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never again - Review by WORST PLACE TO EAT/WORK N | Small World Cuisine Seafood and Sushi Buffet

Small World Cuisine Seafood and Sushi Buffet


never again 12/15/2007

i went to this buffet and was somewhat pleased with the food i mean for the price it is a deal, but the way the owner Gary treats his employees is so uncalled for and for the girls and guys to have to put up with him then with people not tipping i'd say this is not a place i respect. He embarasses the employees every chance he gets even if it is his or his sisters mistake they will pin it on the servers to make them selves look good. Then he makes them tip out 20% of their tips to give to the company when that money should go to the cooks and what not. He makes himself out to be someone he is not and if you are not asian boy he really treats you different. One of the white girls Tanya who works there works so hard so many hours and gets no respect this young lady helped open the store and another girl Kendall and they just shit on them give new hires the good shifts cut thier hours and pay and then rely on them for everything Kendall was smart and got out of there asap so they could not take advatage of her and i hope Tanya does the same I DONT EAT THERE ANY MORE!! AND WHISH I COULD HIRE ALL HIS EMPLOYEES AND LEAVE HIM HANGING CAUSE HE DONT DESERVE THE HARD WORK THE EMPLOYEES PUT IN FOR HIS COMPANY NOR IS THE COMPANY THAT GOOD TO WORK FOR . Last time I was there I watch the owners talk crap about the girls and then friend them to their face then when one owner found something that needed to change she yelled at the poor girl in front of oh 100+ people instead of taking her aside to where the whole crowd of poeple heard what happened and it was not the girls fault but really the owners should have addressed the problem. I tipped Tanya $50.00 and told her it is not worth it to work for these losers and I was sorry that they think it is ok to talk to anyone that way I hope she finds a better place to work as i will find a better place to eat!!! plus they hire people that have no right to work in th us and pays them under the table hope they get caught!!!!!!!!! more
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