The best Fitness-and-Gyms in Saint Paul are:

      Rating: 5.0
Category: Fitness
1545 Larpenteur Ave W
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55113
(651) 492-3477
One principle I learned from Keith of PFS is the importance of flexibility. Stretching is a part of training often overlooked. PNF stretching... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Personal Care
3100 Woodbury Dr Ste 200
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55129
(651) 735-9653
Here I am 55 years old and Boxing thats right BOXING. I wanted to"" JAZZ"" up my exercise routine with something new. I thought of boxing but at the... More
      Rating: 3.9
Category: Education & Instruction
2462 County Road F
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55110
(612) 849-3163
I absolutely adore White Bear Dance Center. I have taken my daughters to a few different dance studios in the area, and this by far has been our... More
      Rating: 4.4
Category: Auto Parts
1493 County Road E E
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55110
(651) 484-7231
Andy Solomonson was the best sales associate. He is very knowledge about Ford products. I believe he was not just out to get a sale, but was really... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Doctors & Other Healthcare Professionals
1818 Wooddale Dr
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55125
(651) 501-2010
I had lower back pain for years. Finally, I went to Advanced TherEx Rehab Specialists. It took me a few treatments to get me on a good track but all... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Fitness
3225 Country Dr
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55117
(651) 328-8282
I'm a highschool athlete who joined Final Cut in 2008. I needed to get in better shape. I wanted to become stronger for soccer and increase my... More
      Rating: 4.0
Category: Other Professional Services
845 Phalen Blvd
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55106
(651) 776-1430
What an awesome gym! First of all, it's huge, so you'll find plenty of variety across a lot of grades. There are some particularly cool walls, such... More
      Rating: 3.8
Category: Tanning Salons
151 Silver Lake Rd Ste 5
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55112
(651) 638-3060
I have gone to many tanning salons and this one is the best. They have many different varieties of beds, also spray tan. It is always very clean,... More
      Rating: 3.3
Category: Personal Care
675 Commons Dr
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55125
(651) 730-6000
Great club, plenty of equipment, freindly staff, affordable pricing. The best bang for you buck around. More
      Rating: 4.0
Category: Fitness
905B Selby Avenue
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
(651) 760-4190
The gym was always hard for me, mainly because I didn't know what to do or if I did I wouldn't push myself hard enough to do better. Once I learned... More
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