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      Rating: 5.0
Category: Electrical
8175 Camargo Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45243
(513) 561-4888
Ray burns did a quick and pro job trouble shooting our system. Thumbs up. More
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      Rating: 3.8
Category: Appliance Repair
3864 Banks Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45245
(859) 250-8476
Really great service and quick response time for the 2nd time in a year.. Everything was so easy from the time I called until the technician had my... More
      Rating: 3.2
Category: Appliances
9907 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
(513) 891-5005
If you have a sewing question or problem, they can help you out. The staff here knows sewing inside and out. They have a very extensive line of... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Appliances
3209 Madison Rd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45209
(513) 533-0440
The Appliance Loft combines the most upscale products with the best informed salespersons, fastest delivery, imppecable installation and fast... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Appliances
6212 Vine St
Cincinnati, Ohio 45216
(513) 641-4800
This company is great to deal with they were extremely proffesional and took great care of our broken cooktop More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Appliances
4056 Delhi Ave
Cincinnati, Ohio 45204
(513) 451-5225
I was trying to decide if I should have my dryer repaired or just give up and buy a new one. I called a few places and did not get any help until I... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Appliance Repair
1639 Squires Wood Ct
Cincinnati, Ohio 45240
(513) 851-1186
Allen has repaired everything from a dryer to a refrigerator for me and everytime is was done right. His prices are reasonable and one time he even... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Appliance Repair
3611 Rickshire Dr
Cincinnati, Ohio 45248
(513) 598-4357
I was recommended to Steve?s Appliance repair by a friend after I had another company looked at my refrigerator and told me it would cost about $300... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Appliance Repair
2651 Thomasville Ct
Cincinnati, Ohio 45238
(513) 342-1420
We're chillin' again thanks to Appliance Same Day Service -- the same day, as advertised -- on our fridge. The guy was straight with us, diagnosed... More
      Rating: 5.0
Category: Electrical
3855 Alta Ave # 1
Cincinnati, Ohio 45236
(513) 891-4426
We have used Craftsman Electric for several projects both at home and at our business. They are always prompt and thorough. I'm always impressed by... More
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