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Bad Taste Bath Fitter - Beware Women Homeowners... Rent a man - Review by XX C | BATH FITTER



Bad Taste Bath Fitter - Beware Women Homeowners... Rent a man 2/5/2008

Beware all independent women who own your own home. Bath Fitter will take an hour of your time utilizing slimy hard sell approaches wrapped in a coupon waving soft sell environment. "Oh, I'm sorry - your husband must be here for this presentation." - My husband is not the one making the final decision about this remodel. "It doesn't matter. Technically I cannot give this estimate unless I have both homeowners here." - Great since I am the ONLY homeowner. This is MY house & MY name is the only one on the mortgage. "Sorry, I could really get in trouble for this. When will your husband be home?" - Listen..... If I decide to go with Bath Fitter then you will be getting a check from ME. My name will be the only one on the check. Not my husband's…. Please let me note that I am a well established, professional 35 yr old who is on her 3rd home. I'm also a business owner of 10 years who is from New York City. Somehow my newly married status (of 6mo) suddenly makes me a baffling idiot! I didn't realize that I would be teleported back to the 1950's!! Beware that if you have a coupon - it is only good if you agree to use their services ON THE SPOT. They may even offer you another discount if they can plant a sign in your yard. AGAIN- only if you SIGN ON THE SPOT. BAD VIBES: As soon as I told the sales woman that I would NOT be making any final decision today - her demeanor completely changed. Sales lady went from "happy, lovely & personable" to "used car salesman". People... if Bath Fitter is such a great product then why do they have to pressure the heck out of you to buy? The bath/tub replacement was 6k. Last time I checked this is a decent sum of money. Who hands over a check like that without considering options & getting other price estimates?? Awful, awful & frustrating experience for this female homeowner. more
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