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Atrocious...CONTINUED... - Review by Roger N | Flyin' Roll Chicken Dinner Hse

Flyin' Roll Chicken Dinner Hse


Atrocious...CONTINUED... 2/10/2008

It was a little passed 6:00pm and we decided to leave as the experience to this point was not pleasant to say the least. As we were walking out, we asked to speak to a manager. We were greeted by the “host” who did not seem enthused to talk with ANY customer, much less one that was about to complain about the restaurant she represents. We state we have been sitting for more than 30 minutes without a server and the “manager’s” response was, “…well, where was your table?” Who cares where our table was at that moment…not an apology or offering of a solution. It seemed that “passing the buck” was more important than customer satisfaction. We stated that was an irrelevant fact at the moment as the 2 tables that were sat AFTER US were getting served without delay. Still NOT OFFERING AN APOLOGY or SOLUTION at this point, we decide to say thanks, but not thanks and walked out. Not being a fool, I know we have the “Freedom of Choice” to decide where we spend our money and even though we were not happy with our experience, there were 20 more people in line who might. We became a statistic at that time. Oh…the horror!!! Welcome to the real world. However intrepid readers the story does NOT stop there… The entire experience upset us both as having a family we don’t get out much the 2 of us and hoped the experience was going to be a good one. I come from the South and people matter. However at The Flyin Roll Chicken House…people don’t. I decide to contact the restaurant once again in hopes to bring some resolution to this matter. I look up the phone number and ask to speak to the Manager. Surprisingly it was the same manager as last night. Once this is discovered, I ask if there was someone above her I might speak with. She suggests “the Owner.” Great I thought, someone who might care about the public opinion of the restaurant. “The owner is not here right now…” the manager said. “When do you expect him?” I asked. She replied, “I don’t know.” “You are the manager, correct?” I queried. “Then how do you NOT know when your boss is going to be into work?” I stated. Her reply was one that didn’t surprise me, “…he’s my dad and he comes in when he wants…being the owner.” It all became clear. Being the ever inquisitive person I am, I asked, “…how can you be the manager, the daughter of the owner and NOT know when he shows up to work?” The statement to follow was one of the best I’ve heard in a while. “…what do you want me to say about it?” she said with an air…and proceeded to hang up on me. In my years of dining out all over the country in many different capacities as well as a member of the service industry, I am expected by my customers to provide quality service. My wife and I only expect the same…good service. So being the internet savvy person I am, I decided to look into reviews of The Flyin Roll Chicken House and see what I find. This message will be posted on every website that reviews restaurants in Tulsa, OK I can find. Thanks for nothing. Roger A. Nottestad Marketing Director Beverage Industry Professional more
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