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Scam City - Review by Ken D | American Freight

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Scam City 1/3/2008

Help!! I have been duped. A victim of a Bait and Switch scam. On 29 December I went to American Freight to buy a full mattress set. After remodeling our son’s room and discarding his old mattress I needed something for him to sleep on, so I needed a mattress that day. When we arrived at American freight our salesman was Mr. Demond Reed. I explained to him that I needed a mattress set to take with us so I only want to look at set’s he had in stock. After deciding on the Carlton Place full size mattress set I ask Mr. Reed if the set was in stock, explaining again that I needed to take it with us, he assured me that it was in stock. We proceeded to the check out counter and completed the transaction. I paid 372.95 before taxes for the mattress set and bed rails. I paid with a check. This was around 12:00 pm. We then pulled the truck I had borrowed to the loading door. After waiting for 10 Minutes or so they brought the mattress up to the door. They then went to get the Mattress box. After waiting another 15 minutes I started to ask if they were working on my order. I was told it would be right up. When the young man finally brought up the mattress box it was the wrong one. I explained that I bought the Carlton set, which was white, the one he brought up was blue and was made by Orthopedic. Becoming more concerned I stared to ask more questions. The salesmen and employees became evasive. Finally Mr. Reed informed me that they didn’t have the mattress box in stock. Explaining that since I needed the mattress today and since none of the merchandise had been loaded he could just cancel the sale and tear up my check. Mr. Reed went to what appeared to be the store manager and started to talk to him. I did not get the managers name. I walked up to the manager and explained that Mr. Reed had assured me that the Carlton mattress was in stock and that I need it today. His response was “what’s the problem the Mattress box gets covered by a mattress skirt anyways. He had a very flippant, condescending attitude. I said that I bought a matching set and that was what I wanted. He said I could pick it up next week if some came in. I told him that that was unacceptable and that he could just tear up my check. He stated that all sales were final. Again I explained that his salesman assured me that the mattress set was in stock. Again the manager stated that all sales were final and I could come back in a week or 15 days when it came in or I could just take what the had today but all sales were final. I was sold one product but another lesser quality on was delivered. I wanted and purchased a matching mattress set. What was delivered to me was a lesser quality product. Normally mismatched sets are sold at a reduced price. I was not offered any type of discount. I would not have bought the mattress if I had known that it was a mismatch. I would not have bought the set if I had not been assured by the salesman that the set was in stock If one goes to the American freight web site you will see that both the mattress and mattress box are priced individually. You will also see that the Carlton place mattress box is more expensive than the Orthopedic mattress box. I was not offered any type price difference refund. If all the mattress boxes are the same then why is there a price difference. A selling point to the Carlton Mattress set was the warranty it came with. But now the warranty is void. The warranty card states that The warranty is only good if the Carlton mattress set is used. Thanks to the store manager I do not have a Carlton set. I announced to the store that they should watch what the bought because I was a victim of a bait and switch. The manager then told me that if I said another word I would be banned from his store. I assured him that there was no way I would ever shop here because they run a bait and switch operation. We then loaded the mismatched mattress set into the truck. After getting the mattress tied down the salesman came out and said that he thought he could convince the manager to give me my check back. After being there and going through this ordeal I told Mr. Reed that unless he could guarantee me that I would get my check back we were leaving. After all 30 minutes prior he had not lived up the assurances he was giving. I needed the Mattress set that day because: 1. My son was with out a mattress. 2. I had to borrow a truck and would not have access to the truck to pickup the mattress when it came in. 3. I am in the Air Force and I will be deploying out of the country on 7 January and will not be return until late January. I did not want burden my wife with picking up the mattress. more
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