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Avoid their online order like the plague... - Review by Celia Z | Pet Menu

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Avoid their online order like the plague... 3/28/2008

Let me share with you my horror-story of ordering from Pet Menu. I placed my initial order 2/26/08. It was a simple order of a small ceramic terrarium dish costing $1.79. On the website it was indicated that multiple colors were available, so I indicated I would prefer a black dish (the color shown in the photo on the website.) I received an auto-reply directly back from Pet Menu stating my order was placed, so initially everything seemed as it should be. The website indicated that everything shown online was in-stock unless I was contacted and told otherwise, so I waited patiently for my shipping notice. And waited. And waited. On 3/5/08, after receiving no notice that my item had shipped (the website states that items should be received within 6-10 days…this was day 6—should have HAD the item by now!), I decided to contact the seller. I emailed them at the email address listed on their website, only to have it bounce back to me as an invalid address. Turns out they have 2 addresses listed on their webpage, and the clickable email address is incorrect. Lovely. I sent an email to the correct address asking for an update, and also decided to call them at the number listed on the page. I called the seller at their retail location, and was told that the “person who deals with the online orders is not in. Call back tomorrow.” I’m patient, so I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt (plus, the website said they check emails daily, so I should have had an email from them by the next day anyway!) I called the next day…still not in. Called the next day…still not in. Still not response to my email inquiry. I decided to ask the person on the phone if the seller had a personal email address I could contact him at—she gave it to me, and I re-sent my status inquiry to his personal email address. No response. I finally reached the guy the next day, and he told me that the item was out of stock and should be in the next Wednesday (3/12/08) and ship that day. Wednesday came and went…I received no notice of shipment. On 3/15/08, I found the terrarium dish I ordered at a local Petco and just bought it there. I emailed the seller and requested that my order be canceled, as it was clear that they had no intention of ever placing my order anyway. I washed my hands of the matter, and hoped to never hear from Pet Menu again. Then on 3/21/08, I received an email from the seller’s personal email address…my item was shipped that day. On 3/26/08, I received my $1.79 terrarium dish in a beat-up, reused terrarium bulb box that was actually falling apart to the point where it almost opened up before it was delivered to me. I opened the box to the dish I no longer needed, and to put the icing on the cake, found…a WHITE dish. more
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