait more

Great Pizza 7/11/2006

Alibi has some of the best pizza. Alibi has the best Anti pasta salad known. I recommend getting a small pizza and large salad and enjoy. This place can be romantic. One draw back is that if everyone in your party does not arrive at the same time than you cannot be seated. There is usually a wait for seating. The soft bread sticks are excellent. I am a repeat customer. I love Green Lantern but the smoke is pretty bad and this place is a close second. Pros: Pizza, Soft Bread Sticks, ANTIPASTA SALAD Cons: Wait, Sometimes the service is slow more

No, No and NO! 6/21/2006

I tried this place 10 years ago when it won a great pizza award and it's not any better now. Below average pizza fed to below intelligence customers! How anyone can vote let alone spend money on this forgettable pizza is beyond me. Do yourself a favor and buy a frozen pizza before you waste your time on this one! Pros: The exit. Cons: The entrance more

Best Pizza Anywhere 6/15/2006

I have waited in line for up to an hour for there pizza and their anti-pasta Salab which is the best anywhere. I try to get to Alibi's before 4pm, there is no line at that time. The Wait staff isn't the best, they are rude and the night hostess is down right rude, but I knew that for years and I keep going back because if you have to have alibi pizza you have to have it. The Delux pizza is to die for. I couldn't tell you about the other food they serve, I only go for pizza. Pros: Great Pizza Cons: Rude help more
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Family Restaurant with an Up North Feeling

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  • The Alibi has long been known for its award winning pizza. People come from miles around to enjoy our famous fish 'N' chips, baby back ribs, Italian subs, Greek and antipasto salads, or our many other selections. Come enjoy the cozy atmostphere.. Pizza,Fish n Chips,Antipasto,Greek Salads,Banquet and Meeting facility,Luncheon Specials Daily,Reservations are Available.


  • In Short
    Even when Alibi was a rundown lounge, patrons came to partake in the oversized Greek salads and pizza pies. Now its second-generation dining room looks like a cozy cabin,...

  • 5/10/2006 Provided by Citysearch

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