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Incompetent! Once they sold you they move on! - Review by Michele J | Metropolitan Design Nationwide

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Incompetent! Once they sold you they move on! 11/28/2007

I WISH I had read more reviews before purchasing my bedroom set from Metropolitan Living as I had the same terrible experience as many of the others. I was promised my furniture in 2-3 weeks max and paid for white-glove delivery by Jeffery, the owner of Metropolitan Living. 3 weeks came and went. I called Jeffrey numerous times asking for a status on delivery but he NEVER returned my calls. On the 4th week I finally got a call from the 3rd party delivery company (OMA Furniture Systems) stating my nightstands and bed where in however the dresser was backordered. Ok, things happen so we scheduled delivery of the pieces that were in stock with the understanding that the dresser was only 2 weeks out. At delivery for just the nightstands and bed there was 1 guy to do white-glove delivery and set-up up 3 flights of stairs... despite me telling Jose, the warehouse manager at Metropolitan Living, 2 or more ppl would be required. I had no choice but to try and help the guy carry up the pieces. I am a small woman so this was extremely dangerous but I had no choice as I had family visiting later that day. I couldn't just leave the pieces in the common lobby area of the building!!?? The walls of the freshly painted hallway of our building were marked and scratched up from the lack of professional delivery service or personnel. My building owners were not happy and have requested that this be fixed. So, the dresser... I precede to call every 2 weeks inquiring about the ETA of the dresser. I did reach the owner, Jeffrey, on one occasion and he told me "in 2 weeks". Jeffrey also told me he would refund my white-glove delivery charges promptly. That was 6 weeks ago and still no refund. I waited 3 more weeks and decided to call the manufacturer, Star International, directly for a straight answer. They told me it wouldn't be on a container ship from China for another couple of weeks yet. We are now at 9.5 weeks. I call Metropolitan Living looking for some answers and my refund. I spoke with Don, the office manager?, and he said it would be promptly refunded and sorry for the delay. Another 3 weeks pass and no refund. So late last night.... 12.5 weeks later after the original order I received a call from the same 3rd party delivery company (OMA Furniture Systems) stating they would be there to deliver btw 1-3 p.m. the following day. Luckily I was able to rework my work schedule to accommodate. After all, I was desperate...I just wanted the furniture I paid for and to stop living out of Trader Joe's brown paper bags (I sold my old furniture based on the 2-3 week delivery commitment). And I specifically told the guy that a minimum of 2 guys would be required. He said no problem we'll have 2 guys there tomorrow for delivery. And so here we are today... my phone rings and its OMA Furniture Systems delivery company stating the guys is downstairs ready to make delivery. I asked if there were 2 guys and he said no so I said the delivery won't work then. He said he'd call me back in a couple minutes. My phone rings 10 mins later and magically now there is a 2nd guy to help. Apparently the driver recruited 2 laborers who were working next door repairing a broken sewer main. (I didn't realize this until after the delivery was made and I saw the same guys outside working!!). I am very suspicious as to how they are going to move this up 3 flights of stairs. I suggest using a dolly... "good idea" they say. I reminded them to mind the walls but that request is to no avail as they are clearly not professional movers and continue to leave additional marks and scratches in the common hallway. Finally, they make it up to my unit. They place the dresser end up, still in the full packing materials, in my kitchen and ask me sign as it has delivered and want to leave. I'm like "WTF!" this is not white-glove service. Please finish the job. I neglected to mention that Jose, the delivery guy from the 3rd party delivery company (OMA Furniture Systems), does not really speak English and I very little Spanish so any debate was futile. He just left and now I sit here with the dresser in the my kitchen. Now I can chuckle whereas before I could bearing speak as this was so unnecessarily frustrating! I just spoke with the owner, Jeffery at Metropolitan Living, and he has contracted a proper moving company to come over and finish the job tonight. He also said he would refund me $400 for the delivery, hassle, and damaged headboard (that happened on the first delivery) immediately. Reading the post below I clarified that this would be a credit, correct?! Jeffrey said he would also pay for the paint repair in the hallway. Wow, what an ordeal! In the end, Jeffery took responsibility and apologized for the mess but I'm afraid it's too late. While they have great furniture and good prices they miss the basics of customer service and follow-through where it really matters. They've lost my return business and any hope of referral. If you are a price-sensitive buyer willing to invest the time and energy to micro-manage every aspect through to delivery with no guarantee you will actually get it when they said it would be delivered and not damaged this might be a viable solution for you. more
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